Top 5 Moments [ From Lion's Sin of Pride「 Escanor 」ᴴᴰ ]

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    -- I Wish you a enjoy to watching xD
    -- Video of the best personality in the Deadly seven sins from my personal point of view - The Lion's sin Escanor - Man of Pride And his great power And has the power of the sun
    -- Sort the moments from my point of view
    Write in comments what is the best moment of your point of view
    And type the character you want me to make next video
    -- Your support catalyzes me for more
    ► Anime: Nanatsu No Taizai
    ► character : The Deadly seven sins - sin of pride The Lion Escanor
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    1. MakiDoom AMV's

      We have really reached 5 million views ❤️ Thanks guys this is unbelievably wonderful 💗 Don't forget to subscribe please 🙏 I love you all 💕

      1. charles tao

        @Grim Gaming Who decide that?

      2. Grim Gaming

        All this happens because you PRAISED THE SUN

      3. charles tao

        Praise the sun

      4. Dylanice

        Who said that you could decide what escanors top moments only he can decide that

      5. kouji kobayashi

        Eduardo Vitorino んねn

    2. frizik frikolog

      the dad of my girlfriend 1 day before we getting merried asking me where the hell i am cuzz i didnt bought a suit and didnt talked with them for 5 days already and really angry and told me to come tommorow to the marriges. me: and who decided that i will marry ur daughter? the father angry what u mean who decided that? are u dumb come to marry her tomorrow and u better be ready or i will kill u. me: and who decided that ull kill me. angry father: thats it tell me where are u im going to beat u and punch u into a suit and grab u like a dog till tomorrow till u finish marry her (his daughter) me:only i can decide such things begone Cruel Sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i actually become Escanor The One form and beated him (from:True lion sin Escanor) it was merlin dad

    3. Mejan Lamichhane

      9:57 That voice tho😍

    4. GamingGirlie 01

      Hes Littraly the In bodyment of the meme " IM A BAD BITCH YOU CANT KILL ME"

    5. Fatih Rizky

      What name a song?

    6. Designs

      2:40 the music behind the theme hmm where can I find?

    7. Diego Mette


    8. Zrook

      the music ruined the video

    9. 天喰ハル


    10. The Gamer


    11. Sinichi Kudowizaki

      4:01 can someone tell me who cover that song

    12. 呪怨


    13. Jason Keeper

      I Know gow to defeat escanor.... .... with... Meliodas Apple pie


      When white people eat three hot Cheetos. 6:55

    15. あれ、ケンタッキー


    16. tacosand titties

      Escanor is Chuck Norris anime form.

    17. Ronald McDonald

      Who is stronger Escanor (like) or Goku (comment)

    18. Ibrelicious

      1.50 song?

    19. CILinkzSpre3

      his Voice is the thing that carried him from good to great

    20. Zain ALATTAR

      Ban : I basically can’t die so I’m the strongest King : I’m the strongest out of my whole race Meliodas : I can kick both of your asses and I was the leader of the commandments Escanor: keep talking bitches

    21. Prakhar Patidar

      Escanor top 5 moments ESCANOR::who decides that ☀️☀️cruel sun

    22. King Ragnar

      WTF here I am thinking Jiren was over powered.

    23. otaku. IQ

      1:25 Hahahahahahahah Omai wa mo shinderu Nani?

    24. marvin ryan

      escanor will die

    25. Memento Mori

      Ban should just bang both jericho and the loli i forgot her name.

    26. クソザコブロッコリー


    27. Red Diz 2

      Why does no one think to doge the man with the unstoppable ax and fire ball.

    28. ZedProX

      Leggend nevver diiiies

    29. Hurtado XII

      Escanor kinda looks like a grown up version of King

    30. Càide

      Music ruined it

    31. Häschen 007

      Wow im surpsthat the first comment shown to me isn't something with "who decided that"

    32. Akim446 Kimij123

      Lion escanor is from crew Gol D Roger actually😂🔥

    33. 4Ever 420

      Bad cut...

    34. Bobby piano song for anyone wondering.

    35. ESCANOR

      You do a video about me? Who decided that!??? Cruel sun! 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

      1. Ballanca1


    36. Leo Dark

      2:24 Ricardo Milos Reference ? yare2x..

    37. トマトの裏切り者トマト氏


    38. Sektor Anime

      ☀️ ☝️ "Cruel sun"

    39. 沖田総子

      サムネのエスカノールかっこよ。 動画もかっこよいけど

    40. Keviv Tawar

      Thank you for this compilation !

    41. Kirrios gamingz

      Everybody is a badass until this guy start throwing suns

    42. this name was stolen

      the song in the background ruined it tbh

    43. JinGamingYT

      Me: Im late for lunch. Me: Wait..Im late for work! Manager and Mom: You're gonna get fired and slapped Me: Who decided to slap me... Me: *Go back through time*

    44. 朝田木綿季

      秋が待ち遠しい 早く3期来て〜\\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

    45. Schwarzer Jager

      He is my Nanatsu most favorite character... Cruel Sun! ☀️ ☝️😗

    46. R ed

      Me After this: I got an F on this test, who decided that? Teacher: It because you watch too much ani- Me: CRUEL SUN!

    47. ぴよきち


    48. CENネル


    49. Grim Gaming

      Don’t forget to PRAISE THE SUN

    50. borsalino

      Whatafuck is this gay music on the background

    51. Pasta

      why play the shitty music in the background lmao?

    52. Assassin 007

      At the last Escanor says BEGONE THOT!!!

    53. sweetheart victorio

      big daddy sunshine ☀

    54. Lazar Jelenkovic

      Gowter iz a kurwa

    55. Anish Varma

      6:00 best escanor moment WTF so overwhelming!

    56. Zach Boland

      His English dub voice better represents his character

    57. ぺちみ


    58. Mr. Black

      what with the background sound bro,really annoyed

    59. Vignesh Mohan

      7:00 Thank me later.

    60. Ja viss

      คนไทยมีไหม...l'm prayud5555+

    61. Meliodas Sin of Wrath

      Sometimes I think Escanor has to work on him ripping his clothes cause we have to keep making more

    62. Shadow Blizzard

      Me eating a carolina reaper 7:04

    63. Temkalhk

      1:29 It was at this moment that she knew, she fucced up


      10:55, THOT!!!

    65. tyler s


    66. MenialAce1

      was that fucking kids bop at the end..

    67. w key

      good video but the music in the background is fckn dogshit..

    68. ThaBestAnimations

      When i win an argument against my parents My Parents: 10:49

    69. Garen M Yang


    70. YRN_Mobile YT