this is the end.



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    1. Donna Watson

      Saying goodbye to the city that made u rich....enjoy 🌞 Cali

    2. JohnPoP

      yo can i borrow you 50k asap

    3. Lee 219

      I feel like you would be such great friends with Rhett of GMM. He’s also working on his priorities and ego right now. Its the reason he’s growing his beard right now.

    4. William Allen

      Can’t begin to tell you how much I connected with this video, thanks for posting.

    5. Lea Woods

      Looking forwards to what's next. Onya Casey!

    6. Zishan

      This video made me remember all the promises I made to myself when I was a kid and how I told myself that no matter what, no matter how foolish it may sound when I grow up, I will still definitely fulfill it for the kid in myself. Thank you Casey.

    7. Ryne Mayne

      stop copy writing my name you philistine. god. fuck ur such a virgin

    8. Robert Holck

      Wow 1:47 that memory taken eleven months before they were made a memory :(

    9. Tupac Shakur

      Bro u just rolled thru my state.I live in Cincinnati.Ohio 15 minutes from Indiana you were driving though Harrison Ohio.Looked like you were on 74 West.Could have I dunno went to have good local food.Everyone likes Skyline chili here.I like Larosa's pizza but you being from NY I wonder what you would think of it? Man it is good then again it is always good to know someone from somewhere being you dont personally I would still be able to help out with anything in this area.

    10. Joey Dalton

      I live how dude perfect liked this but also I’m sad about this

    11. Sarim

      This is my second favorite video of Casey, the most favourite being "what's the point of working?"

    12. Justin Červený

      Chose to bail on your kid when he was a child and you call it struggling? Kudos to making it, but fuck off with the "struggling" part.

    13. Atypical Warrior

      I almost never really like though transitional music that you use but the way you set up your transitions and the footage that you use for your transitions just tells its own story

    14. Atypical Warrior

      As a New Yorker who had to leave New York because of familial and financial reasons a lot of this video connects with me on a completely different level

    15. Aarav Sandhu

      ok cool nice

    16. Ian Saric

      Casey you were the man that convinced me that I would like to live in New York City when I grow up. Before you I was scared about the criminal that is in New York City. So thank you for everything.

    17. Petr Miškeřík

      12:08 ... 12:11 I was never see Casey that sad... He was crying, obviously...

    18. Aragorn Elessar

      That speech about how NYC is the best city in the world...

    19. everything guala

      what would mean waking up in the same house .. every single day ... 7 days a week with my father u ask? stress n anxiety.

    20. Donna McCullough

      i didnt know you posted theze

    21. DTW John

      I live in San diego


      Wanna say thank you. This video reminded me of the goals and dreams that I have made to myself and either forgot or put on the side and now know what I am supposed to be really doing. THANK YOU..

    23. rAvensBBr

      Dude this guy sounds like a washed-up Barney Stinson...sad.

    24. Oreo

      He ain’t gon see snow or rain for a while

    25. Arwa Ellouly

      يعني انت فجأة جبت فبالي وفجأة دورت عليك ولقيت أني عاملالك فولو اصلا وفجأة اخترت الفيديو دا بالذات عشان اشوفه؟ عشان اعرف انا عايزه ايه😭❤️

    26. Celtic Highlander&AHook

      Well its sunnier but its a cesspit as far as street hygiene now. Homeless tents everywhere. Warmer fir family fun who wants to live in cold most of year. You love bring outdoors its perfect. Out soul path leads us on ehen we are ready to new things. Its time when you listen to your soul for change. Not safest place for your kids though we t froma cold frying pan into hot one. Wish your family love and all best. Do we get to see the new kid last thing we saw was the baby after birth. Best of luck be safe an onto a new chapter ✨💕 Did your dtaff lose their jobs??

    27. Celtic Highlander&AHook


    28. Boaz Whealy

      😭 wow, this video really got me.

    29. StonyRC

      One door closes, another opens. No other way to think about it.

    30. Luiza Mariano

      Am I the only one crying???

    31. JST DRVN

      Last time I was here he started 2468 or whatever it was? Guess that folded?

    32. Steve Shellenberger - Lets Make Some Art

      Powerful and touching. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Well done.

    33. Z Sidat

      Awesome move Casey & Candice. Thank you for sharing your lives on the tube. Casey u will rock wherever u go man ! and ur positive energy will always manifest great things , LA get ready for Casey & Co. : )

    34. HarlowsKorner 101


    35. bazoo513

      You do realize that your promises to your 20 yo self were the very advices you got as a kid, right? (One of them probably being "don't have a child while you are little more than a child yourself". You know, the responsibility thing.)

