Top 10 Epic Anime Transformations Vol. 1 [1080p][60FPS]



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    1. Oğuzhan Nurgaz

      Ore wa kyojin korosu yippi kino korosu !

    2. Mickaël Coste

      No Gohan first SSJ2 transformation against Cell ?

    3. Lord Sesshoumaru

      Eren's wasnt even the transformation mart

    4. Okita Sougo

      The most epic transformation should be saitama he went bald after training hard for 3 years i think no anime character can do that.


      Should've used ichigo's vasto Lorde transformation against ulquiorra. That was the best transformation in the entire anime series !

    6. Clabenazu csh

      10:34 iz that Annie?!

    7. yujinomya seiri

      Im think meliodas in season 1 is not all of his power is just 50%

    8. Jacen Justice

      This list was CLEARLY made by someone who was born in the 2000's. Now, it's all subjective, but allow me to speak objectively. Goku going SSJ1 was WAAAAAAYYYYYY more impactful than him going MUI. SSJ1 literally changed manga/anime FOREVER! Where are Kazuma and Ryuho's final transformations in S-CRY-ED? It's literally the only reason why Naruto and Sasuke gained 6 paths powers at the end. What about Anubis' final transformation in Ronin Warriors? Hell, what about Aang going into a completed Avatar state? Have you not studied the history from where these recent anime came from?

    9. Jacen Justice

      Haven't even gotten 8 seconds in. If Goku turning SSJ1 isn't no.1, then the entire list is bs. That transformation literally changed anime forever.

    10. Victor Vidal

      Holly damn I miss one punch man season 1...

    11. tlalok

      This couldn’t be more accurate

    12. erza scarlet

      i wander how the hell Luffy find he sandals after that

    13. Randal boi

      No.1 should be shrek gets fit

    14. Gianpierre Trinidad

      La mayoria son power ups sacados del qlo

    15. •Madara •

      5:34 Its Bijuu Mode LOL

    16. AngelMatias GomezBenitez

      Jaja otacus

    17. Daran TV

      Broly is the best

    18. Daran TV

      I think goku is better than gon

    19. Alcatraz MMXCIX

      Attack on titan transformation never happened in the manga. Just so u know.

    20. bu2fulFantasy


    21. AnimeBoy Tv

      10:48 number 2... That's captain buggy... LoL

    22. Thiago A

      Where's toguro's transformation from yu yu hakushu?

    23. Bhien 17

      No Guy no fun_-

    24. DangerBoyGaming

      Honestly Goku transforming to Ui for the first time would be the best

    25. Flex Tape

      That aint no sage mode

    26. Veljko Milosavljevic

      8th Gai, and DMS Kakashi were way better than Naruto to Kurama >:

    27. Steeven Eugene

      #7 c le meilleur point , Tokyo ghoul c le best ❤️

    28. Stephen gqming

      Number 1 should be saitama growing back his hair

    29. mark seok

      kaneki:) NARUTO

    30. Atsutse Johnson

      Seven deadly sins is the best

    31. Yelloface

      Naruto is the best because of: Drawing style, Music, Energy, Lyrics.

      1. Eduardo Gaxiola

        Yelloface lol, it’s ok to be wrong

    32. Anthony St-Onge


    33. Brandon Castellowwwnnwnw :v

      Goku esta demas ahí

    34. 24delagarza7884

      Where the frick is broly

    35. Sabin Thapa

      No fucking thing can surpass the ssj3 transformation, Not even ultra instinct

    36. ThePientky

      know someone name of ending music?

    37. Mazzi Mjr

      No ssj transformation ? u dnt have a good childhood then lol

      1. Merciless Freak

        too overrated and basic. The music was the only great thing about that.

      2. Out Rageous

        Mazzi Mjr lol dragon ball z is too overrated to be placed an any list in the first place

    38. JayIceColdD

      List is nearly perfect. All the ones that I felt HAD to be there are. Good work!

    39. giovani vitor bongiolo moreira

      gohan vs cell best ever

    40. Átef ZP

      uff! cuantos spoilers ya valí madres >:V

    41. je rl


    42. Matthew Andrade

      Hijo de tu perra madre, como que el pinche color de pelo de goku es la numero 2, vete a la verga

    43. MrFlipside

      Restraint Level.......Zero.

    44. Pingu Pingu

      I feel like goku should have been number 1 but 🤷‍♂️

      1. Pingu Pingu

        HC Febrian glad your like this and not a dick about it

      2. HC Febrian

        @Pingu Pingu i know. we both express our opinion TBH :)

      3. Pingu Pingu

        HC Febrian that’s your opinion 🤷‍♂️

      4. HC Febrian

        i think...... no

    45. QuietRodTM

      Where tf is Gurren - Lagann?

    46. ThisNameIsDope

      Gon could actually become Mr. Olympia tbh

    47. Nigga

      Luffy forgot his leg day yo!

    48. c r a b

      One punch man vs thanos

    49. AsapRoxas

      0:22 epic more like epileptic.

    50. Mexy

      MANNNN WTFFF WHERE IS GOKU SSJ TRANSFORMATION? you put the wrong transform

    51. Doughy Daylight XD

      My first experience with Adult Gon went like this. Me watching transformation: Dude! That's so cool! Me watching Killua and the Narrator's explanation of the transformation:**. That's terrible. Me watching Gon's final words before his nuclear punch: *crying my heart out* AAAAAAAH!😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Chi Enuma

        did he die later on.. didn't finish the anime

    52. Henry Nguyenbuii

      Who the strongest? (no duh goku or one punch man)

    53. Kyle Villas


    54. Adetokunbo the LEGEND

      wait so berserk meliodas who is around 10k struggled against someone who king beat in their TRUE FAIRY FORM instead of a human fake when king was only around 4k.... makes sense I guess king just had more control and better moves or something

    55. Saiyan Badass

      *cough* *cough* Goku ssj3 deserves a spot

      1. Louis Brito

        yeah, there left amazing transformations from dragon ball that surpass many of the list, Goku ssj1, Gohan ssj2, and yeah, Goku ssj3

    56. Kan

      Just imagine how hard boros would beat the shit out of every single hero in the hero associate if Saitama wasn't there.

