The Patriots are cheaters and liars! - Max Kellerman | First Take



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    Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Dan Orlovsky react to the New England Patriots admitting that their production crew was videotaping the Cincinnati Bengals' sideline.

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    1. TheWarmcoldsurfer

      When I listen to him i realise the moonlanding was fake

    2. TheWarmcoldsurfer

      Drama queen

    3. Logan Minnehan

      PDS is filling up the brains of these sports analysts.

    4. Fire Hearted Rangers FHR

      NFL is a joke they just forget this happened!

    5. Terrance Hunt

      Bob Kraft and goddell have a back channel relationship

    6. Terrance Hunt

      Don’t forget the nfl because goddell protects them remember pats dynasty started with the tuck call against the raiders the league wanted them to be the new duke blue devils of the nfl

    7. Joseph Mcclain

      Patriots cheat and win by doing it Brady isnt the best ever belichick isnt the best ever they broke rules eldeman took steroids Brady takes hgh. They dont have my respect unlike the 49ners cowboys and steelers dynasties go get a hand job Kraft like you did in Florida

    8. peter ortisi

      As a patriots fan I like the cheating and lying!

    9. Eugene Hicks

      Max... Thats is the American way. The only downside is dont get caught. Name one billionaire who doesn't ascribe to this truism.

    10. SD B

      Stop paying Orlovsky to speak please. He doesn't deserve it.

    11. C. H.

      Thank God, for the New York Giants(2 wins/ 100%)& Philly Eagles(1-1/ 50%)!!!!! NFC East is 75% Vs. Brady in the SB💙💚❤ Feels good knowing, the NFC East stood tall against those cheaters! Go Gmen

    12. MaxwellsAxiom

      I love the excuse of "well they already did it once why would they be dumb enough to do it again?" Seriously? Do you live in the real world liars are liars dude

    13. Tyler Gathers

      So I guess if Trump lies and does whatever he has to do to win it should be excused because “if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying”?

    14. gjmcustoms

      Biggest cheaters in history of nfl

    15. Calisto DOM

      sit there and look as stupid as ever molly lolz

    16. Troy Aldrich

      Pete Rose says. HOLD MY BEER Pats...

    17. Thug Theory

      Be quiet dude I’m going to sued u

    18. Michael Shore

      Patriots win WAA WAA WAA

    19. P3 Poirier's Patriotic Point of view

      And that from a progressive pedophile like Max K!!

    20. Wayne Lankenau


    21. Gerald Mack

      If you Google any NFL team put the word cheating behind it something will come up Patriot just not good at it cuz they keep getting caught.

    22. tom hefner

      Oh and also Smith is one of the biggest blow hards and over rated. There are dozens of other black men or women that are far better than him that SHOULD be on TV instead of him biggest bag of wind I have ever seen!

    23. tom hefner

      The interception of the Seahawks last minute in the Super Bowl on the 3rd yard line was very odd when the Pats defense was right there in the exact spot. Always thought that was inside information. Very odd indeed

    24. James Curry

      He said, " didn't think they were cheating" ...fool me once, fool me twice...

    25. Curt Thacker

      I've watched Steven A.a long time but I just now for the first time swear was he the voice of the Venus flytrap in Little shop of horrors movie

    26. Nick Messner

      It's almost like they've been caught cheating a dozen times. And yet they get caught winning titles after cheating and they get to keep the rings. Nonsense.

    27. Omarrz

      Stephen A talking 'bout, "if there are no repercussions, then why aren't y'all (other coaches and teams) cheating too?" So naive. If another team cheated like that and wasn't owned by a guy named Craft (or Jones or Rooney, most likely) then there would be serious repercussions. I'm talking suspensions or indefinite bans of coaches or team personnel. Just ask Sean Payton. Wow...can't believe I'm agreeing with Kellerman on something

    28. Jon Stud

      The NFL has so much fraudulent activity going on its not shocking anymore

    29. WRECK 215

      I been saying Tom and the new England patriots were cheaters. They are an average football team at best. They should take them super bowls wins and rings BACK...!!!

      1. Drew Vertical

        WRECK 215 4 of them the tuck rule, 28-3, if they won any of the Giants sb’s or eagles. the butler pick, and the McNabb 🤮

    30. truckerlawyer

      Man, what ever happened to work and earn what you get?

    31. Angel Em

      Edelman getting laid out and getting right back up for an extra 10 yards is cheating I guess and so is the coin toss and the wind was bought out by the patriots obviously to not go against them in The end. Brady making a block 10 yards up field is cheating too. Y’all are pathetic

    32. Angel Em

      Trump had scandals Hilary too. If you all wanted equality then Bennet would be president. Y’all don’t even know who that is... I had to google that guy to prove my point

    33. Sanchez Sanchez

      They should boycott the whole franchise.....

    34. Got Vision

      Keep making excuses his record They're smart they have cheating for sometime it's in plain sight spy gate wasn't accusations they did it fu king cheaters.

    35. Welcome To My Kropy TackleBox!

      Like Barry Binds, EVERY ONE Of their “championships“ Has An Asterisk👍🏾😡❗️❗️❗️*******

    36. Suq Madiq


    37. Trev Mac

      To *EVERYONE* if you were 20 in 2001 you are now 40 years old -I take exquisite pleasure in your misery and hatred for the Patriots and how my Pats have owned your minds and souls for twenty years.

