THE SHOCKING RETURN OF ZELDRIS!! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai Demon King Zeldris Twist)



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    THE SHOCKING RETURN OF ZELDRIS!! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai Demon King Zeldris Twist)
    In this video I discuss the shocking return of Zeldris as the next vessel for the Demon King!
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    1. Jenny Rose

      Do any of yall know when season 4 is gonna come on Netflix?

    2. Frank X7

      But thats a lie, in the anime meliodas say"thanks to your course i can't really die" so im confused

    3. Not Tmk

      Sate sate sate

    4. BLUniverse

      calling it right now since Cusack is dead his resonant ability will stop & Arthur will return & take Meliodas' place as the main character, since it's based on Arthurian legend & Meliodas has to leave in order to prevent the destruction of Earth I think when Meliodas & Elizabeth realize that his presence is hurting rather than helping the two will have one last goodbye before Meliodas will force Demon King Zeldris to open a portal to the Demon Realm & take himself & Zeldris through & Gelda will go in after them. Together Meliodas & Gelda will give Zeldris the will to fight back and defeat the Demon King on the inside while the two fight on the outside.

    5. Lea Morgan

      Man, how do you manage to guess plot twists right so many times?!

    6. Kenneth Stevons

      When does the new series come or in anime

    7. Burriitoman

      I would like escanor getting sunshine back

    8. Grmichuu

      OHHHH MAHHHHH GAWDDDDDD THANK YOU MERLIN,in one of your vids that elizabeth "died" I couldn't sleep

    9. Gahenna Gate

      Yep you hit the lndula on the spot can wait for 313

    10. Larry Darnell Rembert III

      How do I acquire the manga?

    11. Patherek

      I'm really excited to see what comes next, I think he has changed his mind on ending it and will continue forward. I personally hope he does.

    12. Krista Finch

      i havent read the chapter so i instantly thought hawk got possesed by the demon king when i heard what gother said

    13. TaaTae’s TATA #ARMY

      9:21..Endurance sed boi and even if it came back the osheiro (hawks mom)would be able to defeat it

    14. Foxtrot-Kun

      Supreme deity thicc AF tho..........

    15. Applemaster weng

      HMMMM what if Elizabeth gains power on on par with supreme deity

      1. Rener Oslo

        Lol that is impossible.🤣

    16. Spencer Redding

      I can think of a few reasons... Perhaps since Meliodas is strong enough to break free he is too strong for the curse to reform. Either that or the Supreme Deity is dead or in a highly weakened state.

      1. Rener Oslo

        Meliodas is literally the Demon Lord now lol. Indeed, he is far too strong to be cursed himself.

    17. Death Playz

      *Demon Kings escapes again* Meliodas:Fuck Shit here we go again

    18. Richard Flores

      Plot twist is he never intended to end the series in the first place but intended to go the legendary one piece route.

    19. blink99v

      Is the manga continuing??

    20. thebeeman 20

      This series is gonna be going for years

    21. Joseph-drake Powell

      Merlin and king merch when

    22. Victor Kargupta


    23. Mighty Mouse

      Is season four of Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix rn

    24. Bad_Ass Lil-Demon

      Y'all the Supreme Deity is trying to get her nails and hair done, you know she need to get her that new hot dress, she gotta make herself look good for her reveal. Don't worry she's on her way.

      1. Rener Oslo

        @Floppy Bobby Lol that is impossible, only a power equal to the Gods can destroy the curse.

      2. Floppy Bobby

        Merlins Magic would have to be the one to destroy the curse, not Meliodas

    25. Maxi The Taxi

      Well, that's a twist.

    26. Marcus Warner

      What if gelda mistakes him for zeldoris and the demon king kills her or uses her as leverage so he doesn’t fight back to crush his will. It fits the demon king’s character plus killing her would inspire rage while holding her hostage would create despair that chains zeldoris down.

