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    In this video, we are counting down the Top 10 Best Devil Fruits in One Piece.
    What makes a Devil Fruit one of the best you may ask? To me, the best Devil Fruits, are the ones that are extremely strong or have very useful and versatile abilities.
    This video is not to be confused with the STRONGEST Devil Fruits, because although some of the strongest fruit's are featured on this list, there are quite a few powerful ones that were passed up simply because other fruits have better abilities.
    Be sure to let me know what your top 10 best devil fruits would be, along with what top 10 topics you would like to see in the future!
    Thanks for watching!

    Top 10 Wasted Devil Fruits:
    Top 10 Strongest Characters In One Piece:

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    1. 2Spooky

      Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks for 350,000 Subscribers

      1. Adam Zabawa

        Could the Kuma's fruit repel the Sugars' one?

      2. G Glodz

        Make that 350k and 1 bud

      3. nathan reed

        Yes I'm so excited for a new mha video I was litterally gonna comment asking for one. Not sure if you read the manga or not but there is a lot of cool quirk stuff going in the more recent chapters I would love to hear you touch on.

      4. Saphire Tiger

        What if it could repel its soul I'm talking about Kumar fruit

      5. Saphire Tiger

        I wish it works on only people who are mentally weak like how conquerors haki faints only weak minded people I'm talking about sugars power

    2. Bogdan BDI

      That indestructible barrier of Bartolomeo was actually breaked on gladius head whatever..

    3. Scar X Rage

      27:49 chopper

    4. Omar  Elbeblawi

      I think the strongest fruit could be the gravity fruit because if it was used to its maximal potential couldn’t the user just create a black hole ? Imagine you’re just fighting and suddenly a black hole forms in the middle of your body and you implode. I also think bartolomeo’s barrier fruit was not given enough credit because if the barrier truly is indestructible he could potentially also use similar abilities such as creating an indestructible prison and then compacting it until the person inside was crushed or creating a barrier inside someone and expanding it to make them explode. Both these fruits have an insta-kill ability that is stronger than the Sugar’s because it can be used at a greater range and if you combine bartolomeo’s defensive and offensive powers he could be unstoppable.

    5. gerardo covarrubias

      can you make one of top 10 haki users

    6. Secret azn

      25:00 not my proudest fap

    7. Lone

      I like the jokes

    8. Edward Williams

      I kinda feel like Marco only seemed that strong because it was before time skip. I feel like Haki puts him around a 4 or 5 on this list.

    9. Edward Williams

      Did I miss BM fruit?

    10. Daniel Yarsky

      please do top 10 teigu from akame ga kill

    11. Daniel Yarsky

      please do 10 facts about gilgamesh from fate

    12. USSR

      I think when they originally did the names of all of the devil fruits, they started with Luffy's. Then they said "fuck it" and had all devil fruits have that duplicate name

    13. caleb cordis

      just wanted to say i really love your intro to your videos.

    14. Donald Dump

      Too long goddamn

    15. Elloizza Marrie Eugenio

      Imagjne bari bari no mi being awakened

    16. Hyper DN2.0

      Hey 2spooky do you watch JoJo?

    17. Stavros Arababaslis

      List starts at 5:00

    18. Missed Lethal

      Wait, what would win, Doflamingos unstoppable birdcage or bart's impregnable barrier?

    19. Missed Lethal

      Actually it's safe to assume that either bart (yes I'm calling him bart) can't use his barrier to protect himself from posion, or that every fight would end up as an endurance fight. Right there's two possibilities. A) The barrier doesn't keep out poison. This means that the barrier allows gasses to pass through, and doesn't keep him safe from poison. b) The barrier does keep out poison. This means that the barrier would trap all the oxygen with bart, meaning he'd slowly run out of oxygen, being forced to drop the barrier to breath, either for a breath of fresh air, a breath of poison, and opening himself up to attack. So it's honestly a fruit power that's still only as strong as its user. Even if it can be molded into sharp weapons, haki is an easy counter that non-devil fruit users can use. It's the ultimate defensive fruit, but even if it was as powerful and moldable as you want it to be, it's still a weak offensive fruit.

