The Worst Things about Czech Republic



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    Czech Republic, or Czechia, the country of beer and mullets. It's capital, Prague, is my home. Let me guide you through this special country.

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    1. PPPeter

      Guys, is there any website you recommend for sharing this video? I'm gonna sound like an ungrateful fuck, but seeing 5k international views after 3 weeks of making this video is making me sad, depressed, demotivated, -insert another negative adjective-. Since I'm from Slovakia, I know only websites that sell cow farts or gypsy slaves. + thank you for your lovely comments!! It's my only source of motivation alongside toluene.

      1. Harvey Mushman

        One year later 250 thousand views as seen here in a diff a year makes

      2. Xander Yman

        @Nathan Drake : yes, belgian beer is world's no. 1. (I'm not belgian anyway)

      3. KonPrzewalskiegoFBG

        Man, do what you do not for any reward, but just for the sake of doing it. The reward will come sooner than you may expect, just don't lose the heart for it.

      4. Tushar Suradkar

        When are you making a worst thing about India :D - assured Million+ viewers


        @rin tih no brother CZECH is better

    2. STALKER Entertainment

      1:26 Germans might disagree with you

    3. salvatore gaetano verdoliva

      haha blocking it for the Czech viewers is such a low move mate.

    4. Saura Sai

      Paaraadizeeee 😂😂😂😂

    5. Wills Lls

      Just came back from Prague. Going to miss the big 2$ beers and pretty girls. They seemed pretty fashionable. Must be the rural areas that are like that.

    6. Carolyn Figueroa

      Recommended this channel to my friends. Excellent writing and editing Peter good stuff.

    7. denis bullakaj

      That was slow

    8. maria esperanza samson

      This is very true and this is so funny😂😂😂😂

    9. Mihály Horváth

      Hungarians are not assholes.ok🙂

    10. Anne - Marie Audet

      Ty scenky jsou super lmao

    11. dolak1919

      Czech Republic is great :-) - for me the most hated is that shitty name of Chechnya or simile... or czechia :-( Will never accept it :-(

    12. Kevin Otero

      How is communism horrible? I love u peter but u passed the limit

    13. Pontus Gustafsson

      4:37 Bullshit you are just like the rest of us.

    14. Nandita Jamatia

      1:41Is that Alex Costa?🤔🤨

    15. Soviyeet Boi

      3:10 unsubbing, you made good videos just dont bring in politics

    16. itQan adiguna

      Porn yeah.. Finally

    17. Ludmila Ch.

      To co je proboha !? 😡 ..

    18. Kat Valachova

      so not trueeee 😂 except maybe the beer

    19. Adem Mustafa

      Come to balkans you will have great time I promise

    20. MrDrHed

      Hey Peter! It's so sad to see that Slovaks and Hungarians are having this hating game between each other. I'm from Hungary and i love you all! What do you think about this rivalry? What's the point of it? I don't really understand it.

    21. F. Kich.

      What's funny is that Czech 'drunk' fashion is now considered the epitome of streetwear internationally

    22. Gabriel Perianu

      OMG we have BILLA too in Romania.

    23. MahmudBulja

      I like Czech Fantasy 😊

    24. psilofx

      PPPeter, why you've banned this video to be seen from CZ internet? Affraid of something? 😉

    25. Michaela Trykarová

      Bro sorry, but this is far from funny. And I do like enjoy sarcasm about my own country, but the mullet is long gone, occasionally you can spot someone sporting it, but it is really not that often. It's really thing of the past from the famous hockey years. The most unhealthy food? :D lol, you got me laughing right there, probably haven't traveled very much within Europe itself. It's definitely not the healthiest but far from the "worst or the most unhealthy". Porn? I mean, yeah and what? How is that the worst thing about the country? :D And to top it of all, you make fun of a country and than ban the Czech viewers from seeing it?! That's probably the funniest thing about this whole piece and it says it all ;) Tak hlavne, ze se ti u nas libi!

    26. the Creative Assembly machinimas

      As long as i can find drunk girls with mallets it is ok for me.


      Public Agent,if you know what I mean😉

    28. Hüseyin Emre Alan

      hahahaha Czech porn 4.30 love it

    29. mr Gopnik

      4:40 north Hungarian 😂

    30. Arda Karaduman

      I sometimes do the socks & sandals, but at least they are not white :) And they are not long, short ones up to the ankle. I hope I dont offend too many people !

    31. /N .K\

      2:54 why does this remond me of poland little bit

    32. Anna Fontana

      Pils and Bud are originale czech beers.No American.They are take our nowhaw and change names

    33. Dmitry Gavrilov

      Aaaaah, bro, it was really hard to see, but I'll set thumb up!

