The Untold Truth Of The Night King



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    One of Game of Thrones' longest-running bad guys remained a mystery to readers and viewers until the HBO series' eighth and final season: the Night King, the ancient creature who created and led the formidable Army of the Dead. We still don't know much about the White Walker king, but from behind-the-scenes tidbits to fan theories, here's the untold truth of this menacing bad guy.

    Slovakian actor Vladimir Furdík might be the most recognizable face of the Night King at this point, but the truth is, he only started playing the character in the show's sixth season, prior to that, the role was played by Richard Brake, best known for films like Batman Begins or Kingsman: The Secret Service. Brake and Furdík actually overlapped: while Brake was playing the Night King, Furdík played the high-ranking White Walker that Jon Snow shatters to pieces with his Valyrian steel sword. The transition between the two actors was so seamless that many may not have noticed, though some fans found Brake's appearance even more frightening.
    Furdík was an indispensable part of the Thrones team long before he stepped into the Night King's frozen shoes. He worked on everything from the fight scene at the Tower of Joy as well as performing and working on everything from high falls to intense sword fights. When it came time to recast the Night King, there was no better choice than Furdík, who knew the show's action set pieces inside and out. Keep watching the video to see the rest of the untold truth of the Night King!
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    Played by a stuntman | 0:20
    One of the First Men | 1:12
    Unintended consequences | 2:03
    Late in the Game | 2:31
    Different from the books | 3:10
    Erase the world's memory | 3:53
    The Night Bran? | 4:48
    A Night nobleman | 5:36
    Not much to go on | 6:24
    You're fired | 7:11
    Night King dethroned | 7:56
    One last, long night | 8:49

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    1. cmonkey63

      Well, GRRM may have thought the White Walkers represent climate change, but really they represent the long march of post-modernism through our institutions. Don't believe me? Wait a few years and see what they teach in university criticism courses. I'm kidding, of course.

    2. Ali Abbas

      They made him Write Walker - - who made him KING ???

    3. Ishi_ _Kun

      The Starks have their wolves The Targaryens have their dragons Where are the Lannister’s lions? Cersei: WHERE ARE MY ELEPHANTS?!!

    4. Kind Person

      Arya Killing the Night King was just pathetic. Sad.

    5. Who's Who

      "the Targaryens are one of the oldest houses around" no. They conquered Westeros via dragons a few hundred years ago and were really only in Westeros a few hundred years, until Roberts Rebellion. They're not even Westerosi, they're old Valyrian. The starks, Lannisters, Martell's, arryns, greyjoys, etc have all been houses for thousands of years since the first men, and in the Martell's case even longer before Westeros was conquered. Also, he "hunts" starks because they're literally *in the north fighting him*. They are the North's first line of defense and he wants to kill Bran so he can take steps to eradicate mankind

    6. Who's Who

      If it's an untold truth, how do you know? How does anyone know?

    7. Ramon Anaya

      He was a three eyed raven

    8. cxa011500

      Game of Thrones Season 8 was a huge disappointment. Just wanted to throw that in.

    9. My ShadowKungFu

      They could make GOT mini series prequels on things like this.

    10. diwright. Man

      Am I the only person that didn't forget about Arya😒, but still I wasn't expecting that though

    11. John wensley

      Anyone else getting ads every 2.5 minutes?

    12. Hugh Green

      Surly the night king has to be a targaryen ancestor in the tv show as he can ride and command a dragon and just like dany fire dosent harm him in any way.

    13. Areeb Hussain

      WTF!! Are u guys done with end game already??

    14. SimpleOne Stephen

      So sad they ruined this series

    15. Jason7891198

      You lost me at Heach bee oh. FFS is it possible to be a youtuber and not have an incredibly annoying voice?

    16. 54markl

      Hmm. Do you know who he was? A Plot Device who sank without a trace when Benioff and Weiss had to rush to the Cersei battle.

