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    The worst monsters are the ones we create. Watch the first official teaser for The Witcher, Season 1.
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    The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix
    The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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    1. miko

      Dislikes stil believe 8 seasons of GOT was worth it. Wake the hell up. It was just a soap opera about people killing each other. Time to move on to something filled up with soul.

    2. Saksham Gupta

      Wait a min, Geralt has white beard in the game, but here, he's clean shaved. How ?

    3. T. B

      I’ll watch this man do anything.

    4. Venture702

      "Chaos is Magic." "Chaos is the most dangerous thing in this world." Petyr Baelish: "Chaos is a ladder."

    5. RockStarArchitect

      This project will suffer budget problems, it'll be good writing, bad visuals and stage...

    6. Mammie Barry


    7. Mammie Barry


    8. Mammie Barry


    9. Danny

      Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the way Triss looks?

      1. Tomek Kowalski

        I dont mind too, she is looking better on the photos from Soden hill, younger and more reddish

    10. Furyluxury love

      I cant wait to see Zoltan and You cant forget the Rock trolls! Tala sit arsedown! Tala sockcuck shoeses make!

    11. Pentasoniczound

      Will there be Unicorn Sex? This is the important question.

      1. Tomek Kowalski

        Confirmed it wont be on seasons one, but also confirmed they thinking of it in next seasons

    12. Nature Boy

      Coming to Netflix December 20th, 2023 CyberPunk 2077.

    13. # Blondyna

      Polska powieść moi drodzy

    14. Sully Hirsch

      Not impressed. Doesn't have that dark witcher vibe. Or depth and mysterious feeling.

    15. Thê Gōõđ Bôŷ

      just don't make gerallet a guy -_-

    16. Roken Down

      Que seja no mesmo nível de got da primeira temporada

    17. christopher lz

      It's more than obvious that CD Project Red and their unique approach to the franchise, is responsible for all the worldwide witcher success!

    18. Selma Ersöz

      There must be.a little beard

    19. Erdem Günay

      0:16 brokilon when they first met

    20. BisPro

      If he keeps on using witcher sense in every turn, no one will watch netflix.

    21. Justinas Baltrimas

      "Place of power.. gotta be"

    22. DecemB ,The

      anyone : blah blah blah Geralt : how about a round of gwent? Literally anybody : ** silently nod **

    23. Gilberto Bezerra

      Babado hein

    24. lap hoanglap

      hope he will take banana tiger contract

    25. Sponge ❶⓿ヅ

      I just finished the game today.

    26. bio ROBOT

      complete shit of reused props,

      1. Robert Redford

        So don’t watch it....?

    27. Crispin Michaels

      I hope the video game Witcher fans (ie. mainly those who peaked interest first with Witcher 3) dont expect the same Geralt as there. This is Geralt in the novels. Unlike the video games where you choose events/choices for him based on what you want, his character is fletched out. Quite frankly hes a lot more rugged and less of a cheeky bastard that we love in the games in the first few novels.

    28. Circuito Elétrico

      Uau! 👏👏👏

    29. gurjodh Singh

      00:46 his shoulders

    30. Comando 3xclusivo Ci De

      Yes perros

    31. Совсем Дурак

      Хватить пиздюков фашистов тореальтных нанимать писатьценарий..

    32. JustMe

      Watched Justice League, noticed Superman actor is the same as in Witcher.

    33. Ari Hill

      Superman with a wig 🤦🏻‍♂️

    34. Resnard Lapiz

      Will they play "Lullaby of Woe"? I hope so..

    35. Christo Du Plooy

      Looks good but nothing related to the game

      1. Tomek Kowalski

        @Christo Du Plooy witcher 1 is not based on the books, even the atmosphere is more like Gothic, compering to witcher 2 and 3

      2. Christo Du Plooy

        I'll just wait for it to come out before I continue judging it. Maybe I'm wrong and the series is good.

      3. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Christo Du Plooy They have kind of as daughter - father relationship

      4. Christo Du Plooy

        And I just heard ciri will be playing as Geralt's daughter. Thumbs up for the research done.

      5. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Christo Du Plooy i agree ... thats why these games are so amazing cuz they come from the amazing original source

    36. dale 8754

      winds howling

    37. Mehdi Tmi

      0:31 I disagree. Chaos is a ladder

    38. Jon dow

      Lastrum Storm Bolter

    39. Wøeful Soul

      They better have a Leshen on the show, or I'll be deleting my non-existent Netflix account.

