These Are the LEAST (and MOST Safe) New Trucks You Can Buy Today!

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    ( ) These Are the LEAST (and MOST Safe) New Trucks You Can Buy Today! 2020 Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, Ram 1500, and Toyota Tundra.
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    1. Matt South

      Excellent info, please repeat this for the mid-sized trucks too (Tacoma, Colorado, etc..)

      1. tracey johnson

        Please do I am thinking of a colorado

      2. Canada! Place 2 be!!

        Why use dumbys. If so safe. How u think lil old lady's. No sun roof There is no lab.

      3. YES10

        Toyota never does well on crash tests! Never did! Even Camry and all the others are getting Poor ratings in small overlap and roof strength. I don't think they care about people getting injured or killed! They are just worried about reliability and they are good at it; They own Subaru you would thnk some of the Subaru safety would transfer over to Toyota; guess not; I think it is just that they are not concerned about safety

      4. Rick Loc

        Tundras “extended cab” seems to almost be Good in every crash test. It got an “A” in the small overlap showing lower leg damage on the dummy. Besides that the Tundra proved to be very safe vs the Crewmax.

      5. Dwight Harber

        BigBossIvan I don't think my reply to you went through but I am 6 feet 6 and I have plenty of room in my 2019 Colorado.

    2. Joel Doxtator

      It would be interesting to see what my old death trap 2002 saturn sl2 got for crash ratings and headlight visibility. Entire body plastic and only the 2 very center head lamps when on low beams. You could literally only see the center line on the roads at night with the low beams.

    3. eric stiles

      Toyota quality is superior

    4. mrvoyagerm

      Front crash prevention technology is standard in all Toyota products starting in 2018. In the other brands I noticed it is Optional only. Toyota's crash prevention tech actually stops your vehicle if it senses something ahead, I'm not sure if the others just beep etc, or if they actually stop the truck like Toyota.

    5. David Neiggemann

      I've got a better idea don't drive at night if you don't have to

    6. Isiah Grant

      Guts. Glory. Ram. 💪

    7. Raffaro

      My Dodge has a lazy eye !

    8. Mikki Knox

      Where are the best? (BTW Honda Ridgeline is the best)

    9. Urial Vicuna

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    10. Mark Todd

      2020 KIA has the worst headlight on any vehicle on the road. Drove my family in the mountains of Arizona and it was the worst experience ever at night. Driving with low beans are you basically have the power of a flashlight.

    11. Derek Athey

      Nice jop RAM

    12. Gerry Cooney

      Chevy/GMC is number One.

    13. Froze Rekmeyata

      Great info but I'll buy the Toyota over any of the others due to its renowned reliability and lower cost to maintain and repair, plus Toyota holds its value better. I've had the other brands of trucks and they're junk (though the Ford was the best of the American brands), I'm done with American brand trucks, they rust out very fast (I live in the rustbelt) whereas Toyotas don't, they use a lot cheap parts that fail, Ram has the worst transmissions in the world. No thanks, it's Toyota from now on.

    14. Isaac Alonzo

      These trucks are getting so expensive and yet thru suck at safety ratings. Lighting alone should be top priority and not only for the top trim luxo trucks.

    15. BloodFlow HigH

      Still won't put none above Toyota

    16. DOO718

      I'd rather be seen in a Chevy, ford, or Ram before being safe in a Toyota or Nissan! LOL

    17. Clarice Davey

      Happy I didn't buy the chevy or ford

    18. 24cupsandcounting

      Toyota is overpriced, outdated and unsafe all at the same time, fun times.

    19. David E.S.

      You have to be high if they think I'm buying a ram ever.. Just take that ram out and move the rest up one spot.

    20. Forrest Tillman

      More biased B's...when you going to get real

    21. Tony Johnson

      My 2004 Expedition and I was stopped for an ambulance, the guy behind me texting plowed into me at about 30-40 mph as he was braking from a 55 highway. His Toyota Land Cruiser was totaled, my rear bumper and hatch repair was about $2400.00. I had another car "bounce off" my 98 Expedition rear bumper. Ford for me.

    22. smilsmff

      Stay in your lane , 99% crash solved

    23. universalchiro

      Tesla pick-up truck will surpass them all.

    24. slayrx1

      i will take the Ford over the Ram anyday.

      1. Jerry Robinson

        Notice that It was only a border line issue with the head lights that kept Ford from taking the top spot. Well done for a company that didn't sell out to government baleouts.

    25. Ahmad Abdallah

      I’m not surprised that Chevy has mediocre crash test safety ratings

    26. Dazzle

      Remember when Nissan made quality vehicles? Me neither.

    27. Willie

      I ll take the ford over the ram any day and aluminum to boot

    28. Medicated

      toyota and ford are probly the only trucks that will go 100k miles without troubles

      1. David

        @Medicated why did you delete your comment?

      2. David

        @Medicated Ok Scotty. Seriously I don't know of a single credible mechanic that would agree with your statement. How about if you actually had 50 years, then you would be more of the mindset that it all depends on year, model/trim. If you actually worked on Fords you would know they have had many poorly produce pickups. Stop acting like modern day F-150's are superior to everything else. All 3 american brands have many issues.