    34. MacrossFaltenmeyer

      U rock dude.What u say about those countries is of course exagerated but its funny as hell.Cant wait what u say about Poland

    35. Júlia Juhász

      In Hungary that is "Bundesliga séró". Means Bundesliga hari cut

    36. Emilie Fontaine

      Spot on :D

    37. Apostolis F

      North Europeans drink beer because they can't grow vines..

    38. Vick Vickson

      Peter, this stuff is really FUNNY. You have GREAT sence of humor, based on sensitivity for other's raw mentality. I'm Serbian and I really laught a lot. At least equaly good humor as Monty Pyton's kind of humor. Good job, greetings!

    39. mechanicwarrior

      I will love both countries,... Incoming!!

    40. tuck Dartmouth


    41. Николай Николов

      the Czech fashion is so true for Bulgaria i laugh so hard i cry , keep with the good work , greetings from Bulgaria!

    42. RR M

      Beer bath?

    43. Teri Lastovicka

      😂😂😂😂😂 Boha tá Česká móda nemá chybu

    44. Han Mendi

      Hey from Houston, Texas

    45. A. J Wrestling

      love from pakistan

    46. Poljski Perun Slavko

      Czechs are liars, thieves and antipatic people mostly and have gypsy roots. We, Poles don,t like them.

    47. Wera

      You are a nice Slovak :)) miluju Čechy Pozdrowienia z Polski!

    48. 8w9hf89hw

      I only have about a quarter czech in me and my family has been away from the country for over 100 years but i live this life and am not surprised by this video. the beer, the plastic bag for the beer, the utilitarian pockets and containers like the fanny pack. the hockey enthusiasm. i am right now wearing a shirt that says "HOCKEY" on it and nothing else. It's just a blue shirt that says HOCKEY. I hate the jews too and if all of the other things are true then the Czech people also hate the jews.

    49. Nikola Tesla

      Excuse me, what the Blyat?

    50. samuel kina

      dude , i am from czech and i am MotHErFUcKing *P R O U D* of the things you said.

    51. eyehatemushroom

      What i've learn from czech republic is Tak jo Ty vole and Jeste jedo pivo prosim Na zdravi

    52. Yash Bhan Singh


    53. Lextech Lighting

      My grandparents came from Czechoslovakia and I’ve spent years learning bits of each side now that it’s split into. I’m finding out slowly how many of my traits and habits are born in and why I don’t fit in America very well.

    54. Ahmad Ali

      Fuck u man cechs will kill u😂

    55. Sharka Vegner

      wow hilarious!! you are very smart, you got it! proto ziji v Californii hehe

    56. Sofie De Pace

      Jà jsem na půl Ceška a na půl Italka

    57. Denisa Rochlová


    58. The Grimov

      Do worst things about Serbia! 🇷🇸🤣

    59. Levon

      This made me laugh so much. You described Czech rep to a T . Klobouk dole

    60. Denis Ulianov


    61. Saphirka

      Man. You forgot to mention our president. :D

    62. Thomas *Nammis* Namtvedt

      That intro beer, sweet mother of God it looked amazing. So the Czech`s love their beer. I am moving, there is nothing more to it.

    63. Nagy Máté

      Mindketto orszag gyuloli a magyarokat

    64. Jan Viznar

      Lool 😂😂

    65. Matt Albini

      Everything false

    66. RPdigital

      5:40 Epic joke!! LOLZ

    67. Sutter Caine

      I would also like to mention they have ugly and extremely fat people, poor cooking skills, cheap undemanding tourists, uncareful suicidal hikers, lazy and dirty hippies, bad singers copying western music, making boring low budget movies and they always keep saying "Do prdele!", which means "Into the ass!". A disgusting low-life nation. Czechs are even much more dumb than Slovaks and thank God we got separated from them.

      1. Titina de Cassovia

        When you visit Prague or Brno it doesn't look like we separated at all. I am very grateful, I can study in Czech republic. I only meet people ready to help you, when you need to arrange something. Unlike in my homeland, unfortunately.

    68. barborakucharicova

      Jsem se řádně zasmála!!😂😂😂

    69. Douglas

      There is a huge stain on his shirt. Oil?

    70. Marcus B

      In Australia, during the pinnacle of our civilisation about 20 years ago we also used to have beer that was cheaper than water. Your caricature of Central (ahem Eastern) European countries made me cry with laughter but now I feel like an ignorant small minded fuck. Thanks for posting!