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    You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.

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    1. Chris Edgar

      This show reminds me of a darker highlander

    2. Rob S

      Gwen game he should lose until he needs a win👔👔👔

    3. Sara 4.0

      Long time fan of Henry since Tudors days. Excellent actor!

    4. Josh Mc grath

      This show ended up being really good its not prefect but its definitely a great watch and if they iron out the few problems of season 1 such as weird time skips season 2 could end up being perfect

    5. dr. who

      Awsome show Netflix should buy the rights to legend of the seeker that would be amazing 15 books

    6. Selin Öztürk

      gosh, why is he so attractive. I feel like a weak woman. like: he has to dominate me IMMEDIATLY

    7. Ugur A

      Perfect fit for the role!

    8. Calihouga Noname

      Would like to know if henry cavill is a good gwent player?

    9. quibily

      Loved this show! Hope they get a season 2. Geralt is a very compelling character, and that stuff is what I’m here for! Henry Cavill did a great job emoting his vulnerabilities and complex emotions.

    10. J Froze

      Plsssss!! Netflix make a twist by not killing Tissaia in season 2 plsssss!! Netflix!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    11. Noble Wolfy

      He did a good job. A great actor. I thought the Witcher was going according to the books though not the games.

    12. adi poi

      Negro elves and sorcerers, just great :/

    13. DSBM

      1:59 has to be a Shrek Easter egg

    14. Fondaliza mimi

      The Witcher : Hmm Everyone : Me: 🤤🤤😍😍😍

    15. Jeff Natiuk

      Massive respect for Henry Cavill in this role

    16. Matt Lee

      Christopher Lambert (highlander) in his mid or late 30s would have been a more accurate adaptation of Geralt visually than Henry Cavill although Cavill's acting was pretty on point. Hopefully if its feasible with their budget for season 2- to recreate Geralts armor and medallion because it does look a little flimsy n cheap

    17. Dogue noir de Brocéliande

      "You are almost universally hated by every species on the continent". Yes yes we know but can you focus on Geralt ?

      1. TheParez

        No, they are only focused on the armor, armor, more armor, Triss, Indian Yennefer and then yes, Geralt. That's the critics summarized.

    18. Character

      If henry cavill did decline to play the witcher, does anyone think anyone else could have done a better job? and if yes who do you think it is.

      1. FernadooTORRES

        Character the superman guy is not a bad option

    19. Maciek

      First season was amazing. It was very difficult to combine something very realistic, dark and even brutal with funny stuff and lot of magic and fantasy elements in the same show. Wait for a next seasons. :)

    20. Piton Scott

      Wow, nice abs

    21. Sophie Morin

      And he's so SEXYYYYYYYYYY

    22. Umar Razak

      Tell me witcher my favourit

    23. Chase Watne

      You can tell Henry Cavill was not given a script for this he’s a true fan of the material and can rattle it off the top of his head.

    24. Monty2289

      Holy balls. This is the first time in years I'v heard an actor actually talk about the mechanics of a character and not some meta-quasi ambigious crap. It actually sounds like he knows at least a little about Geralt.

      1. Casshern Sins

        Monty2289 Henry plays the games and read the books

    25. Bhaskar Paudel


    26. miso22061

      This is great nice i want next series 😁

    27. Live Happy

      I am sorry..he is made more for Superman rather than Gerald...Gerald is a bit old, beardy rough looking like in the games

      1. Karthik Kumar

        It's based on books and have you seen him in witcher 1?

      2. Surgeon of death

        nah bruh go in witcher 3 and cut geralt’s beard off and you’ll see he looks way younger

    28. Manaswita Rajguru

      Henry Cavill can play a pumpkin or a dying mice, and I would still watch him😌

    29. Yakamoz

      2:01 waaow i am afraid of group sex i cant look there is there any one who afraid of that like me ? İ prefer normal one

    30. superconductive s

      Best casting ever!!!

    31. Jamila Murray

      Perfect casting

    32. Julie Taylor

      Best series on Netflix ever toss a coin to your Witcher o valley of plenty is so catching I find myself humming it

    33. kris kyle

      Add whole body shots to fighting scenes a lil bit more. it will be awesome 😎

    34. Amar Bosanac

      Jason Momoa should be Gerald...

    35. armageddon 9

      Basically Clark is medieval batman

    36. Kaos_X89

      Okey thats it! Im replaying the witcher 3 once more. And then im gonna rock Night City booooys!



    38. I DON'T GIVE A SHT

      I just finished SS1 and I don't even realized that this guy was Superman. He is so good! I love this serie!!! btw I use 2 day to watch all 8 ep. and I have to wait for 2 years for next SS. *WTF*

    39. Dreams & Teddy Bears

      Anyone else getting Rhaegar Targaeryen vibes?

    40. Kura Ya

      Emo legolas

    41. Comrade Moist Nugget #0101

      When is the Second Season?

      1. Teija P.

        2021 :/

    42. BLuEsKuLL

      Geralt is the most famous Pole in the World

    43. sweet Girl

      Henry absolutely nailed the Character! He IS Geralt! 😍👏

    44. LTeSempreBene

      Casting in this TV show - shit.