      1. Donald Trump

        It let's in sound i thought?

    20. Missed Lethal

      Isn't enel's fruit basically confirmed the strongest devil fruit revealed? Isn't it the only revealed "unstoppable" devil fruit?

    21. גיא לזר

      In my opinion the ‘speed difference’ between the guru guru no mi and the pika pika no mi is irrelevant even when comparing the two, the speed difference probably won’t affect much of the battle (taking into account only the speed of movement not the force generated from the ‘light kick’). For example let’s say they both notice a certain object at the exact same time and are now racing each other for the object, the pika pika no mi user would probably be the winner of the race, but would he be able to actually do anything before the guru guru no mi user reaches him in order to fight for the the object they both desire (I now see that this example is not great but it’s the only way I managed to incorporate speed of movement into a battle situation). There is also the matter of versatility, I think that the guru guru no mi is probably the most versatile devil fruit out of all of them, the power to control ELECTRICITY there are literally endless possibilities maybe stimulate a persons nervous system to control his or her movements much like Doflamingo could but potentially better. I think that the the versatility of the guru guru no mi also explained in the video gives the guru guru no mi the clear edge over the pika pika no mi. It is also important to note that speed of movement does not equal quickness of movement or agility. Speed is only concerned by how much time it takes an object or a person to reach from point A to point B, while quickness refers to rapid reaction and agility has to do with the amount of time it takes to shift the direction quickly and effectively. I can only imagine the pika pika no mi will only enhance speed and maybe (with serious emphasis on the maybe) agility to some extent. A lot of anime have messed reaction time enhancement in the past and I don’t actually know how it works but I do think I has something to do with electric currents, so maybe (and again, with an emphasis on the maybe) the guru guru no mi can also enhance quickness on top of speed and (with the exact same emphasis on the ‘maybe’ regarding the pika pika no mi’s agility boost) maybe also agility. I got a little distracted but the point is that the speed of movement hardly affects close quarters combat and so the speed advantage of the pika pika no mi won’t give it’s user the edge in cqc when against a guru guru no mi user. A very possible disadvantage to both of these devil fruits speed is the reaction time of humans, no human being in existence would be able to effectively travel in both of the speeds in a controlled fashion, and as far as I’m aware, it was never specified if an enhanced reaction time is one of the perks in either of the devil fruit powers, assuming that that they did not received that kind of ability, their incredible speed could also become a drawback which will render the speed advantage useless. As I’ve said before, it is possible that the guru guru no mi can be used in a way the will shorten the reaction time of the user. In regards to the Phoenix fruit, while I agree with its placement in number 1 spot as the strongest devil fruit so far seen in the series I believe you overhyped it. I feel confident saying it is the best in terms of defensive capabilities while also having immense versatility potential but I believe it suffers from a lack of attack powers compared to other devil fruits on the list. I doubt anyone read the whole thing because I got carried away writing this huge comment but in case someone read this monstrosity to end, thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading this. P.s English is not my main language so please excuse any grammar mistakes I may have made while writing this comment.

    22. VideoGameTyler

      25:02 That's a piece of work, wow!

    23. Trevor Doherty

      If these barriers in the tenth spot are unbreakable like you say what stops him from encircling his enemies in them and crushing them? The only way I see out of that is speed alone

      1. Donald Trump

        His morality. The user is the limiter. Same reason Batman beats Superman.

    24. bigbowl ofmacandcheese

      just “yeet” people away 😂

    25. Strahina Miljkovic

      What would happen if someone eat more then 1 devil fruit

      1. Aeval Sear'asha

        They become a bloody stain on the floor.

