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    Watch the final trailer for Toy Story 4, and see the film in theaters June 21.
    Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.

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    1. TTL kyko

      Who else watched every toy story

    2. Kou D3x

      Are those two plushies the two screaming black dolphins from Family Guy?

    3. Thomas Harris


    4. darthbriboy

      If Bo is the villian that will be the dumbest thing. How about no real villian like the 1st one. You had Sid, but he was more like a force of nature in that flick

    5. V3RM1LI0N

      This looks wack

    6. edvaira6891

      Jesus, this looks UNWATCHABLE!!What the HELL were they Thinking?!!

    7. Ethann Kyle

      it's a suicidal spork

    8. Ethann Kyle

      this "kids" movie, basically covers the topic on *mental health* this is an *oof* in my book chief...

    9. Mr. Clean

      We all know that the Duke is going to be a villain in the end

    10. Mirrortricks Mc

      TS1: Buzz has to be rescued TS2: Woody has to be rescued TS3: All of them have to be rescued TS4: Forky has to be rescued Meh...

    11. NessLikesBats

      *a toy saves a spork: the movie*

    12. Guy Mud

      Instead of making new movies after the story is basically over just remake the original toy story with the same original audio but with these new graphics

    13. Guppi Milo


    14. Daniel Sanchez

      Disney is sexist towards men

    15. moiraine_damodred

      after 20 years with these characters ilsm I don't really gaf about a spork tbh

    16. ratedahmed

      "What about the old Plush Rush?" Wait.... so they've done it before?! Which poor old lady did they take down? How many did they?! Lol

    17. ratedahmed

      "What about the old Plush Rush?" Wait.... so they've done it before?! Which poor old lady did they take down? How many did they?! Lol

    18. probablyethan

      Toy Story 2: We have to drive a car to the airport and save woody from a plane just about to take off! Toy Story 4: *Lets go save a spork*

    19. ratedahmed

      if you are reading this u are gonna be successful Like to activate

    20. Depression Human


    21. Earumamaadu

      I don't like the Trump supporter in this movie

    22. FSR

      Mabel’s ancestors came from way back

    23. Jerome

      Those bars at 0:40 sheesh.. woody saving rap

    24. zRhythms

      great i just watched the entire movie thanks

    25. Super Collectibles

      First thing I hear when I click the trailer: *WhY aM i ALiVe!!*

      1. ratedahmed


    26. Finn Flix

      😒👋 rare sheriff woody and a buzz lightyear action figure 😄👉 A DiY FoRk

      1. Disney Plus

        o no

    27. iAngeL

      I remember playing this game on PS1 😂👍

    28. {Ximena Haro}

      0:01 me everyday since birth

    29. Jayden Farmer

      1:25 thats the best animated cat ive ever seen.

    30. Publius Cornelius Scipio

      I used to play with sticky-hands all the time when I was little.

    31. ratedahmed

      our childhood is coming back to life like if you agree

    32. Josh Portnoy

      Lol a lot less depressing than the first trailer

    33. Jaden Amistad


    34. Mr. Tattoo ASMR

      I thought at first this one was not needed...well, I changed my mind.

    35. VelvetMidnight

      Oh man. When I was a kid it was just "hey have you seen toy story ? "YES ITS AMAZING" OMG UR MY NEW BFF! Now when my future children go talking about it "hey have you seen toy story?" OH WHICH ONE ? IVE ONLY SEEN 4 I DONT EVEN KNOW WHO ANDY IS. HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW FORTNITE SKINS ? 😔 When I have kids im strictly making them watch all the OG movies so it sticks in their heads before moving on. Ain't gonna have none of that mainstream b's bandwagon garbage going on in my house...

    36. Pin-Wu Yu

      and i thought toy story 4 couldn’t be any better than what went down with toy story 3... boy was i was wrong!

    37. elsa1942

      Oh look, they pulled a Sid Wake Up on someone who didn't need it.

