Travis Scott - HIGHEST IN THE ROOM (Official Music Video)

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    Directed by Dave Meyers and Travis Scott
    Produced by Nathan Scherrer, Randy Donaldson, Sam Lecca
    Production company: Freenjoy
    Travis Scott online:
    (c) 2019 Epic Records/Sony. With Cactus Jack.

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    1. Luqman Hamzah

      Watch the indian version.

    2. Vichosky 005

      Travis: yes Productor: I haven't even asked anything yet

    3. Destiny

      Honestly I find this video disturbing and worrying; especially from how easily kids can access this video



    5. Яна Кишмишян

      Трэвис СкотИНА

    6. وسام العنزي

      القافلة مرررت من هنااا⁦🙋🏻‍♂️⁩🐫⁦❤️⁩❗ اثبت وجوددك⁦❤️⁩❗

    7. Bunny the Pony Ruby Lago

      This song is legit ness lol

    8. babis misias

      Traviss stay off of drugs... we can't lose you too🙏

    9. Rian Santos

      Algum BR ? Kkkkk 🇧🇷

    10. Poonam Sharma

      1:58 looks like an anime fight

    11. guner uzun

      when americans stop eating than ı gues will stop something :(

    12. kyanh737

      Fortnite kids: *IM THE HIGHEST IN THE ROOM*

    13. Malek Hanifi

      Traviss Scott’s neck is so thick cuz of all that auto tune in there smh...

    14. Piqira official


    15. YoutubeTM algorithm

      When gravity leaves the chat and you start to fly

    16. tyler gragg

      This shit lit cuz

    17. POLAYE

      Girl: i dont like little boys Travis: hold my joint

    18. reuben williams

      Man what in the hell is up with these evil ass videos? You cant make this shit up as its displayed. This shit evil and a half!

    19. Al3xTh3Sw3at t

      This song is now on gta v iFruit radio....its LIT

    20. Walter Reyes Romero

      Director : what effects do you want ? Travis : Yes

    21. Aditya Pal

      My brain : 'I'm the highest in the room' My phone battery : 'I'm the lowest in the room'

    22. NY Blast

      The producer of this video was for sure, The Highest in The Room !!!

    23. Intresting vines

      i wonder how i got this much likes!

    24. freebeatshop

      love this track

    25. The Frog

      nobody: Travis Scott when he has the high ground:

    26. ItsZentra

      2:17 best part...

    27. Panda

      #القافله_هنا 🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪

    28. isidora

      estaba escuchando musica y se puso esta h eespues mevoy a leer los comentarios y estaban todos en ingles

    29. Meliodas uchiha

      Brasil aqui

    30. Adam Krause

      Great visuals

    31. music king

      In fumes

    32. Rosilda Reis

      Que música top

    33. عبدالله حسين

      كوبي رايت 😂😂🖒

    34. SniperKitty


    35. r3dLinEh

      Overrated and untalented

    36. Niks Bosakovs


    37. Marko Blagojevic

      *Stormi* "Why is Drake in the room" Kylie: 😨

    38. El BABY Official

      Esta es mi nueva cansion dale play Entra al link 💥💥⚠ ESTAMOS CON WELS FARGO EN EL GENERO.COM 👀✔

    39. idrissa diallo

      Autotune a fond sur tout ces son

    40. Aiden

      Why this song amd video its so depressed?

    41. Hesh_Walker77

      It's not the molly, it's the boo

    42. Milan Charafeddine

      Outro 2:22

    43. ayaan bazaz

      Travis: i’m the highest in the room *The Weeknd has entered the chat* *Travis Scott has left the chat*

      1. Donald Ferr


    44. Medina, eduardo ☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄

    45. Lyndsey MacPherson

      Too bad the video doesn't match TS' brilliance. Song is fecking perfect.

    46. Diego Medina

      I got room In my fumes (yeah) She fill my mind up with ideas I'm the highest in the room (it's lit) Hope I make it outta here (let's go) She saw my eyes, she know I'm gone (ah) I see some things that you might fear I'm doing a show, I'll be back soon (soon) That ain't what she wanna hear (nah) Now I got her in my room (ah) Legs wrapped around my beard Got the fastest car, it zoom (skrrt) Hope we make it outta here (ah) When I'm with you, I feel alive You say you love me, don't you lie (yeah) Won't cross my heart, don't wanna die Keep the pistol on my side (yeah) Case it's fumes (smoke) She fill my mind up with ideas (straight up) I'm the highest in the room (it's lit) Hope I make it outta here (let's go, yeah) We ain't stressin' 'bout the loot (yeah) My block made of queseria This not the Molly, this the boot Ain't no comin' back from here Live the life of La Familia It's so much gang that I can't see ya (yeah) Turn it up 'til they can't hear (we can't) Runnin', runnin' 'round for the thrill Yeah, dawg, dawg, 'round my real (gang) Raw, raw, I been pourin' to the real (drank) Nah, nah, nah, they not back of the VIP (in the VIP) Gorgeous, baby, keep me hard as steel Ah, this my life, I did not choose Uh, been on this since we was kids We gon' stay on top and break the rules Uh, I fill my mind up with ideas Case it's fumes She fill my mind up with ideas (straight up) I'm the highest in the room (I'm the highest, it's lit) Hope I make it outta here I'm the highest, you might got the Midas touch What the vibe is? And my bitch the vibiest, yeah Everyone excited, everyone too excited, yeah now Play with the giants, little bit too extravagant, yeah now Night, everyone feel my vibe, yeah In the broad day, everyone hypnotizing, yeah I'm okay and I take the cake, yeah

    47. Karan Singh

      Guiter sound is insane just like drug!!

    48. ALI IQ Like thies🌚

    49. SpringDragon 784

      Grandma: OK BOOMER

    50. Felix Ngoga

      Jam of the century

    51. Neymar Jr

      its Kylies legs in sky?

    52. Nolan Rohrer

      What the fuck does the music have to do with the video

    53. Javito98

      I thought He was ASAP Rocky For a moment

    54. Anonymous

      Travi$ Scott: I’m the highest in the room Travis Scott: I’m the highest in the room Me an intellectual: you both the highest in the room 6ix9nine: Yeah that’s sounds about right

    55. ÀçHøùr 10

      Press like 👍if u think that we should have this song on GTA 6 😎💣💥💥

    56. DEATH FPS


      1. DMBR33ZY

        ok boomer

    57. silvana pereira

      I like much

    58. nateSFTD

      You don't get high when you don't inhale and just blow it out of your mouth trying to look cool. Poser. This 'music' is garbage. We're all doomed.

      1. Aiden

        Yeah it does, its not like u have to keep the fucking last cell without air

    59. قناة العالم -Chaîne mondiale


    60. Crazy MF

      Mas maganda pa sa edit ng gma pota🤣🤣🤣

    61. Tea King

      his mouth must smell like 💩

    62. Thijs Besselink

      Learn this and you will be free:

    63. fredcrewneck

      I seen the inside of this nigga mouth 1 too many times bruh

    64. Olivert

      travis scott: im the highest in the room Snoop dog : hold my beer

    65. Debrough Garrett

      Orange mask Chris 100

    66. TraQueurSK

      Les go

      1. TraQueurSK

        Les français manifester vous

    67. YTWill

      by far his best song

      1. DMBR33ZY


    68. Top Trailers KE

      This album is going to be lit

    69. XxCatunaxX *-*