Top 10 Best Devil Fruits In One Piece



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    In this video, we are counting down the Top 10 Best Devil Fruits in One Piece.
    What makes a Devil Fruit one of the best you may ask? To me, the best Devil Fruits, are the ones that are extremely strong or have very useful and versatile abilities.
    This video is not to be confused with the STRONGEST Devil Fruits, because although some of the strongest fruit's are featured on this list, there are quite a few powerful ones that were passed up simply because other fruits have better abilities.
    Be sure to let me know what your top 10 best devil fruits would be, along with what top 10 topics you would like to see in the future!
    Thanks for watching!

    Top 10 Wasted Devil Fruits:
    Top 10 Strongest Characters In One Piece:

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    1. 2Spooky

      Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks for 350,000 Subscribers

      1. Ghost Frappé

        you could also build a platform under you and basically fly standing, launch needle walls or so tiny its like a bullet and barrage enemies with them, plus this should be canon, no change needed to his current capabilities, i think this is #1 because you can't be hit and could kill anything instantly, plus "fly", great vid though

      2. Ghost Frappé

        the one guy that can make invisible walls, potentially could chop an army of people in half with one thin indestructible wall placed horizontally, or cut through anything really.

      3. Charles King

        You Forgot To Mention Anyone Who Sugar Turns Into A Toy Stays The Same Age A They Where A Human Even When They Turn Back

      4. topbullseye

        you forgot about the skeletons power

      5. Milos Zunjanin

        How could you put mochi over magma you do realise that in his awakened form this fruit can turn everything into a magma right?

    2. GamebeTx

      Is the sponsor game free

    3. Kirbae

      8:45 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Imperial Assasin

      As you can see Law can win Doflamingo and why he's devil fruit is higher ranking than Doflamingo and Katakuri is the strongest devil fruit bro

    5. Terrible Flamethrower

      Can the Paw Paw fruit repel a Tremor Tremor fruit type of attack?

    6. DBMods

      "Alabama incest kids" XD Paw Paw > Ope Ope - Ope Ope depletes stamina and cutting power is limited to haki ability. In fact, I would put it lower. I would take out the Mochi Mochi no Mi since it was only OP cuz of Katakuri. Barrier Fruit should be #9 & Gas Gas Fruit #10.

    7. freindly commentator

      Goro goro is actually faster due to irony being that the pika pika can only move in straight lines or through reflections

    8. Omegaoof !

      How to kill kaido: Law teamd up with sugar (or seome one with her df) Law makes a big room and then just teleport sugar behind kaido making him a toy instantly

    9. ImNotDoge

      The strongest is luffy's plot plot fruit

    10. Daniel Smith

      Shoutout to the coolest fruit, the chop chop fruit. Keeping it real, 1939

    11. Aman Dev

      How about taking Kaido's heart and defeating him in Wano.

    12. Albert Wong

      Bari bari no mi vs ito ito no mi?

    13. Unkind Orange

      I was under the impression the dark dark fruit could only pull in people with devil fruit abilitys

    14. Owen Gibson

      What if shanks had the #5 fruit

    15. Clevin tañafranca

      i Love the no.1... if Devil Fruit is in real life... i want to become Pheonix... ❤️❤️❤️

    16. Lizzie Hearts

      Doflamingo is Spider-Man :0 I thought that his power was scratching but it was strings

    17. Lizzie Hearts

      Donald trump should get the barrier fruit

    18. TheAwesomeBastard

      mochi mochi made it to the list.... really? Dont all fruits have the option to be awaken ? Just bc we saw an awaken ability of a devil fruit, does not mean other fruits cant be awakened and be on the list. also mochi was only strong bc dogtooth had conquer's haki. I feel haki and awaken abilities are sub factors. mochi can be eaten, but probably need a rubber stomach to eat so much. I feel this is a weak fruit, but strong fruit user, and how oda-sama spun it food land where most characters had food based devil fruits. Dogtooth could have had Caribou's swamp swamp fruit, and have the same haki and abilities, so I dont feel mochi should be on the top 10 at all.

