Tiffany Uncovers a Secret Crush - Kids Say The Darndest Things



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    Host Tiffany Haddish asks Joseph if he has a crush, and he says he does...on one of the girls sitting next to him! Watch 'Kids Say the Darndest Things' SUNDAY 8|7c on ABC.

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    1. Margaret Anango

      Hanna has the cutest laughs

    2. Shanta Miller

      To the park. ...that's where you go when you don't have no money! !!! Exactly! !

    3. itzalizworld

      “I’ll be your boy friend”

    4. Katherine Retiz

      Someone have a crush on me and his name is Branstan I,m like What! My friends say he says he is going on a date I was surprised😳😱😟 I was planing something I said ok we are all going outside I said okay he’s coming hurry hide! Then he said hope you don’t judge 😤he said I will follow you and love you back of the honeymoon

    5. Ocean lights

      Omg their so innocent 😅

    6. alece s

      their little giggles hahaha aw

    7. Mikhail Gulzar

      Get rejected son

    8. Malik Sturm

      Nice nigga

    9. Nick Vartan

      Is Hannah transitioning already? She said “ fine I’ll be your boyfriend” she outed poor guy on national Tv 😂

    10. Tanya O

      that's when a man don't have no money

    11. La'Brittany Contreras

      If he would’ve said my daughter was his girlfriend. She would’ve ran off the stage like noooooo 😂😂😂

    12. deenar Ashily

      Always girls deny about it

    13. Teyo shariff

      Nowanda America kids get social pressure about dating. If at 5yrs and 7yrs they start having talks of boyfriend/girlfriend and dating. Rather than thr fun moments hobbies So sad and pathetic

    14. Holy Nation

      Trian up a child in way He should go and when he grows he will not depart from it

    15. Samita Pariyar

      That chair doesnot look like it’s safe for children.

    16. Kacey T

      Hannah: Fine I’ll b ur boyfriend Tiffany:u hear that she said she’ll be your girlfriend 🤣

    17. Dimitri.L. Clark.

      Hannah's little laugh is so cute. " I have no idea" . This is so cute.

    18. Cocó

      Any small CZ-newsrs wanna support each other ? Subscribe & I’ll subb right back to you 🧡🤗

    19. Gacha’4life?

      R.i.p how come a 6 year old can get a boyfriend but I can’t I’m 9!

    20. Jahmiqua Joseph

      Her laugh is so adorable!!😊❤

    21. A fake panda Could nevea

      1:13 the white Megan the stallion

    22. Jay Richards

      Not even close to as good as the original with Bill Cosby. Sorry.

    23. K Trigs

      Blonde is high maintenance.

    24. K Trigs

      1:02 "Fine, I'll be your BOYFRIEND." She's transgendered?!!

      1. Opinions are like assholes, Everybody has one

        😂😂😂😂... Yup, parents are changing their young children gender so I wouldn't be surprised.

      2. HideBehindMy Username

        Lol I hate you

      3. -r!

        she's just a kid

    25. It'sMeHim SOA

      Yeah teach these girlls to know their worthhhh, if he have no money then, theres no future, if he is 35 and has no money, GURL BYE. TIFFANY I LOVE YOU.❤

    26. Damien Alexander

      'that's when a man has no money' already programming them to be gold diggers and to think they're wrong for wanting to go to the park.

      1. Tammy Kirk

        Oh shut up

    27. Joy Nnadozie

      Wrong show for their age. That's why there are teen pregnancy every where in the land. Nonsense

      1. Mo’s World

        Joy Nnadozie it’s teen pregnancy everywhere because parents refuse to talk about protective intercourse with their children because obviously no matter how old they get apparently to some people think they are still tooo young to have the conversation

    28. Suzanne Nsimire élève

      her laugh is so cute 0:18 😍😍😍😇😇😇

    29. ami holonou

      The boy is allowed to dream 😎

    30. ndonwie bruno

      Tiffany "That's when a man has no money" That took me out😂

    31. ThEe UzU

      When she said " Fine i will be your g.f" ncoooh😂😂😂😂

    32. Renita

      There's Jessicas and there's Hannahs in this world... And I am a Jessica.

      1. miracle starr

        Me too, I am a jessie 😂😂😂

    33. RandomPineapple

      In conclusion kids are precious

    34. Tash

      They sre so sweeet omg

    35. Sabrina Keeping Jesus First

      😂😂😂💕 They are too cute 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    36. Lee Steal

      That's when a man don't have no money. So true.

