The Original BigFoot Engine Build Part 2 - Engine Power Season 2, Episode 5



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    For The Original BigFoot Engine Build Part 3, tune in to HISTORY this Sunday (May 19th) at 7AM ET/PT!
    On this episode of Engine Power, the team visits Kaase Racing to machine the 429 inch Ford big block from the first monster truck, Big Foot #1.
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    1. PowerNation

      For The Original BigFoot Engine Build Part 3, tune in to HISTORY this Sunday (May 19th) at 7AM ET/PT!

      1. Icy Uranus

        what did mr chandler think of the kaases messing around with his motor? how about the displacement shrinking?

      2. Trey Rich

        hmm. i think i would prefer to just watch it on youtube for free.

      3. Amir Pomen

        waiting for ep3 coming up on this channel

      4. Justin Lafferty

        benoit8850 It’s on HISTORY Sunday mornings between 7-9AM ET/PT

      5. benoit8850

        I used to watch every episode on Spike tv. Then in January, Power Nation disappeared and was replaced with back to back episodes of Bar Rescue😳 WTF?

    2. Kam

      Pat.. Do you really need 25 pens??

    3. #YAY# -

      These guys are old school genius talent

    4. Honest Acehole

      I need my 429 rebuilt

    5. anysnail

      I have to admit even as an American who was raised with and worked with standard tools my whole life those crazy thousands and ten thousands measurements are silly. It’s time we go metric.

    6. Pete M

      "self clearanced" LMAO

    7. fanghicheck

      i am dreaming of a BIG BLOCK , are you ?

    8. T J

      Not your normal Misfit Garage engine build.

    9. jason

      sort it out will ya how many pens you need to show off in your top pocket

    10. KingCharlesVI

      love how early 2000 this video is

    11. NatureRecycleFlorida

      cool video

    12. stilltlrforlife

      Supernerds at thier finest..

    13. D G

      That used to be my shirt, but I sold it to this guy because it couldnt hold enough pens

    14. Marco Ventura

      the delivery and show format is excellent guys. Informative without the BS

    15. Bryan Roupe

      What a kick in the balls. BBF build series and plugs LS parts at the end. 🤣

    16. Bryan Roupe

      I wished I could afford a set of Kasse sbf heads. Have been wanting a set for years but my Windsor SR heads get the job done.

    17. Chad wran

      this is straight up car porn.... no joke straight up car porn.... im gonna watch this for another 3 hours

    18. Richard NZ

      9:05 what is he doing with a feeler gauge

    19. Chris Cooke

      Very interesting , will be great to see it running. but how many pens

    20. Trouser Schnauzer

      sending this truck to the smithsonian is such a massive waste. it will never move under it's own power again. i saw this truck when i was little in st. louis and the thought of it wasting away in a museum is depressing.

    21. Julian Ospina

      I can't stop looking at all his pens in his pocket

    22. Nagy Andras

      fun fact.. pistons needs to be a bit oval. so the measurement shown here is .. meaningless.

    23. Ryan Klapperich

      "Tool on the flywheel bolts were installed at some point and they self-clearanced on the back of this cap and block. The fix after these bolts were removed required helicoils to the crank." Uh... Say what now?

      1. Ryan Klapperich

        Holy crap.. it only got more confusing. Backlash on the threads... Tension on the mic... Jounals... I thought you wrote in jounals, lol.


      *Worst Part Washer fluid EVER!!! Dump that soap out, disconnect the Heater and put Kerosene in it............I miss Varsol and real Creosote ...Stay outa my life, Stupid Ass EPA!!!*

    25. Ben Miosi

      I understood 1% of this video and enjoyed 100%.

      1. Donaven Moon

        These motherfuckers are smart

    26. Woody Woodlstein

      Excellent excellent tutorial

    27. Bryan Smith

      What ever happened to Alan Root? The guy just dissapeared. I remember AR back in the late 80's building some awesome BBF stuff for boat racers.

      1. T J

        Bryan Smith I was wondering the same thing?

    28. H u l k a r o n i & C h e e s e

      12:25 lol

    29. burt24pop

      good job fellas!

    30. Timothy Bueschel


    31. dumpsteRat

      Bigfoot an American icon and legend reborn. Sadly the beast will be put to sleep

    32. David Mcnerney

      Dude way too much shit in your pocket protector.

    33. Liam Rella

      Paul Giamatti sure does know a lot about engines

    34. davydaly

      Pity you yanks wouldn't update and use the metric system

      1. Bryan Smith

        LOL. Not for a lack of trying. It was pushed hard in the 70's. Just didn't catch on.

