THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER | 2019 Comic Con Panel (Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson & Natalie Portman)

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    1. Jacqueline Buban

      Noobmaster69 is actually Loki

    2. Ed Raposo: Direita? Vou Ver!

      Oh god, not another comedy, please...

    3. Pag0017

      No, the real question for me: To where did Taiki put his gum at 2:40? :DD

    4. David Smith

    5. Jay Boyer

      I cant wait to see jane return

    6. 0Beyonder0

      Not a hater but a Lady Thor is pretty weird, but im also bored out of my mind with MCU's Thor. besides Natalie Portman is a goddess so lets do it.

    7. Siddhart Rabisunker

      This entire interview is cringe

    8. Sara H

      Natalie Portman didnt want anything to do w the mcu after The Dark World, and now after Ragnork and Endgame's success she suddenly appeared. Coincidence? I dont think so.

    9. The A-force

      Even though Natalie Portman was seen in Endgame I sometimes forget she was ever a character, Jane is just so.........blank

    10. Christine Colley

      Not sure I've ever seen a more awkward panel.

    11. Arthur Morgan

      I can't be the only one who thinks that that big ass hammer looks so wrong with the petite small sized Natalie Portman. Nothing against Natalie Portman or anything but it just looks off

    12. Z I

      Everyone: women Thor Me: Tessa "the love I feel for him, gives me thunder all over" Chris "the thunder I feel-" 😂

      1. Naveen Sha

        @Hello There isn't she lesbian in the movie?

      2. Hello There

        Zi b. Lol I loved that moment so much ... 😝 but I wish there was a love ❤️ storyline for Thor and Valkyrie

    13. The Goddess Of Wisdom

      1:30 I disagree, Loki’s better

      1. Atria Laurent


    14. J Lei

      I'm glad to see Natalie back. I wonder why she decided to do this. I mean she was really angry for Patty Jenkins replacement.

    15. Tales Eternia


    16. Shawn

      nothing ruins the excitement like a muted video

    17. d34dj0k3r

      Thor better still be fat. It would be hilarious.

    18. Du KE

      I quit watching because of this shit

    19. Du KE

      Worse movie

    20. SuDan ChhTry

      If janefoster bacame Thor,i will leave to watch MCU movies 😠😏 Chris Hemsworth is real Thor ❣️😍

    21. 小白R

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    22. Apex _xtrixstr

      I don’t think anybody is excited to see Jane as thor

      1. Slade Wilson

        @Josh Robbins Ditto305 sif for sure

      2. Josh Robbins Ditto305

        I'm bloody not. It should've been Sif or Valkyrie.

    23. her _savageness

      Hopefully Valkyrie and Thor have some cute romantic scenes in it because I shipped them since ragnarok 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I want them to be together

      1. L S

        her _savageness same ... 😭❤️

    24. Kawa z mlekiem

      They killed Thor we know - female Thor???? - misunderstanding - I will not watch it. Quo vadis Marvel????

    25. Renee George

      I hope Natalie Portman proves all the haters wrong. She was a great actress long before anyone knew who Chris or Tessa were. She'll do fine.

    26. Eliezel

      Tessa thompson over here saying chris gives her thunder all over. His wife is going to have a long talk with him lmao.

    27. The Comic-L

      Can anyone please say what was the background song that played for Thor : Love & Thunder ❤️😍 been searching for almost a month.

    28. Komarih kate

      What happened to jane?????

    29. xMentor mentor

      Chris body language says it all.

      1. Slade Wilson

        My exact same thoughts

    30. xMentor mentor

      These events would die without autism.

    31. xMentor mentor

      Why Is there a white man? Get him off stage.

    32. muggshot

      gold digga... Gooooolllllddd diggaaaaaa

    33. Lionsheart31

      Am I the only one who felt that Nathalie Portman was feeling very uncomfortable when Waititi gave her Mjöllnir?

      1. Slade Wilson

        Thor 4 will be a rehash of ghost busters 2016 wait for it

    34. A T

      I thought with Thor 2, Portman was done with Marvel and the Thor universe.

    35. bob ryan

      forced diversity like in star wars

    36. Bành kiến Đường

      Marvel phase 4: 1 asian lead character 1 female lead character 1 black and 1 white men lead characters 1 Female and 1 male lead characters A group of many people in one movie The rest mostly white men lead characters People complain about woke and SJW phase 4 Me: WTF internet??? SMH

    37. Stanley Smooth

      Oh yay, more blatant Pandering to SJWs. At this point, why not make everyone female? This is the stuff that manufactured one of the worst scenes in the MCU for me.

