Top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters



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    Well guys, It's finally here.
    Today after so many months we are going to be counting down the top 10 strongest characters in One Piece!!
    This video is no ordinary top 10. This video is a top 10, discussion, in depth character analysis, explanation, movie, and a sleep aid all in one!
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    In this video we go over a lot of information, and a lot of characters you might expect to see could not be featured because of the qualifications I put in place, so just keep that in mind!
    I also just wanted to apologize for how long this video took to come out. I wanted to have it out much sooner, but I also knew this would be a huge video for me to make so I put it off. Then once I finally got around to making it, it took much much longer than I thought it would. So thank you all so much for being so patient! And I promise the next one will come out much sooner, but there will still be a slight wait!
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    1. 2Spooky

      Well guys, the 10,000 like goal was finally hit!!! I talked about what top 10 I would be making after we hit that goal in my top 10 wasted devil fruits video (link here: So the promised top 10 is actually going to be a follow up to this one - The Top 10 Strongest Non-Devil fruit Users in One Piece I'm going to be releasing that video towards the tail end of 2019. Why so long? Because like this video it's likely going to be a HUGE project and take a massive amount of time to create. I also want to give the manga some more time to progress through the next arc, because shortly after releasing this video, a lot of much stronger characters were introduced who would have made the list. So waiting a little longer for the manga progress will make the next list a bit more relevant, and make it last longer. Either way, thank you all so much for all the support on this video, I know it's not perfect, I made some mistakes, and the list is no longer as relevant in terms of the characters who made the list. But that being said this project is what I've worked the hardest on thus far, in my attempt to change what it means to make a top 10. I don't think anyone will even attempt to go as far as I did in this video for a long time. Which means I did accomplish my goal. Thanks again, lots of amazing stuff on the way. Stay tuned.

      1. James Lamb

        Easily achieved any goal you've set forth. Absolute masterclass in decriptive story telling. I have only seen the first couple seasons of One Piece. This video was easy for me to understand and I have no real background or base with this anime. Greatly looking forward to the next project!

      2. MUSIC BMG


      3. Adam Adeyinka

        You must be retarded to not put whitebeard on the list the only reason he lost the war because he was old and it still took an entire army and a lot of deceptions to even scratch him

      4. Duke Worthington

        2Spooky ftyds

      5. Caiden Luna

        You took away all the good characters from the list

    2. Benny E

      Ummm......So Luffy's Snake-man for isn't a thing?

    3. FreeLeGiOn

      Gear 0 will solve

    4. Jboy Lman

      Mihawk could not possibly kill buggy the clown. Think about that.

    5. Ivan Hammell

      My man mentioned ace like he would acttually be on the list even if he was counted

    6. Bdt Ninja

      Why am I watching this I don’t even read/ watch on piece

    7. USSR

      Some of the names of these Devil Fruits are very retarded

    8. Dick Johnson

      Makes a three hour video *wonders why it takes a month to make*

    9. Mark Davids videos

      i think luffy uses thermo energy to use redhawk like sanji idk how but yea

    10. OneTimeCrazy

      yo is guy leafyishere?

    11. Tgoat 06

      Who else has was here back when he had the old intro

    12. Abdullah Sediqi

      I think blackbeard is the strongest due to having multiple devil fruits. He could theoretically have more than 2 as well

      1. USSR

        Just that fact alone makes him one of the strongest, not to mention they're good ones too

    13. Alex Amaya

      When was this video made ?

    14. Spike sans plays

      I watched this entire vid without any skipping

    15. ParanoidHusky


    16. Axel Blaze

      Aokiji or Kuzan is highly underrated He faced off akainu for 10 days, who has a devil fruit that is a natural enemy to his devil fruit. He scared Doflamingo to letting smoker go, he has insane versatility of his fruit by freezing water, land and people on a very large area, he can even withstand alot of deadly attack. He is either above doflamingo or even kizaru. Mihawk should also be above.

    17. James Lamb

      This is incredibly long. I love it ♡♡

    18. Elliot Söderberg

      I wonder how much you have Said gum gum

    19. reapinUsoon

      Its funny cause in the description it says this video is also a sleep aid but i for some reason had a nightmare where oda wrote into the series crocodile beating mihawk and in the entire dream i was just like BRO WHAT THE FUCK i was very relieved to wake up and realize such a thing would never happen

    20. coolguyhino92

      Kizaru looks like he's ripped from GTA Vice City, with a cleaner anime look.

    21. adrian dziejma

      This could have been 30 mins video.

    22. Sudharshan Reigns

      shanke man

    23. Jonas Pater

      but this guy is really understandable

    24. Jonas Pater

      i actually watched it

    25. Commissar Purity

      This vid is literally as long as endgame.

