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    You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.
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    The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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    1. Killionaire


    2. Chad B

      Already renewed for another season. They planned out, I think, 7 seasons for this show. The narrative will eventually get into the fantastic video game franchise (fingers crossed)

    3. Stewie P

      So how often is he gonna be playing gwent?

    4. Brad

      Did anyone notice the orgy in the background like what the hell?

    5. Brad

      This looks as boring and cliche as every show about the Middle Ages that’s ever existed. No thanks.

    6. Stelios Halkias

    7. foopyu nooui

      It's extremely unhealthy how many times I rewatch the trailer 😭😂

    8. KatalistProductions-Kozzy-Sasha

      Season 2 already confirmed before season 1 airs :)

    9. Paul Cook

      Each actor and actress had to platinum the game before they could actually be in the series

    10. 张程

      It’s really not Yennefer

      1. foopyu nooui

        just came here cuz i forgot to dislike it. This is gonna be a shitfest

    11. Dschimmieh

      I was sceptical. Very very sceptical. Now I just boarded the hype train :D

    12. brandon c

      Please be better than GoT, please yall!!

    13. Grace Futrell

      What part of the books are they doing because I just finished sword of destiny and the last wish and I’m on the blood of elves ?

    14. George Quiroz

      Not mentioning the video game. Seems like someone is ashamed of their biggest fan base.

    15. Talitemjen Imchen

      Opened CZ-news to see whether there is a new witcher video game trailer coming up and I found this. Interesting!

    16. GRAMADINA Play

      Играл в Майнкрафт хоть раз??? Лайк=Да ✅ Игнор=Нет ❌ Очень надо 100 подписчиков, пожалуйста ❤

    17. laurenseltzer

      anyone know what the song is?

    18. Kendo 2

      Yennifer is butt-ugly. And I never knew Medieval Poland was so ethnically diverse; and I bet Sapkowski didn't either know when he wrote the books. This is gonna be a train wreck, just like Deathnote was.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        Yen is not a beautiful woman in books ... It is fantasy world it is not Poland it has nothing to do with Poland !!! deal with that ... and Sapkowski dont care about skin color he said that in interview himself ....

    19. Robert Isitt

      Looks great. Hope keeps to the books well, as they were good

    20. multiple Talent

      Hello guys please subscribe I'll do same

    21. jeff the killer

      Superman is geralt?

    22. Buenrostro

      🎁👍 we need another Superman

    23. Zac

      Black pll in Witcher? This isn't real Witcher story.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Zac Iam from Slovakia as you know iam little on south ... and yes it is based on polish culture, nordic, little arabic and midle age europe culture but author only takes inspiration from that cultures, even elves in medieval europe werent so why not different skin color races ? it is distracting the black people but please do not act like it is about poland or europe or slavic and what not happend in our world in medieval age couldnt happend in witcher ... but what you say now is ok with me ... i just hate when people do not want black ppl there cuz they think it is against slavic culture poland culture they act like it is hystorical show about europe that continent is europe witcher story is in europe but witcher is more then one culture it is FANTASY WORLD and in fantasy world can be everything what people could creat with their FANTASY

      2. Zac

        @Jaroslav Mihok My English righing skill isn't well, so maybe that why you don't understand my point. I try explain once again. Book dosent say it's Europe, it's just based on European, more specific Polish culture, and I know that cause I'm from Poland and we have same villages as in Witcher and I watch interview witch author Sapkowski who's said he wrote a book based on middle age culture in North, and East Europe, where wasn't any different rases. There is some elfs etc. I agree it's fantastic story. Story rom book it's much better, but I watch the film, because nobody made it better for now and Henry Cavill it's the best actor for that role or could be better Jason Statham but I'm still happy. I'm not hate all series. I just pointed out what warried me. But ist not majority, it's nothing special, Couse that's American production so effects will be awesome. Can't wait.

      3. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Zac it is not Europe !!! ... ok i read the books but i dont remember that about merchant and Geralt... and it doesnt affect the story wich is great, yes it will be distrubing but this is American adaptation, i will defenetly watching that and i dont care if there will be some black people or chinese cuz STORY IS GREAT ... GERALT IS GREAT character and Henry Cavill is huge fan of the witcher so ... do not watch it if you dont like it ... none show needs haters pointing on every detail (sorry for my english)

      4. Zac

        @Jaroslav Mihok btw there where no black people in Novigrad according to book.

