Top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters



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    Well guys, It's finally here.
    Today after so many months we are going to be counting down the top 10 strongest characters in One Piece!!
    This video is no ordinary top 10. This video is a top 10, discussion, in depth character analysis, explanation, movie, and a sleep aid all in one!
    Also if you liked this video make sure to drop a like! Because after this video hits 10,000 likes I will be making the next One Piece top 10!!!!
    In this video we go over a lot of information, and a lot of characters you might expect to see could not be featured because of the qualifications I put in place, so just keep that in mind!
    I also just wanted to apologize for how long this video took to come out. I wanted to have it out much sooner, but I also knew this would be a huge video for me to make so I put it off. Then once I finally got around to making it, it took much much longer than I thought it would. So thank you all so much for being so patient! And I promise the next one will come out much sooner, but there will still be a slight wait!
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    1. 2Spooky

      Well guys, the 10,000 like goal was finally hit!!! I talked about what top 10 I would be making after we hit that goal in my top 10 wasted devil fruits video (link here: So the promised top 10 is actually going to be a follow up to this one - The Top 10 Strongest Non-Devil fruit Users in One Piece I'm going to be releasing that video towards the tail end of 2019. Why so long? Because like this video it's likely going to be a HUGE project and take a massive amount of time to create. I also want to give the manga some more time to progress through the next arc, because shortly after releasing this video, a lot of much stronger characters were introduced who would have made the list. So waiting a little longer for the manga progress will make the next list a bit more relevant, and make it last longer. Either way, thank you all so much for all the support on this video, I know it's not perfect, I made some mistakes, and the list is no longer as relevant in terms of the characters who made the list. But that being said this project is what I've worked the hardest on thus far, in my attempt to change what it means to make a top 10. I don't think anyone will even attempt to go as far as I did in this video for a long time. Which means I did accomplish my goal. Thanks again, lots of amazing stuff on the way. Stay tuned.

      1. Oof The Nub

        2Spooky k

      2. Whalefox Johnson

        2Spooky Now Luffy can predict the future.

      3. Dhruv Marwadi

        I think gear 4 is the result of use of haki regularly

      4. Michael Davis

        Spooky I totally disagree with your opinion when it comes to your view on doflamingo, you said doflamingo is stronger than kuzan, I totally disagree, because kuzan is a former navy admiral and we know admirals are about yonko level, you will probably say we don't know that, but I am pretty sure they are because when big mom said she would go to wano kizaru asked if he should go and I know kizaru has a laid back attitude most times but even so it sounded like he could actually stop big mom, plus we do not know the full extent of kuzan's power

      5. James Lamb

        Easily achieved any goal you've set forth. Absolute masterclass in decriptive story telling. I have only seen the first couple seasons of One Piece. This video was easy for me to understand and I have no real background or base with this anime. Greatly looking forward to the next project!

    2. Antoine Robinson

      way too much speculation

    3. フラサラススティーブ


    4. Eddie Pham

      Jesus fucking Christ 3 hours

    5. Bomo Bomo

      Where would you put Luffy with Snakeman included

    6. Anialotion Gaming

      I think I’m gonna pick up the manga of one piece now since the anime takes to long to go through

    7. Jacob Jeanmari

      my mans made a whole move and made 5 vids i ntop of it xd keep up grind

    8. Pot Nugget

      I don’t you’ll see this but I think you should do an update since this is a little outdated

    9. Tierique Stapleton

      Doflamino is basically Stone Free but on steroids.

    10. smoker

      Well,guess I ain’t sleeping

    11. originalpandaburns

      2019 anyone??

    12. Kevtendo

      watch Dragon be like KING from one punch man

    13. Ulquiorra Escanor

      Kuzan should be higher, he is on par with sakazuki.

    14. Tsermaa Tomorbaatar

      when i thought this was gonna take only 13 mins ad then i saw the real time me: ohhhhhh maaaa gawdddd

    15. Alex Sears

      damn u just skipped snake man? that one is my favorite out of all the 4th gears.

      1. Alex Sears

        Roshan Broshan yeah it did. He came out when he was fighting big ma oldest son. And he talked about that fight in this video 🤷🏽‍♂️.

      2. Roshan Broshan

        this video is 2 years old, katakuri didn't even exist yet

    16. dylan atakoussok

      Make another one

    17. dylan atakoussok

      Thank u

    18. Surrounded Gaming

      Luffy defeat doflamingo.

    19. pixsaoul

      after 25min about luffy, I remembered it was a top ten xd

    20. Dr.Chill W.

      2:15:08 this is the face of "I messed up O_O"

    21. Thunderbolt52power

      When you try lengthen a vid to 10 minutes but tried too much

    22. Lightning King91

      Please tell me that you made a video about what the hell a yonko and shibakai are. Please

    23. Somyansh Avasthi

      Who watched this video full hit a like... And for those who didn't write a comment on how you feel...feel free to write....

    24. OWORetro

      has anyone watched the whole thing?

    25. Sub Tyrant

      My mans used a ROBLOX Model for a devil fruit at 1:54:08

    26. Oh yeah yeah Boi

      6:10 *cough* *cough* *and his lifespan *cough *cough*

    27. beatass selfconfidens

      He called eneru ENEL*

    28. Sweechie

      I feel you could have done this list in 30 minutes without cutting much content...