      3. Medicated

        @David actually comes from a 50 year mechanic.

      4. David

        really, that's odd cause I work on FORD pickups all day for the last 15 years. Your statement is that of a brand loyalist.

    29. Nick Levine

      Glad small overlap was made standard its thrown a huge wrench into design and crashtesting for the better

    30. Larry Mepentu

      Thats if the RAM airbags deploy. (Recall) Ill go with the FORD.

      1. UNSC011001

        @Larry Mepentu "SAFETY RECALLS Great news - Your vehicle doesn't have outstanding safety recalls CAMPAIGNS Great news - Your vehicle doesn't have outstanding campaigns" - What the RAM app on my phone says. I registered the truck by it's VIN on it to receive alerts for those exact reasons.

      2. Larry Mepentu

        ​@UNSC011001 Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain 2019-2020 Ram 1500 vehicles. The flash memory of the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) may become corrupted, disabling the vehicle's air bags and seat belt pretensioners. Date Announced MAY 31, 2019 You may not have an affected one. I love the new RAM, just that e-torque is something else to break on these now "Renaud" trucks. If you arent going to keep it for 8yrs, then should be a decent ride. (hopefully you leased)

      3. UNSC011001

        Bought a 2020 ram, no recalls of any kind

    31. Athena Huh

      You should talk about the safety ratings for your beloved Jeep wranglers, I think some of your viewers might be surprised.

    32. Overthinker Blue

      At what speed is these test done at?.

    33. Rick Loc

      Funny, the 2019 Tundra “extended cab” received an “A” in the Small front overlap and a “G” on the moderate overlap and a “G” in roof strength... I feel even better now purchasing my extended cab Tundra...

      1. Rick Loc

        cantbsdave I’m just pointing out the facts off the IIHS test results... Everyone looking down on the Tundra... The “extended cab” almost received a “G” rating on every test besides showing possible lower leg damage on the small overlap test and still received an “A” putting the extended cab Tundra near perfect in safety. But yes, the Crewmax Tundra does poorly in critical areas.

      2. cantbsdave

        Rick Loc ooohhh I avoided the Tundra after speaking with a firefighter buddy who states the amount of damage they get from otherwise survivable accidents. I think all trucks are now relatively safe but I’d agree the Ford is the best for safety and I own a 2019 Ram Limited

    34. Mike Arocha

      Thanks for this informative video! Keep up the good work TFLT! You ranked the Ram truck pretty nice here, I have a question: If your truck has a Panoranic Sunroof, what will be its roof strength? 'coz I'm planning to get one with a panoramic sunroof. Please let me know... new subscriber here 👍

    35. BuckDown16

      GM, get off your ass and make ALL your vehicles a TOP SAFETY PICK. It's 2019, pick it up and stop cutting corners to "save a buck". Buyers DO CARE about safety, not just tech.

    36. Edward Norton

      A truck that is in the shop most of the time will naturally be safer since you will not be able to use it as often.

      1. David

        thank you for the utterly useless comment.

    37. Travis

      I'm not sure who rated the Ford headlights but those are some bright lights!

    38. Preston P

      Interesting, this didn't stop Ford back in March from paying everyone to write puff pieces about how their safety was perfect and all the other competition failed.

    39. Jacob krzyzek

      Finally IIHS is testing these CRAP headlights on vehicles.

    40. Kimo Jon

      I love that 2019 Ram, switching my Ford to Ram. Ram won that crash testing by far!!! Best truck out there now.

    41. Buff Barnaby

      Tieota 😁

    42. Buff Barnaby

      97-2003 Ford...deathtrap.

    43. Buff Barnaby

      Jap trucks made of recycled beer cans.

    44. Buff Barnaby

      RAM reliability 💩 Now I see why Ford #1.🇺🇸🇨🇦

    45. Buff Barnaby

      the Ford actually did the best in crash. No foot intrusion , best roof.

    46. Buff Barnaby

      Yota folded like cheap suit.

    47. Buff Barnaby

      Any of them would squish my car.

    48. Dalton Langsmith

      All hail RAM! ALL HAIL RAM!

    49. Scott wads

      Yeah he’s so called tests are so subjective because in the event that any of these vehicles were towing a trailer with any significant weight the crash would be much more significant and far less survivable so the crash tests are only when the truck is empty and close to its curb weight and not with an extra thousand pounds in the back, and the reason the Toyotas don’t improve is because you promote them every week , and how great they are so why would they ever improve when their sales are so high? The reason the Dodge Ram is number one is because “it’s Ram 🐏 tough“ and not junk like the other pick up trucks with their so-called aluminum body structures .

    50. 2016KTM450

      Are you serious Endre... Headlight ratings???? what will be next.. oh the collision avoidance doesn't shit your pants for you??? They are focusing too much on features rather than the physical structure of the vehicle. As a pilot, I realize that the responsibility for operating the vehicle lies solely with the pilot/driver.