    17. Κωνσταντίνος-Πέτρος Μέγας

      Arya killing the Night King was an utter bullshit. The Night King turned everybody into a white walker just by touching them. Even Bran, when he was just in a vision, got harmed just by the touch of the Night King. They literally ruined it when they decided to have Arya dealing the killing blow. But to be fair, the whole season 8 was rushed.

    18. Edox the Infinite

      Night King should not, I repeat, *SHOULD NOT* have been killed.

      1. 54markl

        At least he could have possessed Bran a second after he shattered. Then Bran could have jumped up out of his wheelchair and done evil things!

    19. Yosip Ko

      I think that Night King was once 3eyed raven. If children of the forest pick strongest candidate for Night King, that can only be 3eyed raven in their minds. That would explain Night Kings knowledge of importance Weirwood trees had, and his strong connection with Bran. And the magical abilities of 3eyed raven could be perfect for Night kings magic.

    20. J C

      what a pointless video, also you get simple facts about game of thrones wrong

    21. Cryptati0n

      biggest mistake of season 8 was the night king dying so soon. i never watched got until halfway through cause i thought it was medieval bs. But the white walkers sold it for me, only to be absolutely disappointed because they didn’t mean shit in the show.

    22. M T

      I'm betting all the CZ-news creators that made Game of Thrones theory videos wish they could get back those hours of their lives.

    23. DafnesElDajo

      Pardon me, we are SLOVAKS, not Slovakians. Thank You!

      1. 54markl

        And that is definitely different from Slovenians, right?

    24. Farmertate

      Yeah, the first time i saw the "children" i was like to my show watching buds "20$ says they did something fucked up to humans because no one Choses to live in that artic shithole".

    25. Tash Kash

      I could tell they switched actors for the NK. The last one has eyes close together & a larger nose

    26. Joshua Degreiff

      And season 8 was disappointing

    27. Mr. David

      Terrible market research narration speed and background music.

    28. Green Apple

      Vladimír Furdik ♥️

    29. Fizul Davinci

      Stupid story

    30. Jakkovir kkovir

      I am from Slovakia and i am so proud for this actor. Cause i love GOT....

    31. xxydot

      Honestly think its the worst ending of all time lol

    32. SlamDatWeeB

      is the voice the dex man ?

    33. Heather Moore

      You can't really compare the writers of hbo to Martin's writing. 2 totally different things. Read what Martin puts out. Hbo just wanted to be done with it and had no patience. Shitty writers.

    34. AOT AGF

      Don’t you guys think he’s targarian because the knight king didn’t get burned

    35. wafflecougar

      So all you have to do to create essentially a super weapon is put dragon glass into a dudes heart?

    36. Dau7hy

      Seriously wtf is this video, you literally said nothing new!!!

    37. Jordan McNamee

      Lol you can't give a theory like "The Night King might be a Targaryen because he can ride a dragon." He brought it back so it's under his control, so I'm sure that can't be a thing.

    38. j555ordan

      You said nothing for 10 minutes....

    39. iLTx

      Damn no one cares it’s over

    40. Frank Henry

      I hate how the show never showed the babies after they were turned. Like was there a ice baby day care?

    41. LeagueOfSrbGames TheDarkWarrior367

      gets born with dragonglass gets killled by dragonglass

      1. Tim Fisher

        He gets killed by valyrian steel.....

    42. Sun Randolph

      killed by a fecking littledagger

    43. Nyxi Nice

      He isn't SLOVAKIAN actor he is SLOVAK actor.

    44. DJ Howard

      People are holding out to hear about this character in the books are gonna be mega disappointed. The Night King isn’t special, there are white walkers in Essos there’s something bigger than just the Night King in Westeros going on here.

    45. FAHD MADRE

      The final war should have been between the night king and the living Rather then the climax

    46. Night Night

      you forgot season 2

    47. CarlS.

      all that build up over 7 seasons and the end is 86ed just like that

    48. RPF Creates

      When I saw Snoke totally wasted as a character in the new Star Wars trilogy, I thought to myself “wow tough for anyone to screw up a character as great as that one ever again”... and yet here we are. What a missed opportunity. So disappointed!

