These Are the LEAST (and MOST Safe) New Trucks You Can Buy Today!

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    ( ) These Are the LEAST (and MOST Safe) New Trucks You Can Buy Today! 2020 Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, Ram 1500, and Toyota Tundra.
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    1. Matt South

      Excellent info, please repeat this for the mid-sized trucks too (Tacoma, Colorado, etc..)

      1. Peter Cho

        It doesn’t matter which truck is better or worse. Back in 60 and 70’s. Manufactures made steel bumpers to prevent less damage to human. But now, most trucks and cars are made of plastic and foam bumpers. So you do the math. Current design is to kill people not to save. And even a small hit which can be repair but insurance claim as total. To force us to purchase more vehicles to be in debt. Older trucks are much safer and reliable because less computer control. So purchase older trucks if you can. Also easy to repair.

      2. Donald Oberloh

        Parents care headcsse620

      3. David Klimmek

        @daveror go Ford or dont drive trucks we say.

      4. David Klimmek

        @Sean MacNee yup 2nd tier truck.

    2. 91rattoyota

      VOLVO needs to make a truck for the U.S. market. Either midsize or a full size. It would be interesting to see.

    3. tru24 68pom

      Test em going 50+ mph

    4. Aaron McVay

      F-150 headlights are atrocious. I was driving home last night with my brights on and nobody flashed me. That says a lot.

    5. GW H

      Dodge is #1 because it spends more time in the shop than on the road.🤣

    6. Edward Arsena

      Still would never buy a Dodge.

    7. stang must

      that is stupid you need lights that turn with the vehicle that all , that is luxury not a necessity

    8. Craig Dishner

      How about dependability? When the dodge leaves you stranded on a lonely dark road? Or worse in the middle of an eight lane highway. I sued Chrysler 20 years ago over defective brakes on a Sebring under the lemon law in Georgia.First , an arbitration! I told arbitrator about problems. To my surprise dealer manager got up and said, yes he’s right there’s a problem with the brakes that we can’t fix or figure out. The arbitrator’s salary was paid by the auto makers. He ruled against me and I traded for a toyota never going back to American made again. I don’t trust dodge- Chrysler and I don’t trust this review!!!!

    9. Mark Tirabassi

      Not impressed by any of the trucks . What a shame

    10. Mike Lyons

      If you can't Dodge it Ram it!

    11. Stu Pid

      Lmao ! Really a Dodge? It’s funny in the oilfield this dodge 3500 is self destruction. Very weak front end. Ball joints and brakes last maybe 40,000 Kms

    12. Joseph Kraft

      If I have been building trucks for 100 years I think by now I would have figured out how to make a vehicle safe. Good for Ram and Ford for making safe trucks!

    13. Judd Hengtgen

      All these tests are done by MTS, we make some of the components for the testing machines, at the shop I work at.

    14. Jeffrey Small

      these test are not real world test who hits a steal beam most are other cars

    15. Keith Howell

      When comparing these trucks, should you compare all brands at the same year and trim models....? Putting a truck with 2015 technology up against a 2020 model just seems incorrect, maybe I’m missing something ...

    16. PRBB25

      Seemed like the ford truck stayed parallel after impact deflecting out and around the barrier. where as the other trucks seemed to impact hard at the cabs fire wall which caused the vehicle to hook and rotate.

    17. gun freak

      Well if you gotta Ram something you might as well be #1 at it!

    18. John MacLean

      Does TFL Car have this test for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator?

    19. solo2r

      Amazing that headlights are an issue in this Technical age

    20. Nick Taylor

      Great report -its amazing they can't get the headlights right you would think that would be simple compared to crash performance.

    21. David Crandall

      So ford o k.?

    22. Kyle Gallant

      Good job RAM awesome truck!!!!

    23. dlefeb67

      So, it seems if your in an actual accident, the Ford is the one to be in. If you want to see to avoid one, The Ram is the truck.

    24. R.C. Welding's garage

      Hey Scotty how's that for a dodge?? 🐴 neigh!!!!

    25. spydergs07

      Going to get a F-250 in the next few days.

    26. eric pigg

      Hey!! Ram won something!

    27. Nicholas Wegman

      The headlight ranking is crap. I have a F-150 XLT and I get flashed constantly and can see with no problems. This is with nothing in the box.

    28. Grow Trade Learn

      toyota sucks because they haven’t done anything to the truck since 2009

    29. Maniac742

      "Marginal" headlight ratings don't bother me that much. You can always put in brighter bulbs or replace the reflectors with projectors. You can't alter the frame, however, so crash ratings are there to stay. RIP Tundra.

    30. Stefano Crescenzi

      Can you look into Gladiator test too?

    31. LRODRG11

      F150 is my top pick :D

      1. Tommy Truth

        And the lights are fine on them.

    32. Tim

      Who needs headlights? Not me vroom vroom

    33. Big Beef89

      They are all the same, the new vehicles are designed to absorb the impact not stand up to it like the older ones

    34. franz stockmann

      RAMITUPYOAZZSHE TRUCK- no need to worry about crashes- it won't start

    35. franz stockmann

      Passenger is toast in all of these tests

    36. E Rod


    37. John Connell

      Situational awareness is better then crash warnings stop playing on your phone, use your turn signals, if you miss your turn don't stop in the street, and actually look

    38. Lucas Simpson

      So case and point - don’t buy Asian trucks 🤣

    39. JCAUPS1

      Can the MFG's provide a Bay Area version with unbreakable glass so the F&!ken losers will stop breaking into my truck & stealing my tools?