    51. Cheekypleb

      We have outdated US Regulations on headlights. We need to adopt the EU Regulations for headlights.

    52. J130 G810

      Rumour has it Subaru are bringing out a pickup ..this'll be epic if true and class leader for safety

      1. Don Olypopper

        J130 G810 If Subaru brings a truck to market it will be even more of a joke than their cars. I wonder if the trucks will come with a quick change head gasket!

    53. Rodney Hirsch

      Cost way too much, not designed to last more than 100000 miles, except ford and Toyota. Just ask scotty.

      1. David

        Kid stop making a fool of yourself. You realize there are millions of mechanics out there and you choose to have a Christ like faith in one who is very biased. Oh and I have watched all his videos since 2016. So I know full well your mindset

    54. Thunder Heads410

      I'll never support, like or buy a Ford but i will give them credit for the 2015 truck. I was haulin' ass through Illinois one time, about 320am and headed down to the Mississippi River Valley and there were these head lights i saw in my mirrors about 3 milea back. They were bright even so far away. I was slowing down to see what it was. It's not often i am impressed by an asshole who has their brights on. In a few minutes, i saw them get close and eventually pass. Ford F150 King Ranch or Platinum. Them's was the best lights i ever seen on a production car. If you have ever traveled and driven across country, it's dark as hell through that area.

    55. Junior Jackson

      So Ford truck. You may have a accident at night because of vision problems. But you'll be ok. Tundra. No vision problems at night. But. If you have a accident. Your legs will probably be broken.

    56. Bob Morgan

      Am I the only one that noticed the F150 driver side crash test anomaly? The truck bed actually wraps around the cab, which must sever or severely distort the fuel intake...easily causing a fire!

      1. Don Olypopper

        Bob Morgan did you see the Toyota? Looks like a giant slinky.

    57. Mischief Machine

      I hate this headlight thing. It's all great for the driver. But everyone They pass gets freaking blinded. Safe for the operator maybe. Until you get a head on collision because you blinded oncoming traffic. There should actually be a limit to the lights they can use. If you cant see well enough you should slow the hell down. Every car has high beams anyway for when you can use the extra light when your on those dark EMPTY roads.

    58. Mark

      I'm waiting for the IIHS results for motorcycles.

    59. IVAO04ify

      There's not a valid reason whatsoever that for a 50k+ vehicle that these are not 100% A rated. For god sakes the machines are doing all the work not the engineers/builders.

    60. Mark

      Keep your eyes on the road and not on your Twitter/FB/ or Instagram feed and you will usually do just fine. I sorta laugh that now a vehicle has to have crash avoidance technology....but how does that help it as far passengers when a crash occurs. So a car 10 years ago that was exceptional would be given a poor rating for not having crash avoidance systems, or better headlights. I laugh because I rented a Hyundai Elantra, and the headlights were amazing.....and they were plain jane headlights, no LED or nothing. I think they should focus on Crash Tests, and then give separate ratings for collision avoidance and headlights.

    61. Just for Fun

      All those new trucks crumbled like a bag of chips . lmmfao!

      1. Just for Fun

        @Don Olypopper i get it but do you know back when automobiles were built in the 50s 60s 70s there were very few people killed in a crash because the automobiles were made of steel. Now its all plastic and very thin metal. People are getting killed at very low speeds because of all the junk they use to built the automobiles !

      2. Don Olypopper

        Just for Fun that’s what they’re supposed to do. It’s called energy dissipation. Your survival potential is much higher when the vehicle absorbs the impact instead of the occupants.

    62. Jim C.

      Roof strength should be defined as structural cab strength at the mast integrity. The point of door closers hardware is a mast of the cab. Any breach of the mast results in a total loss of vehicle by law.

    63. jctevere

      So Ford is the safest truck crash wise, but doesn’t get the safety pick because of headlights? Seems kind of silly. Never had an issue with nighttime illumination really in any car, and I value crash safety over that.

    64. Weatheronthe8s

      I’m kinda surprised the Dodge won in this ranking. The only thing I think of being good in a Dodge is the motor.

      1. Weatheronthe8s

        Jee Vang we aren't. I was just saying I was surprised.

      2. Jee Vang

        Yeah cause we're talking about engines and drivetrains here...

    65. francisco touzet

      How did the gladiator do

    66. Edward Gesser

      Dodge gets the top safety pick because of headlights while it has marginal driver side rating for the lower leg area and an acceptable rating on the passenger side overlap? No thanks. Ford seems like the best pick. Trust me, you’ll wish you had better lower leg protection after getting a shattered ankle from a crash like I did.

    67. binyamj

      Interesting, that the most reliable vehicle is the least safe, and the least reliable vehicle is the safest.

    68. Brian Trujillo

      The f150 is better

    69. Bill Peirce

      Dodge is definitely worse then Ford in crash test ratings. Ford has always ben number one!!!

    70. Jeffrey Williams

      So overall the F150 is #1 unless you get the top tier Ram truck? So that means that you are slightly safer in the upper trim Ram if you're driving at night and the headlights come into play. But any other time you're actually safer in any trim level F150.