Traveling Cross Country Living In Our Tiny Home Van

Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    In this video we traveled across the United States while living in the tiny home van that we built together. We were faced with extreme weather conditions and many other obstacles. Things... went down
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    1. Bernadette Ortega

      Ethan waking up Grayson? No way!

    2. Ros Ros The Guinea Pig

      nobody: ethan: “i was just trying to help the community gray”

    3. Janelle Garcia

      I cringed to hard when Ethan said Nevada wrong

    4. Drea Howard

      I live in Tennessee and I live next to Nashville

    5. Kimberly Caudillo

      I live in Missouri

    6. deshae Chase

      I reckon the tiny house is fine, better than just a regular car lol you just need more blankets or something

    7. deshae Chase

      Do they live in Australia now

    8. Indah Dwi Pertiwi

      R u hanging ur underwear??

    9. Briana Dimisillo

      me waiting for them to be crackheads

    10. Ari Bro

      There are a lot of places in the middle of nowhere in Utah lmao

    11. Michelle Ie

      Is no one going to say that they go to sleep with there shoes on?

    12. Kaylee Harrigan

      “Chillin on the EAST SIDE” i spit my drink out

    13. Bri

      When you Live in Kentucky and they lowkey diss it 🥺

    14. Sara Alnasere

      Ok so do they have to drive it back now?

    15. Valeria Calderon

      I live in utah

    16. Gisselle Okay

      Omg I wish I saw you guys

    17. Analyah Alcantara

      Am I the only one who doesn’t believe aliens? I’ll only believe it when I see one. Edit: 19° is better then where I live, where I live it gets lower than -15° 💀

    18. Red Panther

      Ethan : Ahhhhhhhhhh a mosquito

    19. G Dawg

      Do you know Keith Smith. Son of Denise Smith

    20. G Dawg

      Leave a like for New Jersey. Btw my home state

    21. Eydun

      We gotta find em aliens

    22. Skyyy High

      Eathan:Should we invite people into your house? Grayson: No eathan.Eathan: jeez I’m just tryna help the community…

    23. Mekayla Nguyen

      I went Canada from California in a car we had to squeeze in seats

    24. Nadia Vlogs and More

      Me and Grayson have the same fuzzy coat lol

    25. Queen Janay

      You should visit every state

    26. ko fish and friends

      so you guys are going to have to go home by doing this again

    27. Swayz temp

      bruh he said "vegan apple"

    28. Christine H

      Why is this video so therapeutic

    29. John Rick Bumanglag

      watching the beautiful scenery in the video gives me hope that maybe the environment still has a chance of reviving from the trauma it has been experiencing

    30. John Rick Bumanglag

      imagine looking back on this video after 10 years with all the beautiful scenery of the environment all sad bc if the fires, climate change, and wars continue to happen we might not have those scenes. let that sink in.

    31. Zhang Bao

      30:15 I was like that's a new ethan hair! He looks sooooo cool

    32. ZZ Xoxo

      “Home cooked meal” *Pours cereal*... 😂😂

    33. Juliana Alvarez

      0:36 Ethan being an asshole, Grayson telling him to watch his head

    34. Mateus Mello

      Ok. It actually took me so long to watch this whole series. But I'm actually proud i did it cause it was so intense and i felt kinda close to you guys... i womder how a real road trip with you 2 might be hahaha. Love you 2. Time for me to see the wilderness one :b

    35. kylee heesacker

      why is no one talking about how the hell did they get home

    36. jiminsdirtywateru _13

      their so happy and excited to be home it’s so adorable 🤣💕🥺

    37. sam boyko

      when he says it’s freezing literally in Pennsylvania it’s 13 degrees everyday

    38. Maddie K

      Kentucky has way more than KFC😂

    39. Mia Gargiulo

      I swear the camera man is lil huddyyyyyy

    40. Parker Vruwink

      Who’s hand and feet were that

    41. Esperanza Macias

      13:20 ahhhhhhh k we made it through the tunnel 😂

    42. Taylor Corum

      I’m offended by that comment about Kentucky

    43. Zeba Khatun

      why did Grayson look like Nolan in the thumbnail-

    44. Little Luna

      Bro, I moved from San Francisco, CA to Harrisburg PA. We drove in a minivan with 5 people and a cat 😆

    45. Daycia Melendez

      Omfg he said Nevada wrong 😤

    46. LIL EDWIN Mercado

      I use to love in kansas and that is the first time i saw ethan wake up first

    47. LIL EDWIN Mercado

      I live in denver colorado

    48. buttercup dreams

      why did them saying it was cold make me cold, even when I live in Florida.

    49. White Nieva

      Is it just me or can you never pick a favorite part to the twins videos? ❤️🥺

    50. Selena

      so is no one gonna talk ab how he keeps saying vegan apple - 😭

    51. Esther Liang


    52. Haven Hawn

      G: It’s so cold Me: it is 10 degrees Fahrenheit where I live

    53. jackie &Katie conteras

      I live in Colorado and it's no cold that much

    54. Elisabeth Schlappi

      That vegan apple is getting to your head man Lmaooo

    55. Jordyn Flavin

      The Kansas wind I life in Kansas and you get used to it and it will be snowing one day and 60 the next

    56. Alexis Medina


    57. khadija ali

      Correction at 16:42-"dont go to Alberta in you tiny home"- why you may ask, it's -38 here Celsius

    58. Denisse Mendoza

      Now they have to go back lol

    59. Cheyenne Williams

      my babies were in Missouri 🥺🥺

    60. Roxy Perez

      Camera man cute

    61. someone wowo

      Grayson: “I GOT THE FREEZE FRAME” me: 🥺 stoop being cute bixh

      1. Avery

        That was Ethan but it was still funny

    62. Heartmindandsoul_

      What did you guys use to zoom in so close and so far away?????? Oh wow

    63. Elle Simo Elle

      20° is normal for the uk. Swear to god I’ve seen people walk around in shorts and flip flops in the winter 😂

    64. Jaquai 316

      I’m from kansas

    65. Valentina Espinoza

      The only thing that stands out in that brownish mountain is Ethan with dis white hoodie 😂 (around minute 9)

    66. Valentina Espinoza

      Ethan: “last homemade meal” Last homemade meal= cereal


      Illinois is super sketchy when I was driving there there was a shooter close to us we thought we were going to die

    68. Kelli Swain

      They are so funny.

    69. Suzanne Gingrich

      Chill its -13°F here in Canada

    70. Life times two

      Grayson: so today we’re in the middle of nowhere. Me: then how and why do you have McDonalds?