THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER | 2019 Comic Con Panel (Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson & Natalie Portman)

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    1. Sophie Turner

      When i see Chris Hemsworth 😍 When i see Tessa Thompson 😚 And When i see Natalie Portman 😠

    2. the comik beek conosaur

      Tessa" I need to find my queen" Me"please be Carol please be Carol"

    3. patrick hinge

      Absolute pure bullshit!

    4. Ryan Rodgers

      Enchantress will the villain in Thor 4 Comment disagree Like Agree 👇

    5. Stepan Serdyuk

      Well, you gotta give it to Taika - he knows how to sell the idea.

    6. Kien Yee Tan

      audience after endgame: wow, finally, what an epic conclusion Kevin Feige: on your left

    7. Asmilez22

      Just hoping Valkyrie doesn't get sidelined with Jane back cause I loved her rugged character in Ragnarok.

    8. pako c a

      El fracaso es lo que os espera, féminazis.

    9. Jorge CH R

      Natalie portman didnt like what taika waitiy did

    10. Grace Wang

      The way Taika act is so flamboyant but actually he didn't. Jane Foster is backkkkk as a female Thor!!! 'Waw, didnt see that coming..." Idunno but I just feel deep down Valkyrie hoping she has a love scene with Thor(?)

    11. Asdrubal Leon

      I literally came looking for this clip to remember which song played when Natalie entered the stage D: it's Dio but cant remember the song..

      1. C-MC Official

        Rainbow In The Dark

    12. Boxinglynx

      Christ this is going to be awful smfh.

    13. joyis9638

      Not gonna watch this manure .... Men in Black International anyone? You want a superhero woman .. Great .... Then make a real character for her with a great story instead of this fake story and fake hero ... Recent Female Avengers comic series bombed because no one wants SJW stories just to be a SJW story ... Forcing garbage down the throats of real comic fans and real superhero movie fans will not work. Kapiche Mickey Rat?!

    14. Cunning Smile

      I'm starting to guess who her queen is. Hmm?

    15. Cunning Smile

      Hmm hmm hmm. Who in the Marvel Thor continuity could he fight now?

    16. Dxrkavenger

      Chris Hemsworth: Thor gets a Netflix subscription Disney +: 😑 Am I a joke to you?!

    17. Slade Wilson

      I can't be the only one who noticed how nervous and uncomfortable Chris looks

    18. Mira Sofia

      Hemsworth and Portman had like zero chemistry in the first two films, so I hope they spare us the romance in this one.

    19. realsparky

      the director of thor 4: Thor and Cory will have relationships Me: I decided that I want to die

    20. margarette rosales

      but wasn't mjolnir destroyed?

      1. Superderpyfish

        @margarette rosales It was? Oh oof.

      2. margarette rosales

        @Superderpyfish dude it was brought back to it's original timeline by cap, remembeerrrr

      3. Superderpyfish

        naw, Thor got it back in Endgame.

    21. enter a name here

      Natalie Portman is the lamest

    22. enter a name here

      Best porn title ever. Love and thunder. We’re gonna make love and cum thunder

    23. Jamie Ok

      I have no qualms against Natalie Portman, but I don’t know how I feel about her being female Thor.. I feel like Katheryn Winnick from Vikings would be much more badass. Then again, she wasn’t Jane Foster so that wouldn’t work but still.

    24. Mr. okay

      Fck this shit I'm out

    25. Axios .king

      Where do these shit producers come from? No talent AT ALL..... ZERO ... BUPKIS.... THIS WILL FAIL ....

    26. Assassin 16

      One must wonder what goes in Chris’s mind about this

    27. Matt Garcia

      Natalie gotta get even more in shape

    28. Magic Is Real

      Spoiler warning! Major character development, plot details and storyline source. Starts around 3:15

    29. ifyouwantbochin

      This is going to suck badly, but at least it wasn't Lady Heimdall if you know what I mean.

    30. Scott K

      Thor's hammer is so big she can't get her hands around it. And the same goes for Mjolnir.

      1. SNIPER AGAR

        It's not mjolnir it's mew mew.

      2. Jay Jacob


    31. marsupius

      I don't know why, but it's really entertaining to me to see the contrast between how much Natalie Portman doesn't want to be there and how much she has to be there. Whatever contract she signed for the first Thor movie must have been brutal.

    32. HybridSwifty

      Who is here after the Clarkson Q&A?

    33. When you find out that she WAS A HE

      I have faith in Taika. I just hope Hemsworth is the main focus of the film and he improves Jane Fostrt.

