The Return of Eugenia Cooney



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    1. shane

      This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')

      1. Halloween TimeYT

        shane, Aw XD this is one of my favorite videos... but i would like if you could i don’t wanna pressure you ;-; if you could do a video of like you an the boiz messing around the spooky boiz XD 😂 that’s my question have a good day! I’m not gonna be surprised if you don’t answer or see this but I always try :3

      2. Aymen Bangash


      3. Bvbybritz Duh


      4. Asmita Khanom

        @Emilee Autumn just sftu and get a life!

      5. Dave West

        Shit last comment like if you made it this far!

    2. Anna Frostman

      her saying bye made me so sad . this video needs to be longer . iv been waiting for this for years . im so happy she decided to do this with shane . they get along so beautifully together. ❤💙💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💕💜💜💜💜

    3. Bugs bunny

      Shane is honestly the best person for this because he has struggled with his body before

    4. Mortelle Doodles

      This just, made me cry. Real people, like you and I, just telling another person to kill themselves. Why is that okay to them? I just, have no words to say. Really I don't. People are okay with this? Is this normal? I'm sorry, I'm just feeling all sorts of feelings at the moment from this and I don't even know. I haven't even watched this for long. I just truly hope she's okay.. Not just her either, so many have dealt with this! I'd be their friend man TwT AGHH so much i want to say but i don't want to cause it's stupid and just.. Mmph. I'll watch the rest of this now, I've just been listening really. Have a good day or evening! Laugh more! Be happy TwT Feels kinda wrong to put faces in this.. So happy they had fun around the end! That's so nice to see.

    5. Luce

      22:34 why the hell, like just the weirdest thing is why did that bloke open the door for her..

    6. Eileen Clifford

      Shane I love you and I’m so happy to see how supportive you are to people you care about you have a beautiful soul and I wish I had someone like you in my life maybe one day I will!! I’m so happy for the younger generations that watch you so they do treat each other the right way!!! PLEASE DONT CHANGE😍😍🤩😍

    7. Zara Rhodes

      She isn’t fully acknowledging it. She’s doing the bare minimum to keep people happy-co-dependant. Over time she’ll slide right back into it. So sad!

    8. Soy Soy

      Why are there cruel people in the world?

    9. Chicago Dan

      This dude Shane kind of has the personality of a middle aged, midwestern divorcée.

      1. Christina

        Chicago Dan BAHAHAH

    10. Chicago Dan

      When American troops finally discovered the Nazi’s concentration camps, they saw the state of the people there and immediately opened the gates and gave the inmates all the food they could find. When doctors and experts arrived, they saw what was going on and had to put a stop to it. They literally had to take the food away and put them back in the camps for their own good until they what they needed was in place logistically, to start these people on the road to recovery. Letting them eat their fill would have killed them.

    11. Chicago Dan

      The people that were saying mean things to her, as misguided as they were, it must have come from a place of concern. Why would they bother if it wasn’t.

    12. Chicago Dan

      Looks like he got the lower voice version. That’s good.

    13. Chicago Dan

      Her smile’s amazing

    14. James W. Roe

    15. bakakt

      I can't speak for Eugenia but I know when I'm personally anxious I smile a lot and with low self-esteem you tend to be super nice, almost like you feel like you're not worth enough to be mean/critical to others, if that makes sense? I can't speak for her but she definitely seems like a really sweet/wonderful person- I hope the best for her. (And she has such a cute & lovely style!)

    16. TeaSis Tea

      I can't get over how beautiful she looked in the picture at 1:55

    17. Amy Erlanger

      I love her face! Also, when are we appearing at Onision's house with torches? He made the worst videos about her.

    18. sparklyunicorn

      Shes so pretty and sweet. She does look better, but recovery is a process. I wish her all the happiness and health in the world!!

    19. Cindy June

      Why isn't anyone talking about how cute she really is, and how bomb she dresses.

    20. phrogggyy ???

      The intro almost made me cry.

    21. Buckwheat B

      Oh I love you Shane! You both are amazing!!! Bless her!!! Sending good vibes ❤

    22. JessiBearVlogs!

      Shane is so respectful

    23. Katerina Castellitto

      haters: "killyourselfeugenia" people at my school: "killyourselfkat" me and eugenia: "im fine" PEOPLE CAN BE SO STUPID!!! EUGENIA IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE ALIVE!! GOD I WANNA SCREAM

      1. Soy Soy

        Katerina Castellitto I can relate with you😅

    24. Katerina Castellitto

      19:46 what is that song called, its actually really good lmao. 2020 ------------>

    25. Andrian Putranto

      idk but I think she would get along well with garrett. both have bright personalities.

    26. Ryan Simmons

      I feel like this girl doesn’t even know. Something is so off... like maybe she’s just really trying to hide it, or she’s oblivious. I almost feel like people told her she had an eating disorder, and she finally decided that she did. I mean obviously she did, but she didn’t even touch on why, or how, or her feelings regarding her weight or body image. It’s so weird. Just “I have an eating disorder, I went through rehab, and I’m trying to get better.” It’s almost as if she’s saying “I just didn’t eat enough and now I’m trying to” like that’s the extent of it. And maybe it is! I’m just overall so confused and don’t feel like any answers came out at all.

      1. Christina

        Ryan Simmons she is just really kind and I think she’s scared of showing people how she feels :(

    27. Dawn groundhog67

      I can't believe anyone could be mean to her! It makes me angry. Glad she's getting better!

