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    In this thrift flip, with the power of my trusty sewing machine and mediocre sewing skills, I transform affordable thrift store clothes into cute Reformation and Urban Outfitters inspired items. This thrift flip episode includes some of my best DIY’s yet: transforming a vintage 70’s bell sleeve dress into an updated Reformation inspired picnic ready dress, turning a plain lumpy sweater into an Urban Outfitters / french girl inspired pearl button cardigan, and altering a loose and ill fitting dress to an Ariana Grande inspired silhouette.
    my fabric scissors (i swear by these):
    sewing machine:
    ON ME
    blue top: urban outfitters (
    jeans: afends (
    heart necklace: vanessa mooney (similar:
    thin choker: mejuri (
    heart choker: melody ehsani (similar:
    purse: asos
    platform heels: nasty gal (similar:, shorter heel:
    tennis skirt: la apparel (
    fanny pack: asos (
    loafers: asos (
    platform heels: nasty gal (similar:, shorter heel:
    purse: nasty gal (
    F A Q
    what’s your name? ashley
    what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
    how old are you? 21 (born in 1998)
    how tall are you? 5'5"
    what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
    what equipment do you use to film?
    ➭ main camera: panasonic lumix gh5s (
    ➭ 12-35mm lens (
    ➭ mic: rode videomic pro+ (
    ➭ vlog camera: canon powershot g7x mark ii
    ➭ canon m50 (
    ➭ editing: final cut pro
    monday by jef
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    1. Felicity Gaming

      I wishhhhh there was a male version like youuuu I have sucha bad fashion sense and i'm still watchin' ya, u doing greatt👍🏻👏

    2. Candice Y

      Blue little dress turned out to be sooo cute

    3. Yovana Sofia

      omg I really enjoy your videos so much, you're so cuteee and funny! haha, btw the final dress it´s so cute I loved it

    4. Isaura Costa

      She’s soooo pretty

    5. J

      Vulgar af oh my

    6. Apryl Crucido - Ramos

      Ashley can you fix my ugly clothes 😭👌🏻💗

    7. dumb brunette

      the guy that yelled “you are doing great honey “ has my heart

    8. Amelia H

      this is awesome

    9. The R.W Channel

      god taking to his angels when making me “aight guys im about to go crazy stupid on this one”

    10. Dena Nguyen

      the saying every one hears when they get their eyebrows done, "Brows aren't sisters, they're cousins."

    11. Maggie Williams

      bruh you say pastel with the first syllable emphasized lmaoooo

    12. xXReese1781Xx

      PSA: The idea to fold up the cardigan and utilize the original heme is good it just needed a topstitch to make it look 'more normal'

    13. Nate N

      The passerby is basically me watching this vid

    14. Jahnavi Raman

      “he could’ve done a better job by giving me more mental stability” i felt this so hard

    15. Dritan Bunga

      1:49 YOU’RE A LEGEND 😂✨✨

    16. Angelica Paz

      ahh that happened to me also (similar) I was looking at myself in the car mirror but the one outside and this guy goes "gotta make sure that face stays beautiful" something similiar and It made my whole dayyy :")

    17. fluffy llama thingy that's fluffy

      Fun fact: the song "Jingle Bells" was originally written for Thanksgiving, look it up.

    18. jiminsnooder _

      Tbh i like the first DRESS❤❤ NOT gonna lie

    19. Indrani Smith

      guys the way she says pastel is normal ok everyone says shit differently

    20. Lucas Insfires.

      Im still so confused as to why David said 'Thank You' i don't know why im laughing-

    21. Shayne Ashley

      We all need to have "You're doing great honey, keep it up" saved on our phone so we can set it to come on at random times of the day. Instant moral boost 😊

    22. draco

      forget catcalling i want people to yell "you're doin' great hunnie keep it up!"

    23. Not Quite Chaos

      i cant with the pearls sadlhgjkalhg

    24. sbd dreamatrix

      How are you confortable wearing such a short dress? it almost looks like a slightly long shirt O_O otherwise, your work is great

    25. Shar Ávila

      Haha this works if you're that SMALL if you're bigger than a size M you're fd up :/

    26. Geegie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      6:37 Thank me later

    27. mary ann foster

      you are so adorable!! had to subscribe!

    28. hanna styles

      lol di ya'll saw her earrings? its a safety pin lmao

    29. CupidClive

      R.I.P Sleeves McSleeves

    30. Nikita Mercy

      How can u make that??

    31. Sivi Jings

      No one: My brain: This is not a music video!! Why are you watching it for the millionth time!!? Love you, Ashley.