    35. pacificnwgroup2

      Ware in the hll are the next episodes? Looking all over 4 them

    36. Shawn Eliason

      I would rather go full blown homo than watch this crap!

    37. chrysny413

      Why is all the damage a mystery? Like bob doesn’t remember blowing a rod through the side of the block?

    38. DarthFunkNinja

      Put more body oil on it; god damn. Gloves people.

    39. thegenrl

      Damn there's a surprising amount of good tech info for engine building in this episode! Great job PowerNation on quality content!

    40. AlphaAsFuark!

      I hope this kind of work doesn't disappear.

    41. GIJo

      LS adds on a Ford build... pft.. piss off

    42. henmich

      .0002" you'd be lucky to get those kind of numbers. That's funny to call that out of round... Brand new CNC mills are lucky to hold that number.

    43. intintsgamer

      less talk and more work gezz!!!

    44. importsstillsuck

      Gonna do all that work to it just to have it sit in the Smithsonian.

    45. lucian kristov

      Jon kaase has a reputation for ripping people off with the 427 cammer heads.

    46. Get-The-Lead-Out.45

      NICE VIDEO Actually went into a lot of details and no stupid music edited in!

    47. Yağmur Bayrakdarlar

      10 pen guy

    48. andrewford80

      This stuff is fascinating!

    49. pacificnwgroup2

      Ware r all the episodes?? It jumps to the final after this one

    50. Edward Myers

      The space between the cylinders is really small. I'm surprised the walls dont blow out/crack there

    51. Gerard Montgomery

      Great show, great engine, shit 'growling' voice over. Leave it to the engine blokes, we don't need fake excitement.

    52. Brandon Wilson

      This video is awesome, I live in the same town as Kasse, guess its time to drive the ford over and make some friends.

    53. J F Z28


    54. MiyukiSadako

      Thats not a hemi its a semi hemi

    55. Don Berry

      I did some research on two Big Foot engines. They were smaller for a road track.

    56. Matthew Barker

      When is Bob Chandler touring the truck? Will he be in Michigan? He startex in the Silverdome in Pontiac afterall.

    57. Death Locker

      why the fuck are you using a cork gasket!? such a bad idea

    58. Nathan Fitzer

      I love that EFI is accepted as normal now, when in the 90's it was the devil to muscle car guys.

    59. HighStreet Killers

      It's funny to see the way they machine it, lol. I wouldn't set a bore gauge with a mic. But I guess they probably have 0.002" tolerance. I guess you could if you check the mic with gauge blocks. I prefer to just use a master ring

    60. jo jo

      Someone get this man a bigger pocket he needs more pens!!!

    61. Javier L

      someday you will need to use some technologhy on your ancient engines guys xd

    62. Larry Engelbrecht

      Vernier mike is being shown. Should have said " the TEN thousandths of an inch...".

    63. throttle bottle

      I seen all those ugly welds and uh-oh's early on..... pretty much sums up anything beyond minimally modified :)P

    64. throttle bottle

      welcome to undercover ford/gm/chrysler produced racing products... aka public alpha/beta testing :)

    65. kx454

      It is an oil GALLERY my man, not a "galley"

    66. TheBlaggert

      Great video. Great to see some proper precision engineering

    67. Brett B.

      4:13 did he mean to say magneto or distributor? Not criticizing at all. Just genuinely curious. Thanks guys!

      1. moorepower7

        Magneto. The more cylinder pressure an engine has, the harder it is for the spark to jump the spark plug. There are magnetos that can supply a lot more spark energy than an electronic ignition/distributor.

      2. Brett B.

        Hickstylez I figured he was using the terms interchangeably. Thanks man!

      3. Hickstylez

        I think it's kinda the same thing if u think about it but I also noticed this and was curious

    68. john preston


    69. shawnoandrew

      Link to part 3, Please????

    70. Jack Morrison

      God damn dude do you have enough pencils in your shirt pocket😂


      As a little boy my dad took me to a event and at it this very trucks first public appearance man what a great memory RIP Dad long live Bigfoot what a legend in almost every little boys childhood

    72. Doc T'Soni

      This type of presentation feels so old by now. I still enjoyed it, of course.

      1. sgtpepper1138

        @Chuck Norris They do have a very Stacey(esque) type delivery.

      2. Chuck Norris

        It almost feels like an old episode of 'Trucks'

    73. 98durangopack

      Good video but sounds like to me the dudes building the engine has no idea what they are doing.. Have to call a dozen other shops to get it done?