    49. Wamy Ram

      I don’t think they did the knight king justice, he literally brought a winter storm with him

    50. Leatile Seema

      S8 was dissapointing. The Night King should have just killed everybody.

    51. Epic Ninja

      I think that the night king is raeghaer Targaryen

    52. Mohamed Naufal

      I wished I never watched it at all, so much disappointment

    53. elliott hill


    54. Poorya Hazimati

      what "untold truth" did you exactly reveal?! so you just want viewers? is that it?

    55. danijel dach

      Why Night king look like Putin

    56. William Russell

      Arya: “armed with high jumping skills” - yeah she jumped 20 meters from a wall

    57. killoreo

      Is he related to Darth Maul?

    58. topknot01

      When Bran touches that tree and has a vision, that's the first glimpse we got of the Night King.

    59. ZestyMango

      Is it bad that I miss Theon 😢

    60. Adiktus Neo

      The sad and untold truth about the Night King is that D&D didn't know how to finish his story without feeling rushed and disappointing

    61. Jesus

      Does GOT ads were something else 😂

    62. John Rutene

      the night king identity should have been revealed as aegon the 2nd, and jon snow his re-incarnated descendant (antagonist) two versions how he could have ventured over the wall 1: as a member of the nights watch 2: as a seeker of magic e.g children of the forest & the 3 eyed raven both versions of which could have some storyline connecting the night's king my opinion only 😉😉

    63. _Qix_

      Night king deserved death same like voldemort died....

    64. Corey Hall

      Did drago take dany to become the new night queen? Hmmmm

    65. Mandla Mabika


    66. Стас Назаров

      well, regarding the book, he actually was Stark

    67. jselenejr101

      Question how come benjen didn’t change into a white walker when they put the dragon glass in his chest

    68. Jay Preis

      The untold truth about the Night King (Night's King) is that in the books he was only a legend, not an actual character in the story. The Night King in the show was pulled out of the asses of the showrunners. So all the fan theories about the origin the Night King are laughable bullshit by people who only read books with pictures, if they read at all.

    69. cait

      ngl....the night king was pretty good looking before the children of the forest... uh ya know... did things to him...

    70. Jan Boublík

      The actor of night king is NOT from Slovakia, but from Czech Republic.

      1. Jana Uhrinová

        He lives in Czech Republic but when it comes to nationality, he is very much Slovak

    71. nikicam2

      My cousin's husband name is Vladimir Furdek :-) LOL, I Just realized that...

    72. Alejo Rostata

      Bad Writing, Plot hole, that's all I can say.

      1. KillaTundant


    73. Soup Boy

      Children of The Forest: Kill the humans! White Walker: *Whips out UNO reverse card

    74. Grabthar191

      There was a lot of possibility and potential for good storytelling with the Night King, and in their rush the writers pissed it all away.

    75. Ian Kinsey

      The knight king wasn't in the books...

    76. Necrodead

      oh, so they already decided long ago to ruin GoT! the more you know.

    77. braddream7777

      not true wildlings burn not the nights watch till jon killed one with fire

    78. oi cyka BLYAT

      SLOVAKIA our brothers ! Love from Czech Republic ! Slováci tohohle si važte málokomu se podaří se takhle proslavit jsem na vás pyšný :D❤🇨🇿🇸🇰

    79. Łukasz Rączka

      There was story b4 that no one can kill NK, and Arya become no one... thats why she killed him...

    80. William Dottin

      1 if the first men where the first men then all houses are their descendants 2 the knight can ride a dragon and 3 he's immune to fire the knight is obviously targaryen remember that's how she knew her brother wasnt a dragon he could be burned ......imjs

    81. Liskenstein

      Well Naruto dealed with them, Lets play some Fortnite

    82. Scorptice

      Wish he won

    83. guy tremblay

      Amongst all the theories of the night king the one claiming that Bran was in fact the night k9ing before he became the night king was the most idotic theory ever made cause it made no dam sens what so ever and nothing added up to supporet it at anytime no wonder how much you wanted to try to make it add up . no matter how much they invented events to make it add up there was always something along the raod that did add up

    84. Olsi Mustafaj

      All of these are told in the movies.??? what untold truth....