    57. shabu lala

      Truth is i was only here for attack on titan,titan transformation,n only they were lit as fuck!!🔥🔥🔥

    58. 木蘭訪談

      I am not a big fan of naruto but, Guy releasing all gates deserves a spot

    59. Eliass Perez

      Esta cañón el video pero no hubieras metido al pendejo de goku hubieras buscado algo mejor

    60. Karanjeet Kainth

      I really loved the first season of attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul after that disappointed 😑

      1. Slippery Sam

        @Karanjeet KainthYeah I guess so

      2. Karanjeet Kainth

        @Slippery Sam I know but the direction of the show is bad I think they rushed it . Like Raina and breadtold (sorry I don't know there name correctly) told eren that they are the titans so suddenly and they focused on the story more in 2nd and 3rd season. I know the story is important but the way they did is not good it could be way better. In the show like these things should be balanced (action and story) and the mystery element should be there until the last season

      3. Slippery Sam

        @Karanjeet Kainthunderstandable but I thought those parts of the story were great because it helped build the world more instead of it being action all the time (action is still the best but still)

      4. Karanjeet Kainth

        @Slippery Sam I liked the season 3 part 2 but not the 2 and 3 those are pretty boring in AOT😪

      5. Slippery Sam

        YOU'RE DISAPPOINTED IN ATTACK ON TITAN?!?!?! I get Tokyo Ghoul tho.

    61. Black Monster 'Donovan'

      14:09 croptop and bootyshorts jeez gon

    62. Sr. Perico

      How sad GER transformation wasn't animated when this came out

    63. Víctor Rodríguez

      Es un insulto al Top haber incluido a la transformación de Goku en DBS. Anime sobrevalorado.

    64. Хари Эспентон

      And where super epic transformation Gintama and One Piece???

    65. Estarosa of benevolence

      Sometimes I watch one punch man and thin,”this enemy might survive one of his punches.” Then he gets decimated by Saitama’s work destroying flick and I’m like,”should’ve known better.”

    66. Kirito Sama

      wiuu wiuuu wiuuuuuuu alerta spolier en camino :V corrannnnnnn perrisssssssss

    67. Paul

      no ESCANOR!?

    68. black racer

      I know all the anime you showed now

      1. John Giordano

        no you dont haha, to truly appreciate those scenes you have to watch the whole of each show

    69. Матвей Андреев

      Where Gurren Lagan?

    70. Uğur Boyraz

      +Collapsing star,roaring cannon!! -serious punch. i know this guy is funny but i also know one punch man is a waste of time

    71. Tio Electros

      10:18 hmmmmmmmmmmm... Nice

    72. Leanderson Silva

      luffy... shit transformation '-'

    73. RaG3 GAM3R


    74. Joe King

      Tokyo ghoul deserves a higher position

    75. SavageMickey

      why do you watch anime? me:

      1. Haixaki mobile

        1 word: hentai

    76. Daniel Curley

      number 6 is slightly wrong, thats not sage mode haha

    77. The Gayer Devil

      Boros, Gon and Eren are the best..

    78. Steffi Nguyen

      Eren's berserk mode, Naruto's tailed beast/sage mode

    79. Jensen

      Umm ok. So where is Zetman? Couz i dont see him here.

    80. DEN TV amv

    81. Jordan Clark

      Good job but i think borros deserve better than 10 th maybe 5 th

    82. lolo6247

      Gohan ssj2....

    83. Covalent Bond

      5:51 S-SENSEI? will give me goosebumps every fucking time

    84. XxThe ManyxX

      Luffy es una 💩

    85. Irium ́s Tower

      Where is Ichigo Vs Ulquiorra :(

    86. Rekonik

      Kaneki should be 1°

    87. Bianca Elena

      Gon #1💪

    88. Gaming Genius

      I already watched most of the anime

    89. Regar Amazing

      where is guy-sensei

    90. black show

      I love eren

    91. Tango

      where can i find 1080p anime?

    92. Dylan TVz

      This's really bad top 10 picks there're tons of better more hyped transformations in those shows and you skipped them and picked the wrong ones!

      1. Liu Woods

        Gon is good

    93. gamer tony

      It was not Tailed beast sage mode.It was Tailed beast transformation

      1. Clorox Bleach

        gamer tony nvm it’s actually “Bijuu Chakra Mode”

      2. gamer tony

        Clorox Bleach go watch the series again

      3. Clorox Bleach

        Nahh I’m pretty sure it was Tailed Beast Sage Mode 😐

    94. LEWN Crew

      tokyo ghouk re s2 kaneki ken killing rize best moment

    95. Pedro Sequeira

      OPM is trash now

    96. Sascha Küfner

      Hunter x Hunter auf platz 1 da gehört goku mit der 1. Ssj transformation hin 🤦‍♂️

      1. Peter Lustig

        Kannst du kein Englisch?

    97. Иван Дмитриевич Елисеев

      6- Naruto???О_о Serious?

    98. Ry Dan

      Where the hell is Taguro 100%

    99. Valentin Benedetti

      Gon ♥