    45. geralt of rivia 1907

      Geralt is ugly and scarfaced in the books geralt shouldnt be handsome

      1. geralt of rivia 1907

        @budi r in w1 he is ugly w2 ugly too in w3 he is handsome cuz of graphics

      2. budi r

        Well, if you play all witcher game, he is kind of handsome guy

    46. Mushfiq Fuad

      Who want Clark Kent vs Geralt crossover?

    47. Nomer Madrigal

      tell me they didn't taped on studio pls

    48. Fazil knight

      "Hmm" -Gerald of Rivia, 2019-

    49. Josabeth Johnson


    50. Jasmin Canlas

      I really forgot his image as SuperMan after seeing The Witcher! I cant wait for Season 2.

    51. Nabakanta Deuri


    52. Rakesh kumar parida

      I am waiting for the season 2 when will it release??

      1. Karthik Kumar


      2. Maciek

        Probably XII 2020.

    53. Zembla

      This character is perfect as Lich King Arthas in a future Warcraft movie!

    54. Der Schwadzne Luan

      If u close your eyes you sometimes hear JC Denton being part of the series

    55. eric t

      One of the worst Netflix productions I’ve ever wasted time on.

    56. Robin Schmidt

      hi is to cute for real Witcher


      I love you rheagar targaryen ❤️

    58. Claudio Moreno Pohl

      Please upload "toss a coin to your witcher" to spotify!!! I beg you netflix 😭😭

    59. Ahmaz B

      It took me 5 episodes to understand the flow of the movie🙄🙄bt i love it afterwards

    60. Luwam Alem

      Never seen the show, but just seeing how much the actor himself cares about his character & speaks as tho he is him, makes me wanna watch! Love actors who enjoy playing their characters & finding ways to portray different sides!

    61. Kelsey Brown

      Does Witcher age because it seems like they live for a long time and don’t age

      1. Z

        Witchers age very slowly. They often die in battle.

      2. Max Korn

        Very slow. Few Witchers of the old lived till 600 years, but that is anomaly. Usually they die in battle within next 50 years after trials, and their ranks were replenished only by fresh witchers.

    62. Bill Buttlicker


    63. Ghost

      does anyone have the soundtrack starting from 1:00

    64. Wulf95

      All of the people saying "hurry up and make season 2" should calm down. This is not Game of Thrones, go back and watch that shite.. The 1st season of this show is very good. Why? Because they actually took their time to make it.

      1. Fatalis

        Honestly got s1 was better than the witcher. Not to say the witcher wasn't really good too.

      2. green tea

        Like a katana. More time, more quality.

      3. Sara Franzen

        Baby potato Thank you!

    65. Ivan Hewitt

      This show was 7 episodes of the ex-hunchback witch discovering tinder

    66. Bli Wilson

      It's damn good!

    67. Delfox

      This guy is born for the Witcher. Not superman

    68. 1 onegerard1

      The Butcher of blaviken 🔥🔥

    69. ProfessorFlasher

      Der Ficker von Riva

    70. Drunken Pirate

      completely empty show. its made of pure visual highlights/ effects, girlish drama, cheesy disney singing, cringy jokes, overly sentimental love scenes... i dont have ANY connections after 5 episodes. compared to game of thrones i was into it after 30 minutes. bad written, the pushing feminism is cringy af and not even deep (the completely nihilistic trash talk of yennefer with the dead baby at the beach omg i almost puked). the only good parts: gerald fighting. the rest is not witcher, its medieval desperate housewifes.

      1. Drunken Pirate

        @The Crow of Yharnam true, fight scenes are high quality. But what pisses me off completely and that is something that cant and wont be changed because its the writers mind (forgot her name) is the pushed political shit. It takes 80% of the shows meaning. Whenever a female talks in the show they cry about how poor they are and how shitty they are treated (directly or indirectly). And for the sake of equality, lets give yennefer sword fighting skills of a pro samurai (dragon scene). Its a detail but it takes away my will to belive in that story. It hurts to see this shit made it to really big stories. Because at my university i had a professor and funnily she looked almost like the writer and was a hardcore feminist. Whenever someone presented his/her work she always projected something into it that was against females. We students laughed about it but look where we are now.

      2. The Crow of Yharnam

        @Drunken Pirate which is part of the books and honestly it looked fine you have to understand that it's only season 1 they aren't going to put in a MASSIVE budget if people don't like it, if people actually like it and want more they'll put more effort into it and improve the show. It took 8 years for GoT to bring dragons... So try being a bit grateful and also the Witcher fight scenes absolutely puts GoT to shame not that the fight scenes were GoT greatest strength it was the writing and characters and everyone knows that.

      3. Z

        Actually this was pretty good for netflix adaptation. Netflix didn't even wanted Henry Cavill, they wanted cheap show everyone will watch anyway but he changed them and make atleast average season 1 show. I will expect next seasons be much better after that many people liked it.

      4. Drunken Pirate

        @The Crow of Yharnam no but even more interesting are the chicken like dragons.

      5. The Crow of Yharnam

        I can tell you aren't an honest person didn't even mention the market fight scene... 😑