The Sad Truth About Game of Thrones Cast Salaries & Net Worth



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    What Game Of Thrones Cast Members Are Actually Getting Paid.
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    We know it’s devastating that there are only six episodes of Game of Thrones during Season 8 but don’t worry, we’re going to bring you some quality content. The show is not only a massive success because of its incredible writing, masterful special effects, and complex storylines but because of the actors involved. Today we’re going to be talking about some of the stars of the show and what their salaries are like. You’ve seen Emilia Clark scream “Dracarys” but do you know what her net worth is? Don’t worry, because we’ll fill you in on what stars like Lena Headey, Kit Harrington, and Peter Dinklage are taking home at the end of the day.
    Do you think the cast and crew of Game of Thrones are getting paid too much or are they worth these sizable paychecks? Let us know what you think in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button to get access to more videoes from us here at TheTalko.
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    1. Daenerys was just Remodeling

      The iron bank would have paid them more 🙄

      1. Strigidae Strigiformes

        So... basically... the lannisters are the richest individuals, as usual?

      2. stray dog7

        You know who really knows how much the actors got paid. The actors. They may not have even disclosed to one another how much they got paid. It is between their agents and the producers. There are youtube clips that say some of leads like Kit and Emilia were getting paid over two million per episode. In other words it is wild speculation. You should look up the interview with Richard Madden who played Robb Stark. Everyone thought he was rich after appearing in GoT. But he said he was paid so little he had to ride the bus because he couldn't afford the taxi fare. So seriously. You don't know how much they are worth. The only office who may know ..just maybe.. is the Inland Revenue Department in the UK at least for the British actors.

      3. Dee M

        Still think Cersei is the *_"Mad Queen"?_*

      4. Fahad Al dodah

        Cersei is the The mad queen I don’t think so

      5. Keith

        So would of the tyrells

    2. The Mitick Killer

      Why sad thruth?

    3. Snake Pliskin

      I’d be fake tortured for 2 million too. And I have a bigger meat lol

    4. Naya Amore

      What? I thought they got paid more

    5. Shannon Fisher

      Considering how much HBO is worth. They got screwed!

    6. Lara Valjak

      Sirzey ....

    7. Michael Fry

      I don't think you know what "net worth" means.

    8. SgtKikr

      so.. what is the GOT net worth?

    9. Dinesh Sharma

      The writers should not receive a dime for their final season, period.

    10. Jean Alfred

      that sounds like nothing ... didnt charley sheen get over 1 million per episode and also the friends cast got like a million per episode at the end

    11. sup3rslowmotion

      Air-ee-uh Stark

    12. M vG

      Ahh three Lannisters as the top 3 earners on GoT.... makes sense.

    13. Elmaria Verzeihen

      I can’t stand the narrator’s voice. I’m sorry 😭

    14. E F

      Star of show is Tyrion not jamie

    15. E F

      Peanuts to today’s standards

    16. Mpok Citykus

      fun fact, lannister win

    17. David Parto

      Could you explain what was sad about this story ?!!!! maybe you sould check the meanning of sad in the dictionary

      1. Joe McCann

        It's sad they got paid so much for so little work while many of us have to work much harder for much less money.


      she gets more got these vids are so bad and way off

    19. goodtogoace


    20. Nicholas Peckham

      It’s not sersay you idiot

    21. NorthWest Firefighter

      D and D said Samwell was the most pivotal character on GoT yet he makes the least! 😳

    22. NorthWest Firefighter

      The people who do Simpsons make more per episode!

    23. Juan Barrionuevo

      They mess up the entire history with the ending

    24. Tony Montana

      Jerome flynn doesnt need to be paid, he is lord of highgarden.

    25. Ray Butler

      Lena Headey "What's my motivation for this Cersei character?" Director "Pretend you are going through a bitter divorce..."

    26. Markus Andreas

      jeeezz how annoying voice and the way she talks. Can anyone please write down the amounts? cant watch the video

    27. Carolin BaSa

      have you ever even watched the show? So many mispronounciations of the charachters' names 🙄

    28. ameliap0ndd

      WHY do these channels always have the most cringe worthy/fake narrators

    29. Aleksandar Jelenic

      If i was actor in GOT my networth after would be - 1 000 000 or more becouse i would go nuts in buying cars and other cool things :D

    30. mike lovell

      The hound is worth more

    31. moresources

      legit thought like 3~4 cast on game of thrones would get paid more in the last season than the friends cast got 17 years ago, turns out it wasn't even close.

