This is the Largest Gun... Let's Fire it!

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    "Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
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    1. Random Argument

      "John, where the fuck did you spend all our savings?? You were in Vegas, weren't you? You were gambling and spent it on whores? I can't believe i have such husband." -"No honey, it's much worse." -"Than what IS IT?? How did you spend 70 000 dollars of OUR SAVINGS??" -"I was shooting tanks."

    2. galaxy mars/black sans/Tim

      Hichock 45 lmfaooo. great job paying respect.

    3. Quantum Hero39

      Wow! cool! you teamed up with the "We'll pinyaaaaa" 44 Club! xD

    4. Deer hunting Outdoors

      You should take a .50cal and see how much aluminum foil it takes to stop it

    5. Zoey King

      Why you get all the fun

    6. Kinandjim 05

      I liked the vid when he fired it


      I have been watching your video for a long time. I enjoy watching your video a lot. But I am sorry that your goods are not delivered in India. Jai Hind.

    8. bacon 120

      First i was like "oh yeah a new shooting video" but then realized that i have already seen the howridicilous's video

    9. Liberty Barker

      a bullit as big as a semi.[ sem eye. (not a semy)]

    10. Liberty Barker

      childish biggest gun/ cannon is or was in BARBADOES...A LITTLE ISLAND EAST OF FLORIDA. developed by a canadian to send rockets into outerspace. Think how hugh that barrow is.

    11. Vincent Sluga

      Whose M4A3E8 is that? Lol

    12. Ramon Erni

      ooh The upper-tooth gang has joined the chat.

    13. datboi 123

      Just shows picture pf hickok45 "how about now"

    14. Pallavi patil

      scott is mad

    15. Sackos64

      Use a 777, that howitzer is mean!

    16. Ķýłə Řəýñøłđş

      12:29 these things were constructed to shoot rounds miles...they acted like a mortar in a way.

    17. Alan gamer

      Im hear bro 13

    18. Okkoner Koner

      Stupid question but I dont know the answer cant you shoot the tank while youre inside it so blown up bits of metal dont hit you?

    19. Aaron Haney

      I used to be an artillery in the what I shot was an M198....which is 155mm round. It was 16,000 lbs now they have the 777 or triple 7.

    20. WW5RM

      75 or 76mm on the Sherman? You guys are lucky the windows are still in that truck!

    21. JustJesse

      That sword seriously needs a large hole in it! Please make this happen!!

    22. atlucas1

      One does not simply bust the Buster Sword. The Buster Sword is the one who busts.

    23. Zathael_in_black

      I like how people talk for a half a goddamn fucking hour, when the reason for the video is 20 seconds.

    24. game on

      10:32 AHHHH Wasp KILL IT KILL IT

    25. Armageddon 22

      That d20 or whatever is a serious field gun

    26. Vuph 2

      Schwerer gustav: am I a joke to you

    27. Kevin Deibler

      No it not the largest

    28. Matthew e

      Just sit in the tank and actually aim the shot that way

    29. Thợ Săn Đêm

      Vietnam có máy cái này thì hay biết mấy

    30. Joseph Price

      Now let’s fire an 800mm schwerer gustav at a taxi

    31. Noah Ashworth

      I know it’s a good episode when the don’t tell my wife’s start flying

    32. Matthew Strid

      Who are the losers who thumb downed?

    33. Quinn Moore

      13:52 Psh yeah nothing kills a Chrysler except for the state they're built in.

    34. paul hickie

      Russian d-20 cool 😎.

    35. Moving Talk

      I love your freakin vids man. Thanks for doing these

    36. Midnight club still Cancelled

      You’re with how ridiculous Matt!!! And you’re really really really really sweaty

    37. AL CAPPS

      Only in Texas.

    38. R W

      Sweet muzzle brake awesomeness ;) !

    39. Smiley The Trashbag Gaming

      Oof if only you could fire that massive cannon that had to be carried by a train

    40. Dan Langeberg


    41. John Ernest

      So,................ I take it one hiding behind the hay bails won't give much protection?😥😥😥💩

    42. Mark Nauta

      Hurry up!!!!!😡😡😡😡

    43. Dragosity incorporated

      nobody: Aimbot users: 12:40

    44. Rick 1776-1970

      Im not going to say anything about that tounge split...nope

    45. Tom Liemohn

      Definitely de-monetized. And worth every non penny of it!

    46. Project 86 I roc-z


    47. danny leq

      Love how he drives the car after it gets obliterated

    48. David Quan

      0:40 instant like

    49. Brick o r Jake

      i am 10

    50. cari .g

      Bring on the 13 year old boys FBI OPEN UP!!!

    51. Chase Gullion

      Cough cough gustav cannon cough

    52. Gerardo Aleman

      2:40 nice small hole... bigger than my body

    53. Damien Bell

      Insane luv it, you all rock man

    54. crimson autumn

      I'm 13 lol

    55. Steven Little

      That looks more like a M18 Hellcat (tank destroyer)....looks like a fun vid to shoot (pun intended)

      1. Dylan Mcwhirter

        I thought the turret on hellcats are open on the top

    56. James Boyer

      I am a twelve year old and I think there is nothing wrong with you people have bad taste in CZ-news channels and hate the good channels like yours so please don't change a thing

    57. Rommel der Wuestenfuchs

      The slomo guys where there

    58. Lil Lamb

      Y don’t they sit in the tank to fire it

    59. Firstname LastName

      12:41 "Parry this you pleb"

    60. Lenfield

      25mm is ~2x .50 BMG

    61. J.Cheever Loophole

      ooh title looks interesting.... Watches initial sketch.....yeah nevermind....

    62. Edward Arterburn

      Love This !!!!

    63. KEYko nick 090

      *the largest gun Gun in the turret in a battleships: *AM I JOKE TO YOU*

    64. Joey Plumb

      In the final Demolition Ranch. I’m here on the USS Ohio and we’re going to launch a Titan II missile.

    65. Greg B

      Great opening skit!

    66. J McD

      Just "we've got ten fridgersesesss, gonna see if the tannnk blows threwdemm....." Murga. And I'm still like "hell yeah." With the Brits over here firing tank rounds, I loved my bro Russ, God Bless the Queen, and our flerken freedoms

      1. J McD

        ANNNNNNNnndddd shooting a tank at a Buster Sword. What I would consider a "real" Buster Sword. Yeah hey don't be mean to me please I'm just enjoying the heck out of all of this and jumping off my illness. This is fun as can be.

      2. J McD Wait, no, is... the sky showing the tracer of the tank round!?! Flabberrolfgasmttld;

    67. funny boy

      bro is that the buster sword

    68. Leo Bargagna

      Minute 13:20 *creeper*

    69. Marcus Taylor

      That was a mistake that was a mistake hahahahaha need a demo shirt and I watch how ridiculous as wel

    70. Marcus Taylor

      Hilarious from the start