The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James



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    1. I Hate Everything

      Garbage video!! Stinky! For real tho this show actually rules


        I Hate Everything I did your 5.3 thousand like

      2. Maya Craft

        Hey number one on trending nice job James

      3. trashbird

        @「 Soulless 」 wHo'S jOe?

      4. DarkFarrinx

        @ok then the demographic of theodd1sout ladies and gentlemen

      5. Gacha Potato


    2. slyfredtrix and memes

      *Ah yes Shrek the evil bird*

    3. Aditi Mishra

      Oh no! Alex Meyers job is in danger!

    4. Dylan D3TV

      Random question but James do you have Disney Plus

    5. Truffle _TurtIe


    6. Buntaru Sundae

      I actually found the longer scene's to actually be kinda enjoyable. Especially with how freaking tense and dark this show can get. Those slower scene's really relax everything and kinda just build up atmosphere. Unlike the original movie where it was just slow for the sake of being slow in a false attempt to bring up atmosphere. Also I think that this is more just a reboot/prequel? There's a lot of stuff that they change from the original movie so I don't technically think that it's suppose to be a prequel but we'll see. If it is... we're gunna be losing a lot of people we love and care about. Over all I freaking love this Netflix series and hope season 2 comes soon. I know it might take a long time especially with how difficult it was to produce it but we're all waiting in bated breath.

    7. Greti Bubbletti

      Congrats on trending!!

    8. Danielle Waked

      Oh oh oh the Skeksie who you said doesn’t sound like a Skeksie is voices by KEEGAN MICHAEL KEY from Key & Peele!

    9. Space Cat

      No one Me: MMHhhHhHHhHMMMmMMMmmHhhHh

    10. Z3n1tsu

      4:00 bhra

    11. waxtheknob

      Hey James, did you know that Netfilx is making a Dark Crystal movie? o_0 haha, JK... you're cool, (no troll)

    12. Cathleen Jansen


    13. Ocean Kake

      #1 ON TRENDING

    14. Mr. Doctor 1448

      But James you are my mom

    15. thatonenaega

      anyone else in need of that chrome plug in? i do :/

    16. SaltyySythe

      Let's revive club penguin

    17. Uniq

      listen the odd1sout more like the fart went out am i right guys..... guys...........................*cricket*......

    18. Ezriha

      6:48 teens only

    19. Jack Thorp

      6:51 When your watching a movie with your parents and a scene like that comes on Me: Well crap

    20. Oluwatosin Adekunle


    21. Mansan Nu

      Anyone notice how this is #1 trending?

    22. Hadrian Hernandez

      5:51 - 10 Hour of Paint Drying is 40 minutes and 20 seconds.

    23. The Cringy Panda

      netlix has a pretty big screen -James 2019

    24. chill gamer7151

      Wow just wow I don't know what to say

    25. Okay Boomer

      James mom: why dose are computer have 15 different viruses James: I Definitely didn’t install a program to make Netflix go 2x…

    26. Space Cat

      Congrats on #1 trending

    27. Jakib_ Playz

      2:01 pause and expain this🤣

    28. jdl232

      I kind of miss Jame’s old drawing style where everything is less detailed and the outlines weren’t so large

    29. TotallyRandomGrandom

      Panda Panda Panda Thraaaaaaaa!

      1. TotallyRandomGrandom

        This is a horrible joke

    30. Branchy Saucer36

      Great Job!!! 1 on trending

    31. Me MeS


    32. Josh The gamer

      Number one trending

    33. yeet and Delete

      I'm suprized this got number one trending

    34. Icecremii _09

      Already #1 trending!

    35. The shadowking88

    36. deadsky 47

      I you think the made up words are bad in the dark crystal, the go and visit Homestuck on you're Google

    37. TheEggFelixAskedFor

      All the furry fan art is concerning

    38. Lidia Olguin

      I watch netflix

    39. Danielle Waked

      It’s “ag-rah”...thas how to say yodas sassy gma’s name

    40. Fire boy 5168

      Number 1 on trending right now

    41. Timothy Thomas

      1:37 That Elmo had me cracking up

    42. derp derp

      Huh no wonder I waited for months

    43. hamza khan

      odd1sout your the best

    44. {* Iliana Vassos *}

      “mmmmmmmmmm” -Chambelain Funko Pop 2019

    45. Wendy Steinberg

      Ahh the early screening I love it

    46. Fällen Ängel


    47. PleasePressTriangle

      I guess you could say that this series has lore..... ga-LORE!!! Okay, I’m done.

    48. LIROU HAUF


    49. LeilaniHapa

      3:27 THEY DID WHAT?

    50. Thunder Master

      T r e n d I n g

    51. NAHOO 77

      I'd be surprised if odd1sout ever made a video and it didn't get on trending.

    52. The Cringy Panda

      good job for hitting #1 on trending (somehow)

    53. Lathan Armogida

      How is this trending above Joyner Lucas?

    54. Sentry Overwatch

      F*****g skexies man

    55. Ryoga100

      Yea. Who would have thought someone with millions of subs eould eventually reavh the ears of someone you were talking about

    56. Leo Gjolaj

      Number one trending

    57. Mario Garcia

      Treading number one whoa 😎 that’s awesome bro.

    58. Ramen Doodles

      A prequel is like you start making a book, and write the last page first. And then you get a whole bunch of anxiety about not wrapping up the book and running out of pages. And then you panicky so much, it's probably just going to be 20 pages.

    59. TheLastPurple

      Gosh dang James' voice quickly turned husky by just complaining about a scene where an unknown character was readying

    60. Maces the beast

      #1 on trending

    61. The limo Driver

      Hey James did you know there is a new dark crystal show on Netflix?

    62. Emmit Boo

      I love that show

    63. Kellen Sargent

      1 one trending

    64. Shadow W0lf3_

      Microwave go "MMMMMMMMMMMM"

    65. Lots of Peachy

      James they rebooted dark crystal lol please review

    66. not a hypebeast

      Why is there a bunch of furry art

    67. Logan Farmer

      James is a child's that is inside of an adults body (that has good animation skillz xa xa!)

      1. Spooky Filmz Ent.

        Everndgdybody Dislike This Video 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏽

    68. Gacha Lucina123

      New matepat

    69. Yoona Chan

      Bakugo has no rights

    70. Såturn Otaku

      In my opinion the show was a goddamn master piece (I watched it 3 times and convinced my friend to watch it too lmao) but tbh I never would’ve even heard of the dark crystal if it wasn’t cuz of u being scared of the original movie 😂 (Also I’m not obsessed by watching it 3 times, owning 3 pop figures and cosplaying are)