    32. D Man-G

      Is money everything to all talko girls?

    33. Retro dealer 64#

      I'm glad this shitty shows finally over👏.

    34. ThunderCookie21

      The way you say their names makes me wanna punch you in the throat...

    35. jalulens

      im just here to say that is very unfair that Maisie Williams doesnt get paid more, she really was all the season with exhausting scenes that requires extra training and doesnt even get the half of Peter Dinklage payment considering that he doesnt have that kind of scenes They are both amazing actors dont get me wrong but is very sad the big diference cosidering the fisic effort

    36. yudabebe babe

      lol tyrion making less than jamie

    37. Abouttime K

      I think they are grossly underpaid.

    38. Joseph Grigoletti

      Frasier made more.

    39. Joseph Grigoletti

      The battle of the bastards was the best battle in all GOT.

    40. Connor S

      Is this why the last 2 seasons had fewer episodes lmao

    41. rebel ram

      How much did Hodor earn thats q ?

    42. WilliamEmzy

      Wow why are the female cast paid like 40% of the male cast? They had to strip on screen too

    43. machu nurin

      They are underpaid to say the least

    44. Jack Martelli

      Meh, poor peasants

    45. Zasqwe

      Sorry why is this a sad truth video?

    46. david oluoch

      It is one point three five million not thirty five

    47. Joe Public

      All grossly overpaid !!!

    48. Mark Anthony

      You can't really cry about someone being broke when their house is worth 1.35 million

      1. Bruno Lara

        she probably just sucks with money, there is no way in hell you can be broke with that salary, jeez.

    49. Gladys Estiverne

      Worth every penny for a great show👌🏾

    50. maskedathiest

      a fully animatronic wolf would look much better and cost far less. stop making everything on a computer then crying about the cost of it.

    51. 1BuFo

      "the sad truth" literally all of them are millionaires lol

      1. MrSkinnyWhale

        I hope they make it through these trying times

    52. Aysh Laila

      Wait. Ya know net worth is not the total sum of their earnings during the life of the show, right? There’s a difference between “net” and “gross”, right? Y’all know that? Ahhh fuk it...carry on...

    53. Andrea B

      If Jaime Lannister was paid more than Cersei, that would make no sense!

      1. bigkeno

        Just like any job they go off of an actor's experience and prior work history.

    54. LeedsCity

      "1.35 million may sound like alot" because it fucking is alot, i know people with 30 pounds in their bank. People dont know how good they have got it😂

    55. Checkmate Chess Channel

      Why is this a "sad truth"? Sounds like the actors may be over paid. Is that what you mean by "sad truth"?

    56. Trawn91

      Once you add up all the main actors salary, the crew has to be working for free :D not to mention CG artists, extras, etc

    57. Psy Mong

      Just to let you know got was not filmed in Episode other was filmed like a 8/9 hair movie so they were never paid per episode. This might be what their pay is decided into episodes but I think it's just made up fucking bullshit like all the other videos from these bullshit cockwomble

    58. Psy Mong

      10mil per Episode 10mil plus paying the actors am I. Missing something ..

      1. Psy Mong

        @Joshua Koch head use ya ya head use head head head use use use ya ya ya fool

      2. Psy Mong

        @Joshua Koch also they way they film each season is as if all the episodes are just one bit movie some parts will take no time at all to film other bits will take ages and ages to film exaclty like every other film or tv show this extravagant Use ya head hehe

      3. Psy Mong

        @Joshua Koch i dont think you got what i was saying use ya head its simple they say they spend 10mil per episode yet when you find what all the actors are paid per episode its over 10 mil use ya head that makes no sence. the episodes have to be more costly than 10mil dont they use ya head. sont forget to USE YAAAAAAAAAA HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAD lol

      4. Joshua Koch

        there are literally 100's of people who work on each episode, use ya head!! each episode requires the approx time of a full length feature film to create, that means pretty much everyone working on the show is being underpaid respective to the scale of the show. this is not a hollywood blockbuster it is television and the fact is television doesn't make near as much money as big cinema.

    59. Rayyman

      Not anymore

    60. MrLel LoL

      Yes, very sad...I feel very sad for all these millionaires

    61. Brianna Wunder

      Who else cringed when she said Cersei and Westeros

      1. Brianna Wunder

        She clearly has never seen GOT

      2. Christopher Smith

        'Sirsay' and 'Westeroce', Just Americans changeing the English language.