    19. Gender Less

      Sugar can get trapped in the ground and starve for eternity

    20. David Restrepo

      The mochi mochi fruit sucks because it loses to every anime MC since they can eat all of it

    21. chris krak

      so bad choices that i disliked this video and i really dont use it...

    22. UTss

      No offense but I feel like the video wouldve been shorter if you werent a bit too repetitive

    23. Iron milk

      What is monkey D Dragons ability btw? Is it not some kind of storm ability? And isnt this one good too?

    24. jacob smith

      Couldn’t you also create a barrier around someone and just let them suffocate?

    25. Gia Bảo Trần Lê

      Logia: Exists Armament Haki : 30:50

    26. Kumar

      I’m gonna stop watching your videos. Not much research and a lot of “I think”

    27. TheShovelKing

      23:01 *GOTTEM*

    28. Masta Mind

      Damn that intro was way too long

    29. Grape Soda

      I’m surprised big mom’s fruit is not here, capturing the souls of people, turning random objects into living beings and have an infinite life span...come on She can simply take someone’s entire lifespan and kills him on the spot just like that. Well too bad she’s just a giant crybaby

    30. Draoloupod

      Can paw paw repell earth?

    31. Zach Kahan

      Mochi only matched Luffy because he saw every attack

    32. SilverSkyCloud

      with the way you described bartolomios ability it makes me think that you REALLY dont like gladius lol

    33. Dammn Deejay

      Tbh...strongest devil fruit user vs any high teir ninja in Naruto

    34. NC

      Your nr. 1 was totally whack! :S

    35. Betita Marketing

      marco lost to black beard though... and now blackbeard has the phoenix devil fruit

    36. Betita Marketing

      marco lost to black beard though... and now blackbeard has the phoenix devil fruit

    37. Yeqing Hua

      is kaido's fruit also mythical zoan type? I mean it is a dragon..

    38. Sidney Mayer

      Bartolomeo said that his barriers cannot block everything when Pika smacked the Island. That's why I think another fruit should be placed on 10

    39. Green Unit

      Little thing about KurtzPel : the game is ok it can be enjoyed but be aware that the company KoG tends to prioritise the oppinions from KR or what gives them more money. It could happen that its just a p2w game or that already strong characters get even more powerfull. If thats ok for you , the game can be enjoyed anyway Same with their other products

    40. RenHeartx

      I thought BlackBeards devil fruit was a paramecia not a logia?

      1. Onofrio Iaia

        It's a logia

    41. hqureshi 01

      The way you said Bartolomew hurt my ears

    42. Eric Guerrero

      I don’t think Blackbeard is controlling gravity but he’s making a black hole cuz gravity is always pushing down as seen with fujitora

    43. Fantom_name

      Is this fainteds anime channel

    44. LamboKang

      Lightning can travel through material that conduct electricity but light can only travel through open air or at most translucent material. It cannot travel through solid opaque object. Of cos if one can jus travel thru air then it doesnt really matter. But overall, based on what was shown so far, lightning fruit power has more power variety than light. One very good one would be that the user can use lightning to kick start his heart meaning he also can do that to others as well. Outside of combat use, lightning is just so much more usefull. It can generate light to light the way in the dark(light could do that too), power machineries, change weather to a certain extend, heat up conductive object, hide himself in conductive material(like changing into lightning and hide himself in a battery or smth), can travel in different direction generally(light can only travel in a straight line generally) and a much more useful torture power than light since light seems to be too overpowered and might kill weaker person even on lowest power.

    45. LamboKang

      While logia is strong right out of the gate, paramecia type have more potential but high skill ceiling. Depending on the user, it can be very weak or very strong. While all fruits power is weak or strong depending on the user, paramecia is more dependent on the user skills. Much like the very powerful yami yami fruit but blackbeard himself isnt very strong and looks like he has not really trained on using them to their full potential. While he is strong with the powers, physically he is weak. Also, no fruit is ultimately the strongest. Every fruit have their own weaknesses, much like rock paper scissors. Like how luffy is immune to lightning power.