      5. Zac

        @Jaroslav Mihok Just read the book. One of merchant told Geralt he's seen black people far in South. It's possible cause he's travelt there. Geralt didn't believe him. Hard to find black ppl in Europe in 1000 - 1300. Same as building made from glass witch Ciri notice while she's travels "other worlds"

    24. Zac

      You made "documentary" about holocaust in Poland. You called it Polish death camps. You completely wrong. It was GERMAN death camps. Unsubscribe you for that and i delete my account on Netflix. Wont pay for Germs Nazi proaganda. All Polish and people who know history do same.

      1. Zac

        @Jaroslav Mihok You put your post in wrong place. But i tell you something. Author Sapkowski didnt descripted world, rase issues. Read the book!

      2. Zac

        @Jaroslav MihokIn that post I discribe another Netflix film. Documentary film about Death camps in 1939-1945 where Germans took over Poland.

      3. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Zac do not care ... this is not show about history of our world dude !!!! books are not historical books about this is not show about history of our world in the books author just descripted world issues like racism social justice and so on but in fantasy world

      4. Zac

        @Jaroslav Mihok another one who doesn't know history.

      5. Jaroslav Mihok

        what are you talking about ????? are you crazy ? or do you have some psychics issues?

    25. Rial T.

      just came here cuz i forgot to dislike it. This is gonna be a shitfest

    26. Sushant Shubham

      I can't stop watching this trailer

    27. Maxsilbunnia Sanchez

      Wow he looks alot like Tyler Scheid (One of Markipliers best friends)

    28. David Michaels

      The trailer is repellent. Bad acting, horrific dialogue ("Don't judge me"?). The story doesn't look too promising either.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        @David Michaels it depends on taste of each man .... If you expect worst you get that...i have open mind and we will see, i like this trailer and previous but it is only my opinion ... well some people agree but you know ...

      2. David Michaels

        Fine, the demon-hunter story is great. Maybe it is. What about the bad acting and bad dialogue? For example, can it be that Netflix carefully selected the very worst and most banal lines for this trailer? A trailer can be markedly worse than the final product, but that tends not to be the rule.

      3. Jaroslav Mihok

        you see lika how much ? 2 trailers ? 4 minutes? hmmm ... and story is great

    29. Sick Jamez


    30. ella soy

      Can't wait.

    31. ZakAshChan

      Wait... There are books?!

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        yes there are 7 or 8 books im not sure now ... but they are great

      2. gmail account

        Why think there are games lol? You think they are so creative? Lmao

    32. morpheuz p

      Anyone felt that they should have gotten the licenses to using themes & music from TW3? Damn I'm missing the vocals & instrumentals vibe from Silver for monsters/Steel for Humans here :')

    33. Джеймс Бомж

      Почему я прослезился 😂

    34. Eric Carson

      0:22 Whats that gollum thing?

      1. Eric Carson

        @Jaroslav Mihok Maybe, i was just doing some research, might be a Vran

      2. Jaroslav Mihok

        i think it is necrophage

    35. Peter Riis

      Det' sgudda Superman!

    36. Mia Z

      What's the song?

    37. Balthazarr

      Probably there will be a scene, where he will get a title of "butcher of the Blaviken" and I'm about to lose it.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        1st episode

    38. Peyote Pete

      OK 👌👌👌

    39. Greyson Moyer

      This will fill the gape in our souls after what GoT pulled...

      1. Caught in the rian

        @Rebirth Resurrection Yah...I saw. But, the only reason I am in because I am a fangirl of Henry Cavill. I am shallow enough to admit it. LOL

      2. Rebirth Resurrection

        @Caught in the rian Check who is writing the show. And there political affiliation. Maybe

      3. Caught in the rian

        As LONG as they do not pull a last season trick on us. My trust in tv shows is gone thanks to GoT LOL (and Dexter and How I Met Your Mother).

