Trapped for 24 HOURS Overnight in Garage by Best Friend Hacker! (Escaping at 3am) Matt and Rebecca

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    Matt and Rebecca try escaping the Garage after a trap by best friend Hacker!
    After Rebecca Zamolo created 24 Hours TRAPPED in Tiny Room Above my House! (Best Friend Escape Room in Real Life), the Real Game Master uploaded Is My BEST FRIEND a Hacker? (Face reveal of the COP) with the Game Master Network, shortly afterwards the Game Master Incorporated made Spying on my Crush for 24 hours! (Secret meeting with Mr X) now everyone needs to escape the trap set by Alice. When they rescue Rebecca and her cousin Maddie they now need to create a plan. What's inside the garage with them? They quickly realize that no one has access to wifi with their iPhone 11 smart phone technology. They realize they can stay awake for 24 hours by doing trending tik toks. Quickly they give the news that they learned about Alice and Agent D. Agent R might not get his first kiss with his crush. Alice is now officially a liar and we cannot trust her. Even if she took a lie detector it wouldn't matter any more. We know the truth. Finally at 3am they take out the ghost radar app to see if there is a real ghost. Next they all have to tell a secret truth to escape. Rebecca reveals the real name of the tattoo on her best friend Alice. Matt reveals he knows about the mysterious book of secrets from cameraman Daniel. Maddie reveals she might have a crush on Agent R. Agent R reveals he might have a crush on Maddie. Agent R wants to replace Mr. X. When they escape at 3am Rebecca's phone goes off and everyone is scared. Can they find out more information about Alice? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    1. Bristol Dahl

      Does Maddie have a sister named Lauren

    2. Key's lyfe

      Alice pick true

    3. Olivia Ford


    4. Cara Jumo

      Yes bec

    5. Joes Kingdon

      Alice picked dare

    6. Jason Kauhnh

      Mister x is Alice dad

    7. Buckinghamshire Centre Chairman

      she had a truth and agent r likes Maddy you should defently tell them and Alice real name is amanda |amanda |amanda

    8. Peace Girls

      I think alices real name is ally

    9. Aleigha Hollins

      Like of you agree 👌#LETMADDIEDATE

    10. Aleigha Hollins


    11. Sam dunn

      Matt you are covered in flour

    12. Louise Story

      Mat: I am the smartest person ever Rebecca: not really

    13. Matt Metheney8

      alice picked dare she said i have too go with my team and pick dare

    14. Najid Islam


    15. Najid Islam

      Matt and Rebecca

    16. fari furqan

      AGENT. R go on a date with Maddie

    17. Xx_ HydraKiller_ xX

      I don't trust Alice she trapped up guys

    18. Rubén Gorgoll


    19. Jasmine Simpson

      Alice got roasted

    20. Amber Jacquard

      I love you guys

    21. Arianna Camacho


    22. zoeyralfe24

      She did Dear

    23. Miguel Ortiz


    24. Robin Teacher

      Truth TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. jami arend

      I am so excited for my new baby Cousin

    26. HarryHindle15

      Alice did a dare

    27. Muhamed

      Im Not trust ing "a" or wet efer is her name

    28. Muhamed

      In that Video "A" tok some ove the pejper

    29. ema Rani

      Love you

    30. Kenzie Mcintyre

      She said dare!

    31. Ramadan Ismanovski


    32. Steven Greene


    33. zaemale tylor


    34. Michelle White

      I saw the light shining through agent s and agent r sun glasses,so I could see their faces a little bit

    35. LONKOY YT

      Alice took SOME NOTES IN THE VAN.

    36. Maylee Nala


    37. Fares Boufes


    38. Ash Rowlands


    39. Maycie Griffin

      maddie is the winer

    40. Maycie Griffin


    41. Tiffany Mcdougle

      I love you so much matt and Dec j err nipping Christchurch

    42. Taylor Craigie

      Who has been a fan of rabecca before 2020

      1. Taylor Craigie


    43. keh moo

      agent r cheated on Alice

      1. XxsmfakXx 10

        Lol hahahahah

    44. Teri Stubbs


    45. Darren Neilson

      I love u all💖💖 Agent R definitely loves Maddie

    46. Lol_surprizedollsandme 1


    47. Bhim Gaylal


    48. Amelia Dillon


    49. Audrey Cole

      I told you to NOT trust Alice.

    50. Laycee Hogge

      Agent s:Blue eyes Agent r:brown eyes I saw the eyes during close ups of truths

    51. josh tin2

      Hi I Love your Videos

      1. josh tin2

        Me too

    52. robby weemaas

      Or you playing the video or is it real

    53. Ericka Veliz

      and did anybody else here that???

    54. Ericka Veliz

      just saying when you got that thing that fell from the tiny room above your house after that i heard a sound like something fell i think you guys should go and take a look

    55. Christi Ceballos


    56. Hip

      Alice chose a dare

    57. Emma Harmon


    58. Emma Duchene

      Alice did a dare

    59. Just Miranda

      She did a dare

    60. Jackie Puebla

      You guys cannot trust Alice

    61. LONE WOlF


    62. Olja Kalin

      Yes please

    63. Olja Kalin


    64. Amanda Randall

      I know I know I’m late but, Alice’s voice sounded really weird, like she was sick or something I don’t know if this was just me, Did anyone else notice?

    65. Michelle Hewtty

      ❤️👌😃😁☺️Love your Episodes

    66. Raven Gellard

      I HEAT ALICE!!!!!!!!!!HA HA🤣😂

    67. Ashton Brittain

      Agent r is dating maddie😠😠😠😠😠

    68. Brooklyn Family


    69. Jayden Pena Chirinos

      I hope Maddie is not to scared of ghost

    70. Jayden Pena Chirinos

      Rebecca do you trust Alice and agent r or agent s because agent s and agent r are working for me mr x