Training My Roomate To Walk Quietly

William Osman

William Osman

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    1. operator hazard

      it was 17 sec

    2. Kace Kakasi

      I want garbage

    3. MattPlaysOsu!

      The floor is an electrical carpet

    4. Nauticalfish200

      6:27 I can safely say, Lazy employees

    5. Høllîe mørgàn

      First time watching you, and I love all the cat photos you got !!!!😻

    6. Dhruv Garg


    7. Joshua

      Did he move out?

    8. Jay W

      Lay in it

    9. ドラゴンボールスーパー

      *plot twist his roomate was the hairless dog*

    10. Ding Yang Tian

      Delightfully devilish...

    11. Alec Nosrat

      I want trash

    12. Kiancoolness


    13. MagicLars15

      Why did Michael move out?

    14. Simen

      i want trash

    15. Lex Marie

      When he asked what would happen if a human touched the fence that was probably the scariest part of that woman's day.

    16. clapped_sos

      I want trash

    17. Leafpelt the Catwing

      "If you want trash, then leave a comment" me:But im already trash.

    18. fish

      Now play twister on that

    19. L. Shawn

      Don’t damage your nerves, shocking does that, nice video tho

    20. Little Drama Queen

      I know my mcdonalds only cleaned the icecream machine every 2 weeks because they refused to train anyone but the only maintenance man to clean it. It's disgusting and never get cream in your coffee 9 times out of ten it's gone bad and managers refuse to throw it out.

    21. Zen Visuals

      Your videos are amazing, and love the chemistry with your friends and roommate. Please never change! Caretaker is awesome too!

    22. Charudatta Bonde

      Is that Michel reeves 😒

    23. icestorm222775

      Can I have the furby so I can make it long? (I’m fully serious I will make that into a long furby for you)

    24. Rose Dickinson

      As a former McDonald's Employee, i can verify that sometimes we lie about the ice cream. Most of the time, we lie cause we have to clean the ice cream machine cuz someone didnt

    25. HikaruCrystal8

      Man, I want trash. Too bad I'm super late

    26. ECSP

      Michael looks both angel-ish and fucking deadly

    27. Midnight Shadow

      there fore we love mussibis

    28. TheZlike

      Why do both of those guy tase them selfs and there roomates

    29. SEBEXDK

      william i want the fried obrino

    30. Mason Bennett

      I can just come up with your video names I got you lmfao

    31. Mason Bennett

      C'mon man it's the shock walk

    32. Edward Solis

      The ad missies 5million ppl

    33. owen helser

      Who else wanted him to fall backwards onto the electric wire??

    34. nix milt

      Micheal’s more of a cat. William you’re more of a dog

    35. Don Chula

      Michael: GTFO my room im playin minecraft 😂

    36. PotatoCat

      Micheal Reeves is Mr. Electric

    37. warmCabin

      What the hell? Michael's running the Windows tree command and a bunch of powershell commands that didn't do anything.

    38. Brett Baker

      Found you from the Node video. Already subbed at 51 seconds into watching your content.

    39. FrostFlame Games

      That dog has head hair, false advertising.

    40. Danekes

      *Insert the best comment that William will pick here*

      1. Danekes

        its from months ago nevermind

    41. Emily Horsburgh

      Hey, some input from someone who has to clean that ice cream machine - at some stage in the day it goes into a 4hr cleaning cycle and then to actually clean it if you have time takes 1-2hrs, if you’re stuck doing it during the day it’ll end up taking the whole day. Idk why I feel the need to mention that but whatever 😂

    42. Let's go boyz 101

      Kid is trying so hard no to laugh

    43. Dubstep Dishwasher

      I want trash

    44. Gruntslayer 35

      Of course you’d have to be touching both

    45. SpongebobPenguin

      *When You Sponsor Yourself*

    46. ITS JANDRO

      Btw the transmitter receiver need an antenna to work anything further than a foot apart..actually if u ad an antenna u get like 70 feet lol

    47. ITS JANDRO

      William looked so sketchy buying that thing😂😂😂

    48. Aisling O'Riordan

      I like trash I am trash please send me trash

    49. Iesha 08

      I want trash

    50. A . L. Bharath

      I want that ardino 🙋‍♂️😊 please give me bro!!! 😋

    51. Carter P

      He’s got the right shirt on !!

    52. Criptic- Streams

      Did anyone relise the bottles of pee on Michaels desk?

    53. Gabu12b Gabe

      I don’t need trash because I am already trash

    54. Daedric

      Musubi is the best

    55. night hawk

      When he talks about fences like "for a big hairless dog" I just can't forget the "DO YOU SELL POISON??"

    56. Wolficorn Doggo

      The thumbnail says it all

    57. Dr_Commando

      Offline TV is having to deal with him now

    58. ERB206

      I am ERB

    59. Lil Ozi

      *H E L L O O T H E R O S M A N* my names Osman too :D

    60. J D

      Pause at 5:48.... And play the song ...I believe I can fly

    61. Kuumba Creations

      I wish you had set it up at night and really caught him lacking

    62. Walther Wittmaack

      Should have used the big one.

    63. Kylen Wolf

      He's like this is good idea 10 hours later whole house on fire

    64. Autobot Gaming

      Michael reeves swears alot Like if you agree

      1. Autobot Gaming

        Im not racist 😁

    65. Siegfried

      Big hairless dog Me: Michael isn’t big even the cashier said "you don’t want to fry you little guy"

    66. JVenom

      Emo kids dream

    67. 122 122

      This is a budget Electroboom episode

    68. gabe duchesneau

      Has anyone made a “I guess Michael is what he eats” joke yet?

    69. Patryk Kozubik

      Shop employee: William: How about something for a pet? Maybe a PERSON-SIZED pet? What would it do to THOSE FEET??

    70. TheGreatZombie

      You got sponsored by fucking, RAID SHADOW LEGENDS