    46. LamboKang

      Barrier - you can just make a bullet shaped barrier and they move them at high speed. Suddenly you got unlimited bullet shooting at your enemies. Of cos alot of training is needed to move them precisely and at high speed.

    47. LamboKang

      Tbh, rubber fruit is probably some of the weaker fruit in the series. But they creatively make it so strong with many tatics.

    48. sudata atmaja

      Shiki: float Fujitora: gravity Blackbeard: suck I think

    49. Luka Jagarčec

      Buggy was immun from bird cage... how could you forget one of the strongest people in one piece

    50. Appliedfawn onrouguelineage

      Barrier Susanoo

    51. SAX Games

      He uses copyrighted videos for his copyrighted intro

    52. Rigo Murillo

      Lame I'll give a like but you f crazy SMH🤦🤦🤦🤦👎

    53. Hazza_green_tea

      How can a fruit that can destroy the world 7th??? And black beard fruit 6th? Didn't black beard say it's the strongest logia fruit and that why he was searching for it? and kizaru is no way near the speed of light in our world or he will be teleporting across the one piece world in no time

    54. Mephil

      Why repel people into the ocean when you can just repel them straight into the sun. Even space would do the trick.

      1. Mephil

        @John Ligan 1. Not for Kuma which this was referring to, all he needs to do is aim up. There's no "easy" or "hard" for him, its just "do" or "don't" as it is his devil fruit ability. It doesn't take more or less effort him to repel something upward or horizontally. 2. Kuma was able to shoot robin from the equator to just short of the north pole, chucking someone straight up with this force - even if they didn't even reach space (which it would) would kill them from the fall anyway. Vastly superior to planting someone in the ocean regardless if they are a DF user or not. 3. Devil fruit users are the vast minority - why have a specific inferior strategy that only works for some people? It also doesn't kill DF users in "a very short time" - I'm pretty sure we have 0 confirmed kills for the ocean when it comes to devil fruit users. Of course, I'll cede my argument if you can give the name of a single DF user who died by drowning in one piece.

      2. John Ligan

        Mephil Cuz repelling devil fruit users into the ocean kills them in a very short time. And since One Piece is surrounded by ocean water, it would be much easier than chucking them there, than to outer space.


      32:24 telekinis not telepathy telepathy is mind reading and mind control

    56. Hunter Vook

      Why is the blood brown? Bruh, thats lame.

    57. yopandas

      ok dude clam the fuck down with barriers. Pretty sure that shit can be broken by a yonko level or a yonko commander level.


      If eneru is a logia then how did luffy hit him with gum gum Gatling in skypiea without Haki it should of passed right through him

      1. Darrell Manning II

        rubber is an eletrical insulator

    59. joni peje

      i dont like the idea of "awakening" in one piece. the story becomes flawful if u think about it deeply.

    60. dark prince

      The reason blackbeard could use two devil fruits is because of his unique physiology they said that in the show and manga

      1. Hazza_green_tea

        no they didnt

      2. AwesomePineapple

        Nope. There is no official explanation just yet

    61. Nathan Theriot

      If the nikyu nikyu no mi has the ability to repel anything like pain for instance could it repel a devil fruit from a devil fruit users body?

    62. John steph

      That 20 yrs old sugar is hot.

    63. LoafySenpai

      soooo, doflamingo is basically spiderman but with steroids.. xD

    64. daniel paiva


    65. someone ghvjvj

      I still have no fucking idea how Luffy managed to beat Katakuri

    66. Jan Kracik

      L L L L L LLuffy SENPIAAAA

    67. Zac Woodward

      Lmao imagine if he used mochi awakening to make tons of shadow clones

    68. dude OVER9000!!!!


    69. Dbz Android 10

      Chi Chi No Mi English Translation: Blood Blood Fruit Type: Paramecia or Logia Power: Allows To Absorb, Manipulate, And Control All Types Of Blood From Anybody

      1. Vilimir Stoynev

        Oda wouldn't introduce such a creepy fruit imo

    70. Milan

      I feel like Phoenix should've been #2 and light/goro should've been #1