The Sad Truth About Game of Thrones Cast Salaries & Net Worth



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    What Game Of Thrones Cast Members Are Actually Getting Paid.
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    We know it’s devastating that there are only six episodes of Game of Thrones during Season 8 but don’t worry, we’re going to bring you some quality content. The show is not only a massive success because of its incredible writing, masterful special effects, and complex storylines but because of the actors involved. Today we’re going to be talking about some of the stars of the show and what their salaries are like. You’ve seen Emilia Clark scream “Dracarys” but do you know what her net worth is? Don’t worry, because we’ll fill you in on what stars like Lena Headey, Kit Harrington, and Peter Dinklage are taking home at the end of the day.
    Do you think the cast and crew of Game of Thrones are getting paid too much or are they worth these sizable paychecks? Let us know what you think in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button to get access to more videoes from us here at TheTalko.
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    1. Daenerys was just Remodeling

      The iron bank would have paid them more 🙄

      1. Strigidae Strigiformes

        So... basically... the lannisters are the richest individuals, as usual?

      2. Dee M

        Still think Cersei is the *_"Mad Queen"?_*

      3. Fahad Al dodah

        Cersei is the The mad queen I don’t think so

      4. Keith

        So would of the tyrells

      5. roberto5red5rocky

        Dude they are paying them like 5 million a episode combined!!!

    2. Eddie Arcega

      Why not mention Hodor?! I'm really curious as to how much he made. I mean all he has to say is "Hodor"

    3. whiteowl1129

      I think if I got just a little bit of that I would be happy not a whole lot just a little bit

    4. Smash Windows

      Guys, please keep in mind that HBO had to cover the crew wages, production design, live set and studio costs, costumes, catering, accommodation, transportation, travel, hotel, etc.

    5. Apollo's knight _

      Where’s the sad truth?

    6. rmicone1

      well with my man Bron master of coin xersei ain't got nuttin worry bout

    7. ShadowHunter_8

      Wtf other websites said that the 5 highest paid actors of GOT are Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, and Kit Harington, each getting paid $500k per episode This is false lmao

    8. Adolf Hitler

      Bran is getting payed almost 200k per episode for just sitting in a chair starring at people and saying maximum 1 Sentence per Episode. Nice

    9. Alan Jude

      Last season made really disappointed

    10. BlueBird0606

      Sansa and Ayra should’ve gotten paid more then they did.

    11. Nick Molnar

      Nice false advertising in the video title

    12. gamegirl

      They all should have been laid way more. Don't the Big Bang actors get paid like a mil per episode?

    13. R Rockwell

      Emilia had more screentime and lines than Masie. Should the extras be making millions?

    14. djjlc

      Lol these numbers are so far off it’s funny 😂

    15. حسين جميل


    16. OmniXenO

      that’s why the lannisters are the richest house in westeros!!

    17. Ellen Calabrese

      Thet should all make the same their equally great.

    18. Ellen Calabrese

      Their all great they freeze and work long hes. Their worth it for sure.They earn every penny.

    19. Miscellaneous Mind

      Yeah, Jaime shouldn't have been the top earner. Should've been whoever did the most scenes or just Peter Dinklage.

      1. skalmaa

        True, but thats not how businesses work. He been in alot of Movies, So hes in demand to other Projects much more than most of the rest of them. with that comes a high price.

    20. Nina's World

      Maise should be payed more than Sophie🤷‍♀️It’s not fair 😳

    21. Sting33Synchronicity

      hey talko, don't talk too much if others does not get a fair deal as to their talent fees. have you heard they complained...

    22. Henry Jaime

      I believe that Sansa, Arya & Daenarys could have made a lot more, especially Daenarys after all her sex scenes that was totally unnecessary, in my Opinion

    23. Brandon Lambert

      Emilia and Kitt deserved more money. They're the stars of the series and both will struggle with typecasting.

    24. Marc Anthony

      The cast was worth the money. Seinfeld saw the $1,000,000/episode mark in their last season. But the cast was smaller at just the 3 of them. (Jerry had the rights, didn't need the salary). The surprises were Jaime and Cersei. I think she was underpaid, and he was overpaid, he was great but not the $200K more per episode then the other main characters. He should have gotten $500K like the others, and she should have gotten the $200K more. But that was the argument of #Me2 all the while, there is a disparagy in Hollywood.