    27. LuffHYPERZ

      Seven deadly sins manga is not end yet but just begun

    28. Attack titan

      I just wanna know Zeldris is alive

    29. Taiga

      this guy is the biggest troll

    30. 200 views on my First video challenge

      3:37 he not her

    31. Bandar Salh

      Seems like the author does not want to show us the Supreme deity

    32. kim oxillo

      I predicted that zeldris will truly become an dk but i never thought the Demon King will just posses zeldris and become demon king again

    33. Sk Samim Aktar

      I'm hyped af.... again

    34. Mycah Sasaki

      Is there a season 3 of Nanatsu Nu Taizai

    35. ali ashfaque

      I don't get it why again just get over this demon shit

    36. Aahmad Syed

      Now hold on right there if as meliodas says that the curse put on Elizabeth was by the demon king then why does ludoshel, in chapter 251, says and I quote i see that the curse mother, the supreme deity, cast upon you is still going strong so this is all of a sudden very confusing and i think nabaka just changed his mind in the end and just forgot what he had written in the past xd

    37. JustSomeRandomNingen

      Cusack you piece of shit

    38. JoeJoe Turia

      Also did anyone notice that mel's mark of the beast is designed exactly like Elizabeth's curse?

    39. Aissatou Bah

      The supreme deity doesn’t have a physical body so she is technically dead rt ?

    40. Meliodas619

      So there is two demon kings now? Meliodas and zeldris?

    41. Senpai

      I have a feeling gelda will die :(

    42. Jeff E

      We need the seven heavenly virtues

    43. shot482

      Shirt idea: Merlin with the words knowledge is power with purple lightning around the words.

    44. Jimmy Crackorn

      Nah, this makes perfect sense. He played his children against each other in such a way that bringing them together made his transition into a new body a no fail plan. If he got his top choice, Meliodas, he'd be unstoppable by combining their power. If he got his second choice, Zeldras, he'd still be unstoppable by combining their power. All he had to do was weaken one or the other enough to always have a failsafe. Boost one, make him hurt the other, both children are powerful enough being of him, and if the boosted one doesn't workout, take the weakened one because he'll be alone and unable to fight back on his own. It's a genius and diabolical plan. I didn't think it was over, I thought it was only a call for a long vacation before the next saga. Remember they ended things on a cliffhanger. A writer worth their salt doesn't end a series with that many questions. The stakes were just upped in a major way.

    45. Jorge Valdez

      All I need to know if Escanor still has Sunshine?

    46. tyler korn

      What if ban becomes the demon king after zeldris imagine how powerful that be

      1. Rener Oslo

        A Human cannot be Demon King lol and he isn't a Demon.🤣

    47. mario tobias

      What if the demon king seeks help from the supreme deity

    48. ASAP Papi

      I feel bad for zeldris, can’t catch a break

    49. Kakorot

      I thought it was episode

    50. RepPlays

      Demon King dies. everyone is happy. :D Demon King uses uno reverse card and becomes the demon king within Zeldris. Everyone realizes that D: No but seriously Cusack is a f ing dumbass

    51. Menkir Dennis

      The supreme diety isnt "chilling in the celestial realm". Shes sealed away

    52. ZHGAMER 101

      Demon King: TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO Meliodas: Aw, Shit here we go again

    53. mujtaba hamdard

      Escanor will return

    54. Supriyo Samanta

      Meliodas didn't get his curse back because he himself is on the same level as The Supreme Deity and The Demon King. In my thoughts whoever gives the curse has to be more powerful than the person who receives the curse.

      1. Rener Oslo

        Yep and the curse from his Father is linked to his own life. It seems that he has to die definitely in order for the curse to stop recovering automatically upon being destroyed.

    55. ddooodddoo

      They could possibly do two more arcs to build up to a set of movies of the demon king attacking the divine being

    56. Noob Vs Pro

      how do you get acess to more videos ive only seen the frist 2 seasons

      1. REGENTPOK'emaster4230 Ulysse

        Noob Vs Pro thumbnail is major tho

      2. REGENTPOK'emaster4230 Ulysse

        Noob Vs Pro ah ok

      3. Noob Vs Pro

        nah i did'nt watch it

      4. REGENTPOK'emaster4230 Ulysse

        Noob Vs Pro ... u mean to tell me u got a major spoiler from this vid? Lmfao

      5. Noob Vs Pro

        i might just wait for season 3 i dont like reading manga

    57. Tri Tebs

      We still have Arthur as well. Remember back when they were training I can't remember who said it but someone claimed as long as that Cath is with him Arthur will not die

    58. crayhack

      How these people that can blow up the earth being threatened by a rock falling on them.

      1. Rener Oslo

        They can't blow up the Earth lol, they aren't planet level ( yet ) in a single one shot and that is Elizabeth here which is far from being a destructive type or having a strong durability.

