This is the Largest Gun... Let's Fire it!

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    1. AzDh

      "bring on the 13 year old boys"

    2. Teutonic Knight

      What about the shwerer Gustav rail gun

    3. Local Trap Star

      Hicock 45 is my real daddy

    4. Nathanial Ponn


    5. Gavin Gibbons

      It made the weirdest nose when it hit the hay bails!!!!

    6. AntiReptile 3122

      Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!!!!! Holy shit!!!! Hahahaha that was GREAT!!!!!

    7. 77 62

      *laughs in British 183mm HESH launcher*

      1. 77 62

        @Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville thank you kind stranger

      2. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

        "183mm HEAT" Don't you mean HESH good sir?

    8. The Panzer Of the Lake

      I love how they shoot the 152 at 10 fridges and the car Instead of _shooting the fridges at the car_

    9. TheAwkwardSeal

      If the intro doesn't get him age restricted idk what will lmao

    10. dr death

      This is on my birthday, lit

    11. 350sdemon

      Why fire the Sherman from outside of it? I'd want to be in it! Lol

    12. Prince Banipal

      Damn that sword probably outlast humans on this planet.

    13. stalin approved

      So,...that 152 shoot an AP shell?

    14. Jomell Sinohin

      Why are they outside the tank shoudnt be they shoyld be inside when they are goin to fire?

    15. Jcknight7996

      Sherman is a 75mm -3 inch round

    16. FFS SargentSWAG

      I feel personally attacked 0:15

    17. Ivan Guerreror

      And can you do the maus next

    18. Ivan Guerreror

      Is a M4 shrmen

    19. Little BOI

      "This is the largest gun..." Schwerer Gustav: Are you challenging me?

      1. Wyatt Olson

        I think the us had a bigger gun than that.

    20. Caleb Gibson

      The intro had me in tears😂😂😂

    21. Ralphy’s Replays

      it is a M4A3E8 sherman

    22. Ralphy’s Replays

      this tank isnt just a sherman

    23. Lucid Dreaming Kitti

      4:30 noooo you can't shoot that it's zack's buster sword from ffvii

    24. The guy Who needs freedom

      Why him shoot buster sword?

    25. Mtb Wheelies And Fun

      Intro is like listening to a Catholic priest 😳😂

    26. Ray Villarreal

      Lmfaol the Chrysler top my grandma would have been very upset lol

    27. Asley Hernandez

      I enjoy this channel

    28. freshmenrule

      13:20 aw man we scratched the paint 😂😂😂

    29. Gunner Schenck

      4:05 Gump! Get in that hole!! 🤣

    30. Cesar Rodriguez

      No the largest gun was the Gustav from Germany in WW2

    31. Casper

      why didnt you just move the sword to the impact destination? Just asking...

    32. Harley Me

      could have sworn the largest guns were the two railguns Hitler made.. 31.5 inch shells.

    33. Viktor T

      Wish you aimed for the engine block

    34. Tom Catt

      Nobody else caught the Hickock45 reference?!?

    35. D Man

      When will Mr. Hickok be visiting the Demolition Ranch?

    36. 砂witch蝶蝶

      This was so cool! Thanks for the video!

    37. grandglad

      That gun is far from the biggest the biggest was the schwerer Gustav It were made in ww2 by Germany

    38. William Couch

      No just nooo

    39. Metalhead

      You see We don’t allow anybody to become a Texan you have to shoot a tank first

    40. That'sThe NewBoy

      Actually the biggest gun is the Gustav cannon/gun but as of right now yes that is the biggest gun

    41. Hayden Thorne

      That’s not a m4 Sherman tank that is an m4 Sherman firefly

      1. Konstantin K.

        Which is a M4 tank, just with a British gun (and modified turret to fit it)

    42. Cody Maris

      He's a American of course it goes now and arrow to a tank

    43. David Priester

      So wack how these "jokers" got to shoot an anti tank weapon that actually saw service time in WW2. they dont even know about the war theyre from the most random faraway place in the world

    44. Gary Peatling

      Truck parked next to tank is still correct shape

    45. Troy Stutsman

      That was awesome...!!! I want one of those BIG BOYS...! What’s up with the 1.9k PUSSIES that gave this a thumbs down...? I guess that looking down the bore of that last one reminded them too much of their moms...

