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    Starring: Jay 'Quad Stomp' Cutler

    Jay Cutler www.jaycutler.com/
    Instagram instagram.com/jaycutler/
    Facebook facebook.com/JayCutler4x/
    Channel cz-news.net/client-JayCutlerTV
    Cutler Nutrition cutlernutrition.com/
    Music licensed through www.epidemicsound.com/
    #Bodybuilding #WORKOUT #JayCutler

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    1. Ryan Mozert

      Arnold 1977 was bigger

    2. sajjad gul

      Love you Jay ❣️❣️♥️♥️🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    3. Jack Millethone

      Great great great!

    4. Roger Sustayta

      La mejor simetrica y genetica la tiene este men jay cutler increible

    5. Z A

      How does Jay keep is hair...if you catch my drift

      1. MaRius9994

        good hair genetics

    6. Biggie E

      I'm sorry but my little cousin said your fat

    7. buffbeezer

      I dunno how Jay did this before Mike O'Hearn taught him how to bench press last week...

    8. spookybwi

      I dont count reps... Thats it, he answered it

    9. midou midou

      Well done guys, good videos

    10. Off Grid Stoves & More .com

      Many can say individuals of the past or present are great, but this is the man that brings out the beast. You want to get motivated to get to the gym, this short clip will get your butt there fast. My favorite video of all time. Jay is the man!!!

    11. Ivo Pires

      I love Jay's hair.

    12. Андрей Вершак


    13. Martin Dyer

      God damn he was a beast without looking to ridiculous.

    14. David Hernandez

      indian springs high school for sale

    15. Alex Alix

      best bodybuilder in history

    16. Harz4 Und der Tag gehört mir amk

      Mach Werbung für mich

    17. kevin manning

      Painting the mirror black! vanity is a deadly sin!

    18. John Mart Belamide

      Light weight baby best rival

    19. Eduardo Ramírez

      Si toma esteroides xq no qeda pelado

    20. Paulo Henrique Hungria O.


    21. Syed Vali


    22. youg man

      My life style 💪

    23. BE STRONG


    24. omar jordan

      Best workout motivation vedio ever ♥️ thank you uploader you did amazing job

    25. Mark Walter

      Time to worship Jay's awesome muscles! :)

    26. sushimike75

      “I don’t count reps!” He lifts until he can’t. Absolute beast!!!

      1. DADDY _

        Isn’t this what everyone should do

    27. GreatVideo !


    28. NickWorldTheKing

      Fantastic Jay Fantastic

    29. Atesh Shaw

      Pain but gain

    30. Piotr Jakubowski

      Jay Cutler!!!

    31. Sahil Khan

      Love from India ❤️ sir

    32. Jacob

      That’s it I’m Juicing

    33. Saptarshi Bose

      This is the only guy who gaved competition to the goat Ronnie Coleman and I loved his attitude in bodybuilding you have to get a mindset like Jay cutler I loved that part in the video when he says that means I am super human

    34. tubestick00

      I'm gonna go get me some steroids.

    35. MaRius9994


    36. MrSimas32

      JC > RC

    37. The Peoples James

      soooo goood!!!!

    38. Yacine Ayachi

      12 meals a day? That’s not healthy

      1. Martin Dyer

        Yacine Ayachi god how fucking stupid are you?

      2. Yacine Ayachi

        @Martin Dyer not healthy for everyone, educate yourslef beofre talking

      3. Martin Dyer

        Yacine Ayachi not healthy for someone who isn’t/ was in the top 1% of body builders*

    39. mohammed mohammed

      Ok ok sir

    40. John Ortega

      Loved old Jay more than who he is now.

    41. Sudden Revelations

      My favorite bodybuilder. He did not have a lot of veins showing, was massive, and the definition was amazing. He gives back a lot to the sport to. Young athletes can still relate to him being only in his early forties

    42. Fist Fury

      Steroids...lol luv 'em though

    43. Jon Bro

      Jay Cutler: John 5:24 - "Jesus Christ says to you: Most assuredly, I say to you: He who hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life; and he will not come to condemnation, but he has passed from death to life. "

    44. wata hiro


    45. Tita Laral

      Dios te proteja

    46. Tita Laral

      Fue la dea un complot Ora dios te bendiga mira taylor swift analiza en los xvideos

    47. J4T!N _W.L.

      "No pain" that training partner isn't very convincing...i prefere the one that Dorian yates had...from "THE GAME CHANGER" that was a real training partner.

    48. luis Felipe

      Ronnie coleman is better 💥💥💥

      1. luis Felipe

        @MultiAsssasin thanks 👏🏽

      2. MultiAsssasin

        luis Felipe good for u to acknowledge that👍🏼

    49. Titanium Green

      Cutler fan, but show some forearm training..

    50. Anjappa Anjappa

      Best bodybuilding

    51. Aniket Shirke

      Most hard working bodybuilder

    52. Gerardo Mtz

      The Coleman's Son...

    53. JKBS85 !


    54. Sameh Fahmy


    55. Thorsten Metzger

      Sehr gut viel Stoff..

    56. Rosky TV

      Best spotter evah 1:23

    57. J P

      Big Ramy ist ja 3x so dick 🤣

    58. Gogita74 dbz

      Jay cutler perfect

    59. era dos monstros

      Monster 🇧🇷🇧🇷👏👏💪💪💪

    60. Neto Cj

      Pqp me arrepio de mais todo vez que assisto, motiva de mais 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

      1. Ronaldo Custodio

        Pra mim o melhor da nossa epoca mano!!

    61. GreatVideo !

      Big Jay 💪🏽‼️

    62. rayner1704

      Jay looks fucking awesome in this vid I miss him


      Jay are you a 5%er?

    64. mohit singh

      Great Respect for this man.

    65. Kunal Kaundinya

      I gained 10 kg lean muscle mass just by watching the video

    66. palle 22

      The best in the world my idol

    67. Арни Бад

      💪💪💪👍👍👍 Лучший мотиватор

    68. Rhino Singh

      Rhino Singh like it is a

    69. lipe perewoskin

      12 meals a day? i say jay is a dam liar...no one can digest that even without sleep....in another vid he addmitted that he only ate 6 or 7 meals a day...

    70. Macacano Lopéz

      Nombre de musica minuto 2:8

      1. Gladiators Bars

        Defenders Unite by Niklas Johansson