    26. Jesus 135

      Can you do kotal Kahn and

    27. Bunmy Mel

      I like.your facts mortal kombat facts about kortal kahn

    28. Kamil Smęt

      I'm almost sure, that Bartolomeo barries wont defend him from haki or seastone as they negate devil fruit powers

    29. saduk neshi

      i think the float float fruit is a good one because it's one of a few df that can escape doffy's bird cage, it can float the bird cage away, and doffy's ultimate power is nothing serious

    30. Majin makito Star


    31. Franks

      Where is it stated that yami yami controls gravity? Sucking someone towards u isn’t gravity , I’d say he’s more creating a vacuum of space..big difference

    32. G Money

      The darkness fruit should not have been above the quake fruit. Blackbeard was only threatening the marines at first because of the big names standing behind him. After he got the quake fruit he destroyed all of marineford with one swing of his hand.

    33. Cherish 123

      what about luffy devil fruit

    34. lor zhen

      So doflamingo is spiderman

    35. Mystic _GBE_J

      Katakuri stronger than doflomingo lol

    36. SALADASS

      Gura Gura no MI: can possibly destroy the freaking world Akainu's body: well yes but actually no (not a motherfucking scar)

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      Video is very long. try to make a short one

      1. waqas akram

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      where is the chomp chomp fruit

    40. DoubleLs

      I'm pretty sure Gold D. Roger could kill her in an instant.

    41. Aquantum Trost

      imagine someone as trained as shanks eats the hobi hobi no mi, r.i.p. world

      1. Dino Tube

        Well lets say Shanks is god then.

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    43. ritmabo E

      I love your intro

    44. masterjoda999

      "Essentially use telepathy to move objects around..." That's TELEKINESIS, Kyle!

    45. T0ffik1

      Tbh in case of devil fruits... vs all of them haki works as defence, so if your haki is stronger then the enemies you can block their attacks. So from that point i think you overlooked that it would also count probably vs Hobi Hobi no mi - and that would explain why the user was of such low value as a "boss"as its effect were only shown to work on objects with no haki or minimal one. So this fruit presents to be quite weak specially that it is limited to hands only and assuming high Haki users can be effected by it is false for what manga had shown. For the mochi moch vs logias of Fire/Magma/Ice ect... looking at punk hazard they can also go into awakend state and change surroundings into their element (i would assume all elemental logia's can do that trick if user is skilled enough) and offer very utilitary effects, like roads on ocean (ice fruit) that the admiral used to travel, or just a surf board runned with steam engine like Ace did, or"rocket" shots of magma ect. So basicly they offer all the same things (make bullets, help move ect) but retain more dmg - so the choice is kinda wierd. So basicly all of them have almost the same utility (tbh the ice has similar utility also to the barrier fruit). Thats why the mochi seems kinda wierd pick. Also one thing you missed in the barrier fruit - the barriers arent definetly stated as indestructable, but only the oponents were weak enough to not be able to brake them - and if you would want to create a shield with a weapon it would still have neglible effect as for that spike/swort ect you have to bring in kinetic force to work (and this fruit clearly shows it cant give it). So the offencive effect would still be very weak. So this whole argument of its offensive possibilities seems kinda wierd as if you cant give a projectile/sword the kinetic power then its useless. While for Big Mom fruit. Yes its downside for now is that you have to fear the death, the thing is you still can make an army since you will always find ppl afraid of death. Yet you overlooked that even if enemy isnt its not a problem as you can store unlimited value of energy in minions like the 2 Big Mom has by her side providing probably 2nd to 4th most destructive power after White Beards fruit and Sakazuki's Magma fruit (since he was only one who managed to rly do strong hits to Whitebeard in open fight) and Kaidos blast from Dragon form while providing extra life force for its user to prolong life and minion army creation possibility. So basicly extreeme utility. The same goes for Kaido who just can fly (like phoenix), destroy moutains with a normal attack 2-3 leages of power higher ), and gets huge (probably unkillable or almost unkillable - like phoenix). Also in case of phoenix fruit's resistance... when judging its ability to take dmg shouldnt be compared to lesser skilled fruit user's like Ace - who was much lower ranked in power and haki usage then Marco (and yet Marco still barely could take few hits of Sakazuki's as his Haki was also weaker). Its defensive power just looks almost identical to logia's so thats why only weak attackes seemed to go through while Marco tried to block all the serious hits. Ofc the heal seemed helpfull and usefull as Marco did get few serious hits in his short arc. Although this fruit still shows weak in destructive/offensive power for these defensive advantages and ability to heal others. In case of Sakazuki killing Ace it was clear that the oponents were on different leagues in terms of skill/haki and any logia user with higher Haki can just out right go through other logia user and kill him. But in general the opionions seem quite interesting