    40. Vesa Jyrkinen

      I've seen porn, with better casting than this garbage fire .

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        then do not watch it !!!

    41. Travel Clicks

      Seems awesome

    42. N Driguez

      This might be the next game of thrones 👍

    43. DesignCastle

      "Destiny is not enough, something more is needed"

    44. Milo 90

      No Rivian accent tho

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        and how Rivian accent sound?

      2. Provoking Truth

        And why is that?

    45. Samwel Stylle

      I can't wait any longer OMG. This'll be much much much better than the GOTs ending. I truly appreciate what you done Netflix thanks

    46. Count Vargnar

      im biased before but this trailer look good but not the character in it. i saw black vigo there and no cat eyes? i hope this project not another brainwashing agenda by the illuminati. tales need to stay tales. LOL

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        yeah black vigo :( ... he has cat eyes at least for 33% we will see if they change

    47. Steve McCarthy

      Soooooo.... Game of Thrones lite?

      1. Provoking Truth

        Game of what?

    48. youness Vlog

      Possible subscription support and thank yo

    49. Kroto the Sun Bro

      He does a good geralt inpression with the deep voice and everthing. For once netflix i have faith in you

    50. kesh dewitt

      the purple eyes daenerys targaryen desereved

    51. Mathijs Rikken

      I could be missing something, but why doesn't geralt have two swords? As I thought witchers are supposed to wear a steel sword and a silver sword on their back? It kind of disappoints me, because the two different swords look satisfying and they have a good meaning as well...

      1. Provoking Truth

        You're missing something alright

      2. Jaroslav Mihok

        @VnomGT more practical only for games :D and second reason was in first two games - no horses :D

      3. VnomGT

        not in the books. The silver sword is supposed to be on his horse, but they changed it in the games to make it more practical

    52. Damon Avalon

      Yes but where is our boi dandelion?

      1. Jaroslav Mihok


      2. vbddfy euuyt

        So hollywoody

    53. zeeshan yousaf

      This one looks good 1st trailer was dumb

    54. Ronal Martinez

      That nekker tho........and what sign was that again??? The one where he pushes air??

      1. Jaroslav Mihok


      2. vbddfy euuyt

        Oh no. Please don't

    55. Т - И - З

      а русские там есть?

    56. Le Trop Chiant

      This fan made looks really great! Good job

    57. Mr.X

      I just realized, that scene in the snow. Does Yennefer look really pale or is that just me

    58. NeeM

      its awesome... cant wait

    59. Jgb Money

      He sounds just like the game

    60. Fahim adel Akib

      Can't imagine anyone other than Chris Helmsworth as Geralt in live-action adaptation.

    61. Dead Pool

      Why no scars on his body?

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        he has some

    62. Paweł Nie powiem

      It will be hot as witches at the stake!

    63. Richard A

      Never played the games or read the book, but looks great. Bring it on!

      1. Provoking Truth

        Then you should

    64. anime girl

      I don't know much about her acting but she doesn't suit for yennefer role.

      1. Provoking Truth

        And you know this from a 2 minute clip! Of course you could just not watch it

    65. abbas iraq

      Good of war 😭😘

    66. 구레이

      Ok, At least this is much better than last trailer

    67. Agent 47

      Oh no. Please don't

      1. Jaroslav Mihok


    68. mkara 007

      So hollywoody

      1. Provoking Truth

        You're like so woke

    69. wiby gilang

      Why they not put "the trail" on the trailer?

    70. Das HESH

      Black slavs? Really? And whats with Yennefer? In the books she was beautiful and what's there?

      1. gmail account

        Its fantasy world there arent slavs lmao :D

      2. Jaroslav Mihok

        in fact in the books she was descripted like not buautiful just good looking ... read books again

      3. Provoking Truth

        She is beautiful. You're just gay

      4. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Das HESH Vesemir slavic name? honestly no for mewhen i read the books or play the games i have no feeling of slavic or something else it was just fantastic world ... and this series have "inspiration" from slavic, nodic, arabic when you are author you need some inspiration but this is FANTASY WORLD so you can have there whatever you want

      5. Das HESH

        @Jaroslav Mihok does "Vesemir" sound like a not slav name?