    40. Dipanjan Jha

      Where is Trish

      1. Jaroslav Mihok


    41. Eli Lanzo

      Sorry to be a buzzkill but come on netflix that medalian kinda looks like trash :c

    42. Galaxy 8926

      Is it just me or dose Henry cavil look like olando Blum half the time

    43. Ma Imal

      There will never be a TV show as great as Game of Thrones... but this could be second.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Ma Imal but witcher has better story ... but i agree with you it will be only a second but only cuz two things raceswap too many blacks and asians in places where it is little disturbting (this was no problem in GOT) and second reason is netflix realesed all episode at once (i am grateful for that) i think is it wrong decision cuz Media after few days maybe weeks stop talking about that compare to the games one episode per week ... so media every week talks about that and speculated about what happend (sorry for my english)

      2. Ma Imal

        @KrzysztofR9 It's the best drama ever, objectively: most Emmy wins ever. If the Witcher can come close, it will be an incredible win.

      3. KrzysztofR9

        Game of thrones is nothing in front of The Witcher.

    44. Aaron Myers

      If they can't even get the necklace right.....

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        they do correct necklace (read the books)

    45. Kevin S

      Henry Cavil looks a bit too clean cut for Geralt, Geralt was a bit rough around the edges. I am saying he was ugly but Geralt's persona/chrisma was the most attractive thing about his character for women...i think.

    46. Monhbold G

      Steel for Humans Silver for Monsters But he has only 1 sword Meteorite Stelvir sword ???

      1. GAY WALRUS

        You know this is based off the books which came first not he video game right?

    47. Luan Freire


      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        he will be there he is in second trailer but his name will be Jaskier i think it is correct translation from polish version

    48. Jeff Shuck

      I'm really hoping to see Henry Cavill put off a critical quest to play one more round of Gwent...

    49. Вова Вист

      Кто делал броню нильфгарда?Вы блин издеваетесь?Если делаете ,то делайте качественно!Каст актеров не самый удачный!Вы настолько боитесь обидить меньшенство, что готовы обидить большенство!Как фанат серии я огорчен трейлером!

    50. Kelvin Domingos

      Nowdays chaos is a ladder

    51. Zim85

      Wind's howling?

    52. Polar


    53. Żołądlikowe Felicybracje


    54. eyeCU13

      The trailer is a total mess and very forgettable. It highlights even more how good the game trailers are in comparison.



    56. G T

      I’m so pumped let’s go

    57. LIve Long Gaming L.L.G

      This must be the trailer of the witcher 4

    58. Сергей Баклушин

      What the crap, i look right now?

    59. Rossonero

      F.U.C.K. Y.E.A.H.

    60. z0rrer0

      CDPROJECT OST is far better than this one :-\

    61. Janine Tamsin

      Eyes look very different 🤔. I've played Witcher 1, Witcher 2 , Witcher 3 still playing as I send this to you. But the eyes please explain to me

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        cuz in game his eyes are not entiry correct it should be like this ... Cat-like eyes that grant very acute nightvision - witchers can constrict their pupils to see in blinding light or open them to see in near pitch darkness. This nightvision can be further enhanced with the cat potion, but in general, it is good enough by itself to not require further enhancement.

    62. UltraEgo


      1. Jaroslav Mihok


    63. CherryLemon

      Why this is So shit

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        yes why? you think this is so shit?

    64. Walter De wit

      Looks like crap. Everybody wants to immitate GOT

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        sorry my comment was for Walter De wit not you ... you have right

      2. The Crow of Yharnam

        @Jaroslav Mihok LORD OF THE RINGS NOT WITCHER

      3. The Crow of Yharnam

        GoT copied LoTR

    65. daniel morris

      I played the game and thought, 'nice!'. Then I started reading the books and thought, 'NOW I get it!'. Now I share this trailer with all who may be interested. If it's made well~ for all three mediums it's a win, win, win.

    66. Divyansh Goyal

      Looks like Game of thrones dressing code John snow and sansa stark

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        it could be oposite way :D

    67. hells surprise

      Now i need to take a moment........! AH that's better. Normally i *HATE* Netflix's show's *BUT* i have to say for a rushed conveyor belt of money pumping entertainment which Netflix own show's and partner's are This seem's like it has potential. P.S Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is in my book's absolute *Treasure* - It's so damn dark every corner had me twitching. The choice's you make put you in the story crying or laughing, petrified or jealous. The character's are in your heart whether you hate or love them. I recommend to any non Gamer (and Gamer) to get a PS4 and play the entire non DLC story Wild Hunt at first I assure you, you won't be disappointed. Gamer out end of message 22nd November 2019

    68. Laura

      Whys he only have 1 sword

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        he has second on his horse usually

      2. Provoking Truth

        In the books he only uses a axe

    69. Raul Pelayo

      Yall better not discontinue this series after the 2nd season

    70. Anni

      Nilfgaardian armor is the worst thing that can be. And helmets ... is that a dragon's eggs ?? Brunette Calanthe.. wtf