This Football Lets You Play Catch Alone



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    Thanks to Ollyball for sponsoring this video! This amazing ball was named 2019 toy of the year (and for good reason)!
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    1. Cool Kid

      Finally someone who understands my loneliness

    2. Irvin Ramirez


    3. Irvin Ramirez


    4. Irvin Ramirez


    5. Irvin Ramirez


    6. Irvin Ramirez


    7. Irvin Ramirez


    8. Irvin Ramirez

      Make a big

    9. Trip L Gaming

      No it's playing with a wall

    10. The Social Circle

      Congratulation Eric and you won the kanjam game

    11. Duncan Potato

      "Dad heads up!" "Oh wait, I forgot dad left to get milk, well good thing I have this football that can fly back to me!"

    12. Muhamad Danial

      The Spike Ball tho is a really interesting game and it is really fun to play with it :)

    13. Koen Peters

      I have the OllyBall

    14. hoverboy 2018

      That body part of a man's body is the most sensitive thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!

    15. hoverboy 2018

      At 1:09. How did that not hurt?!

    16. Crushumalisha Channels

      what is the second song called say here | | V

    17. Crushumalisha Channels

      me skips a real ad me :i watched 14 minutes of ads

    18. Cody_ Motion101

      You should do a collab with dude perfect

    19. Suji Meomoto

      Bruh I just realized VAT is a sponsor

    20. Bernard Marasigan

      Thats sad

    21. bleach foryoursuicideproblems

      Probably meant for orphans

    22. a human potato

      Me: *pays for CZ-news Red so I have no ads* Also me: *watches this*

    23. Kasparas Šukys

      When you said about skyball you forgot YEET

    24. your fellow furry uwu


    25. SaberMcTaber

      Instead of bootcamp, it should be called bootycamp

    26. Nathaniel Chanek


    27. Thedepressedounut327

      0:07 um did you just assume that i have no friends?

    28. Laughlan Karalus

      wall not included

    29. Rainbow Warrior

      I skipped an ad to watch 15 minutes of ads 😤😤😤

    30. Dakota Strickland


    31. Tommy Ralph

      Why is nobody talking about eric

    32. Sultan Jamir

      5:55 what happened to these guys?

    33. MegaRayquaza

      1:00 That is what she said

    34. Rani Abisaid

      A jig saw and a plastic Home Depot bucket would replace “ CAN JAM “

    35. Revenge Agma


    36. JDX

      Petition for changing normal ads to vat19 ads

    37. Argentina Palafox

      You guys are cool how do you come up with these ideas?

    38. Kenny Parisi

      big brain kaiden

    39. animelord 28

      Sad catch

    40. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

      *rolls like bowling ball* *hits with golf club* *looks like being kicked like a soccer ball* *backflip* TOUCHDOWN!!!!! (american football)

    41. Joel Lopez

      Slogan: “No dad, no problem!”

    42. Satya Prakash

      Can you sit on Ollyball

    43. Acherest

      Most entertaining ad I have ever watched

    44. Andrew Pytlik

      Can you throw the olly ball at a picture

    45. Steefboy Spark

      No offence but the golf thing kinda a coppie of dude perfect

      1. Tater_ Skater

        That's the joke kid

      2. Purple Pineapple

        Steefboy Spark it’s meant to be a copy. That’s the joke.

    46. Kayla Dawn


    47. Gamer Hucklee

      Who thought after voli was the end

    48. Crazy Saine

      They took dp aka dude perfect on number 11

    49. skillilliyan

      this is not a boomerang and I'm tired of this clickbait bullshit

    50. Creeper Vlogs

      For the nightball basketball if it goes in the road u see your basketball get killed cuz if no night basketball no seeing basket ball dying

    51. kieran dodd

      did anyone else see eric

    52. Jr Pueyo-Morales

      That Sky Bouncer is definitely a Dude Perfect material

    53. Zach Derosier

      Oh boy oh boy am I the only one who saw something else 12:18

    54. Xxgacha_gamingXx :3

      I started watching dude perfect after that weird dude decent

    55. Dank Butter

      "You can play harder longer"

    56. Renosal

      Είστε φλώροι

    57. Igor Schmidlapp

      I call total BS on Ollyball... damage can DEFINITELY be done with it... Because... SCIENCE... PassBack looks like an interrupted turd... particularly when hiked... Voli... when you have trouble handling your shuttlecock... or... Handball with "#1" foam fingers... A whole lot of somebody who no longer works there... or is Eric hiding in plain sight now? ;-P Little Golfer Dude has been around for decades... are you guys just using oldJohnson-Smith catalogs for source? Next... X-RAY SPECS! ;-P I'm starting a "Dude Fair To Middlin'" channel, myself... ;-P

    58. Maddie Pippin

      Hi Vat19

    59. The Galvin Vu Channel

      Ripoffs 13:58

    60. im just a sunflower

      *Pass-back is for me bcs I don't have any friends*

    61. ashton davis

      Who needs a dad

    62. Erica Gawf

      I got the pass back

    63. Aydan Forse

      The no dad 3000

    64. Morgan Denz

      Why is the wallet ninga makes sports more fun

    65. G_wolf and co official channel

      At the end they basically roasted dude perfect Lmao

    66. Pinky Thebird

      Pass back: play catch alone The pass back is for people who don’t like social interaction

    67. Christine Cliff

      can you color on it with copics?

    68. Owen Myers

      1:36 life hit hard for David Mason

    69. arshan jamil

      10:26 on repeat super funny.

    70. Selman Bela

      This football lets u play catch alone Dogs:nervous sweating