TikTok Girls In Real Life | VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, E-Girl

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    Are you a #VSCOGirl, #SoftGirl, or #eGirl?? 😂 Today, we’re showing you a little parody on each of these #TikTok personalities, playing off of things we think they’d do in real life! Which one of these girls do you relate to the most??
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    We were obviously just having TOO MUCH fun by creating this sketch for you! No offense to any of these character types, as we sometimes fall into these categories ourselves! I think most girls have a little #VSCO, Soft, or E-Girl in them! Even if you’re not one of these stereotypes entirely, you’ll probably find that you at least take on a few of these quirks, or even fashion statements, and hardly knew it!
    We played up the “VSCO Girl” who is always wearing an oversized t-shirt, birkenstock sandals, and always has a scrunchie (or 7) on hand! She’s the biggest “savetheturtles” activist, and will not tolerate anyone who uses plastic straws! How many of YOU are VSCO girls??
    We also focused on the “Soft Girl” personality from TikTok, and this girl is ALL THINGS GIRLY! You’ll catch them wearing lots of pink blush, and hair clips! They love anything and everything that is pastel pink, and they never leave the house without their lip gloss! 💗
    Lastly, you’ll see the well known “E-Girl” who is the more ~moody~ personality. You’ll generally see them in darker clothing, rocking winged eyeliner, and 9 times out of 10 their tongue will be out of their mouth and use lots of hand signs! 😛
    Which of these TikTok personalities do you relate to the most?? Comment below!
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    1. Brooklyn and Bailey

      Are you a VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, or E Girl?? Comment below! Don’t forget to checkout our new AirPod Cases here: brooklynandbaileyshop.com/collections/airpods 💋's - Brooklyn

      1. Anna Maria

        Vsco girl

      2. Stormy LPS


      3. jodie vanhouten


      4. Never Again

        None? XD

      5. meow it muckleroy


    2. ana sendo ana

      Hey my name ana julia my e vsco girl !!! Y love tie dye

    3. Trinity Wills

      the soft girl is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anoying

    4. un none just

      This is so cringy

    5. Lil McBride

      i love baileys outfit

    6. LezahUnicorn

      Bailey continues to do the “ I Love You” in sign language. When trying to do the punk hand motion.

    7. Melissa Lara

      I know an vsco girl

    8. Brady Wilks

      I’m a vsco girl in a vsco world it’s so fantastic don’t drink from plastic

    9. ZamiZamiQuéHay !!??

      Q estresante ver a alguien sacar la lengua a cada rato..:vv

    10. neenee and me

      How tall are you

    11. The cringe SQUAD

      I rather be a tomboy and a egirl

    12. The cringe SQUAD

      I'm a tomboy

    13. fiona QI

      remember when vsco was actually a thing....

    14. Amelia Atkinson

      I would be a soft girl or Vado not e girl because I don’t like black

    15. Ryan Layne


    16. Spoc Wild

      Oh no

    17. Shamirrah Gheen

      Im a soft girl and i wear WAYYYYYY more blush

    18. Karma Pellazari

      Sksksk and i oop

    19. Kim Sikay

      I rather be VSCO

    20. NUCK3 T0WN

      I'm a vsco + e gril

    21. Alyssa Helmers

      It's hard for me to make fun of these because when I was a teenager we had Scene kids.

    22. wolfie the killer

      Im a e girl!!!

    23. scotia mcconnell

      I am a Vsco girl.

    24. scotia mcconnell

      Brooklyn your dance was why you so obsessed with me.

    25. Katarzyna Marek

      Soft girl I am

    26. Boba_ Quest

      Why Disney

    27. Princess Nyla Rose

      Why you so upsessed with me

    28. Malu Lissa

      I'm VSCO Girl

    29. Its Tobio

      "In Wednesdays, we wear pink" - Mean girls

    30. Giselle Johan

      6:58 I had to pause the video to laugh 😂

    31. amy wetherhill


    32. Kondwani Ndhlovu

      I'm a vsco girl

    33. Monica Chavez

      Hate your lashes

    34. The Luna Mage

      Jez I just realise I new a girl that was an actual soft girl. And I never knew

    35. Erik Herte

      Can you do more videos like this!😊

    36. Magic Moon

      im a e girl every season except summer, in summer im a vsco girl

    37. • Marlena Smith •

      “ You kidnapped me but caught *fEeLs* “ Me: noen found he’s double Ganger..

    38. G-crazy official

      Wait i am none of them- I am unique oof

    39. LiamStudios

      vsco girls kinda cute ngl

    40. Euphoria Venus

      Sksksksksks why’d you wear sandals? The new trend is C R O C S.

    41. Debbie Wise

      E-girl: I don't sit on pink Me: then why tf do u wear pink

    42. Esmanur Erdoğan

      I favorite soft girl ❤

    43. Katelynn medrano

      VSCO suites Brooklyn

    44. marzz

      not any hate but i just kinda feel like they made the soft girl look kinda dumb with the gigantic clips, like i have them but soft girls usually wear smaller clips, the barrettes like they sell at Walmart or target

    45. April Knoll

      One time I asked my teacher if she was visco... she said yes

    46. emily&emersyn

      you said egirl and did all the things goth girls do

    47. Nadia Banach

      I'am vsco girl😍😻🙌👀😍😍😍😘💋💘💖💕❤💓💞💯💍👰👫

    48. Ellie Mahoney

      Definitely do more videos like this!!!

    49. Briana Libson

      E-girl and VSCO girl

    50. GiselleLim Lol

      Imagine u wore one of this to public

    51. Cameron Metcalf

      WHY YOU SO UBSESSED WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    52. Juvia Fullbuster

      I choked on my bath water when you played faster car by loving caliber

    53. jin lee

      Why am I so relaxed by this vid

    54. Allison Burley

      Tina makes the perfect soft girl

    55. Mariah Milardo

      i have the same pink scruunchie!

    56. Joe Hopson

      5:05 SKSKSK AND I OOP

    57. Hoseok Jeon

      Фу отстойное видео

    58. Hermione Swan

      I am vsco girl , soft girl and e-girl 😂

    59. Asiy Vans

      Я одна из России?

    60. Cadence Lane

      i am now vsco skskskskskk and i opp

    61. Emily Brooks

      Brooklyn you looked amazing!!!!!!!! :3 (I am a actually am a VSCO girl UwU

    62. Mike

      This is not ok.

    63. Kylie Orodio

      Cole... she likes him?!?? Her: *YEETS OUT OF THE DOOR*

    64. Abby Makocy

      I love Riverdale to

    65. mahru umer

      Me I was singing why you so obsessed with me btw IM A BIG FAN

    66. Iris Guardado

      Soft girl is like my 5 years old self

    67. Hannah Rebecca

      Why call it E-girl when she’s basically a emo/goth girl?

      1. surfer girl

        Emo girl, the first letter is e, but for both girl idk...

    68. Zuchi Kame

      I love Soft Girls the most.

    69. Catina Casalman

      What was that?????😶

    70. Aeris Wolf

      Imagine if everyone was one of these and there were no normal people in the world