TROOP ZERO Trailer (2020) Viola Davis, Mckenna Grace Movie

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    TROOP ZERO Trailer (2020) Viola Davis, Mckenna Grace Movie
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    1. Roderick Smith

      South Louisiana looks nothing like Georgia 😄

    2. D Leo

      The cute chubby girl is from that viral video of the lil girl who was at a dance recital and dancing to Respect by Aretha! hehe

    3. zoey notsaying

      I have literally been seeing this girl in so much new movies coming out

    4. Taylor417

      I just finished watching this... this is one of the best movies that I have seen over the last 10 years. Its nice to see a movie that inspires and encourages people to have hope and friendship. 💯

    5. giangstr

      Hillbillies Troop Beverly Hills?

    6. Saxton T-J

      The thumbnail looks so creepy

    7. keith courson

      This actually looks pretty entertaining. I'm just a little afraid that I might have to turn in my man card for watching it.

    8. Michele Bartlett

      I just watched it. Super cute. The kids were great. Jim Gaffigan, Allison Janney & Viola Davis were great as well.

    9. Sabine Ro

      Looks great but isn’t this a becoming a bit much? I feel like every half year there is another movie coming out with McKenna Grace having the staring role. She’s an amazing actress but I‘m not sure if to that extent it’s that good for her development as a young person. She’s still a kid and shouldn’t work that much. Macaulay Culkin and Drew Barrymore weren‘t isolated incidents.

      1. TheNurseInBlack

        Maybe she enjoys it though? It's not like acting is just an average 9 to 5.

    10. afro symphony

      yeah it aint out yet but its already my favourite movie.

    11. Cdrive

      They could’ve given Mike Epps a little trailer action damn 🤨

    12. kiki9619 Terry

      I love all these kids.

    13. QueenSimmer X

      is it just me or....does she look like Luna Lovegood? And her whole personality is exactly like the character Luna 🙈

      1. Cynthia Anderson

        She could be child Luna

    14. Mom things

      “Buy my cookies so I can be a woman of substance.” I have to remember that for my Girl Scouts cookie season next week! Lol

    15. Carrow Xhex

      I loved this movie. The casting was perfect. It’s a good movie for fathers to watch with their daughters.

    16. Taeja H

      "Don't puke before you get the money boo...." I just can't handle the cuteness

    17. JudyGurl

      Are we not going to talk about 'boo' being used as a term of endearment in a movie that's set in 1977?

    18. Jules Bates

      She kind of reminds me of Luna lovegood

    19. Tudor Miller

      This is great. My first movie watch of 2020.

    20. BluejeanMermaid

      Sooo, it's about a girl scout troop with a stereotypical gay dude and the girls who happen to be in steriotypical awkward childhood moments. And they contest against stereotypical Mean Girls. Gee, where did I see this before?.........

      1. Siobhan O'Farrell

        BluejeanMermaid You seriously need to get your head out your arse. That tiresome, contemptuous attitude is the epitome of unoriginal too sugar lumps. Mankind has been around for centuries. It’s virtually impossible to find themes, images, scripts, etc. that haven’t already existed in some way, shape or form.

    21. salty mushroom

      that thumbnail is creepy af

    22. Raelynn Jones

      The little blonde girl is so cute

    23. Jonathan Reed

      That Afro alone deserves an Oscar!!

    24. emilie rowe

      Why is her hair so bad

    25. Desiree

      Wait a minute...the cute chubby that the sassy ballerina that was dancing in her school play and was GIVING us MOVES!?! omggg!!! wowww

    26. Gernald

      Reminds me of Troop beverly hills! Can't wait to see it!

    27. Rose Harris

      it comes out on me birthday fellas

    28. Zuza Mal

      Me: Reads Viola Davis Also me: I’m sold

    29. edward williams

      Anything with Viola and Jim in it has to be good!!!!Fingers crossed that this is a big hit!!!How does anything go wrong with this much talent???Kudos!!

    30. Daisy Taylor

      This looks wonderful

    31. Dustin Fullington


    32. AuralAudacity ASMR

      OMGOMGOMGOMG THIS MAKES ME SOOOO HAPPPY!!! Finally FINAFUCKINGFINALLY osmeone i can identify with. it admits most girls arent into science but shows a girl who is and how that makes her fele different FINALLY some fucking truth not some LIE about group hug cumbiya-girl-power bullshit

    33. O jestic

      That little girl with the braided pony tail looks like China Anne McClain as a kid

    34. Maria Loyola

      “Like Jesus”

    35. Carrie Anderson

      Awe this is so cute

    36. George Williams III

      When Life comes at ya hard, Ya set it in fire Solid advice lol

    37. Larissa rose

      Why'd they have to do McKenna like that in the thumbnail 🤦‍♀️

    38. shirlycoh

      Thought this was a horror movie for a minute

    39. Lissa Haughton

      Soo inspiring.tooooo awesome..setting myself up to change my whole life- brilliant

    40. Skoopa Locc

      where are her eyebrows? where are her eyebrows? (in the thumbnail)

    41. Seyram Amezah

      Hhaaaa she is the daughter of Drax

    42. Serena Pérez Dos Santos

      1:47 THAT'S YOUNG KAT

    43. I got the jams

      McKenna Grace, best child actor ever! I swear all movies she's in are all amazing! Imagine her when she grows old tho!!

    44. Uhohhotdog Gaming

      Looks terrible

    45. Emeraldwisp

      That thumbnail didnt do her justice

    46. a buncha witches at the stripclub

      that moment at 2:28 is fucking gold, viola davis has such good physicality omg

    47. Tavs 2014

      This looks FANTASTIC!

    48. keandric 2

      "We're made of organs and tissues.." ................OK............. I am SOLD on this movie XD =D

    49. Juliëtte van Oostrum

      Omg i love that gay boy YASSS

    50. Shannon Bawden

      this looks fantasticsdfhjn omg im in love

    51. Mira Reese

      mckenna grace is a gift

    52. uncivilizedengr

      so brave. finally women can break free of the glass ceiling from their oppressive patriarchies

    53. Sad Life

      Please back my subscribe

    54. MsSunhappy

      That little girl is so cute! Im bored to death with movies putting down traditional 'girly' girls but I may watch it for the little cutie.

    55. eden

      this would be fun bc im a scout too lmao

    56. Tadzio5050

      Ms. Davis in a comedy I am all the way in.

    57. Lydia Peacock

      Why she look like that

    58. Zarina Abdurahmanova

      I love anything with Viola Davis!!!! I can't wait for this

    59. Alan Smith-Emerson

      This is just the right amount of precious.

    60. Karen M.

      1:28 when the song started all I could think about was Cars video game

    61. Rea Clea

      Oh this seems lovely!

    62. Bessie Hillum

      America loves having it's history re-written. That's why they voted for Hillary more than Trump, oh wait...

    63. leaking hamburger helper

      Mckenna is the best child actor ever

    64. ShipText

      2:11 Omg he is so fabolous

    65. AnjaliComedy

      Me clicking on the vid: “this looks dumb”, me watching the vid “YES! You go troop zero, don’t let anyone keep you from your DREAMS! 😭😭”

    66. Mint Lemonade

      This child is everywhere

    67. Miss Curious

      "were made of Organs and tissues" 😆😆😆😆 ,, I thought this was a thriller movie with kids coz of the thumbnail. 😅

    68. Kendall White

      “Bye my cookies so I can be a woman of substance.” This movie looks great.

    69. Jessuniverse

      So they weren't going to space? PASS!

    70. l gg

      Their accents are diffrent.... Tad cute on the girl thou