      1. One Advocate

        Yikes I was 31 in 2001

    38. Lame Duck

      Pause at 0:10 and tell me it doesn't look like three different shots put side by side. Then pause again at 0:14 and tell me you don't think Jon Stewart's younger brother ought to shave more often.

    39. Ryan Rhoades

      Yes them breaking tackles is cheating

    40. james peters

      Who is this guy 👀 stop it bro

    41. D. Michael

      Most fortunate bounces of all time. Have we seen how they have one each Super Bowl? Tell me of one they have ever dominated...

    42. Pumpkin Lumpkin

      Max is totally right!!! They have more things they are fucking with everyone!!!!!

    43. Dan J

      Putz are cheaters, always have been cheaters, always will be cheaters. How else is old Billy Goat gonna' keep his younger blonde Ho?

    44. Vincent James

      Everyone cheats..they just get caught a lot more than the Saints..

    45. matrixphijr

      Everyone: Max Kellerman is a complete buffoon. Max: The Patriots cheat! Everyone: Oh yeah, totally. Of course. Absolutely. Right on. This dude gets it.

      1. Tax-bitchass biyatch

        Nope Max is an idiot

    46. Jack Jean

      No one, outside the bandwagon fan base that is the Patriots, recognizes the Patriots Super Bowls. Trash franchise that will never have the respect of other NFL greats and teams.

    47. GeneUs Mind

      The commissioner said he destroyed those tapes Mr. Stephen A.

    48. Larry GRIMES

      Ethics..just look at the owner. Nuff said

    49. Leroy Wilson

      Kellerman is the hater gas that makes the Patriots GO.We LOVE those HATERS.DUH Dont you you Haters get it !!!!!!!!!!!!.

    50. William Van Parys

      I've been saying that for years, ever since spygate!!!

    51. MrPleasant

      Patriots win!!! Yee ha!!!

    52. CD Arthur

      I REALLY LIKE MAX! Intelligent, composed, has an honest conscious and is consistently on point. Sorry but his partner is WAY over rated! Being LOUD doesn’t make you right or interesting.

    53. Michael Martin

      smith is a bunghole ! call it for what it is cheating. the integrity of the game is called into question every time the cheatriots do something like this ! it will continue until bellicheat or brady or both are suspended for a season nothing less will change the culture of cheating that is new england football

    54. Marie Pierre

      Thé same way you cheat in your wife You are a fake news

    55. Junior Dutervil

      If we’re really cheaters we would’ve won every Super Bowl we’ve been in

    56. Junior Dutervil

      Why is it that winning teams are always the cheaters when the warriors were winning y’all called them cheaters and patriots are cheaters ? Y’all just hate that the patriots are the best football team ever

      1. matrixphijr

        Charlie Sal Idk, maybe he meant to bring up the Astros but he completely botched it.

      2. Coy McCombs

        You're a clown. 20 years of cheating. All trophies and rings have an * next to it. Just like Barry Bonds

      3. Charlie Sal

        You're an idiot. No called the Warriors cheaters. You're just trying to make an excuse for their cheating way. The irony of it is ... they are a really great team that they don't have to cheat. Their problems is going about doing whatever it takes to maintain the status quo of being the best from the rest.

    57. christianna aguilar

      They are CHEATERS And LIARS!! PATRIOTS are CHEATERS why are they still able to play Sad!!

    58. flscott

      Max you and Stephen both need some liquor man calm down .

    59. jafling

      I mean, the Patriots are the only ones that got caught

    60. asonofabitchface

      It’s propaganda to keep the masses in the drone mentality. “Patriots, win” is the chant, selective programming “patriotism”. Why do you think the military got so heavily involved in football.

    61. Steve Bernal

      A bunch of clowns they don't know if they were cheating if they did do something about it.

    62. Matt Stanley

      2001 Super Bowl ... Marshall Faulk ...when asked about the patriots defense .. “ man , it’s like they knew exactly what play we were calling !”

    63. arnold oliver

      Belichick should be suspended for at least 10-games next year Patriots should really be fined in the millions of dollars and take away there 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, draft picks for next year's draft a message needs to be sent

    64. Poppa Jacks

      Funniest thing Baltimore have done the same thing they did it to the Bills why aren't they being harassed by these clowns.............. Oh yeah it's only a big deal when NE does it so no one gives two shits if another team cheats also since 00 the Denver Broncos have cheated more the any other team but no one calls them cheaters only NE. Also I'm a Saints fan so yeah.

    65. Jerry Dunn

      Simple: Allow a mic in the helmet of every player so the plays can be called in that way. End of problem.

      1. JTR

        They should probably do the same for baseball pitches given what the Astros have been doing.

    66. Trebuchet702

      I think Steven likes patriot sausage


      Same thing with the colts. Flattened the footballs to get an advantage on a game they should of won anyways. They should Literally suspend them or stop them Of everything they have cheated to get

    68. david broadhurst

      Big time cheating by refs as well for the patriots!

    69. nobody d

      How do you spell Cheater. P A T R I O T

    70. Michael Morris

      Tim Teabow is the dumbest person of all time