    46. Leaqruff Vigil

      I agree with the whole list besides shugar bc she has to be able to touch them with her hand, someone like shanks would kill her before her touching him, anyone that’s fast like Luffy then I don’t think she would have much of a chance

    47. Vitaly Gofman

      plz do 10 facts about gilgamesh from fate franchise

    48. Vitaly Gofman

      plz do top 10 strangest sds character

    49. seyyed amir reza sadeghi

      Opi Opi can one shot an admiral or Yonko if the user Haki be on level of Garp or Shanks ... by far the most broken power of DF .... putting time DF aside

    50. Anime Opening and Ending

      10 facts of yhwach

    51. Bob Bob

      All The honourable mentions where better then most of the list.

    52. Ryo Veranda

      and you know thunder/lightning can be extremely hot as sun or hotter than sun, yeah....and it definitely can burn anything including rubber. fun fact time!: bolt of lightning can reach temperatures of roughly 30,000 kelvins (53,540 degrees Fahrenheit). The sun, on the other hand, is eclipsed in this case - its surface temperature is just 6,000 kelvins (10,340 degrees Fahrenheit). and goddamn Enel doesn't have the potential to improve his skill, or maybe Oda will do something to him in the future, cuz it has been 2/3 years (in one piece timeline) we haven't seen him yeah? cmiiw

    53. Fil Hubbard

      I agree with the whole list besides Marco spot💀

    54. Albert Castro

      luffy is so underrated, keep in mind that hes immune to physical attacks like smashing him on ground, also punch kicks etc.. (without haki tho) hes also immune to bullets, basically you cant injure or hurt him ff you fight him haki less.. hes also immune to blades because of his haki

    55. itai shargian

      The barrier devil fruit morphing into objects wouldn’t work against logia though

      1. Stomat

        They can use haki

    56. Kit Jot

      why is there is no water water fruit

    57. Rai Sun

      Imagine if Katakuri ate the Magu Magu fruit instead.

    58. nikusha soselia

      gomu gomu is the best obviously puff,lol

    59. Hype X_X

      The way he says "Trafalger D. Water Law"

    60. Dont Misunderstand

      Controversial stance here, but I'd say the pika pika no mi is actually bad. The skill floor is far too high for any reasonable expectations of it being a benefit to the user at all. Do you know the difference between 0.000001 and 0.000002 seconds at light speed? Roughly 300 meters. Combat would be effectively impossible for anybody who isn't already beyond god tier, just with the reaction speed and precision required to move at all without killing themselves. So this effectively limits any reasonable expectations of utilizing light speed physical attacks, even for incredibly skilled super-humans. Laser beams and light sword then... alright, this point gets a bit wild, so stick with me. As human beings, we are constantly bombarded by light speed attacks from all directions, for nearly all of our lives... and it does nothing. The physical force imbued by this is negligible, to the point that even factoring it into our decisions on the laser and light sword's offensive output is silly. This tells us that the laser's destructive power comes solely from the heat generated by concentrating the energy into one point. Y'know, like a laser does, go figure. This has some pretty big implications... vs a heat based devil fruit, obviously, but also just in general against anything resistant to heat or burning. The sword is just a hot knife, really... and nobody's out here going wild over Kinemon's flame sword. There is the possibility of using the laser to combust air, effectively generating a significant physical force by exploding the air, and frankly that's by far the best thing the pika pika no mi offers. But, lets just compare that to the lightning logia fruit... thunder is, by definition, the sound made when a lightning bolt super-heats the air, causing it to explode. So, the most effective attack a normal person could make use of with the pika pika no mi is just a natural byproduct of lightning's existence. That alone speaks volumes. Lightning is incredibly fast too... don't think I'm just ignoring logical points out of bias. Lightning's speed is variable, where light's speed only changes based upon the medium it travels in. The return stroke of a lightning bolt is unimaginably fast, but the initial descent can be thousands of times slower, dipping even down to a mere 220,000 miles per hour. Still unbelievably fast, but it's at least reasonable to think a talented super-human might be able to acclimate before they kill themselves accidentally with the fruit's mind-bending speeds. It allows the user to be thousands of times less precise with their movements, comparatively, making the skill floor much more manageable to reach. Add in the dramatic difference in versatility, and the basic fact that lightning is naturally more destructive by nature, and it should be obvious which is superior. That being said, a light logia has quite literally no purpose for anyone in the realm of mortals, while even an talentless idiot could make use of lightning powers in everyday life. Light is an actively bad power, lightning serves a purpose, along with doing the same things better (except speed, obviously, but I think I explained why lightning being slower is actually a benefit).

