The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

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    Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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    1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

      Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video. Go to for a free 31-day-trial.

      1. patrix201 guajardo salazar

        Agan un juego basado en esta animasion bista desde arriba se puede elejin un tipo de ormiga un mapa jenial una colonia mejorable seria increible

      2. Anan Zaaa XD

        6 tı satılık

      3. rizky brata

        Please indonesian subtitle

    2. Isaac of Thales

      More ant videos

    3. itachi quebrado ninja


    4. クロムート96



      At least their war will not threaten the earth

    6. Ion Huang

      I just find it as personification when leaf cutter worker ants just hold army ants in place while their soldiers rip their heads off.

    7. The Peoples Republic Of Disney

      Army ants over run there enemy’s with numbers. The Soviet Union is pleased

    8. Necron

      These boys have some insane antics

    9. Desh Darkwolf

      solo lo vi en sugerencia el video y wow me enganche demasiado, yo pensaba que solamente atacaban por entrar a su territorio o algo asi :o

    10. Ronan Hayes

      What would happen if they like : you know guys were all ants let's just stop fighting. so all ants stop fighting

      1. Fortune Master

        Some might get upset, but it works only in fairy tales

    11. iron CYR

      Ants: have a war Human world wars: *insolence*

    12. HeHe Boizzz

      *A n t s l i ke WaR* Me: Wait.That exactly like us!

    13. BlueYakes

      Grand Theft Anto

    14. Belinda Wong

      Adolf Hitler - I WILL START MANY WARS Ants - Hold my beer *i don’t know how wars work*

    15. Marmio64 Marmio64

      Total war: Ants when?

    16. Dabbing Cat

      If I see another type of ant attacking a leaf cutter I’mma smash them

    17. carlos cardoso uchia

      awesome video...

    18. Demian Miguel Rached

      Visualmente creo q se volvió mi video favorito

    19. Rosalba Ibarra

      This is crazy

    20. D.O.A Moba

      Did ants have their own Jesus, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, or Donald Trump? No, thats why we are special

    21. Max Xenofontov

      I NEED a videogame about this!

    22. Sobhan Gogoi

      Army ant attack they said Sometimes brains are better then brawl they said. An ant with a square head- Say no more

    23. hurze

      I wanna eat their larvae

    24. haklısın ama

      Scott lang is like

    25. Abylaikhan Kaldybek

      Really interesting. Thanks for Russian subtiters

    26. A_can_of_my_favorite_drink

      Damn, Ants are Metal af

    27. Blockof Witches

      It’s funny to think about the people who just watched these ants live their lives to bring this information

    28. Ultimate Forge

      So..... ants are literally just small people?

    29. Javier Gallegos

      *this is why i want to be a ant*

    30. Rizal exe

      Kenapa pas gambar peta ,pulau negara Indonesia cuma garis2 ?

    31. Larry Cosmoc, The Brownie Man

      "A single ant is pretty useless, but together can achieve stunning feats." -Apes- Ants together strong

    32. Yusti Arumni

      Army ants:lets steal the food of this colony Square boi:im gonna stop this ant whole career

    33. EDCHRIS Hanopol

      Ants wages war against each other. While humans just pisses on them haha.

    34. Saimah Ali

      Army ants are good but there protecting there larvae

    35. Elenicia Santos

      faz dos termites

    36. Weird Kid

      What if there will be a evolution of ants where they team up with eachother and kill humans🤔

    37. Fried chicken Watermelon

      What are his animations

      1. Rainbow Shrimp

        Fried chicken Watermelon animations

    38. jayvhon calma

      Ants invented warfare humans are about or have perfected it

    39. Shees Sajjad Gul


    40. Patatamanjhui

      You imagine a Nazi ant? Lol

    41. Encep Jones

      So basicaly, army ant is the mongols of ant world

    42. patrix201 guajardo salazar

      Si se basara un juego con esta animasion bista desde arriba se aria un buen juego

    43. Will Zhao

      AntsCanada is his own army

    44. Mimine 2002

      Dude mine were cannibals

    45. The Yangem

      7:00 Humans: ya know, I want to kill you, but you can kill me back so nah Ants: *BRUH, DID YOU JUST EXIST? IMMA KILL YOU FOR THAT*

    46. Joseph Taylor

      one of the ants shown in the video is the honeypot ant, we will be eating 'em in the future!

    47. Atharv Patil

      great video! please do more ant videos

    48. aryaman Bajaj

      Please make more ant videos

    49. One Two

      Ant Hodor

    50. One Two

      The Chinese count as ants right?

    51. Capta Crunch

      better then game of thrones season 8.

    52. AlvaroGhazali_22 indo

      Ants are easy to kill because we're level 99 and use the attack "Feetcrush" and it deals high damage.

    53. AlvaroGhazali_22 indo

      Strong Ants: Haha! The red ant are ez kills!! Human: Welcome my feet kill him all. Strong Ants: *FU-*

    54. Garchomp Hand of the Emperor of Mankind

      Army Ants are the Imperial Guard from 40k

    55. White Doodles

      Ants: *are violent* Ant parents: *its because of that damn phone*

    56. Raz Oitsalu

      Please make more

    57. Dapperfield

      Imagine hundreds of millions of years in the future where ants have developed their intelligence to close to a caveman. Ants carrying little sticks with spikes would be scary...

    58. Blazerona

      Does this mean that war is an intrinsic part of highly collaborative species?

    59. Ignacio Alcantuz

      KKND2: Krossfire reference in the beginning :0

    60. Nokia3310

      The title should be "Command ant conquer" haha... get it? Alright I will leave...

    61. Ян Крылов

      Ants, ants never changes

    62. Doodlescnof

      Hahahaha i got a bed bug exterminator add

    63. 3puntos

      The ants are awesome

    64. Azgar 11

      Human are that racist now ?

    65. James Sonnenberg

      resist-nts is futile

    66. arlene coo

      Army ant vs bullet ant

    67. Endergames


    68. EchoedThunder

      Imagine the war exhaustion of a war of 100 million years

    69. Azrael EdT

      That was really facinating. Thanks alot!

    70. rohver

      the fucking square head ant had me deceased