    37. Evon Williams

      I have no words for this right now to busy laughing

    38. Ernie

      Just because a man has money doesn’t mean he has to take a girl on expensive dates. Damn, your suppose to like someone for themselves not what they make and how much you spend on them. Teaching these young girls this will lead them to be lonely and bitter. Because all guys will do is just use her stuff as a jump off. If the man has money she better have a lot of money as well.

    39. Danni Rice

      Lol that's when a man has no money. But I like parks

    40. my accnow ez

      Tifanny Getting all the Tea tho! 🤣

    41. Amazine Becky Show

      This is a must watch/listen. #theosarotheory #onelove #share

    42. Anitta Vinter


    43. Dee Jorney

      This is great. Id love to comment. I just wish the comments can be disabled for the sake of the children.

    44. Chykim Sanders

      Soo cute ❤️😂😂

    45. Josiah Black

      Yeah I'll take dating tips from Tiffany Hadish, "My Dad told me about you lady, no thanks!"

    46. escotina 🇵🇷

      I love Tiffany!!! She look banging in that suit ❤️

    47. Cleveland Filmmaker

      And this will be the thing that will reunite them 20 years later to go on to be married....

      1. Shae' M.

        Ikr, I thought the same exact same thing

    48. Rosalinda Giovany

      AHAHAHAHA 🥰😍

    49. Angela Mweghama

      I love the last part. the park is for broke guys😂. in my country thats where secondary school relationships are spend.

    50. Empress love

      So cute

    51. ms. Renee attitude

      His hair is soooo freaking cute lol

    52. lovelyblkwoman Brown

      Little girl that said the park will be the winner in life. That's right baby girl choose that man who have no money. Cherish that date to the park. What we all know is that broke man that takes you to the park. Will be that loyal man that ends up with a great and give you the world. A man cherishes a woman that sticks with him through hard times. Women have such a Jezebel spirit on them these days. Always about manipulation....etc. Then they wonder why they're still hoeing at 30 and not a wife.

    53. lovelyblkwoman Brown

      See how kids pick up adults sickening habits. Even though the brown headed little girl is obviously prettier...he chooses the blonde. Why? Because she's blonde. That goes on within every race...the brighter or lighter...the better.

    54. Victoria Vo


    55. Sara Abraha

      I'm soso happy teffy,go girl Viva Eritrea

    56. Janet Davis

      Why she look like a black Hilary 🤦

    57. Gurll

      Hannah looks like a dead drop gorgeous princess! Wow! 😍

    58. Robert Hart

      He's got good taste.

    59. T B

      Cuties 👧👦👧

    60. fadzai kativu

      Fine. I'll be your boyfriend 😂

    61. Lottie Spence

      I think Tiffany has found her place in Hollywood. She's good with children.

      1. you're arrested for first-degree clownery luv

        Hell no, Girl Trip 2 is waiting to be made and it certainly won't be PG 13

      2. Jasmine Houston-Burns

        She's great with kids but she also has a lot of range. The great thing about her presence here is that it does show her ability to calm down and be present.

    62. Tony kimbraley

      1:03 "Fine I'll be your boyfriend!" 😂😂😂

      1. Grace Kitambala

        Harry Potter she’s like 5 or 6 she doesn’t know what she’s doing, or maybe understand. 🤷🏾‍♀️

      2. Harry Shot-her

        I guess she’s a boy 🤷🏽‍♀️

    63. Liyyah Moore


    64. L H

      I don't like the comment from Tiffiany say that's when a man don't have any money. 1. There kids. That's was a good answer FROM A KID. Don't teach them these habits already. Aint nothing wrong with a walk and a picnic in the park. You don't look for a guy just for money.

    65. Ms La'Nae

      I love this show! So cute

    66. julie onana

      Men with no money go to the park😆😆😆

    67. African Girl

      lol, aw cute

    68. mcatriana

      He gonna drop hanna and catch up with Jessica lol

    69. Reb

      This show is an imitation of a Romanian one. Search it up. “Copii spun lucruri trasnite” they literally translated the name too. Maybe I’m wrong but when was this segment created?

      1. Veronica Kay

        This show has had different reboots...Art Linkletter was the host who introduced us to the segment back when he had his show

    70. William Meyer

      Thats a young gold digger lol wanting disney up front.