Top 5 Moments [ From Lion's Sin of Pride「 Escanor 」ᴴᴰ ]

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    -- I Wish you a enjoy to watching xD
    -- Video of the best personality in the Deadly seven sins from my personal point of view - The Lion's sin Escanor - Man of Pride And his great power And has the power of the sun
    -- Sort the moments from my point of view
    Write in comments what is the best moment of your point of view
    And type the character you want me to make next video
    -- Your support catalyzes me for more
    ► Anime: Nanatsu No Taizai
    ► character : The Deadly seven sins - sin of pride The Lion Escanor
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    1. 井上龍雅


    2. Jake Torres

      Whats the list of songs that plays in the background

      1. Jake Torres

        @Quincy Greene none

      2. Quincy Greene

        Do you know what the first song in the video is in the background?

    3. Brolly Gaming

      Meliodas-i am the main character of seven deadly sins Escanor-who decided that 😂😂😂

    4. Subscribe so I can feed my cats

      His six pack has six packs!

    5. Kyff Hazard

      I'd like to say something about the music you put in that distorted the original soundtrack for the anime scenes shown, but considering that Lord Escanor hasn't done something about it already, I guess he approves. And that's good enough for me.

    6. ルイージマリオ


    7. TheGuyThatmakeThingsUp Nathan

      This is arrogance done right



    9. Fight The Bully!

      Dude is so OP the fight scenes aren't even worth getting into. There is no feel of a real threat in these fights. At least Saitama has a personality that allows you to excuse the OP ability. Smh

    10. iSparkyZ

      My mom: Do your homework! Your closing that computer and DOING YOUR HOMEWORK NOW! Me: Who decided that? My mom: Get your ass up here. Me: Im the one that decides such things like this! My mom: Nani??? Me: Cruel Sun My homework: *burned*

    11. Arsen Zhanbirbay

      Like A Thor

    12. Nguyễn Tuấn Anh

      6:00 Well, that "in the end" sure is fit.

    13. Connel blaze

      You say I can't make it, who decided that? You say I won't make mamma proud, who decided that? You say I'm a failure, who decided that? CRUEL SUN!!! Please when is season 3 out?

    14. [じょうぺ]

      ☀️ 👆

    15. しば/shiba


      1. ひま人


    16. Marc The light

      1:30 when the smartest boy in class gets it wrong and the trouble maker gets it right

    17. Deezy Obey

      More like the only 5 moments

    18. Bradlee Phanor

      Now don't lie every nigga was wishing they smash on 7:02

    19. Nick 4234

      Escanor is anime thor

    20. Mr. K

      Then i suppose the next season maybe will last for 1 episode with Escanor defeating all the commandments.... Still it will be fun to watch 😍😍😍

    21. Ronn-E

      Music in BG: in the end - Linkin Park

    22. Andreas Snellman

      Really annoying with the music put in the background

    23. splitzz_clxpz :3


    24. Picky

      I don't like the music added

    25. Godman Arbwa

      cruel sun

    26. MrIkillgamers

      I got goose bumps when he was like who decided that lmao

    27. Ciastolar

      the music in the back is so stupid, it ruins the mood of the video

    28. nelnel君


    29. 北の国のレオン


    30. ちんぽん釘


    31. まねきねこ


    32. Ridge Robinson

      Nothing like playing lame ass music over each clip...

    33. Manjeet Ranu

      ME : how much confidence should. a person have Escanor to etrossa : what happened is there a gold coin down there

    34. You Tube

      Escanor is a true gentleman born in england with powers derivative from the sun and voiced by gintoki.... Escanor is a Joestar!

    35. Sheng Xiong

      I cant believe they dont show the flashback here that they do in the manga!:/

    36. Grace Duong

      One time i heard somebody say escanor is the type to pick up Thor’s hammer and be like “Oops u dropped this”

    37. summertime saga

      Fuckin background music.

    38. Justin Ramirez

      7:00 Your welcome

    39. No Thanks

      Turn your bullshit kpop hip hop off when making a video. Audio should not be louder then the dialogs.

    40. choi guerrero

      escanor?????.... saitama?????.. i say doreimon!!!!

    41. no one

      am I the only one that thought Estarossa said Esca NOOOOOOO at the end when he is fired with cruel sun?

    42. がりがり

      3:03 ちんげ解放

      1. 鬼滅の刃大好き

        チン毛解放! ファッサ! クルーエルチン!(無慈悲な棒) 言ったでしょう?まともにはイケないと、

    43. a ded meme

      I think esconer kinda overrated I mean he’s super dependent on time and like in the people in chapter 314 can obliterate him with him not even reilizing what’s happening

    44. Nash Delacruz


    45. Mharzel Cuspanio

      Hi sir, what are the songs that you used?

    46. Jobbernowl

      Goes to show how much people like Escanor, they'd suffer through this shitty edited video for him.

    47. R.R 3000300030003330

      This anime has cool artwork but overall it's pretty lame

    48. Pipox Sanchez

      In the end.. Linkin park

    49. Lawful

      Thumbs down for the background music. You thought it would be cool but it only ruins the scenes.

    50. charles galvez

      Music made it bad.