    28. Lee Lee

      Everyone has their own story struggles and demons before you judge or talk bad about someone listen to them first judging people is not the right way to help

    29. Toni P

      Nothing can be cured by just "eating". I'm so sick of people picking picking away at emotionally and physically fragile persons, like hungry crows. Again, if you don't like her, then DON'T WATCH HER CONTENT, damn!

    30. Toni P

      Why are people so hateful???? It's not like she's _encouraging_ anything. She should be left alone, if you don't like her, then DON'T WATCH HER CONTENT, damn!

    31. Genevieve

      This is a case where I honestly believe that the bullies HELPED her. Everyone who pretended like this wasn't happening was enabling her to waste away in front of them.

    32. Starrycactus Xxx

      Omg it was my bday in that day lol

    33. Pretty Woman

      Y'all told her to get help and get better.. now she's doing that and it's still not good enough for y'all?? Go fuck yourselves then!!

      1. Christina

        Pretty Woman for real

    34. beckylynn whitson

      Eugenia You are a VERY beautiful Person Inside and Out. Im so Happy that we can all be on this Journey with you and Understand your side of things. Please know that you have Alot of support. 💜 Ive been Here Pretty much from the beginning and I know Me and Alot of people will always be here. Im proud that you are opening up about Some of the things that you have been through, You are brave, strong and Smart. Please keep pushing forward. We all love you and Are here for you! 💜

    35. Roxanne Moser

      Your heart is as big as Eugenia's. Eugenia may have a physically small heart, but it's full of love. I've cried through this whole video.

    36. matt

      It's disgusting that people were making videos on her saying to "hit that like button if you want to see her get better" that's milking a bad situation to the max.

    37. Sam KC

      Awww. Blessings to her

    38. nathalie224

      Its so cringy watching this vid after the Jaclyn vid! Im soo creeped out ugh. Het dad opens the door for her???

    39. Charles Baker

      The re-feeding thing she was talking about, I think that was an issue with people after the holocaust, they would overeat after being freed and their stomachs couldn’t hold it. You have to wean someone back in

    40. You don’t care About me

      I have a channel trying to talk/ cover the topic of eating disorders, mental illnesses, etc. I’m a 12 year old and I am this damaged. 4 mental illnesses in less than 2 years

    41. candykizz3z68

      I honestly came back to video to see her face and realize that she has indeed relapsed 😔

    42. Diane Stojentin

      Bless both of you.

    43. Harleigh Melnychuk

      UhHh I made a roBloX aCcoUnt FoR hEr whEn I WaS 9 aNd I WouLd Rp aS heR anD I lOveD heR a lOt :3 and did nOt knOw whAt WaS wroNg bUt I Mean I sTiLl LoVe hErRrrr

    44. Abbi Sully

      I remember the first time I saw her, I was aware ahe was very skinny, but I didn't understand at first.. Then I learned about anorexia and it all came together... I felt so terrible at that moment. That was probably 6 years ago...

    45. Sagiiya

      she’s got the cutest smile Ive ever seen.

    46. chary361

      She's a sweetheart. I'm glad she's getting help.

    47. Tyler Joshua

      Thank you for adding the 24/7 text line. This resource really helps me with my struggle

    48. Mly The Mly

      Damn, she got alot better. I hope she keeps getting better

    49. Ava Johnson

      She’s like the angel of emos 😊 She’s so sweet

    50. Queen l3lessings

      Her smile is the cutest I love her keep up ur good work and love you too Shane your amazing!!!

    51. Tealquoise arts

      The kindest people are always the damaged 😢

    52. T P

      Can someone pls reply to this comment and let mé know if i weigh much, i am 11 and weigh 39.2 Please ;~;

    53. Claire1rocks

      It is not a good thing to be a "nice" to your own detriment. She isn't "so nice," she is trapped in a situation in which she wants everyone to like her, to be perfect, which is a big reason for her eating disorder. She doesn't need to be perfect. She needs to lash out and express her emotions instead of trying to be this perfect, nice little girl.

    54. Claire1rocks

      She wants so much to be a child. It's sad. She always wants to be super sweet and cute, when in reality, it's like, you've gone through shit! Let it out! Be real!

    55. devilsgloss


    56. Micheal Scott Dunder Mifflin Paper Company

      Eugenia is so beautiful!

    57. Micheal Scott Dunder Mifflin Paper Company

      Shane has a rich person laugh

    58. Hailey and Braylon forever

      Her chair is bomb bro

    59. wesa utan

      Ohmygod I'm 2 and half minutes in and I'm crying.. I hope she's doing good

    60. Wilma Forsman

      Great video! Loving understanding and not judging at all!

    61. nemmo latty

      My god poor kid.... Do you know how she's getting on now Shane?? x

    62. Tamera Gappa

      Am I the only one who wants to be best friends with this beautiful queen here. I'm also so happy for everything she is doing to better herself mentally and physically specially with being bullied so much in life.

    63. Riya Kumar

      If anyone has watched this video then I highly encourage them to watch this one. Her friends expose truth, hard truth.

    64. Carriann Ashley

      I wanna be her friend

    65. Nichole Rios

      All bullshit aside Eugenia is so kind For anyone to tell her she needs to eat.... they should probably eat shit.

    66. Nichole Rios

      Listen to Ryland Spitting straight FAXXXX and shit

    67. Liss Gray

      IDK is such a good song

    68. JoshnKrystal Mitschke

      This isnt even her house

    69. DRCE

      I like how he puts makeup on but still looks like a ham in a wig.

    70. msnoahxlukefan

      The only time in this entire video where she looked truly happy was when she was doing makeup with Shane. She really loves makeup lol.