Top 10 Epic Anime Transformations Vol. 1 [1080p][60FPS]



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    1. LEAD INTO GOLD TOP 5 REAL ShapeShifting Beings Caught Amongst YOU!! 😳😳

    2. Slyster

      where the fuck is ichigo when he goes vasto lords?????

    3. Joe Gonzalez

      Goku is number 1

    4. [Ξmērγ]

      Lord Boros top cuz: 1) top music&sounds 2) top graphic 3) top anime

    5. 米豕蒙


    6. RXG0078

      I don't think #6 was Sage.

    7. Ghoul-Senpai

    8. CreeperManPoop123 aka UglymanPoop123

      I think ssj1 goku awakening is the best or ssj2 gohan


      Gon 🤩

    10. TharusThe Dragon

      Ok ....

    11. Arania

      8:47 my favourite anime❤❤❤❤

    12. Davide rott'nham

      7:49 what kind of nazi stuff is this shit? look @ his sword.. looks like a Hakenkreuz from nazi germany :D

    13. Cherry_Z

      lost all credibility once I saw 7 deadly sins xD

    14. Max Onix Deep

      Todo shido hasta que aparecio la porqueria de Dragon Ball Super :v

    15. Oleg Cotuna

      Who came here for naruto?

    16. misanthrope & philanthrope

      0:01 SOka.

    17. kfue killer

      Dragon ball deveria ser primero

    18. Gligorije Stankovic

      boros vs garo id love to see it...

    19. Ryu

      4:33 read the manga.

    20. Kawaii Batman

      How about Mob went ???%

    21. Sarcastic Catfish

      how the hell did luffy's lame transformation make this list....

    22. nani the fuck?

      I see eren I click

    23. Tomasi Qoriniasi

      ive watched all my favs were goku, naruto, tokyo goul, mob, and gon

    24. king legendary

      Just Attack on titan

    25. Redha Benaissa

      Of course HxH

    26. El Brayan prro ah khe LA YENI Y LA CHELI

      is this epic? No! Look the anime: High School DxD, Black Clover and boku no hero, THAT'S EPIC!

      1. RTA WAS HERE

        Oh, this video is epic alright. Black clover is just eh.. but the manga is better. My hero academia is a good one. Highschool DxD? No from me. Check out Mob Psycho 100, FMA: Brotherhood, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Baki, Fist Of The North Star, Bleach, Attack On Titan, Naruto. (And remember don't watch Boruto, that shit is trash.) Hell, My Hero Academia isn't much compared to these. I'm just saying my guy, But it's still good to start off.

    27. megi tsabadze

      i love ichigo

    28. Amigo TV

      all : transformation vol 1 saitama : hold my punch

    29. Juanjo_Gamer_

      al menos el 1 si que es verdad que es el mejor pero naruto y 2 mas pf de verdad que asco

    30. Juanjo_Gamer_

      no cosa que me joda que uno por que le guste mas un anime no seta reconocer que otro es mejor que asco

    31. dunginurface

      gon is best, hands down.

    32. Ali Ahmed

      Ichigo legendry one

    33. Peter Petersmann

      no sailor moon?

    34. see thao

      Do guys want to know why Saitama is very strong? Here is the reason 👇👇 Saitama had trained over 3 years everyday 100 push ups and sit ups and squats and did some mile running. Everybody in the world had a limit, it was called the Limiter (Is what I heard). Apparently Saitama broke his Limiter and is basically unlimited strength.

    35. Dead ACKERMAN

      I felt like narutos transformation should be on the top3

    36. TheMightyShosho

      10:35 when he hits jiren 5 times at a sec is Roblox when you are lagging in sword fighting

    37. Gradi Yalala

      Come, Follow me. HxH badass

    38. Ticci Toby


    39. Ghazi Yacoub

      naruto transformation is the best

    40. Minn

      Anime One Price Bullshit in the best

    41. TylerFromDa9

      I like gon first because like he’s a lil ass boy who put his trust into someone to save a friend when that friend is dead already but when he found out she lied he went stupid💪🏽😂

    42. Victor Zarrinpanjeh

      That double voice that goku has in the ultra instinct is ducking awsome

    43. Victor Zarrinpanjeh

      I remember watching Tokyo ghoul when I was like 13, man I was fucking traumatized after that.

    44. Giuseppe Orazzo

      dragon ball super? are u serius

    45. raees khan

      what would happened if boros fought other fighters first

    46. Ripardo Filho

      Where's Ryner of Legend of the Legendary heroes, his rage is awesome

    47. Kendell Lincoln

      where the duck is ichigo's vastolorde form?

    48. Hassan Aly

      Luffy transformation looks retarded...

    49. Randomnessz SU

      Eren’s Berserk Titan isn’t in the manga, and it’s never explained, but it’s still pretty cool

    50. Khoa Nguyễn


    51. Tim Crist

      Y have I not noticed before that ichigos zanpaktou had a swastica on the hilt before now

    52. Takeit Easy

      Damn the music from Tokyo Ghoul just makes it 100% better.

    53. I like turtles

      Yugi should have been on the list after what happened in the movie

    54. darrell jonasson

      7:49 why tf does Ichigo's sword have a swastika for a hilt?

    55. boi in the hood

      Where the hell is boku no hero academia!?

    56. Domon W

      Es zeus!

    57. oh yeah nigga

      Honestly...SSJ3 is the best transformation out there..

    58. Saman Simo

      One piece forever

    59. Just Blitz

      Saigo no Getsuga Tenshou

    60. Jon Kazani

      Kaneki 7th ? Stupid

    61. Zeref Faze

      Wtf how does long hair beat everything else

    62. Chief Rigby


    63. Silvano Jr

      Trunks transformation when he saw Gohan dead should be #1

    64. ilkan Divarcı

      Goku will be 1

    65. otaku - kun

      well i think if saitama wouldn't been there, boros could have killed all the heroes, even the S ranks

      1. DumbDay

        but boros came for saitama

    66. AnTik

      lol I don't like Ghouls but it's the best transformation.

    67. яeeχρeя

      this video was nice and then dragonball was at 2 bro gtfo I was enjoyin this ..

    68. Zenobia Coca

      Mi plan es simple, quiero hacer animaciones de animes conocidos, animar escenas que nunca han pasado ( ace o shirohige revive por una fruta para revivir ) or ( naruto se vuelve malo ) or ( besos que nunca pasaron ),,87-d8a3f22977d244b4&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m si pudieran compartirlo o donar 1$, les estaría muy agradecidos, gracias por su atención.

    69. Jay Brian

      never gets old.. how about this top 10 isekai anime! must watch!

    70. Syrio Forel

      what the fuck is that fortnite font