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    1. Lydia Narvaez


    2. Jose Liera

      How do you people watch this?? You must be the same people that watch jersey shore and Kardashians.

    3. DashFlash

      Everyone was so nice! I’m happy that everyone was super excited for it being a girl. Actually, It felt like everyone was thankful it wasn’t a boy, which was actually kind of rude. Honestly shocked that they were happy it wasn’t a boy

    4. Baishali Debbarma

      why you are so upset landon? while knowing the fact that you are gonna have a girl? shameful

    5. Ernest Trejo

      Straight up who the hell watches this shit! And why. Do viewers not see they’re just feeding these people money for not doing anything. Don’t let this trend continue. People should work for their $ Get a life!!! Go out and make your own life. You too can have a life you desire. Don’t rely on others to satisfy your emotions!!!!!

    6. Karla Miracle

      The Amazon Forrest has been on fire, burning for 3 weeks straight. It’s one of our largest Ecosystems and NO ONE Is batting an eye about it. Instead people rather watch this BS. Who even are these people? Planet it dying

    7. vRoExotic

      Man fuck this shit, PewDiePie should be top trending but he hasn’t uploaded anything about his wedding with Marzia 😭

    8. Sustainably Fashioned Mommy

      Hello guys I’m an up and coming family channel, I’d appreciate if you’d head over and show my channel love xo

    9. Lydia Narvaez

      HEY L&S GANG

    10. II Bad Sport II

      Fucking weak

    11. laura a Z

      Who the fuck are these ppl. why is this bs trending lol

    12. John Popovich


    13. Daniel is kool-aid

      Wait so like... who are these people and why are they gonna #1 trending next to the other “baby announcements”?

    14. Tiny The Weirdo

      15 minutes just to say "its a girl"

    15. geeluv35

    16. Yazmarelis Flecha

      Omg!!!!! Landon’s reaction 😍😍❤️

    17. Michelle Carrillo jimenez


    18. Global Monsoon


    19. David Galvan

      Wtf! Wfc!


      Whoo need subscribes join here ❤❤😘😘

    21. Yeraldin Gonzalez


    22. Angel Mendez

      Phora knew 🤣

    23. alexception

      Pewdiepie should have been on trending not this garbage

    24. UnlistedHacker

      oh, no! a future Instagram thot!

    25. Chelsey Dela Cruz

      I see this is a vid to flex for views... don’t mind me just waiting for that Pewdiepie wedding...

    26. pascasio gomez

      Lmaof thought they was havin another kid 😂😂

    27. Ashley Martinez

      When the baby is born your guys should take her home in that car. PS congratulations on your baby girl.

    28. Random Hajile

      Making money out of your child is *disgusting.* You people should be *ashamed* of watching this garbage.

    29. undivinedemon

      Why the fk is this on my feed! I’m not subscribed to any genre paired to this, and I don’t give a fk about auto tune

    30. Evan Flatequal

      Dumb ass video

    31. Lady Bug

      I honestly cant stand this fake family,,this douche loves his silly face in the camera all the time,,he's so dam fake,, man you ain't no celebrity, maybe help your wife with the kids instead of acting a fool for the camera,, baby news is always exciting but this dork makes me want to skip the whole video,, douche bag

    32. Todd Mother

      Oh not trending anymore

    33. Juggie Bonebrain

      Who are these people?

    34. James Crane um......good for them and all but........where’s the real best CZ-news couple, that literally JUST GOT MARRIED

    35. sofia orona

      this ain't even a wedding

    36. Changis Khan

      Who are l and s?

    37. Egg With 20,000 Subscribers

      So how many people got married this month?

    38. RubyRed_FG1

      Song @ 8:54?

    39. Amon Amarth

      Who gives a fuck??????

    40. Vanessa Almazan

      The Range Rover was a tacky way of revealing the gender, I’m all for being extra but in my opinion wasn’t appropriate. Still excited for you guys though! Congrats 🎉

    41. Xani

      These fake ass families with their fake ass story lines .

    42. Raima Sen

      Honestly,these girls are going to be soo loved..with uncles and aunts,grandparents,and parents like that..!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    43. david chappel


    44. Gr3g L

      It’s all an image. Everything they do and say. U can tell, I Meehan there putting music videos into this to show everyone laughing n shit. FUK OFF

    45. Nicole Encinia

      Dose anyone know all of there songs on here plz if u do reply 🙏🏼💞

    46. Erica Parr

      My family don’t have a lot of boys either 😂 14 girls and 4 boys under the age of 11 in my family plus 2 more babies coming don’t know the genders yet😭😂hoping one will be a boy!!

    47. Lani Games

      So many kids

    48. Raptor Jesus

      Dont care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care don't care

    49. MALUKIAN gamer

      I want my first to be a boy so he can protect his sisters

    50. Oscar Chavez

      Whats the name of the song

    51. Yemely Moran

      Am i the only one who got really emotinal 😭😭

    52. random viewer

      Cool Pewds got married enjoy this trending congrats though

    53. YeSeNiA’s ChAnNeL

      Damnnnn this gender reveal was low key sad 🥺

    54. Todd Mother

      Wait!!! Think. you are not, you are NOT “revealing, actually, that baby’s gender. That 👶 baby of yours cannot, Possibley, know it’s own GENDER yet. That Baby is getting the gender you👆🏿CONSTRUCT. G.D. People, IT’s 2019. This is B.S.

    55. aidan garza

      You just want money

    56. YoungandLatin

      She needs a Range Rover ? She has a Jeep, and a Mercedes g wagon. Their all suvs in a type of way. I don’t get it, was this about the baby or was it about the car ? Like this is twisted. Landon is crying his eyes out about the kid and Shyla just over here trying to be a Catherine 😂 I’m mad. London ..... wtf bro

    57. John Marston

      Does he create wood piles by chewing down trees with those teeth?!

    58. Merfy _

      Охххх... Настальгия по Микаелу

    59. Arianna Diaz

      I’m tired of these superficial montages (on part by the ace family) please find some genuine material And can we please talk about how much better this gender reveal is than Austin and Catherine’s

    60. andrew Wang

      I thought it was going to be non-binary attack helicopter

    61. Miley Saunders

      Its a girl awww thats really bless

    62. Mari_challenges_and fun Fun videos

      I literally started crying when Landon cried at 10:10 it’s so sweet

    63. Samia Garcia

      Tbh i don't think nun of them were upset i think they were just like really shocked that is finally happy they were gonna Finally get a baby!

    64. dj Lui

      These channels must be stopped !

    65. DexTheKid Z

      These youtubers showing up 1# makes me want to support my second amendment on myself, also this content needs to burn in hell with there viewers including myself for being in these comments

    66. CREEPER !?

      I literally was just watching vines and went to go check a message, wtf auto play?

    67. Sarah Bee

      remember when you shared a moment with your spouse in the ultrasound room, and cried holding eachother at that moment envisioning who your baby was going to be... and you felt so special knowing that that awesome moment was only yours and you felt SO special to have something no one else had? Well fuck that feeling cuz now its about the mother fuckin car and all the lavish shit associated with having a baby!!!! Its about the show !!! To hell with kids wheres the damn presents and fake ass personalities lol

    68. laylay.qween tillman

      It’s a girl

    69. Jackie Vlogs

      Normal people:*do their gender reveal with a cake or balloon* L&S:*do there gender reveal with a freaking car*

    70. Rusty Shackleford

      No shade but Landon looks like a mole rat and Shyla is very pretty... I guess she’s with him for the $$$$