    25. You're the man now Dog

      You should delete this video and fire whoever writes your script, because this is all wrong

    26. Aprilia rs

      I hope they get royalties for their acting because they deserve it. The writers... ooof nah.

    27. _SanicTheSwaghog _


    28. Solo Town

      I want to take this time to appreciated you guys for this good move, but like me ask if something will come up again.

    29. Vaperkitten Reed

      Not to be rude but these numbers don't make sense, the per episode salary vs net worth of most of them? Confused...Love to all...Kim

    30. Focy

      imagine pronouncing every single name in GoT wrong.

    31. MADDS420 Pokagon Potawatomi

      LOL your guys's pay scale is way off

    32. The Mitick Killer

      Why sad thruth?

    33. Snake Pliskin

      I’d be fake tortured for 2 million too. And I have a bigger meat lol

    34. Naya Amore

      What? I thought they got paid more

    35. Shannon Fisher

      Considering how much HBO is worth. They got screwed!

    36. Lara Valjak

      Sirzey ....

    37. Michael Fry

      I don't think you know what "net worth" means.

    38. SgtKikr

      so.. what is the GOT net worth?

    39. Dinesh Sharma

      The writers should not receive a dime for their final season, period.

    40. Jean Alfred

      that sounds like nothing ... didnt charley sheen get over 1 million per episode and also the friends cast got like a million per episode at the end

    41. sup3rslowmotion

      Air-ee-uh Stark

    42. M vG

      Ahh three Lannisters as the top 3 earners on GoT.... makes sense.

    43. Elmaria Verzeihen

      I can’t stand the narrator’s voice. I’m sorry 😭

    44. E F

      Star of show is Tyrion not jamie

    45. E F

      Peanuts to today’s standards

    46. Glory United

      fun fact, lannister win

    47. David Parto

      Could you explain what was sad about this story ?!!!! maybe you sould check the meanning of sad in the dictionary

      1. Joe McCann

        It's sad they got paid so much for so little work while many of us have to work much harder for much less money.


      she gets more got these vids are so bad and way off

    49. goodtogoace


    50. Nicholas Peckham

      It’s not sersay you idiot

    51. NorthWest Firefighter

      D and D said Samwell was the most pivotal character on GoT yet he makes the least! 😳

    52. NorthWest Firefighter

      The people who do Simpsons make more per episode!

    53. Juan Barrionuevo

      They mess up the entire history with the ending

    54. Tony Montana

      Jerome flynn doesnt need to be paid, he is lord of highgarden.

    55. Ray Butler

      Lena Headey "What's my motivation for this Cersei character?" Director "Pretend you are going through a bitter divorce..."

    56. Markus Andreas

      jeeezz how annoying voice and the way she talks. Can anyone please write down the amounts? cant watch the video

    57. Carolin BaSa

      have you ever even watched the show? So many mispronounciations of the charachters' names 🙄

    58. ameliap0ndd

      WHY do these channels always have the most cringe worthy/fake narrators

    59. Aleksandar Jelenic

      If i was actor in GOT my networth after would be - 1 000 000 or more becouse i would go nuts in buying cars and other cool things :D

    60. mike lovell

      The hound is worth more

    61. moresources

      legit thought like 3~4 cast on game of thrones would get paid more in the last season than the friends cast got 17 years ago, turns out it wasn't even close.

    62. D Man-G

      Is money everything to all talko girls?

    63. Retro dealer 64#

      I'm glad this shitty shows finally over👏.

    64. ThunderCookie21

      The way you say their names makes me wanna punch you in the throat...

    65. jalulens

      im just here to say that is very unfair that Maisie Williams doesnt get paid more, she really was all the season with exhausting scenes that requires extra training and doesnt even get the half of Peter Dinklage payment considering that he doesnt have that kind of scenes They are both amazing actors dont get me wrong but is very sad the big diference cosidering the fisic effort

    66. yudabebe babe

      lol tyrion making less than jamie

    67. Abouttime K

      I think they are grossly underpaid.

    68. Joseph Grigoletti

      Frasier made more.

    69. Joseph Grigoletti

      The battle of the bastards was the best battle in all GOT.

    70. Connor S

      Is this why the last 2 seasons had fewer episodes lmao