    85. Chris Mak

      The worst ending of all shows all time! D&D ruined it all after 9 years. Shame.

    86. J Barnhart

      One more clip (and TONS of explanation) that makes me thank the stars that I didn't start watching this crap...

    87. Todd Pund

      No, the Night King CANNOT be a Targaryen. The Targaryens didn't come to Westeros until 300 years prior to the events of Robert's Rebellion. The first men fought the children, then built the wall EIGHT THOUSAND YEARS before that.

    88. El Andru

      He HAS to be a Targeryan. - Could ride a dragon - Doesn't get burned by fire. COINCIDENCE?!

    89. Rutger Mandelings

      55 days wasted

    90. Yoloman Defidingster

      after watching that fuked up nonsense democracy is the solution to "break the wheel" final, it would make so much more sense if the NK just killed everyone... the show ended in s8e3 for me as the NK was always the biggest threat in the GOT universe (also life or death seem to me more important then a throne) but when he died there was no more excitement.. it went from 100 to 0 just in that one moment and i knew there nothing interesting to wait for after that RIP NK RIP GOT :(

    91. versatiLe vines V.V

      Useless fellow

    92. Nero Narcotic

      He can't change the past when he wargs, simply observe.

    93. Furyan Auror

      But....does it matter?

    94. John Rae

      Still don’t understand how he was immune to fire

    95. D M

      Nah. The White walkers were never created by the Children as some sort of weapon against The First Men. They were the common enemies of The Children, First Men, and the Giants. Made it seem like they were magical terminators, Cylons, or something. The whole “They turned on their creators” theme is so played out.

    96. Varun Jamdar

      Thanks for the efforts to tell us what we already know.

    97. SpaceCowboyEd

      The narrator's voice is so sexy. Who is he?

    98. Mario

      RIP GOT killed by season 8

      1. Star1 child

        Rosie, nope not exactly. I’ve started watching GOT again from the beginning in desperation to counteract, compensate & make up for the the disappointment of season 8, as well as to quickly re-capture & harness all that GOT greatness that it produced with all prior Seasons. If I didn’t act quickly with this course of action, then season 8 would have left a long term/permanent psychological damaging legacy towards what is otherwise phenomenal admiration for the GOT existence. I’ll only be re-watching up to the end of season 7. Possibly further into 8 but just “before” Arya Stark vaporises the Night King and certainly avoiding all else after, such as the desperately disappointing non existent battle at Kings Landing. Arghh......!

      2. Rosie

        So you’re going to throw 7 great seasons away just because you didn’t like the ending?

      3. Star1 child

        You GOT that right

    99. BigDapPacino

      The Knight's King/13th commander of the Watch was a Stark and probably named Brandon from the stories of Old Nan that were told to Bran before he became the 3 Eyed Raven...and the Knight King is hinted at...possibly being a theory was the knight King was going to attack Winterfell and go down into the crypts to retrieve the Knight Queen....because Bran the Builder and his allies entombed her....and chained her....since Winterfell was possibly built over Hot Springs or some natural occurence that keeps the crypts first , I thought a dragon was down there.....according to Old Nan, the 13th Commander and Bran were Brothers, some people have said that they might have been half Brothers and the 13th Commander was the Bastard born to the Stark girl from the Tale of the Bard story and his name was Jon Snow....his half Brother being Bran The builder...but all of this elaborate theorizing has been for of the most mysterious and intriguing characters was taken down by someone who is barely 5 foot tall ...not Jon Snow, the Hound, Jaimie Lannister, or Brienne...even the dude with the flaming sword got taken down ....Arya Stark killed the greatest threat to Westeros humanity other than felt like a premature ejacualation !

    100. kevin borreman

      I would be better if the night king and the 3 eyed raven where live linked So to save humanity is to destroy all of its history and memories . Bittersweet ending