The Untold Truth Of The Night King



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    One of Game of Thrones' longest-running bad guys remained a mystery to readers and viewers until the HBO series' eighth and final season: the Night King, the ancient creature who created and led the formidable Army of the Dead. We still don't know much about the White Walker king, but from behind-the-scenes tidbits to fan theories, here's the untold truth of this menacing bad guy.

    Slovakian actor Vladimir Furdík might be the most recognizable face of the Night King at this point, but the truth is, he only started playing the character in the show's sixth season, prior to that, the role was played by Richard Brake, best known for films like Batman Begins or Kingsman: The Secret Service. Brake and Furdík actually overlapped: while Brake was playing the Night King, Furdík played the high-ranking White Walker that Jon Snow shatters to pieces with his Valyrian steel sword. The transition between the two actors was so seamless that many may not have noticed, though some fans found Brake's appearance even more frightening.
    Furdík was an indispensable part of the Thrones team long before he stepped into the Night King's frozen shoes. He worked on everything from the fight scene at the Tower of Joy as well as performing and working on everything from high falls to intense sword fights. When it came time to recast the Night King, there was no better choice than Furdík, who knew the show's action set pieces inside and out. Keep watching the video to see the rest of the untold truth of the Night King!
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    Played by a stuntman | 0:20
    One of the First Men | 1:12
    Unintended consequences | 2:03
    Late in the Game | 2:31
    Different from the books | 3:10
    Erase the world's memory | 3:53
    The Night Bran? | 4:48
    A Night nobleman | 5:36
    Not much to go on | 6:24
    You're fired | 7:11
    Night King dethroned | 7:56
    One last, long night | 8:49

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    1. Ivy Ivon

      Night King, should’ve been on the throne other than dany.

    2. Eddie Arcega

      9:26 damn. And I thought she did that jump all on her own.

    3. Michael Aynalem

      Can anyone tell me why the night king changed the baby to a white walker. If u don’t know like If u know comment

    4. Badicalz

      It’s actually poetic. The Night King was born by being stabbed through the chest by Child of the Forest. Then thousands of years later, he was killed by being stabbed through the chest by a child. Too bad it fucking *sucked*

    5. Sayan Tani

      He wanted the throne. Duh!

    6. Henry Moo

      After the Night King died I don’t even bother to watch the other next episodes, and apparently I made a good decision.

    7. pratik thapa

      Night king could have been the greatest villain ever but d and d decides to fuck up we never saw his fighting skills never

    8. Mikey V

      I didn't have a problem with much of the final season. However, the biggest looming threat in the books and show in its entirety. The ultimate villain that could end the world and makes all of the battles and political squabbles seem all the more petty. All of that ended in a single episode...

    9. yup das me

      I always had a feeling the night king was the mad king or at least a descendant of a targaryen since we see him riding the dragon

    10. yup das me

      We know nothing about the night king's history... I wish we had something to explain it all

    11. Vanou Sisi

      He is certainly a Targaryen So many hiding people in this family

    12. Listen Buster

      No knock on the actor, but not telling him his character's back story or motivations is terrible direction, especially for a central character. He performed the Night King great, considering what he was given, but they gave him such little depth

    13. keahistight

      After that crappy ending does anyone even care anymore?

    14. afham afzal

      Who cares

    15. Brian B

      Skip to Netflix Black Summer. Now GOT is as shit as TWD, black summer picks up a good undead plot

    16. Vanessa Godson

      There was absolutely no point in stretching the story of the night king if you were just gonna kill him with mere DRAGON GLASS ANYWAY !!!! With no twist or turns to end his life like that of Voldemort! 🙄😶😶🙄

    17. cs4life25yt

      I didnt learn SHIT about the night king...great job looper 😑🖕

    18. Tim Kholodkov

      Casts the guy in charge of creating sword fights as the night king NEVER USES HIS SWORD ONCE

    19. Chonch The God

      The baby was a white Walker but couldn't walk yet

    20. Niv Rh

      I wish the night king had sat on the iron throne

    21. Kazu Tama

      wait Looper. I know all of that

    22. T-Rex Draco

      One thing, the night king could see bran and physically touch him So what if bran goes in the past to visit the night king and something wrong happens and he comes alive Just saying

    23. Maverick

      He dies to easy

    24. Atoo Essack

      Am I the only one who actually wanted the Night King to win and claim the Iron Throne? No, only me? Okay...

    25. Meghan Monk

      Wait, wtf is a baby white walker good for ? Is it gonna throw a rattle during battle... I don't get it

    26. Mayumi Prevost

      I really want at least an origin story about the night kind like who he was...

    27. joshua baldeo


    28. Sandra Brown

      Arya stark my hero

    29. Abhijith I S

      10 mins of nonsense yapping .

    30. Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas

      He got Snoked!

    31. Paul Waweru

      Robert the Bruce eh?

    32. Doğukan Bilgin

      Lich King and blizzard won't sue for copy rights

    33. Spook Daddy

      Dollar store version of the Lich King....

    34. Rayyan Hyder


    35. Max Barthez

      I'll be back !