    38. msa1985

      What song was used?

      1. C-MC Official

        Dio Rainbow In The Dark

    39. Merribelle Wharton

      They are going to ruin Thor character........... I hope I’m proved wrong.

    40. Harry

      Political Correctness is what will eventually be the death of Marvel

      1. Slade Wilson

        Like star wars

    41. Kyle Lewis

      This franchise is such a fucking insult to Norse Mythology. Like I know its just a comic book version but the ratio for shitty jokes and post modernist adaptation to actual fucking Thor and The Sagas is like 10 to 1.

    42. Apoorva Katiyar

      When i see Chris Hemsworth 😍 When i see Tessa Thompson 😚 And When i see Natalie Portman 😠

    43. the comic book connoisseur

      Tessa" I need to find my queen" Me"please be Carol please be Carol"

      1. Bryan Evans

        Love and Thunder clearly about Jane and Valkyrie. Really dont know why Chris Hemsworth in it. I guess they need to emasculate him one last time.

    44. P H

      Absolute pure bullshit!

    45. Ryan Rodgers

      Enchantress will the villain in Thor 4 Comment disagree Like Agree 👇

    46. Stepan Serdyuk

      Well, you gotta give it to Taika - he knows how to sell the idea.

    47. Asmilez22

      Just hoping Valkyrie doesn't get sidelined with Jane back cause I loved her rugged character in Ragnarok.

    48. pako c a

      El fracaso es lo que os espera, féminazis.

    49. Jorge CH R

      Natalie portman didnt like what taika waitiy did

    50. Grace Wang

      The way Taika act is so flamboyant but actually he didn't. Jane Foster is backkkkk as a female Thor!!! 'Waw, didnt see that coming..." Idunno but I just feel deep down Valkyrie hoping she has a love scene with Thor(?)

    51. Asdrubal Leon

      I literally came looking for this clip to remember which song played when Natalie entered the stage D: it's Dio but cant remember the song..

      1. C-MC Official

        Rainbow In The Dark

    52. Boxinglynx

      Christ this is going to be awful smfh.

    53. joyis9638

      Not gonna watch this manure .... Men in Black International anyone? You want a superhero woman .. Great .... Then make a real character for her with a great story instead of this fake story and fake hero ... Recent Female Avengers comic series bombed because no one wants SJW stories just to be a SJW story ... Forcing garbage down the throats of real comic fans and real superhero movie fans will not work. Kapiche Mickey Rat?!

    54. Cunning Smile

      I'm starting to guess who her queen is. Hmm?

    55. Cunning Smile

      Hmm hmm hmm. Who in the Marvel Thor continuity could he fight now?

    56. Dxrkavenger

      Chris Hemsworth: Thor gets a Netflix subscription Disney +: 😑 Am I a joke to you?!

    57. Slade Wilson

      I can't be the only one who noticed how nervous and uncomfortable Chris looks

    58. Mira Sofia

      Hemsworth and Portman had like zero chemistry in the first two films, so I hope they spare us the romance in this one.

    59. realsparky

      the director of thor 4: Thor and Cory will have relationships Me: I decided that I want to die

    60. margarette rosales

      but wasn't mjolnir destroyed?

      1. Superderpyfish

        @margarette rosales It was? Oh oof.

      2. margarette rosales

        @Superderpyfish dude it was brought back to it's original timeline by cap, remembeerrrr

      3. Superderpyfish

        naw, Thor got it back in Endgame.

    61. enter a name here

      Natalie Portman is the lamest

    62. enter a name here

      Best porn title ever. Love and thunder. We’re gonna make love and cum thunder

    63. Jamie Ok

      I have no qualms against Natalie Portman, but I don’t know how I feel about her being female Thor.. I feel like Katheryn Winnick from Vikings would be much more badass. Then again, she wasn’t Jane Foster so that wouldn’t work but still.

    64. Mr. okay

      Fck this shit I'm out

    65. Axios .king

      Where do these shit producers come from? No talent AT ALL..... ZERO ... BUPKIS.... THIS WILL FAIL ....

    66. Assassin 16

      One must wonder what goes in Chris’s mind about this

    67. Matt Garcia

      Natalie gotta get even more in shape

    68. Magic Is Real

      Spoiler warning! Major character development, plot details and storyline source. Starts around 3:15

    69. ifyouwantbochin

      This is going to suck badly, but at least it wasn't Lady Heimdall if you know what I mean.

    70. Scott K

      Thor's hammer is so big she can't get her hands around it. And the same goes for Mjolnir.

      1. SNIPER AGAR

        It's not mjolnir it's mew mew.

      2. Jay Jacob