    51. bradley doyle

      English dub done this sooo much better!!!

    52. Josef Eid

      Why tf would you overlay gym workout music with this? It sounds terrible.

    53. michael bagadiong


    54. Lobo sombrio00

      Only escanor is strong enough to damage escanor

    55. koekje dikk

      What is the song on 4:02

    56. Александр Горелик

      Escanor is so boring w his cruel sun bla bla all the time)

    57. Fuegleon4th YT


    58. 百度


    59. NeonSlayerX

      How did Luigi from Mario bros is this buffed

    60. Pups Kopf

      he should have at least killed 2-3 of the comendmants he is my favorit character by far =)

    61. Rob C

      2:49 So he's Thor?

    62. Kirito Kazuto

      I wanna watch season 2 but I'm not gonna subscribe to Netflix to just watch 1 anime season.

      1. Kirito Kazuto

        @Alan Solis I'm not Spanish

      2. Alan Solis

        Watch it on animeflv

    63. Rockyfrijolito

      You out horrible music under most epic moment! Shameful

      1. ᶜʰᵃˢᵉ

        Copyright maybe?

      2. Aditya Kasthuri

        Yeah! I stopped watching as soon as I heard the BGM which was totally unnecessary!

    64. Dranzer Jetli

      Gin San looks weird without his wavy silver hair and deadfish eyes

    65. Akadsito

      Stop putting trash music on this AMV, stupid fool.

    66. kaito withey


    67. Tukul Arwana

      Ace vs Black beard

    68. Leo Kryptonite

      Este anime debería llamarse "Si la Riata fuera hombre"

    69. DJ SNADOW

      Thors hammer vs escnor axe. Like for escnor axe, comment down below thors hammer

    70. skilladunge

      People talking and two different songs being played, this truly is hell. No need to add edgy music, the moment it self will create enough suspense to keep us watching.

      1. ozy

        thinkin the same thing

    71. wind1357

      shitty bg music

    72. Hasan 964

      You forget to put SAMA in the title

    73. A Oliva

      your music ruined the moment

    74. Blaine H-M

      The crazy thing is that anime, at least to me, makes these scenes less badass/impactful than the their manga counterparts, all of which is through slight dialogue changes.

    75. Marc Kenzo Alcantara

      I almost cry in 10:50 cuz he was doing it revenge for meliodas and he was almost dead until he show the great power

    76. Kakugyouki Isido


    77. hodan shek aden

      Teacher: Checks Homework in class Teacher:Where is your homework?, I need you to go to the office. Me: my late homework?, Who decided that? Me:Gets detention?, Who decided that? Teacher:Can you please go to the of-- Me:Pride flare!

    78. Swastik Roy

      The background playing in the end was beyond awesome

    79. PrinslyIfGamer PFG


    80. Janco peña

      2:20 Song?

    81. ふぁみりあ「元らふぃ」

      マジでえぐいってエスカノール… だってあれだけ莫大な自分のパワーとテスタロッサの魔力を全反撃されてまともにたっていられた挙句「誰が決めた?」とかマジでヤバすぎる…笑笑 え、まってワンチャンメリオダスよりパワー強いんじゃね!?(んなわけないか)

      1. 覚醒ちくわ転生ちくわ

        エスカノールの方が高いと思う 正午闘級12万くらいある

      2. 黒光りよんさぶろう

        ふぁみりあ「元らふぃ」 エスタロッサですよ

    82. Gouki54

      TOP 5 lol, there is 3 moment of full power Escanor ! And WTF is this song in the rear....

    83. にょんぱーとらうりっぞ


    84. Life of Markus

      My nigga only has 5 moments for now 😂😂 I wish they found escape first. But there would be no good buildup

    85. thejocker523

      U rly had to put that useless music on the video?

    86. T.G Channel

      so he can fly

    87. Daniel Rodrigues

      Teria ficado melhor sem as musicas de fundo

    88. ANDY DONG

      Who decided that

    89. Reno Robin

      Now I know why this guy is so famous

    90. Ali Jaff

      Tbf.. I wouldnt watch the series if it wasnt for escanor...i wish at some point he gets to be the main character in another season...

    91. ZombY AMVs

      Why do i hear Zombie By Bad Wolves

    92. gabaskar 122

      You had other music in the background in some of them, Thats a yikes from me dawg

    93. John肯德基

      who is stupid guy thats fight escanor at afternoon

    94. Jakuboss

      Powerful enough to scare demon. Pls nerf it.

    95. criticalkiller 91

      u just gonna not quote the music you out in when it was escanor vs gowther its bad wolf's zombie btw

      1. criticalkiller 91

        but its not even worth it because most of it is some retarded kids bop

    96. Minato Namikaze

      Writer: How much power do you want Producer: Yes

    97. alkire

      ME: my penis is huuuuge youtube: micro penis confirmed!!!

    98. Purple Dino

      "What's the matter? Is there a gold coin on the ground?" If someone you're fighting says that, just run. It doesn't matter how much you want to kill them, just get your ass out of there. XD

    99. Heath Sims

      This motivates me to workout

    100. Cyrus Muller

      When you realize the estrossa fight all happened in the course of a min