    34. Princess T

      So Valkyrie can proudly say the first damn thing she NEEDS is to find a lover, because it's her main priority, but feminist be loosing their shit when a woman wants to be with a guy cause " women don't need men". Wtf!

    35. slytherinheir

      Fuck yesssss giving the gays what they want! :D

    36. MrTyLyles Lyles

      Yes Jane back as lady Thor finally from the comics to the avengers show to a live action movie

    37. Renee George

      Women want to be superheroes too it's not a big deal. Men aren't the only ones that can swing a hammer around it's going be fun! I trust Taika.

    38. Benjamin puentes

      I’m kinda bummed that they spoiled the whole female Thor thing

    39. Greg Dundee

      We want the infinity war badass with the end game beard Thor just with Jane aka lady thor as like a side kick, a team! Real thor gets storm breaker and lady thor gets the hammer! Easy

    40. James Folkerts

      This is going to be crap.....

    41. desertkitsune

      0:20 WHAT?? Another Thor movie?!?! I love Chris Hemsworth as Thor!! SO MUCH HYPE!! I'm so excited!!!! 3:54 Natalie Portman as Female Thor?...... And all the hype is gone now..... I have no interest in this anymore.

      1. C-MC Official

        Bye felicia

    42. FRONT:MAN:242

      Oh Chris Hemsworth what have they done to you ...... ? Oh boy ! ............

    43. Kenneth Monfil

      "Natalie Portman" being given a toy replica of "Mjölnir" is very wrong cuz the original was destroyed by "Hela" nd its past version acquired by an overweight "Thor" was returned back to its original timeline by "Captain America", so instead she should've been given a toy replica of "Stormbreaker" or unless the film will take place in the past nd not after the events of "Avengers: Endgame"; then it's ok that she was given what she was given.

    44. Zach Peterson

      U can tell chris hemsworth isnt to excited by looking at his body language

    45. Rick Jones

      They're making Valkrie gay? So Stan Lee dies and it didn't take them long to start wiping their ass with the comics then huh?

    46. Emma Richards

      What is MCU thinking??? Female thor?? Without loki?? I really hope that we can see thor and loki specially their relationship.

    47. Shovine Bojraj

      This is so fucking stupid. Disney will now lose most of their fanbase little by little. The only way theyl learn their error is when they lose everybody and lose most of the money. Fucking idiots. Goodluck to the idiots that decide to watch this. I look forward to seeing you lose your money on this "movie" if you decide to see it.

    48. Franky Fango

      Thor and female Thor yaaaay! Can't wait

    49. Uachet Black

      homosexual agenda again.......

    50. Gee Vee

      SJW garbage

    51. Seulgi In Neverland

      Natalie omg!!!

    52. Kevin Salazar

      4:38 opps. Never Mind. Fist pump

    53. Binoy Mohan

      Will it be Jane as Thor vs Amora The Enchantress

    54. Stian Bekken

      Takiki Waititi worthy to wield Thor's hammer confirmed.

    55. Shane Farris

      Jane Foster has terminal health issues in the comics... This could heavily motivate Thor!

    56. Kaitlyn

      Lol I stg I’ve read a fan fiction named that

    57. nitro.

      Do they showed the full trailer?

      1. C-MC Official

        There was no trailer

    58. Greg Lancer

      And yup, Natalie Portman, another jew trying to kick the white man in the nuts in their own nations. The coudenhove kalergi plan for white genocide is almost complete.

    59. Greg Lancer

      Hammer envy eh? I guess that proves that women don't care about their mates, they just use them. They just want the man's power, so they envy them and keep after them to "utilize" them. No love, no care, no attachments, just narcissistic personality disorder and little guy syndrome.

    60. Greg Lancer

      Wow, so the norse Valkyrie is not only black, but now she's gay. FFS, what a joke this modern media circus has become.

    61. Hisyam Nct

      i'm not exciting thor love and thunder i done

    62. Anonyme User

      *Natalie portman at **4:20*

    63. Fernando Sosa

      Who asked for this? Lol

    64. LouieTheBossOfBosses

      Looking forward to seeing Natalie Portman as Female Thor!

    65. bayek siwa


    66. wtf jyy

      So the fame hungry whore Natalie Portman comes back to MCU.

    67. Ari

      taika has the same energy as tony stark in that conference where he was accused of endangering mankind by making robotic suit

    68. thea riel

      Look at Taika’s face when someone ask about Loki, 2:10

    69. thea riel

      I adore Natalie but Female Thor?? No, thanks.

      1. Andrew W

        Its marvel and thor is no longer a lame hero like he was in 1 and dark world. I trust them its going to be amazing