The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

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    Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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    1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

      Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video. Go to for a free 31-day-trial.

      1. Nitya Dasa

        wauuu so cool,can you make a video about bees?

      2. Luminous Kugelblitz

        Plz make a video about Superclusters ...

      3. Shadow Walker X2

        Are u Soujatya

      4. Shadow Walker X2

        Are u Soujatya Shekhar Mondal

      5. dragon gujjar

        try a hindi channel, u get more success

    2. Timothy Patterson

      im dealing with alot of ants in my bedroom and spiders what do i do

    3. ProKnight66

      Please restart the Space series. I have seen a space tether video in german but cannot understand it as I cannot speak german. I really enjoy the series.

    4. Bjorn Buchner

      When will the next episode about the size of life come ?

    5. TK99

      'Must resist Fallout Pun...' 'Not resisting well..' War war never changes.

    6. Jeffrey Osborn

      I hate ants... yet this was fascinating!

    7. Be Happy

      World war ant is the best thing ever

    8. oscar orta

      The War of the Ants 🐜. Ants Army 3 days ago CZ-news › TEENY ZOZEL Please report this youtuber for copyrights and not giving credit to the makers of this video

    9. Willis rodrigues rezende

      Fiquei feliz no instante em que encontrei o canal no youtube.

    10. Roan the Delphox

      The new Call of Duty looks good.

    11. Wu1f

      Kurzgesagt means... In short!

    12. Tilveran

      Nightmares tonight then.

    13. Evan Alfieri

      To think that while all of this is going on, Jimmy the elder god just pours water on hives, extinguishing entire societies just for fun.

    14. devon brito

      When is part 90 coming out

    15. Ravioli _

      This is why I love Kurzgesagt, they always make learning fun and simple, and include determination and happy endings.

    16. 121agua

      I am so stressed out

    17. Эмилио

      There was an ant colony who was bigger than the UK

    18. Fatima Zaidi

      Omgggg yassss henny this is the Kurzgesagt I always wanted! More ant stuff!!

    19. Simon Konecny

      I think ants is best Animal.

    20. Kae zox

      This is cool AF

    21. WhalyWhale

      Ant- FBI OPEN UP Other Ant- Get past my head

    22. WhalyWhale

      My friend was telling me about how ants have wars

    23. 100 subs without any videos challenge :3

      💧Water 🌎earth 🔥 fire 💨 air Long ago these 4 nations lived in harmony. but then the Fire Ants attacked

    24. Canal do Meuzé

      Please guys subscribe in my channel

    25. Yevhenii Shyshko

      Okay, now I am getting myself an ant colony, together with my friends. We will then buy a small sandbox, separate it, let ants build their colonies in separate spots. Then we will remove the separators, and let the war begin!

    26. Pedro Figueiredo

      This dude so bright

    27. MrSmashKab

      OMG. Somebody played KKND 2. This is amazing.

    28. Toni Krvavica

      Every sunday I collect trash bins with a van in port, I empty them and bring them back. There are always ants walking around and in bins so I swap the bins every time and when they meet the ants from the other colony they either fight or get really confused and than fight 🤣

    29. Solo Wiki

      Could you guys do a video on hydrocarbon degrading bacteria? :)

    30. Mares Fillies

      My Little Pony Friendship is Magic prepared me mentally for this video. Thank you, Fluttershy.

    31. SlitiTy 14

      *World War Ants* Old ants today: *Vietnam flashbacks*

    32. White Gold

      Please more Ant war Videos

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      Can't wait for the rest of this series! big fan

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      Memes have taken over

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      Please make more space and science videos love you work!

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      How long did it take you guys to learn how to spell Kurzgesagt

    37. itzmarcc

      why did this feel so intense lmao

    38. Khotso Kwayiba

      This needs to be made into an Anime ASAP!

    39. SUPERNIX

      I newer seen ant fight in real life. 🤔

    40. Mineta Minoru

      Then you get black ants Who i have no knowledge on about but seem to be The most abundant and least warring


      curiositystream is golden

    42. Renault Tελιος

      I thought I have seen a video wherw 2 ant colonys united

    43. Zen of Story

      Army Ants: The white walkers of the Ant-world !

    44. aola wili


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      The ant.

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      I want the next call of duty game on this!!!

      1. aola wili

        I need a second part

    47. Space Gangster


    48. mikha y

      Your work is so god thank you for so this all for ua

    49. Gautam Chatterjee

      Army Ants invaders from sematic nations have tried always to destroy leafcutter peaceful species of India . We lost many wars and still we are defending against Pakistan.

    50. Angel Gabriel Rengifo Orozco

      I love ants

    51. LeroyDogg

      This was the most interesting shit I’ve ever took!

    52. 笑臉先生

      (start) Oh! I know! They are talking about human! Oh,is ant 0-0

    53. Presumed Bat

      I came for the thumbnail I stayed for the Y0uTuB3 Alg0rItHM

    54. Thomas Montcuquet

      That was crazy

    55. Joshwoody2

      I never thought ants would be this Interesting

    56. Marcel Winklmüller


    57. john doe

      I kinda wish I saw it happen and I knew which ant was which, cause then i could be the colonies secret weapon just stepping on the attacking ants

    58. john doe

      and to think all of this happens without us even knowing

    59. FattyCat ChubbyCat

      Nice graphics that’s why I like this show

    60. Alissa reez

      wow 💗

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      y'all heard of ant-man before? dude literally punch a floating snake

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      Is it normal to feel discomfort with the idea of watching ants so up close?

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      i love the depth of field parallax effect that makes it look more "3D" . . . awesome.

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