    40. edysa hernandez


    41. Leeann Bowser

      what percent crash like this

    42. Tommy mcvee

      I have seen Tundras and Rams bent in half from side hits but not GM or Fords

      1. Donny Smith

        Tommy mcvee My friend got hit in his 99 F350 by a car at 55 mph and it did no body damage to the truck but the energy it traveled through the frame and bounced his head off the head rest knocking him out! He has brain damage still! Truck looked great , vehicles are supposed to wrinkle up and absorb that hi hit energy and keep cab intact protecting occupants.

    43. Stephanie McKaskle

      Those dummies are terrible drivers. 🤣😂

    44. udmbfck x

      Good info to know which would help in decision making..... I would never buy a RAM, not so much because of their engines, but more so that everything else will fall apart sooner than later.. I rather buy a 5.0 V8 Ford F-150 for the long haul which will last me much longer than any of their twin turbo V6 offerings. The difference in crash rating is not a lot.....just some headlights. Second best would be the Chevy with an LS V8 engine (who the hell buys a turbo 4 in a full sized pickup?). So there it is, the Ram may be the best in a crash by a tiny bit, but the Ford is a close second and the Chevy is not too far behind, plus they will last much longer when properly equipped and are pretty tough to beat.

    45. basspig

      Ford truck headlights systems have been among the worst since the mid-1990s. They've had a lot of time and a lot of complaints to the NHS TA by truck owner to correct these problems but they have done little to nothing about it.

    46. Tristan Helgerson

      And this is a crash test not a electronics test

    47. Tristan Helgerson

      Why r the headlight rated for this it’s not like headlights are gonna save u in a car crash

    48. Mario Menjivar

      Based on the overall test witch one was the safest truck? Because I was looking at the charts and the number 4 has all the check boxes marked green ( good ) just the headlamps have a orange ( marginal ) .


      ** 3:17

    50. LifeLongStrong

      It seems all of these trucks do fairly well. I would be curious to know if real world data supports the crash testing; or are all of them so safe that the difference on the road is irrelevant.

    51. Conradk65

      They test trucks as if they are cars so owners feel safer. Luckily most people don’t carry loads because most trucks would be accordions.

    52. Gabriel Cease

      They should test how bad the ram is

    53. ghusa ghusa

      I just taught my dog to say roof roof!

    54. meenoo meenoo

      Cybertruck: hold my key

    55. Naughtysauce

      Some of these test are a bit unfair and ridiculous. You're going to fault a truck for having inattentive drivers that absolutely need to have those crash mitigation software?

    56. InJeffable

      I've experienced the F-150's crash prevention technology firsthand in my 2019 regular cab. When I was pretty close to having a crash one time, the entire console flashed and beeped at me. I was already in the process of slamming on my brakes (everything was fine -- no crash), but it was nice to see that in action.

    57. kalgstol

      Yes, because you can never have too safe a headlight as your colliding with something

    58. Frankie Teague

      Why dont these (engineers) rate headlights on brightness, some of these new vehicles almost put me into seisures at night when im meeting another vehicle, they are usually to bright and on trucks to high off the ground.

    59. Wayne Temple

      Maybe I should take some lessons from the Smart car

    60. JIMMY TAN

      all cars and truck need to strip off the high beam lights, no need them, because 10 % drivers at night always turn on the damp high beam, very sick and blind other drivers, everytime I see it happens , I flash my high beam to warn them, horn them, they idiot just ignore everything, regardless of what ever attempts I try. these people are the idiom morality.

    61. Liberty

      Cool compilation of good information. So basically this driver and passenger overlap crash is where you DON'T want to hit something... too easy.. just square up that bad boy and head on that &^$% lol.

    62. Cody Roden

      Wow Nissan did good and I don’t like a bunch of electronics so I actually like that Nissan doesn’t have the prevention shit

    63. Nick B

      What kind of stupidity rates crash tests on headlights?

    64. James cooper

      Since the mid seventies all vehicles are made from recycled plastic.. that’s why after 5 years they become throw aways... pieces of shit they are... buy a 57 Chevy if you want safety. Steel vs plastic wins all the time 💥👊🏻

    65. Joseph Scherrer

      I noticed the turd150 did not hit in the same spot as the other trucks; check it out.

    66. RV1 Canada

      Just picked brand new 2019 F150 Lariat FX4 and let go 2003 F150 Lariat FX4 :) Looked at 2019 RAM Longhorn Laramie but after reading horror stories on electronic issues on Edmund's, I decided to just stick with F150 which I had from 2003, no issues. I'm glad that I stayed with F150.

    67. joshua f

      Since when did we bleed out hydraulic oil or mechanical oil in our frail human bodies..

    68. joshua f

      Was going to give a positive review but the dude speaking in this is “concerned “ with crash prevention tech. How bout actually using that human brain and stop relying on “tech”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The human race is sadly gone!

    69. ERIC1794

      This is a BULLSHIT review... EVERY truck is totaled.... one none better than the other. You suck! 👎🏼 and you think “headlights” are the weak point... get a life asshole.

    70. Ape Gaming

      I want to see the cybertruck 😂 it probably won’t bend at all

      1. tcmhs

        That's a bad thing. If the truck doesn't bemd at all the driver gets the full bring of the force. A low speed rear end collision could give you serious issues. Back in the day when cars were built like tanks getting rear ended at 20 mph while stopped could kill you. You want cars to bend and move forces away from you and to absorb some of them aswell.

      2. LowKey ID

        It's a triangle, the geometry of choice for building bridges. It won't give an inch.