    38. ratedahmed

      our childhood is coming back to life like if you agree

    39. Andrew Thummel

      my preschool friends claimed they had seen toy story 4. one problem: this was in 2009

    40. brendan curran

      Woodies head being crushed was all too relatable as a kid😂😂😂

    41. Valeria Ruiz

      The good ol' PLUSH RUSH

    42. Hannah :3

      Totally not excited... (Sarcasm boiiii)

    43. avery peña

      that’s the old lady from ratatouille prove me wrong bro


      That explains why dolls move then :/


      Keanu reeves went from the boogeyman to a toy

    46. Ryueko

      I bet we’ll find some ingredients around here

    47. Jelly Bean

      Need to come out with a monster inc 2...when she's a teenager

    48. Haley Faragalli

      I'm so excited for this

    49. Matthew West


    50. Myles Hoglund

      Even with Keanu Reeves and that funny bit at the end, I’m still not gonna see this. It just seems pointless because the last one ended fine.

    51. beetboxben

      This is how many more toy story movies their will be 👇

    52. James Peck

      Looks worse than sonic movie

    53. Miguel Velez

      Lo único bueno de esos 2:18 segundos es Plush Rush

    54. Sabeen Ahmed

      Forkey:*Is toy* Me: If that fork that was made by a like 6 year old then sure you is a toy.

    55. 100 subs without no videos

      Will This Movie Be The Best Toy Story Like: Yes Comment: No

    56. DavidPlayz Z

      Sid ALS and Lotso dislike it

    57. Tyler Tiangco

      Why does that doll with the spork look like slappy from goosebumps

    58. KEVIN

      *Finally I can go back to my real childhood*

    59. Ultimate Hotdog

      Instead of calling it: *Toy story 4* They should of called it: *finding fork*

    60. GhoS64

      A bit underwhelming..... trying to save a spork? The music is awesome at least.

    61. jacob kabay

      Why couldnt you have just stopped at the third Toy Story?

    62. Cris G

      For some reason Little Bo Peep reminds me of Elsa and Anna from Frozen lol

    63. NightIsRight

      Yes there using Living thing by Jeff Lynne

    64. Adam Reed


    65. Hymani Palmer

      Legendary I’m watching this n I’m 16

    66. papaki2121

      My childhood

    67. Andres E. Gomez M.

      The graphics are so realistic. Pixar has improved a lot

    68. Eli J. Brony

      Just one more month! :D

    69. Horizon

      that ending looks like Chuck

    70. MissAbby05

      A. Spork. Toy. Really writers? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    71. Void Comix

      Why do I believe that forky’s story is that he wants to commit suicide?

    72. Basil Memon

      Wait so the movie is about saving a FOOD 🍴 UTENSIL!

    73. ZeNoNClipZ

      Waiting for the Easter egg channels to start milking

    74. EarthLink Stream

      This is why I never owned toys

    75. njdonuts 1638383

      0:01 mood

    76. LurKing

      This movie looks so forced but I'm intrigued...

    77. RICHEY099

      I wonder what memes we can get out of this trailer

    78. alice demons

      Ahhh espero la película en español!!!!!❤

    79. Yvette DeCory

      So like I watched Toy Story 4 on CZ-news. What you do today.

    80. Luana Boticelli


    81. Crepeer 10

      Deseo tener 20.000 pesos

    82. Cameron Harper

      Me everyday 0:01

    83. HeyItsLucas

      Such a money grab

    84. eevee lover999

      Child hood(toy story 3)is coming back

    85. Mazli

      That poor lady

    86. Goober

      Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending and now this is..... *just another cash grab*

      1. ThatoneDude

        Everything these days is a cash grab.

    87. FairyTail Fan

      PIZZA PLANET!!!!

    88. mahoraner niall

      New mr potato head actor is disappointing Rip don rickles

    89. S- L30n

      Betty is the bad guy. Remember this

    90. The Adult Duck

      Finally! An ELO song that's not Mr Blue Sky, a living thing is great!

    91. hamsterpaj111

      I'm so glad the have never replaced Tom Hanks

    92. Dopenation 52

      Who wants to go on a date to go watch it I need me a boo 😘👀💯😂

    93. Yassin Hani

      You’re never too old for a Toy Story

    94. CoolRobot

      I’m calling it right now that someone in the movie is going to die and if I’m wrong then I’m going to sound stupid

    95. Ayden Postigo

      It’s coming in one more month

    96. the fire honeybadger THE JM CRIB OF VIDEOS

      0:48-0:57 Ultimate hero move, flying, and landing for buzz.

    97. sgoslee 619

      Woodys got wood *;)*

    98. SuperRockyRyne

      "Is that how we look on the inside?" XD

    99. Me Myself & Lilly

      This is for the big kids mmkay😁

    100. Bi-Shrekual

      "Why am I alive?" Me too buddy