      1. USSR

        Fuck... it is

      2. Commissar Purity

        @dba idk about that, i enjoyed this more that's for sure

      3. dba

        Also better

    26. Frederic Simeon

      I fell asleep watching a video on the Rinnegan..,woke up and CZ-news said I watched a whole 3 hour video 😐

      1. pichun

        _N. I. G. G. A. S_ SHLEEP

    27. Priyanshu Singh

      Hmm doflamingo shouldn't even be in the top 10 and I seriously doubt him being able to last in front of aokiji more than a few moments do your research more seriously mate don't bring your your own personal bias into it just because someone is not afraid doesn't mean they are stronger doflamingo wasn't afraid of Aokiji and fujitora but either one of them could have killed him if they got serious plus doflamingo wasn't afraid of whitebeard either during marineford arc even though he knew whitebeard could easily kill him so overall doflamingo probably with great difficulty could enter top 20 even that I am not sure of so stop giving him that much credit just because you like his character

    28. NaYometixHyDroX

      how can u not have enel on this list wtf. He is literely thunder

    29. Ace Hood

      Law fruit has a important aspect that it can make some immortal I think he mite use it on Luffy

    30. Super Saiyan Bro

      I fell asleep and woke up to the word cracker over n over again, I laughed so hard "what in the blue racist hell am I watching now" then come to realize it's just a character from an anime show

    31. TonyStark

      Top 10 strongest character in one piece___3 hours

    32. Sin.

      What if Katakuri was already revealed by this point...

      1. kyrie the goat

        Bakugo better

    33. ChaosGaminG

      one piece can u do cory in the house next my god its such a underrated anime but so good

    34. Tbg josh

      this long ass video is the stronger than anyone on that list XD by the time Im done with this the straw hats are gonna be at Raftel.

    35. Judy Sama

      Where is gear 4th snake man

    36. Sin.


    37. Asta The Demon

      Brook in the beginning lol

    38. Trap Kun

      This should be a 20 minute video...

    39. Carl Tipon

      3 hrs wow

    40. Manuel Sacha

      We now know that Sakazuki was using Observation Haki, the same way Katakuri was.

    41. Kendrick Sampson

      And snake man

    42. Bicboi0501 KΔϺI

      When a top ten list but the vid 2 hours long

    43. Deku Boom

      After 3 years later luffy is able to defeat doflamingo using snakeman, which we have seen luffy vs katakuri.

    44. Deku Boom

      I watched 1 hour of this because I love the concept of this anime

    45. Assad Khalif

      three hours? WTF?

    46. Juan Gee

      Does anyone have the time stamps of every character?

    47. Christian Emmanuel

      Why is it three hours but its worth seeing :D

    48. cleansent

      Luffy and Doffy shouldn't be on this list

    49. Ave del Paraíso

      You can update the video, it lasts 3 hours but I'm willing to see it

    50. Frosted Danks

      I like how observation haki was his weakest but it got like 5 times better in the katakuri fight

    51. Gucci Salem

      1. Shanks 2. Kaido 3. Dragon 4. Mihawk 5. Blackbeard 6. big mom 7. Akainu 8. Rayleigh 9. Aokiji 10. Kizaru My opinion on top 10 strongest in one piece

      1. Insomniac's Tea

        Black beard is stronger than Mihawk

      2. Deijinn

        Heavy on The Mihawk

    52. Paw Moo

      There's actually a new ability for luffy, I think it was snake man or something like that, but it was pretty cool😁

    53. JK Kay Kay

      I can confirm my bones were dancing during that intro It hurt so bad

    54. Fax

      Imagine if shanks had a strong devil fruit and 2 arms he would be a GOD!

    55. RDraw ISketchIDK

      Honestly, why do they even give each move a name? They could get away with so many things if they use their moves without actually saying it.

    56. Kai The God.

      Bleach theme song on a one piece video 😭

    57. deadroses

      who would watch all of this?!!

    58. Jolly Man Joel

      Ok regardless of why you think Luffy won I still stink he is stronger than Doflamingo at that point. Because after all he WON the fight 😂.

      1. Theworst

        Well to be fair, at the time of this video Luffy probably was weaker than Doffy. Just because Luffy won the fight that doesn't mean he is stronger. Doffy has more intellect and a more useful fruit. Now in the present day Luffy is way stronger.

    59. SomeBiFag

      so much yellow

    60. Honk Honk

      too many commercials

    61. Célia Collet

      i wouldn't say Luffy has imagination. It's more that he lacks it but is still open to possibilities he knows how to seize. Luffy is very literal and has little understanding of abstract concepts so imagination is out of the equation. but he has creativity.

