Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Outbursts

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    The only things better than his masterful cooking are his devastating insults. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Outbursts. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►
    For this list, we'll be taking a look at the British celebrity chef's most brutal, quotable and hilarious verbal beat downs.
    Special thanks to our user Srujan Vishwanath for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at
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    1. D H

      Amy looks like taylor swift

    2. cherry Tomato

      I think the one where he calls him a lazy cunt should be #1

    3. Andrew Bright

      With his high "look" voice, he'd make a great Lemongrab.

    4. Dale Benton

      Gordan will loose his rag at people,Its like working with a load of sad Muppets who have no idea what to do,If was the Employer,I be sacking people,Telling them where to go,All that food ends up getting wasted,Not do to well for the Business,More like Business be completed wasted over sad little Muppets who cant cook

    5. Egalitarius

      he is a insult genius only rivaled by Jon Taffer and Simon Cowell

    6. Qυєєи Fяαиcєѕcα

      Gordon Ramsay is Joker.

    7. Phoenixgaming 765

      Would you like it hole or diced😂🤣💀

    8. ItsYour BoyNuga

      10:37 you bleep out one F word and let the very next one go lmao

    9. Alexandra Ponce

      He has kids my age-I’m 18-would he treat someone like me the way he does?

    10. John Sully

      Look look....LOOK😂😂😂😂 I actually did

    11. Oh yeah Mr.Krabs

      He treats everyone the same no matter what color or size

    12. Hanata's World

      gordon has battled two joestars

    13. RavenWing

      He just wanted more pumpkin for crying out loud. 😂

    14. Beck Henry


    15. Cheesy Good

      8:05 good looking? Lmfao fucking joke is it ?

    16. DERP DOG

      Everyone gangsta till Gordon Ramsay gives up on kitchen nightmare.

    17. marco raudales

      Why am i watching this at 5 in the morning?

    18. keyla arroyo

      Can this bitch stop talking

    19. DogKeeperTube

      W H E R E ' S T H E L A M B S A U C E ! ? ! ?

    20. Savannah Jansen

      Dude who tries to fight Gordon: "lets go step outside motherfucker" *10 minutes later* Gordon: "Introducing my new dish, Bitch Lasanga."

    21. Rajas Kothari

      8:09 "that's so unpolite" Que?

    22. Ruby Ruff

      We’re the the lamb sauce He

    23. StArS Asmr

      He’s Scottish not British lmaoo

    24. Alice Rose

      Gordon: *makes a dish* People: how does he come up with that? Gordon: *makes an insult* Me: how does he come up with that

    25. Eldar Alic

      This is why i dont want to work at a restaurant

    26. Teddy Bear Gamers

      More of his insults were in area 51

    27. CP

      Why doesn't the chef take that seriously when gordon says "f*** me"

    28. CP

      Ramsay: *calls chef Chef: Sorry, i didn't mean to do that.i can explain. Oh wait. YES?

    29. CP

      Ramsay: Are you fuckin stupid! Chef: No Ramsay: "you weren't supposed to answer me you fuckin midget"

    30. MaliciouSid

      If the Devil himself came to Hell's Kitchen, he'd be cooking for Gordon Ramsey and answering "Yes Chef"

    31. Mario Mythes


    32. BlankSpace MonsterASMR

      I’m waitin’ for Gordon to have either a stroke or a heart attack which I hope won’t happen. I want my shot of getting yelled at by him 😂

    33. snorted cheeseburgeur

      That last one reminds me of that one kid that cuss out the teacher.

    34. SeekerOfTheTruth

      6. *Restaurant owner insults people* "You can't talk to customers like that” 5. *Gordon Ramsay doing the very same thing* Haha lol nice


      Someone serves Gordon water Gordon : it's too dry

    36. Sctherel Dreyon

      Mojo Lady Gordon Ramsey is not British he's Scottish and Italian

    37. Blake Wiener


      1. Blake Wiener

        Jk jk

    38. ณัฐพล หินแก้ว

      Gordon he is so hard look.

    39. Eli

      10:36 You missed a *beep* there. Gordon swear so much that you just can't keep up to censor them😂

    40. ryou senpai

      R A W

    41. Benny feltface

      Me at 3:00am : top 10 gordan Ramsay insults or sleep

    42. zyzzz yzzz

      Did that bastard said it looks like Gandhis flip ur word asshole , he is father of our nation.

    43. Temmie Flakes

      10:00 Shrek be like

    44. Esabeau Cambridge Oreo

      Soooo you basically hate him...?

    45. Lostdreamer1992

      F**k you, you Yankee Doodle Dandy piece of shite....I'll be sure to use that one

    46. Reme sss

      Переведите пж :(


      U look like a fucking donkey

    48. Pelame Esta

      fck me

    49. Ryker Thompson

      He's honestly a dick

    50. Phil Jackson

      9:56 I, Giorno Giovanna, has had my dreams crushed

    51. Marc A.M

      Kinda feel sad for them

    52. Marc A.M

      Exactly like all of our teachers

    53. Jeremy or Susan Bradley


    54. Boiling Pot

      Let me tell you how to deal with any opposing nation Soviet Union declares war against America: President: General... send the secret weapon *gordon slowly walks out of a shadow dramatically*

    55. Manith Programmer

      I could watch him swear all day

    56. Giant Procedure

      gordon ramsay dosent beat kill this guy and make launch from his body if i was me there i wouldnt do that mistake especially in a show

    57. M M

      What a pathetic excuse for a human... But damnit it makes good TV!

    58. Mgtow Sebas HL Yurak

      Este programa demuestra lo Sumisa que es la gente ante el prestigio. Yes Shef

    59. CredibleDerek6511

      The f*cking bass is f*cking R A W

    60. Erdinc Yedikat

      Fucking hell that would be the most terrifying and stressful job one could work at, can't believe the shit that restaurants and chefs cook and produce. It puts me off so bad I'm cringing man, fucking morons. 🤬🤢🤮😬🤬

    61. wak soden


    62. lovesthebass

      "Would you mind taking those breasts off my hot plate?" - I lol'd.

    63. The Wraith Summoner

      look! lOOK! LoOK!

    64. Chris J


    65. Luan Vieira

      Mano q merda para de descrever a cena. Basta olhar ma broooooooooo

    66. Rik Karsten

      I love that guy!😂🤣

    67. Jada Cottingham

      #1 was the funniest sh** ever!

    68. Zeccepeller

      The Bass is FUCKING RAW

    69. Yael Silva

      My favorite is where's the lamb sauce

    70. Keg Boi

      To this day no one dares to diss Gordon Ramsay...