    32. Evelyn Hughes

      Cutting off those bat wing sleeves absolutely killed me

    33. Emelie Öjheden


    34. Amanda Rodriguez

      One of the background musics is Strawberry by Jeff Kaale

    35. francesca zamora

      at 2:20 i thought she was going to inject heroine

    36. Alyssa Arbour

      You are so funny in a way without trying. I really enjoy watching you and subscribed right after this video. Cheers to you

    37. Lindsay Collins

      How can you just sew

    38. Maddie_.mayyy Ayeee

      You honestly have the best taste in clothes and decor like wow

    39. Mehran Amirah Nur Iman

      The red one is so flattering on you!

    40. grce

      "replacing the buttons was as easy as me freshman year of college" WOW i love this energy

    41. Black KittyCat Happiness

      I screamed when she cut the sleeves off. why? how could you?

    42. Ally Ray

      7:43 stream fine line by harry styles on december 13

    43. Ella Bella

      how do you manage to make everything look cute

    44. Lara Briddon

      whenever a hem doesn't look great like on your cardi just iron it down and it should look better!

    45. Purva Pokhriyal

      ashley pls tell from where have you brought these safety pin earings from pls, do a yt video on your jewellery

    46. Sarah Ready

      I can’t believe she’s been sneak peeking her new jewelry line this whole time and we had no idea! 😱😂

    47. tara ss

      This is by far Ashley's best thrift flip. Also, now that I'm looking at this yellow and white dress its reminding me of the weird cult members from midsommer.

    48. Breanna Todd

      Okay but I NEED you and Safiya to collab 😍😍

    49. Jessica Gabriyel

      Okay but can we talk about the skirt she wore with the thrifted sweater because girl I need it!! Where the hell can I get that skirt is SOO pretty!!!!

    50. woop woopity woop

      I loved that wholesome passerby

    51. Sparkle Unicorn

      You know how inspirational you are? I considered getting bangs because of you! You made me forget how bad I looked as a five year old with bangs! Know that is inspiration

    52. Spicy disaster

      Oh btw it’s called chain stitch not loopy stitch. Your doing great honey keep it up

    53. Spicy disaster

      She gets “sew” many questions... what’s wrong with me? 😂😂

    54. Bubblez Lol

      My thrift store is my mom's closet 🤪

    55. Laiza

      did i just find your channel? yes.have i been watching your videos for 2 hours? also yes. should i be studying instead? A HELL YES.

    56. syifa zulkefeli

      Seeing you with the yellow dress feel like seeing Anna-frozen in real life ❤️

    57. High Flying Wren

      One thing that might've saved the red sweater is folding it over and 'hem' it with a whip stitch (connect the hem thing to the actual sweater or something idk I'm not a professional tailor lol), not too sure if that would make a difference but oh well.

    58. Eliza Rhinelander

      the tune that played when you were cutting off the sleeves, ashokan farewell, is... let's just say it holds a lot of emotional weight and I found myself close to tears at the cutting off of sleeves

    59. no homo

      the blue dress came up so good that now i want you to redo me

    60. Florence Pierce

      With the ragged hem on the cropped cardie, you could add a trim for the hem in a satin ribbon (wide or narrow) in the same shade as the pearl buttons, or a similar colour to the cardigan. Still looks good though - and I am Loving the fact that you aren't afraid to show 'less than perfect' results- it makes nervous crafters & sewers like me feel better about diving in & having a go!

    61. DahliaRane

      is anyone else bothered by how she said pastel

    62. vr qlr

      i literally giggled when a passerby said it

    63. Alvina Cabral

      Didn't like the finish of the pastel dress

    64. Pop Lylith Manos

      when i get older, and when i have money, ill finally be able to do this

    65. makayla vigil

      I was thinking making the blue dress into a two peice set. then the weird waist would be folded over and make two new weird hems ;)

    66. anna johnsson

      imagine being skinny haha can't relate

    67. Faith Mendoza


    68. cosmic syd

      I WANNA B FRIENDS lets get matcha lattes while u teach me how to sew and we can make crafts together

    69. Pixie Sanchez

      I find that I go at least once a week to a charity shops and have a look round some weeks there's nothing then other times there's tones of stuff like I could not find one jumper the last couple months then today found 10 savage jackets, jumpers ect I think it's mostly regularly checking and picking up pieces slowly when they have stuff not all the time they're gonna have thing. But aswell of you find out when they bring out new stuff you've more chances of getting nice stuff as you'd have first choice so to say

    70. Leah Smith

      You kind of look like Maddie Ziegler