    62. Marty

      numer 1 : don krieg

    63. Joel Varghese

      Law Haki is very strong Cause he defected Virgo I am telling u

    64. BenjaeTV

      A Top 10 List that's 3 hours long. Dang

    65. Dip Dop

      Up until the 4:00 mark, I was slowly and slowly getting more and more unhappy with how you were doing the video. I was like "ugh you're leaving EVERYONE out. There's nobody left now! Geeze..." But then you said something (can't remember what it was) that literally strung eeeeeeeverything together and I was like. "Oh! I get it! Facts facts facts." Great video 2Spük. Keep em comin'.

    66. otaku recon

      why the bleach music

    67. Nicholas Armogan

      Do you even know what you’re talking about lmao ?

    68. Toy Mage

      Sorry, I know it's your opinion but the idea that the former Admiral is weaker than Doffy is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

    69. Leon Stølen

      luffy won over flamingo

    70. Sizzle Mcsizzle

      I feel like shanks is the strongest yonko

    71. Andrew

      is there like a point form google doc

    72. asdf

      dude you obvously smoke pot and you already boring. stfu.

    73. Omar James

      He wasn't joking about the amount if time luffy would take😂😂30mins

    74. Brandon Maharaj

      Why is luffy rank so low he is the 5th yanko bitch

    75. Zombie Guy

      Strongest character is God Usopp

    76. Uzumaki Naruto

      It looks like the list needs to change.... Luffy just beat Katakuri ...

    77. Grim Lord

      Actually in the recent chapters it's revealed when a sword is black it's because it's swordsman basically always puts haki in it so much the sword change color.

    78. Alec Epley

      Kizaru had mentioned at Marineford when he was fighting Marco, "oh I knew you wouldn't let your head be touched so easily." He was shooting his light beams at Marco's body while in his phoenix zoan form, but as soon as he shot on at his head he dodged. So I think that's his weakness

      1. MuTY

        he meant head as in Whitebeard not literally Marco's head. if you remember Kizaru was going for the whitebeard before Marco got in his way and before his attack KIzaru even said something like "i suppose we have got no other choice but to remove the "Head" (aka Whitebeard) first ". also during that attack Marco did get shot in the head but regenerated using his abilities.

    79. monkey.d. lufft

      Only you can turn a top 10 3hours

    80. H⃟i⃟s⃟o⃟k⃟a⃟_ _K⃟a⃟r⃟m⃟a⃟

      I just realized that since katakuri can see a couple seconds in the future or anticipate attacks Doesn’t that sound familiar *cough *cough sharingan

    81. Majin Vegeta

      why the fuck is it 3 hours

    82. dejan kovacek

      Why is Bleach theme in background? :D I think that is when Ichigo Kurosaki fought Aizen , but don't hold me for words :D

    83. Adam Adeyinka

      What type of retarded fucking shit is this everyone knows kuzan is stronger than doflamingo he even withdrew from a fight with kuzan

    84. Tinyde1986

      Crocus from Twin peaks was the doctor on Gol D Rogers ship. That is the crew he sailed with to search for Laboons friends he mentions briefly. :D

    85. komujimaru


    86. Mycolouris Green

      Doflamingo was weaker than luffy he just lasted until the time limit of gear 4th witch made luffy have to escape, and it’s safe to assume that the fodder that held off dofy did no damage at all and did nothing so there was no help on the damage side of things and they only allowed for luffy to hide and regenerate his haki, and I have no doubt that if luffy pulled it the King Kong gun at any moment of the fight it would crush dofy, like maybe the first hit were dofy was doubting his power and did nothing to evade the attack. That’s why I hate when people say luffy was weaker than dofy Edit: dofy successfully fixed his organ wounds

    87. Smurv

      3 hours!

    88. XS GamingTV

      Akainu has Advance Observation Haki

    89. Niglet Jr.

      Why the fuck is this 3 hrs long

    90. jcoleisgud kdotisgud

      Mihawk is stronger than shanks currently they were about equal when shanks had two arms and shank is weaker with one arm

    91. BraveChannelGamer

      3hours you fucking mad man

    92. Jb D

      I don’t even watch one piece I just clicked on this video until I saw it was 3 hours

    93. jcoleisgud kdotisgud

      Eneru's fruit should also be immune to wood and stone without haki Can't luffy use his fruit to extend his thing

    94. JBD YT

      3 hours ??? THIS IS A MOVIE

    95. T R A V I E 6 4

      Top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters: The Movie

    96. Burning

      When he said pika pika i thought gon say his devil fruit was pikachu

    97. Rasmus Pryds

      why tf is it 3HOURS LONG

    98. JarHead

      It’s 10 people how did you manage to make it 3 hours long lol?

    99. Some random ghost 19

      If Luffy had learned most of what a pirate/sailor needs to know before setting out and had more think before you act he would be an even bigger pain in the ass for the world gov. And he would be one hell of a strategic pirate what could outclass Tsusu

    100. Aye Yo

      number 8 and 9 should me switched