      2. Floppy Bobby

        Sam reason Goku gets hurt by bullets in DBS, caught off guard

    59. michael deering

      I think it would be a way too hard pill to swallow to believe that there would be anybody that would provide a greater threat than the demon king or supreme deity

    60. Jesse Daniels

      I think he didn't actually change his mind. He was just trolling

      1. Jesse Daniels

        @Floppy Bobby That's part of the troll

      2. Floppy Bobby

        I mean he did say the 7ds would end, and Meliodas disbanded the sins in 310, so he wasnt wrong

    61. skull knight

      i was under the assumption that the supreme goddess was dead

      1. Floppy Bobby

        Nah Ludociel mentioned her as if she is alive

    62. Yonutzu Yonutz

      And we still dont know what's outside of Britannia....sheeesh

    63. TikTokMeme Overlord

      Is zeldris good now????

    64. Yonutzu Yonutz

      And yet we dont have anything new about Supreme Deity Nakaba pls include her in the main story

    65. swageel dragneel

      Meliodas: I'm so happy that my father is defeated and Elizabeth is alive curse free. Zeldris possessed by the Demon King: Who decided that?

    66. swageel dragneel

      The Demon King has no chance to defeat both Meliodas and Ban, considering that how powerful they both are, and if you remember the Demon King could have used Zeldris's body in the first place, but due to Meliodas was more powerful so he wanted to use Meliodas's body instead. So Demon King Zeldris might not be as powerful as Demon King Meliodas.

      1. Rener Oslo

        The DK can easily shit on Ban lmao, the problem is the Destroyer Meliodas like in Purgatory. He made a quick work on everything until Meliodas used Hakai on him.

    67. Jay Mendiaz

      Meliodas was probably able to stop his curse because he has attained a power level equal to or greater than the Demon King and Goddess. Elizabeth hasn't broken her own curse since she isn't at that power level yet. Each may have been required to break their own curse.

      1. Rener Oslo

        Yeah but I believe that that curse of the DK is linked to his own life as the caster, in order words, Meliodas need to completely kill him if he want the curse to automatically restore itself after being destroyed.

    68. Prithvi Kumar

      What can demon king exactly do now? Ban, meliodas, King and others are much stronger than him.

      1. Rener Oslo

        Lmao, nope, nice wank.🤣 Only Meliodas is stronger due to the Destroyer, the rest are fodder as showed in Purgatory when he is at his full strength.

    69. The Emperor

      Well, the curse of the meliodas is to revive after being killed, and not to grow old, we see that when the commandments leave him, his body returns to the normal state, not looking more adult, and if by chance the curse of Meliodas also has not been broken ? only him dying to be sure, Elizabeth's was easier to prove because hers is to die in 3 days, but Meliodas's is more difficult, for me none of the curses are broken

    70. The Emperor

      probably melodas was able to break the curse itself by having attained a power similar to that of the demon king and the supreme divinity, therefore he could no longer be "subjected" to such a curse of beings in "equality", since Elizabeth does not have a power comparable to DK or SD, her remains

    71. BenTheArmy

      They need to buff Escanor now. Would be awesome if the only way he could return it was being absorbed by Escanor and he becomes part of him making Escanor a lot stronger

      1. Reptile25991

        BenTheArmy yea

    72. Axo The Legend

      My only question is, ban says that the curse is still active on Elizabeth because the demon king isn't dead right, so does that mean because meliodas' curse has been broken that the Supreme deity is dead??

    73. Nenad Petrović

      ther will be another 300 chapters and mazbe even more war will be long supreme dieti and the king meliodas going with elizabeth and more

    74. PokeDemon :3

      0.42 when did this happen? i dont remember this scene at all + i checked the new episode and it didnt happen there either

      1. christo boshoff

        Merlin sends out Meliodas and Ban I think to spy on the Gilthunder, cause Merlin’s old apprentice was stalking Gilthunder and wanted to have him drink a love potion which was forbidden magic

    75. Desmund Jackson

      I could have sworn that it was stated that the demon king cursed meliodas to live forever and it stated that the goddess cursed Elizabeth to keep reincarnating I think the author forgot or changed it or something

      1. Floppy Bobby

        Chapter 235 or 236 has the DK state that he cursed Elizabeth

    76. Maya Aylwen5555

      The demon king zeldris is weaker then meliodas being a vessel for the demon king

      1. Rener Oslo

        @Saeed Al-Naser Lmao what? Meliodas is stronger.🤣 Nice wank. Meliodas mades the 4 Archangels afraid of him at his Prime and even Mael run away from him. He was called the next DK by everyone and the one who commanded the Demon Clan and the 10C besides his Father, a true Legend of the Demon Clan and maintainer of the balance of power between the two races. The DK always wanted Meliodas as a vessel from the start because he was the best horse to ride and the strongest. He is into Zeldoris now because he doesn't have a choice, if he would choose, he would choose Meliodas.

