Top 5 school fight scenes in movies



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    movie names:
    5:kissing booth
    4:The vampire diaries
    3:Warriors Gate 2
    2:men women and children
    1:The boy next door

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    1. MPX PLAYS

      hey guys just letting you all know a new fight scene video is coming out and I'm using a different song so if you all could stop complaining that would be great

      1. Hamza Abumatar

        +Kelly Thawamte check the description

      2. ReDZHACK

        its a motivation song ! its really nice dont listen to others

      3. xd Tiago Rocks 2

        MPX PLAYS Jesus finally different music

      4. Kelly Thawamte

        If u write the name of the movies it would be great

    2. horror cat

      Govno pesnya

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      the song is dope af btw :D

    4. majida sikes

      I just like the music beat and when they speak English it’s raw

    5. xta gaming

      Nice vid but change the song that is annyoing.

    6. Cosmin Popa

      Wats the movie in 0:05

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    8. Scott ??????

      I was in the best school fight in history. In 1974 I was in forth grade. It was the first day of school and during recess and all my buddy's were talking about one of our friends who over the summer was diagnosed with some disease and we were all waiting for him to show up. We didn't know anything about what it was so as stupid kids we thought he was dying. When we saw him, the biggest kid in the school who was the biggest bully in school started picking on him. I lost it. Now everyone was scared of this guy and he was at least 6 foot tall. I wasn't even 5 foot tall yet. I run over there and start telling him to leave him alone. He starts telling me he's going to kick my ass and I said the one thing you say that means your willing to fight, "come on"! So it was on. So he tried to hit me and I moved, and punched him square in the jaw. All the kids, which was every kid in the school, was there and surrounded us. He tackled me and I got him in a head lock and started punching his ugly face repeatedly. He then started biting me on my right side just above my hip. So he's biting me, and I'm punching him, all the kids were screaming and rooting me on because most had been bullied by this jerk. We laid on the ground, him biting me, and me punching him over and over again. I bet I hit him over 100 times. When the teachers figured out there was a fight, they couldn't get to us for a bit because of all the kids surrounding us. Once they got there, they separated us and I was bleeding were he bit me, and he was all bloody from me pounding his nose over a hundred times. I never stopped till we got separated and that fight lasted more than five minutes. His eye was swollen, and here is the kicker, he was crying, and I wasn't. I walked over to my neighbor Donnie who was in 5th grade and another guy, and Donnie asked me who won. I raised my shirt and you could see where he sunk his teeth in and blood was rolling down my side. I said, "I won, you don't see me crying do you". This guy was balling and telling the teachers I started it and I was picking on him for no reason. All my buddies started telling them he was lying and he was picking on Tim, (the guy with the disease) and I went to help Tim. All the teachers knew about what Tim had gone through, even though none of us really did yet, and they took him to the nurse. The principal came to me and I walked in the building with him and I told him what happened. Me and that principal never really got along, but we did that day. Here's the craziest thing. They didn't send me home, or David, (the bully) instead after the nurse looked at my bite, I went to class. I was the hero of the school and even the sixth graders were telling me they were glad I beat him up. After school, there was David waiting for me. I was scared to death. Next thing I know the principal comes out and walked me home, which was about three blocks. David walked behind about a half block the whole way. He never tried to get me after that day, but there was a little cafe that had pinball machines and a pool table near my house and all the kids would go there and hang out. Me and Donnie went in there about a week later and there's David with his older brother. (His brother became one of the first Elvis impersonators in Vegas. His name was Dennis Wise) They see me and I see David tell him something. I'm freaking out and Dennis said, so your the guy that kicked my brothers ass. (We all called him white walls because he wore white dress shoes all the time) I told him I did and he was picking on my buddy who is really sick. By now everybody in our school and in our neighborhood knew about Tim, and white walls was friends with Tim's older brother. He looked at his brother and said something about picking on his friends little brother who was sick and he deserved getting his ass kicked. He then bought me a Coke and I never had a problem with David ever again. This was in Joplin Missouri at Stapleton grade school. I was a legend for a month, maybe two.

    9. Andrea Di marco

      THE FILM 2=when i'll jump the job in my class and my mother:YOU NOT JUMP.YOU STUDY!!!

    10. Kayky Gamer YT

      Qual é o nome da música??

    11. UramMaster

      Hows that fire song called? I really wanna know it pls

    12. ꧁SⰗƒ ち匚尺工爪 ꧂

      What Song???