    61. J-Man jeffrey

      Black Beard can take away devil Fruit powers with his sea stone rings not his own devil fruit power

      1. DeadeyeGaming

        Do some research lol

    62. ZetsuTCG

      i think prunes are the most powerful fruit they get the yuck yuck out of my bunghole

    63. Sony Keo

      What about the badass badass fruit consumed by zoro. Or was it the lost lost fruit

      1. Giovanni Oliveira

        Lost Lost no mi sure

    64. ELZED YT

      Tbh if the barrier Fruit was used by someone stronger than Bartolommeo than I believe he can become a yonko easily

    65. GeneralMerten

      Soo you just need sea water or stone to kill the most powerfull devil fruit user. Niceeeeeee

    66. DarkMan

      Your soothing voice clams my tip

    67. Dark Ones

      Katakuri’s fruit is fucking garbage vro. It’s simply far worse than 99% of logia fruits. How tf is the lava fruit not here but katakuris is?

    68. Ginkobaz

      you don't use telepathy to move things around you use telekinesis. telepathy is reading peoples minds

    69. DGi Duga.

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      Love your videos,been a fan for a long time.Keep going.

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      How do you make a 44 minute video out of this? It must be the work of an enemy stand

    72. Rayen D. Rizk

      Who else thinks he should put Brook in the intro?

    73. Northern Gaijin

      Hold up. It all depends on how experienced the person in question is with his devil power. If I got the Mochi Fruit today and ate it, I doubt I would be a very competent fighter. However if I got the Magma Fruit I would probably be able to cause some mayham.

    74. Paypir Bag

      Kuma's just carrying Rasengans all the time pretty much

    75. Adam Jovanovic

      Black beard ate Whitebeards hearth an obtained the power... my theory Straight up, the best list ive seen, good work, i wish i had Markos fruit...


      Brooo! Eric the gays devil fruit was OP!

    77. coolguyhino92

      bla bla bla Dark fruit isn't a logia because (*insert obviously wrong & factually incorrect "evidence" at the best of times here)

    78. Antoine Robinson


    79. Nathan Roland

      I would love for Oda to see this dope video

    80. Flamie sama

      The first time i heard law's devil fruit i thought its spelled op op fruit, and i thought it was very fitting since law's fruit is op, then later i was disappointed when i look it up in the internet and saw that its spelled ope ope.

    81. anime king

      That 20 year's old Sugar was sickkkkkkk Lol

    82. CCaprice

      I know we haven't really seen much from it but if you can take the mythology into account then Human Human Fruit: Model Buddha might be able to crush anything.

    83. Idontevenknow 0.o

      Please 25 facts about shal kawn

    84. Destiny Fucker

      I remember this guy having 20k back then.

    85. Jon Uchiha

      Hey everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet

    86. Miguel Vilares

      I would think that Goro Goro weakness agaisnt rubber - which was an element they didnt have in Skypea - would be enough to make Pika superior But very nice video, thank you for that - got my sub and like :D

      1. Miguel Vilares

        I think natural enemy of light would be darkness, so black beard

      2. Miguel Vilares

        @Umar Bello could be, although not sure how lightning would do much better against diamond. And since rubber is a much more acessible resource, could be used more easily agaisnt a goro goro user. But i dont know, just sharing thoughts

      3. Umar Bello

        Wouldn't that mean the dude that ate the diamond fruit is Kizaru's natural enemy as well ?