    36. I kick life's ass

      Vladimir furry dick No thanks

    37. Cat Metal

      The Untold Truth of the Night King. Also known as: Game of Thrones, the TV series.

    38. Shaiju Sam

      Why do I hate Looper so much .... I jus hit the dislike button before even starting the video

    39. Ibrahim Lathini

      battle between children of forest vs first men, but i realy think the first men is targeryan ... hahahaha :D lol

    40. doooooooooooooooogle

      The night king could have had a terminator moment. Landed solo at kings landing, killed a few people and raised them up, let the undead kill more and repeated. Without the means to kill him, kings landing would have lost. Wouldn't have fitted any character development or the story but would have been good to watch.

    41. Jolly Jack

      "inadvertently"?? they created him to keep the [first] men in check. that was the whole purpose of it.

    42. Armaan Khan

      The night king was a Targaryen that's why he didn't burn

    43. Everyday Life

      The Night King should be immortal! And the only way to keep him away is beyond the wall after using dragon glass to kill his dragon and to seriously injure him... Then he'd get away...

    44. Everyday Life

      Bran Stark isn't trustful

    45. Phillip Traslavina

      Arya has to Live regardless

    46. cmonkey63

      Well, GRRM may have thought the White Walkers represent climate change, but really they represent the long march of post-modernism through our institutions. Don't believe me? Wait a few years and see what they teach in university criticism courses. I'm kidding, of course.

    47. Ali Abbas

      They made him Write Walker - - who made him KING ???

    48. Ishi_ _Kun

      The Starks have their wolves The Targaryens have their dragons Where are the Lannister’s lions? Cersei: WHERE ARE MY ELEPHANTS?!!

    49. Kind Person

      Arya Killing the Night King was just pathetic. Sad.

    50. Who's Who

      "the Targaryens are one of the oldest houses around" no. They conquered Westeros via dragons a few hundred years ago and were really only in Westeros a few hundred years, until Roberts Rebellion. They're not even Westerosi, they're old Valyrian. The starks, Lannisters, Martell's, arryns, greyjoys, etc have all been houses for thousands of years since the first men, and in the Martell's case even longer before Westeros was conquered. Also, he "hunts" starks because they're literally *in the north fighting him*. They are the North's first line of defense and he wants to kill Bran so he can take steps to eradicate mankind

    51. Who's Who

      If it's an untold truth, how do you know? How does anyone know?

    52. Ramon Anaya

      He was a three eyed raven

    53. cxa011500

      Game of Thrones Season 8 was a huge disappointment. Just wanted to throw that in.

    54. My ShadowKungFu

      They could make GOT mini series prequels on things like this.

    55. diwright. Man

      Am I the only person that didn't forget about Arya😒, but still I wasn't expecting that though

    56. John wensley

      Anyone else getting ads every 2.5 minutes?

    57. Hugh Green

      Surly the night king has to be a targaryen ancestor in the tv show as he can ride and command a dragon and just like dany fire dosent harm him in any way.

    58. Areeb Hussain

      WTF!! Are u guys done with end game already??

    59. SimpleOne Stephen

      So sad they ruined this series

    60. Jason7891198

      You lost me at Heach bee oh. FFS is it possible to be a youtuber and not have an incredibly annoying voice?

    61. 54markl

      Hmm. Do you know who he was? A Plot Device who sank without a trace when Benioff and Weiss had to rush to the Cersei battle.

    62. Κωνσταντίνος-Πέτρος Μέγας

      Arya killing the Night King was an utter bullshit. The Night King turned everybody into a white walker just by touching them. Even Bran, when he was just in a vision, got harmed just by the touch of the Night King. They literally ruined it when they decided to have Arya dealing the killing blow. But to be fair, the whole season 8 was rushed.

    63. Edox the Infinite

      Night King should not, I repeat, *SHOULD NOT* have been killed.

      1. 54markl

        At least he could have possessed Bran a second after he shattered. Then Bran could have jumped up out of his wheelchair and done evil things!

    64. Yosip Ko

      I think that Night King was once 3eyed raven. If children of the forest pick strongest candidate for Night King, that can only be 3eyed raven in their minds. That would explain Night Kings knowledge of importance Weirwood trees had, and his strong connection with Bran. And the magical abilities of 3eyed raven could be perfect for Night kings magic.

    65. J C

      what a pointless video, also you get simple facts about game of thrones wrong

    66. Cryptati0n

      biggest mistake of season 8 was the night king dying so soon. i never watched got until halfway through cause i thought it was medieval bs. But the white walkers sold it for me, only to be absolutely disappointed because they didn’t mean shit in the show.

    67. M T

      I'm betting all the CZ-news creators that made Game of Thrones theory videos wish they could get back those hours of their lives.

    68. DafnesElDajo

      Pardon me, we are SLOVAKS, not Slovakians. Thank You!

      1. 54markl

        And that is definitely different from Slovenians, right?

    69. Farmertate

      Yeah, the first time i saw the "children" i was like to my show watching buds "20$ says they did something fucked up to humans because no one Choses to live in that artic shithole".

    70. Tash Kash

      I could tell they switched actors for the NK. The last one has eyes close together & a larger nose