      1. Thoooooms

        This is an advert, not a documentary

      2. HighStreet Killers

        Thats how they make money. Alot of specialized tooling needed. They're just the middlemen that bolt it together with minimal overhead and maximum profits

    74. jayonez 13

      Nice pocket protector. NERD!

    75. Bo Malo

      Your writers need to loosen the reins.. you two dorks are boring and make genuine smiling look like a distant memory

    76. Tyler Coates

      Man, that engine has really seen some shit.

    77. Beren Gamble

      Gosh I don't know how you can deal with imperial measurements.

      1. HighStreet Killers

        Its life. Metric is better in every way

    78. Number 1

      Seriously why all the pens and shit in his top pocket..?

    79. BOOF

      i wish i watched this video before rebuilding my vg30e

    80. Stephen Bachman

      Why are there dislikes.

    81. 1 Proud American

      My Fathers lived down the street from BigFoots home base outside St Louis for Years. I've visited the shop several times with my kids and family. We've never had a bad experience at the shop. Everyone there was exstreamly nice. We were given several signed bigfoot parts by Bob, the drivers and the mechanics. Bob signed afew fender cuttings. I hope #1 BIGFOOT goes to the Smithsonian forever. I'd hate to see it forgotten about in 20 to 30 years. It's a powerful pieces of American ingenuity, style and Capitalism. Thanks Bob for all the great memories.

    82. Turd Ferguson

      I now know all the tolerances to never know wtf I'm talking about

    83. Matthew Milam

      How could you dislike this video I just don’t understand this video was awesome

    84. Alex Duke

      Big foot isn't the only one that likes his head massaged

    85. Ak 47

      Is the title a joke?

    86. Bryan Beyer

      Does that engine have a Chrysler trans bolt pattern on it?

      1. Bryan Beyer

        Tim T yeah but it looked like it had multiple bolt patterns maybe. The ford bell housing has a distinct Trapezoid kind of shape on the upper two bolts, and I thought I saw a more circular pattern like a 727 mopar but maybe I’m seeing things

      2. Tim T

        It runs a c6 Ford transmission so I doubt it.

    87. jlh

      My family has been mechanics for years I’d be a grunt for as long as it took to work with some guys like this love engines just don’t know nearly as much as id like.

    88. blue03r6

      you guys would never make it as a motorcycle mechanic. you only get 12 hrs to do all of that and have it running or you're working for free beyond 12. this is why you shouldn't let a dealership work on your motorcycle. they will cut corners and put it back together half ass.

    89. grngs1


    90. Jesse Ansell

      E2 = eighty two.... M = Performance... seems like there's a better way...

      1. Doug Anderson

        Yeah, that seemed needlessly non specific and confusing.

    91. Doug Edwards

      Bahahaha! What no blue oval performance commercials

    92. Brandon Lay

      This makes me wanna rebuild the 460 sitting in my carport ASAP ⚙️

    93. MDS

      at 12.16 honeing cam bore notice they forgot to properly secure block making the block move around this will give a sloppy bore

      1. Jim Bo

        Yea that was pretty sloppy.

    94. Dinxsy

      Didn't this motor get put back into the truck some time ago? Or was it installed without being rebuilt

    95. BarnStangz

      Kaase and crew are the best. John is one of the most down to earth guys and he will go the extra mile to help people understand what their needs are with engine design.

    96. Travis Lee

      Man dropping a 638 inch motor to 571? WTF I get it for reliability's sake but that's a big loss of c.i.

      1. Travis Lee

        @Josh Heldwein I understand the reliability aspect. Just seems easier to take boost out. Either way you are gutted motor

      2. Josh Heldwein

        yea but its blown half to space anyway. They'd rather not have to put 3 new sets of rings in before it gets retired I guess. There is a lot of boost going in there so avoiding throwing another rod on the final tour is the priority, not to mention the amount of money they spent on this rebuild. Whoever ponied up those big bucks isn't going to be happy if it needs to be done again.

    97. ryan olson

      Alan root race block? I saw a Ford logo clearly along with e2zm casting serial. Looks like a Ford part to me.

      1. Tim T

        If you look at the Ford racing catalogs from that era they were Ford part numbers but they clearly state that they are AR industries parts made for them. It was a close partnership.

    98. ryan olson

      What a waste to rebuild it to get parked for eternity.

    99. Dhanraj Sohan

      How about aa 2JZ or ARB25AN26 bill American V8

    100. Danny Smith

      That guy has more Pens in his shirt than staples carries in there store!

      1. Danny Smith

        @flappy188 maybe.... Or he's broke from buying so many pens to support his obsessive habit😃.... the battle wounds on that engine block were crazy!

      2. flappy188

        bet he got way more money in his other pocket, then you, because of those pens