    13. Emotes I

      music ?

    14. Nanderson 17

      What is the name from this music

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      Назва пісні

    16. Reis da África

      Like the movie 🔥💥💣

    17. Kailianna

      My fav was the 3 and 2 oml Those boys are strong and brave they aint scared they beat those dumb ass boys up

    18. Paulo Victor Souza Vaneli

      Essa musica é top

    19. Elementwolfguy The Gacha Show

      I knew Kissing Booth would be in here

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      Who else hype af rn lol

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      The song is so gread ❤️👊🏼🔥

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      whats the name too the song

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    24. Namex

      4:30 when someone bullies your little brother

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      What is the song

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      I love it in the before last one that kid had serious airtime

    27. উKelton YT :v

      OMG 5:35

    28. Vincent Marek

      More videos

    29. jack jackson

      These kind of things are so fucking cringy. Imagine all the kids who are angry at their bullies watching this movies.

    30. Bulldy TV

      song please!!!! :)))))

    31. or gaming

      Unlike just because the fucking same cringe music!!!

    32. Fan de Perona

      Wath IS the music

    33. Malcom Case

      For me the best was 1:48 Man!

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      I know i shouldn’t do this but please sub to my channel

    35. Salvatore DD

      Names of the movies?

    36. Patricia machado Machado

      Muito show


      Why are you using this song in this video it doesn't make any sense

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    39. Logan Sanford

      good job

    40. Sophia Cruz

      OMG the last one the bully could have got a CONCUTION he was mean but the other kid LITTARALLY murdered him dang

    41. jj gg jj m

      Nice song 🎵🎵

    42. Joseph Simmonds

      3rd bully looked like fucking remake of freddy krueger

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      ow wow

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      NICE SONG!

    45. Ramish Kazmi

      Movie names of these clips?

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    47. byjhansmv

      What is the last movie called?

    48. raimi JOSEPH

      when you beat someone ass but your only using defense

    49. Er Er

      Что за песня в 1 клипе

    50. Fo xy


    51. Art com o Art

      Alguém sabe o nome da musica

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      Which Film ist one

    53. Aggelos Maratsi

      the kissing booth

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      what is music ??????

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      It's so cool

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      Make more off this videos

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      Bagamiasi pula in mata cum sa artay asa cevaa ai probleme sunt si copii mici

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      How is name to 3 movie

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      Wath name is song

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      stop playing music

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      Can someone tell me about the movies name..... I love it all

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      What are the names of all the movies

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      What's the title of the song?

    65. The Reaper

      Like for the video

    66. َ ِ

      IN THE SCHOOL 2014; 2015 formerly in Iraq, the Muslims beat me because I was not Muslim


        omg i from in lraq and im Muslim, and i see this so mean, l feel bad for you

    67. Girl who likes gaming

      The last one looked so painful that I almost felt it lol.

    68. gigant ten kozak


    69. Radostin Kurdov

      What is the song

    70. Hodan Hassan

      Why always this song to all school fights on CZ-news videos?

    71. Oisin Brosnan

      That man turned into hilk

    72. ruzgar suman

      Fight is not a way to solve problems!!!but it is cool sometimes...MAYBE!!!

    73. Salman Akhtar

      I love imran Khan

    74. Berat Kışkır

      what mussic

    75. doğukan şahin

      Türk varmı🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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      The best video in this world

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      The last was the best

    78. Matt from Wii Sports

      Oh yeah i forgot something...........i defeated Ultra Instinct Shaggy

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    80. Matt from Wii Sports

      If was being bullied i wouldn't allow someone to save ma ass. I would be ashamed

    81. Marian Edholm

      Fick bullies

    82. Zhir Omer

      wow thats very very nice 4:30

    83. saki paki 1234

      3:35 just john cena

    84. Piotr Bąk

      My favorite fight is 2 ;)


      can someone please tell me the name what movie or show the last fight was in?

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    87. Таубай Eszhan kz


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    89. Armies 24

      Enegry ×500000

    90. JASZCZUR 2005

      4 is the Best

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      Я бы так им в ебало посадил, чтоб сдохли!!!

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      that song spoils this video

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      You'll find that video funny when u feel ur own fury like ne in my school lol😂 like when you like that I like

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      Last clip was amazing

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      Song name?

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      Last fight is the best

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      3 is cool

    98. Detzi Yt

      4 is cool

    99. Detzi Yt

      2 is cool

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      What movies is it 4:30