      2. Saeed Al-Naser

        You can't say that in their first fight both sides were holding back

    77. no one

      cant meliodas destory the curse and use merlin's infinity to continue to constantly destorying it once it regenerate

    78. Dr. Riddles

      I have 2 theories, one is about the sins vs DK Zeldris and the other is about the curses. Lets talk about the sins fighting Zeldris. In my opinion, it will be a extremely tough battle not power wise but emotionally and mentally. Like how Meliodas stated before, he felt extremely guilty of how he is a failure of a brother and never stood up for his younger brother so the fact that DK took over Zeldris' body, Meliodas only have 2 choices; 1, injure/kill Zeldris to eradicate the DK. 2, let the DK kill him and ultimately everyone else. Since the sins care about their captain, they definitely will also face a hard choice when fighting. Both scenarios will lead to what Meliodas don't want to become and happen. Lets see whether Zeldris can follow Meliodas' path of fighting their father in their mind. Secondly lets talk about the curses. I think the reason why Meliodas can eradicate the curse placed on him even though the Supreme Deity isn't defeated is because since the goddesses and the demons uses magic that counters each other, so the curse on Meliodas is most likely being cast with goddess magic so since Meliodas have the power level that rivals both SD and DK, he can eradicate the curse using his demon powers however, the curse placed on Elizabeth is by the DK, Meliodas' and the DK's magic counter each other (they both demons), even though Meliodas has god powers, he cannot undo the curse unless DK is defeated but just like how I stated above, it will be a very hard choice for Meliodas to make. P.S. don't judge me for writing an essay, I am an student that watches anime XD

    79. Dishin The Truth

      I would love movies of them visiting each realm. I think that would be really cool.

    80. pokemon bacon12

      It’s confirmed Arthur is gonna fight demon king zeldris

    81. pokemon bacon12

      Why did you spoil it for me

    82. Austin Golbski

      It is confusing because while the Supreme deity isnt dead she doesnt have a physical form in that world. Therefore she can not exercise any power over that world.

    83. JcollSaysHi I

      i don’t think the supreme deity can put a curse on someone as strong as melidos demon king.

    84. Onee San

      Everydemons gangsta until the one

    85. Alexis Guillen

      Unrelated but you intro brought back memories of lost planet one final battle. One of the coolest final battle if I am honest.

    86. Elijah Blast

      Woah Zeldris went through demon puberty

      1. Saeed Al-Naser

        He's aged more than 3000 even before what are you saying??!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    87. Roland Stellenboom

      Really hope the series does not end

    88. titans shall return

      Poor kusak

    89. Coby Torres

      WAit is there season 3 now im so confused

    90. jose perdomoberrios

      This makes no sense in the netflix original, When esstarossa killed meliodas.Meliodas visited the demon world and Confirmed his father cursed him therefor being imortal

    91. Leakeh X

      As soon as I read the manga I come here to see if you made a video xD bout time new arc gonna be fun

    92. Jotohru Kujo

      This chapter was such a huge plot twist

    93. David Gibbs

      So umm what about gelda and is the surprrme dietey

    94. Douwidius1

      What if neito monoma copied all for one's quirk and then steals his quirk would that work (sorry for bad grammar

    95. Zeronigel332

      When you realize this is the third arc where Zeldris is used as the face of the main enemy. Seriously I like Zeldris but can we let him die in peace.

      1. Floppy Bobby

        Zeldris is awesome, no need for him to die. He is a misunderstood character

    96. JustSnake X

      No one: Not a soul: Demon King: *I pulled a big sneaky on yah*

    97. SSJX FATE

      Sds: coming to the end is:ok we will miss you Sds again: Sike nigga! Were gonna slap you with 1 and more arcs which are long and lol the war just begun😂😂😂 u dumbass🤦🏻‍♂️

    98. MemePanda_1080

      I just realized that SDS is in chapters. Does this mean there is book 2?

    99. JustSnake X

      Meliodas: aw shit, here we go again

    100. ohh yeahhh!! !

      When d anime season 3 is comming of this??