    36. JH Fowler

      Thoughts are with YOU, CANDICE, and your entire family for success down both roads ahead!


      Thank you so much for this~~ I left NYC a year ago and I did it for the exact reason. Not because I’m at the best place in life but because I wanted to chase my dreams comfortably. The first year was really hard and I was regretting my move to Nevada but now I’m confident that I did the right thing. Thank you~!

    38. Road Philosopher

      Got sick of the homeless problem there no doubt and the fires.

    39. Ptee Pan

      Try not to over sale California, we have enough non-natives living here 😁. Enjoy Life Casey, now that u r in California maybe you will also wonder why people love N.Y. sure it has it's place but it's not LIVING. Well the type of adventure you are on at this very moment. NY shaped you, we are great ful.for that.

    40. Quillian kanuty

      The song in this video is French 😂

      1. Quillian kanuty

        El Torro Tu parles français🤔

      2. El Torro

        Wow you are a Sherlock

    41. SeanDaDon

      10:42 to 11:05 that's exactly what LA has as well😅

    42. Esther Rezvani

      Congratulations finally getting to this point in your life. So inspirational.

    43. Jimmy Neutron

      Miss the old casey Your videos got me through the process of stopping my addiction Hope god keeps blessing you...


      So you leave one rat race behind for another?. That makes sense. If you had said New England, Canada, South America i would have got it. lol.

    45. audy nasion

      r u in your best emotional?

    46. Flipper

      Must be damn tuff to move. Best wishes to you and your family. I see you was really sad in 12:10 Take care man.

    47. harjeet Nahal

      That’s a beautiful video@caseyNeistat

    48. LOU LUYAO

      Chasing the life that we really want might be the hardest thing for our generation. Follow your heart and all we are proud of you.

    49. TSQ_R6

      New York gonna miss you casey.

    50. ruperto tomapoco

      oh new york! i ve been thru so much shit with you! but i love you still!

    51. hiPokemon1234

      Me: Hmmm haven't watched Casey in a while, let's see what's up in New York Casey: Moving out of New York Me: Well shit...

      1. Ian Saric


      2. Jack Surette

        hiPokemon1234 same I always comeback when I’m sad to see what he is doing in that city and all I see now is and his family in LA

    52. Martin Frison

      You are New York are you LA

    53. Frederico Batistele

      How I miss your daily vlogs in NYC.

    54. Gs Chadalavada

      Casey Neistat: You went to New York on a bicycle and you left in a Tesla, you started with a family of less than 10 and left with more than 10 million people. If anything you've discovered your meaning of life. To start a new level, and beat it with the highest score possible. Good luck in LA Casey.

    55. Grimaud Family Vlogs

      Ive watched this video probably 8 times now... Such a great video. Glad youre here casey, its pretty amazing.

    56. Mackenzie Lawrie

      Tearing up at the title. Okay let's go

    57. Abrakadeborah

      I love NYC too.

    58. Oregon Johnson

      What’s the song that plays at 0:46 as the boxes fall?

    59. Quiet Navajo

      1:48 Hey that’s the day I was born, two hours before. Fun fact you probably don’t need to hear. I thought that was super dope though.

    60. prity777

      The first good video of you.

    61. Benicio Flores

      Casey you don’t get to see your son I don’t get to see my dad that much it’s hard and I understand my mom and dad don’t talk much at all plese look and put this comment in one of your videos please I wish I was like you and had a office and lived in New York

    62. join the fist 10

      Now he has to make a new studio. or I will kinda annoyed

    63. Just Jordan

      But maybe all the Teachers Adults and Parents were right, the chance for success is so small so why even try. I mean all I ever wanted to do is Play video games, now as adult I can do that. I don't need to succeed in anything to do that at all. So now what, my child dream is complete ... if only they would make actually good VR games ... I got a reason to live on now.

    64. kaspi TV

      Hey! What’s up at Marlon’s? ( the postman ) hah

    65. SaDitrO

      CaseyNeistat Chapter 2 Fortnite Chapter 2 Coincidence I think not

    66. David Kowaleski

      Posted on my birthday this was. Hmmm.

    67. Famo M

      Just when I thought I found a real Vloger to sink into everyday...

    68. Adarsh Udassi

      What happened to the content creator house stuff in NY? Been catching up after a long time and good luck Case

    69. MichaelandJenny Kinder

      Casey can vlog The Big One.

    70. Dan Tierney

      I left NY in 1999 and never looked back. It was rough but I wouldn't change a thing. You did well. Now enjoy time with your family and enjoy it.