    29. Sweechie

      Theory: Mihawk has the Zoan Hawk-Hawk-Fruit. He just only uses the eyesight and keeps his transformation ability a secret.

    30. Pop Upsxxx111

      About 2 hours ago I passed out and well there goes my battery

    31. Kruger pool The 13th

      Just what I need right now a three hour video about one piece

    32. Mike A

      considering what you talked about with luffy taking a toll on his body i predict the end of one piece will be luffy becoming the pirate king then dies after eventually the side effects of using his gear 2nd and 4th catch up to him but i can see him starting another pirate revolution similar to how gold roger did when he got sick and turned himself in.

    33. Xyriff

      Id like to say bud maybe "The Greatest SwordsMan" just might not have a Devil Fruit?

    34. Shaquan Hylton

      Will that's 3 hours out of my life that's wasted watching this video

    35. Ericka Coleman

      Cracker defense is aful. He was out of the fight after getting hit ounce by Luffy.

      1. Brandon Hutchins

        Ericka Coleman it's even stated that he can't take damage and can't fight after being hit once. He not only got one shot he was out for the rest of the entire whole cake island arc.

    36. Texan Elite

      Little did u know Kuzan can has very good observation Haki and when Whitebeard stabbed him whitebeard used Haki but did not hit him so I think he did what katakuri did by molding his body around the attack

    37. Antonio Thomas

      Soooooooo long lol

    38. Chace Ikeda

      Now that Luffy has conquered better forms of haki do you think he’d be higher than 10?

    39. David Calpa Reina

      You can tell this video was made before luffy vs katakuri fight😂😂😂

      1. Pot Nugget

        David Calpa Reina Well it was made 2 years ago

    40. elvis elvisowski

      10: 4:08 Monkey D. Luffy 9: 34:30 Kuzan 8: 44:49 Donquixote Dolflamingo 7: 1:08:35 Charlotte Cracker 6: 1:27:11 Marco The Phoenix 5: 1:38:01 Jack The Drought 4: 1:47:12 Dracule "Hawk Eyes" Mihawk 3: 2:02:34 Borsalino (Kizaru) 2: 2:14:40 Sakazuki 1: 2:29:34 The 4 Yonko (?!)

      1. MsDajie

        You are god period.

      2. The Goat

        Thank you kind sir

    41. TheMemeLords

      "Okay now's the time to grab snacks." *Looks for cup ramen* ... *Finds and cooks sed ramen* , *_ULTIMATE WEEB MODE ACTIVATE_*

    42. Chrollo Lucilfer

      This list is off somewhere, not exactly correct but u just spoke ur mind

    43. Senpai Sofu

      That moment when anime occurs so you can talk for 3 hours straight


      2:36:05 he could eat it because the yami yami no mi fruit let him absorb it

    45. Takeshi Blue

      "These attacks don't discriminate" It taking you whether you like it not may you be any gender or color

    46. Plague _XX

      Lol just wait there still making epi on onp sub the more episodes the more stronger he gets

    47. ECG fade

      I feel so sorry for whoever had to edit this video

    48. Daruwu

      Too bad there's so many new characters with even more strengths to consider

    49. nepzski

      space war 2

    50. Big Blue

      Luffy has 5,000 yep he definitely needs to be behind kuhzan

    51. Big Blue

      How is plot armor cheating? There not real people.

    52. 01xXShadowXx10

      Anyone want to give me a list of this guy too 10 don’t want to watch 3 Fuckign hours.

    53. Giovanni Goebel-Cardona

      Luffy is a little like naruto

    54. Flame1ace

      i thought this video will be 30 mins long..

    55. Slice of PIE

      I just realized Big Mom's devil fruit is a literal take in the devil himself... Both take others souls but Big Mom uses them to prolong her and her homies lives.

    56. Lazard

      damn why did u choose bleach music its kinda annoying

    57. Cody Golden

      Bellemy doesn’t have a crew they all died before reaching the sky island

    58. Perpetual _Alt


    59. Ray Gonzalez

      U underestimate kuzan

    60. SCOOBZ

      i watch this video for 3 days 1 hour per day xD

    61. Dante Miles

      I think dragon is a wind devil fruit logia type users as shown for when he saved Luffy in louge town as well of haki of course and can use conquers haki like luffy which was passed down to him from him which can as for the fruit wind type why he grap and touch smoker which is harmful to someone who can get blown away from the wind who turn into smoke as well as explain why he appeared and disappeared so easily

    62. Dante Miles

      Remember he can make a clone of strings so that could of been why his organs

    63. Dante Miles

      Shattered Luffy makes rubber hard and brittle to wear if it hit it shatters and crumble

    64. Dante Miles

      And he uses it to make an artificial leg which he uses to walk

    65. Dante Miles

      He lost like three times actually four

    66. Dante Miles

      He’s a genius scraper

    67. Dante Miles

      Training as a kid not cause of his devil fruit because think about it sabo who trained with Luffy when they were kids he became the 2nd in command of dreamy militant group without devil fruit powers

    68. Dante Miles

      He’s one of the top ten I like we’re yiu put him too

    69. Dante Miles

      It’s actually two different it’s 1-4 gear then put gear first then 1-4

    70. Izuku Midoriya

      WHY IS THIS FUCKING VIDEO A FULL 3 HOURS IM NOT WATCHING THIS Watches full video: welp there goes my 3 hours