      1. That'sThe NewBoy

        I like you

    46. Liam McAliney

      When he ups the power to maximum overdrive 1 000 000 000 cars vs nuke: Will it work?

    47. skyfan152

      I don't care what they shoot at this point, I'm just in awe at the fact that they bought a whole ass Buster Sword just to shoot at it with artillery. Never thought I'd see it, but I'm glad I did.

    48. David Magnum

      Matt can you start and end your next episode with the Team America Theme song? Either way, it plays in my head when I watch you channel....Best channel since FPS Russia, just saying.Haha

    49. New York Rebel

      That "gun" reminds me of the Howitzer that my Uncle operated in Nam.

    50. GT World

      Fire gatling gun under deep water (under river/pool/ocean 😜😁) plz do that .

    51. Brandon Bosworth

      They have to pull a string to fire it how tf

    52. Hermishmer

      *2030* Nukes entire cavillian village in South America for the sake of the internet

      1. Hermishmer

        @Theo Valente enough poor people. And criminals.

      2. Theo Valente

        why south america?

    53. Alycia Deangelo

      Matt in 40 years: So today we will be firing a missile at a car

    54. Kiithnaras Ashaa

      I wonder if the Iowa preservation museum might be convinced to do annual firings of some of the guns on board...

    55. Mitch Karl

      The drone sounds like a hive of bees!😂😂I was trying to find them at first until I realized what it was.smh

    56. andrés romero

      That's real demolition!!

    57. Bravo Six

      Shoot a Tiger I

    58. Ghost EndGame

      How ridiculous a bunch of kids that were dropped now dropping things :P

    59. SiMoN SeZ

      That 75 mm gun on the Sherman M4 was good in the old days, though never made much of a difference to the Panzer-3 & 4 and its nemesis, the Tiger tank. It was only the HE(High Explosive) round that made a dent in Jerry's tanks. The D-20 is a Soviet 152 mm towed gun-howitzer. Maximum firing range‎ was ‎17.4 km an its Projectile weight‎ was ‎43.56 kg. Packed in quite a punch and was a standard gun for Russian arty-units & its allies during the Cold War.

    60. B Brunson

      Governor Northam (VA) is totally not going to like this channel. 👍

    61. jplvaldosta

      Should have got Carfax to sponsor this vid.

    62. Kris Beck

      The hickock face was hilarious lol

    63. Baby Yoda

      Why that thing has 2 Marks of Experience on the gun?

    64. OMAR

      G'Day Mate Aussie accent good day mate.

    65. RJ Walls

      Gun Bunnies often use the old sayin' "You Yell? We Shell!" As a Cavalry Scout I got to fire two 120MM rounds in an M1A2 Abrams tank during their training table qualifications. They let us since we helped the tankers break track and clean treads for 2 days. It was very cool, I fired 2 rounds & the second one misfired as I hit the trigger so I got to use the "Master Blaster" to fire it "manually" which was even more fun! Never got the chance to fire a 155 round from a 777 but respect the hell out of it's destructive ability. They don't call the Howitzers the King of Battle for any less reason. Very cool video, glad you guys got to experience the incredible force of the shockwave these things unleash by being in close proximity.

    66. Gavin Carroll

      the dragon breaths again

    67. Samuel Bonerfält

      I wanna se you fire a Carl Gustav recoileless rifle to on something fun. It's a gun I use a lot in the army bot they don't let us fire it on something cool, just tank shaped steel targets. Give us som fun and an awesome experience of power!!

    68. nachosNapples

      what the hell is this playlist now?

    69. BlλckMesa

      last time i saw this gun being fired, it's projectile got deflected by watermelons...

    70. Mr Kool

      I’m 15 and your videos are dope I love em