    62. k3n8125

      Can someone please teach this woman how to pronounce the names correctly!??!??

    63. Midnight Sun

      Pending on what the show gets for each episode, considering the budget almost doubled they must be getting more than enough. Saying that the actors forget where they came from and only see the $ sign, can't blame them in many ways, personally the show was ok but not worth the wages some got per episode. But it's a numbers game and they all milked it dry and some will never get the same opportunity again so deserve the money they got.

    64. k-pop playin klown

      Maybe pronounce the names of characters right

    65. Eden Taylor

      $7000 wigs...

    66. roy dunn

      Lena, Kit and Emilia who were central main characters got less than Dinklage and Waldu who could have been killed off with no real difference in the show. I'd be pissed if I was them.

      1. Hari AV

        I think Kit should be paid less than Emilia and Sophie

    67. Dev Patil

      Sansa starks underrated af....

    68. Video Artist

      I love that Cerzay character

    69. Ollie Wilson

      Man this truth is so sad 😪😪😪

    70. heavysaxophonemusic


    71. Katy Willis

      It's soooo wrong all the star female actors get wayy less pay than their male coworkers

    72. TheLenny655

      Meanwhile movie actors like Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise be like "is that it?"

    73. Nusair Apatheist

      Get to the FRICKING POINT!

    74. EnderwaveYT

      Am I a freak? Cuz I watch the r18 version and I'm only 10

    75. Red Butterfly

      The truth is they are paid less than the revealed amount. Calculate the budget per episode 10m average. How many stars in that episode exceed the budget already. So how about staff and crew? Location? Props? Etc.. ?

    76. Mar Lorente

      The Lannisters will always be the richest 😂😂😂

    77. Torva Messorem

      It's funny to see so many people in the comments saying "this actor needs to be paid more". Guys, 99% of people in the world work way harder jobs for just a fraction of what they're paid per episode. They get enough.

      1. Hari AV

        Not really . They are filming for hours under a really cold weather ... filming naked , filming rape , having accident while filming , training and so on ..

    78. SupaHotFire

      Tyrion is a godly being

    79. YungZooT [Z]

      There isn’t any sad truths😂 you haven’t got a clue, literally just googled all this and took the worse searches you could find.

    80. Elizabeth Johnson

      all I can think is , is that every two weeks, once a month!?, lol...

    81. slurpee slurp

      jesus stop repeating yourself

    82. 2130dar

      Narrator clearly never watched an episode lol.. why do idiots do this

    83. Meggie 42

      Someone who can’t even pronounce the names right surely doesn’t know how much the actually got paid,it’s all bs

      1. wolf Paulie

        She’s saying their names the George r Martin way. The right way.

    84. Mutually Gecko

      bruh ju8st get a husky and enlarge wtf

    85. Duncan Sands

      The writers made this show you people are stupid!

    86. White Morgana

      Only at 2:25 before that its all shitty

    87. Thomas Cleveland

      Jerome Flynn looks like your typical white trash southerner. I bet he smells like Brut and cigarettes.

    88. SARANON Satrulee

      WTF Cersi is the best actor in the GOT, also most anticipated in all episode . She supposes to receive the highest rate of salary,i think

    89. Chieru

      Ygritte died? Damn, i just start watching season 3 of GOT, fuckin spoilers :(

    90. Alexey Baal

      I respect Emillia for doing nude scenes.

    91. Alexey Baal


    92. Alexey Baal

      Jaimie getting more the others is weird. I was expecting him under Cersei

    93. Alexey Baal

      Theon took as much as Bran? what?

    94. Thomas Cleveland

      3:07 Cerzay???? WTF? Credibility going downhill fast......

    95. Thomas Cleveland

      0:44 Couldn't find a shot of the dragons flying to match the VO? wow, LAZY.

    96. Lobo López

      Putting the sub reminder right when you say more money and dollars fill the screen is kinda unlikable...

    97. TheLegendaryLinx

      They earned it, they could have made more if they had 10 seasons, but they rushed it and that was that.

    98. Kyeby Rno

      that music in the background is making my ears bleed

    99. mar cool

      Arya deserves more

    100. Tuukka Terämaa

      Considering how much some sitcom actors get paid, the budget for game of thrones seems ridiculously low. But the actors are not in a bad position in anyway shape or form. Compare how much some cgi people or prop makers make and the paychecks start to seem unfair as hell.