    87. Isaac

      Your intro song is trash, use spooky spooky skelewongs

    88. Donnerweben

      Kizaru can travel at speed of light? No. Just because its light light fruit and he is indeed fast, he does not move at speed of light. Battle of Marineford (or any other fight with pirates struggling against a dude that moves at the speed of light) would have been quite short lived when they don't even get to notice how dead they are.

    89. PeterSteel

      I think Black Beard just has 2 hearts. That's why he can have 2 Devil Fruit powers. I think something about him having a different physical constitution than other people when characters were speculating on how he did it. Either that or he took White beards heart and put it inside himself where his heart used to be. In which case his heart would have become darkness when he ate the fruit.

    90. joshua lawlor

      Waiting for why the other 9 fruits are better than barrier barrier, literally it's only weakness is if the user is asleep, in theory you could have a permanent barrier LITERALLY FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE, if you just tape your fingers into the right shape

    91. declan beech

      is it just me or is this list mostly Paramecia types

    92. Gérard Lelouch

      I think your top is pretty good but you really mixed up the fruit power and the user for some of them... To make a perfect devil fruit top , you have to assume the most random not fighter eats the fruit : how strong does he become without training? then you have a devil fruit top. Meaning : Kuma , Katakuri and Doflamingo should not be on this list. Kuma for example : the paw paw fruit allows you to have paw protecting you and repeling attacks. It's ok I guess , mid tier fruit. But he traines his power so much that he used his repel techniques to repel air , compress air to crate bombs , repel himself , and even repel unreal things like pain and fatigue. It's 90% kuma's talent and 10% fruit power. Kuma could have Foxy devil's fruit and be as good. Exactly the same thing can be said for Doflamingo , Katakuri and in some extent even Luffy

      1. Gérard Lelouch

        @2Spooky Yes i get but how can you know that unless you see the actual fruit at full potential? Let's retake Foxy for example : his fruit seems mediocre when you see it but when you think of it if he used it well , at a large aera of effect , or even if he awakes it and slow down everything around him , he's barely unbeatable. But you didn't put the fruit on your list cause we never saw this fruit well used , so at the end of the day we judge the user a little too much and not the fruit cause it's what we see... But I get your point and you're right , someone capable of using a fruit at full potential is definitly showing how much this fruit can be deadly

      2. 2Spooky

        Actually, that's not true. I'm looking at the absolute potential of each fruit, which includes pushing it to its limit of possibilities. So if it can be used well right off the bat, great. If it needs to have a very creative user, great. Either way, if a devil fruit can be much better with a better user, then that shouldn't be considered a downfall. If anything it shows that its possibilities can be pushed even further to make it just that much more useful.

    93. S.

      30:51 The ability to YEET people. 2019 is way more lit than i thought it would be.

    94. Guilherme Jacobsen

      Goro goro no mi > Pika pika no mi, doubtless. Kizaru can travel at the speed of light but he loses some time charging the ability. Enel doesn't seem to have that drawback since he's already CHARGED lmao. I feel like lightning ends up being faster because of the reaction time, like I said. Kizaru seems kinda nerfed using pika pika, and I think it's not something he personally lacks, but it's the fruit.

    95. Guilherme Jacobsen

      27:35 "repel an enemy's life right outta their body" LMFAO

    96. King Mags

      Your #5 explanation has me dead 😂😂😂😂

    97. Cosbys

      Got whooped badly in impel down (correct me if I spelled it wrong) but that warden will always be stronger

      1. Cosbys

        thank you for the like my man

    98. Denki Kamanari

      Who is your favorite bleach character?mine is byakuya

    99. kyle anderson

      You can still make the barriers into blunt weapons.

    100. Art Brownlee

      The ending song was beautiful what’s the name of it