Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Outbursts

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    The only things better than his masterful cooking are his devastating insults. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Outbursts. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►
    For this list, we'll be taking a look at the British celebrity chef's most brutal, quotable and hilarious verbal beat downs.
    Special thanks to our user Srujan Vishwanath for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at
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    1. Marius Sultan

      Do not mes whith Ramsey

    2. Toa Gatanuva

      You could feed an entire village with that ammount of pasta

    3. Heck

      Watch raw 2 raw vids R A W and He has had ENOUGH that %100 of his power

    4. Heck


    5. Downy Retard

      “Anything I ate today that wasn’t microwaved” “The salad” *you fucking DonUt of coUrse yoU dOnt microWAve s-@3’ksolanskskn*

    6. cowboy6591

      The bleeping out completely destroys the purpose of this flick, thumbs down.

    7. Ebonie Jonae

      I just wanted the narrator to be quiet so I can hear his mean moments 💀

    8. Big Potato

      If you didn’t talk the video would be great.

    9. Itz your boi rhino


    10. Permadi Saputro

      Gorden ramsay

    11. example 2844

      6:27 this guy is beyond stupid, because it's very much NOT like making Risotto without rice, because rice is what MAKES a Risotto, pumpkin is just an additive. How stupid can he be

    12. Hater di Jok3rofficialtube BMCHEGIOCAAFORTNAIT

      I'm looking for: "you are shit. Yes I am. You are so shit is unbelievable"

    13. Ri culver

      gordan is Scottish

    14. Raghunendra Singh

      Thanos* with the infinity stones I'm gonna freeze the whole universe Ramsay* *oh f me*

    15. 747O

      I hate commentary over videos like these, take a negative

    16. C - Man

      The steam out his ears is hotter than the food in the pots.

    17. C - Man


    18. muhammad faqih

      Chef juna masih yg ter seram

    19. daryl indradjaja

      No wonder it’s kitchen nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen

    20. Owen Champ


    21. Bailujen

      4:27 salmon evolved into bison

    22. Takoda Salazar

      Ramsay is actually a real nice guy, it’s just on kitchen nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen

    23. Gaming Hub

      nobody Gordon- WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUSE???!!!

    24. cleo rivas


    25. MyKeyVengeance13

      Gandhi’s flip flop 😂😂😂

    26. eyowt iqrup

      what ep is #8

    27. xX-Conqueror-Xx


    28. Julia

      * Gordon Ramsay mad * Me: don't be fucking Rude 👜👜


      Top ways to piss off ramsey Talk back at him Burn something FORGET THE LAMB SAUCE

    30. •Darcie Boo•

      We can't let sockie watch this ..

    31. Kaleng2 GAMING

      Chef juna ga ada apa apanya sama ini Cuy

    32. the djalu

      Gordon bisa kena stroke ato sakit jantung kalo marah mulu

    33. Modesto Sugpatan

      I hate it when someone is narrating. Fml

    34. MAXWEL ltu


    35. Nikki Loakes

      honestly, if Ramsey yelled at me and told me my food was crap, I'd accept it and move on cause if a pro chef says I can't cook, hes obviously right, right?

    36. A Boy

      if i saw someone wasting that much pasta i would kick him out the place like literally

    37. Thick Might

      Gordon: f me Lady: yes chef Me:don’t take that literally pls

    38. Thick Might

      *Wheres the lamb sauce?*

    39. pedro arellano

      "he is untethered, and his rage knows no bounds"

    40. Taylor Runyan

      Dislike. Way too much narration, very little angry chef, bleeped out. No ty

    41. Musa Style

      When his voice cracks, you know he’s lost it

    42. Musa Style


    43. Corey Miller Ten Cracker

      Thats Why its called Non*VoiceCrack*Stick!

    44. Siddhant Andhale

      Back to plastic surgery 😂😂😂😂

    45. Tom Ontengco

      Over the years I’ve realized that Gordon can go from 0 to Mach 3 in about half a second.

    46. Nathaniel Praxidio

      Where is Gordon vs Raj?

    47. Gunawan tessa

      Waduh sulit jg masak.rumit ribet.

    48. max weed

      Also watch mojo. Thanks ❤️

    49. max weed

      And one more things. You know this dude got money when he’s yelling not only at the chefs but the PAYING CUSTOMERS 😂 I know this comment going to be thrown into the endless pit of comment. But hey this what comment are for 😅

    50. max weed

      This is why if I ever get the chance to work in Hell’s Kitchen I’m going to be a waiter or a clean boy. Because 1) 🤞🏿might not get yelled at 2) Get to see the angry chef lord in his natural habitat

    51. Ekky Ardian

      This man can defeat Thanos.

    52. Alex Jewett

      Gordon Ramsey: master cook and king of insults

    53. Joe

      I wonder what being his son would be like

    54. Hendri Moh

      Terjemahan gordon: anjing babi ngentot goblok asu

    55. Gage Carpenter

      Stop talking every second mojo

    56. rocky ababil

      ada dong yang bisa tarnslite ke bahasa indonesia plies

    57. snoop Doogg

      Gordon vs juna??

      1. Ahlis !

        Auto budek di bacotin🤣

    58. Song lyrics Edit

      Why do he act like a guard or police in prison yelling at teen

    59. Abang Chayang

      I dislike Gordon Ramsay

      1. avianto pambudi

        Goblok lu Dislike

      2. Ahlis !

        Serah lo

    60. Cri Lune

      That’s why it’s called *nonSTIIIIICK*

    61. Bloodyblade num1

      why is lamb scauce not #1?

    62. EDIT CLIPS

      I searched extreme. Anger issues and I knew this son of a bitch would be recommended

    63. David Tran

      9:57 when he started yelling at him then said donkey, I started wheezing 😂

    64. Andri Petrucci


    65. Omar Amgd

      i aint no bitch

    66. J R

      "shes upset cause you told her to fuck off" "yeah" "Can you tell her I meant it?" Broo lmfao

    67. Sang Pengelana

      When kitchen become military camp..

    68. Harsh Joshi


    69. Salman

      No one used FU*K word like him

    70. Henry Zimmerman

      What boys watch at 3am