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    On the 25th anniversary of one of Disney's biggest hits, Nostalgia Critic takes a look and sees if it's warranting all the praise it's gotten for so long. Let's take a look at The Lion King.
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    The Lion King is a 1994 American animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the 32nd Disney animated feature film, and the fifth animated film produced during a period known as the Disney Renaissance. The Lion King was directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, produced by Don Hahn, and has a screenplay credited to Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and Linda Woolverton. Its original songs were written by composer Elton John and lyricist Tim Rice, with a score by Hans Zimmer. The film features an ensemble voice cast that includes Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Moira Kelly, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Rowan Atkinson, Robert Guillaume, Madge Sinclair, Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, and Jim Cummings.
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    1. Channel Awesome

      A CZ-newsr cashing in on the live action movie coming out? Weird Support this week's charity - Watch the Disneycember reviews of The Lion King 1 and a half - And The Lion King II -

      1. Simple-Commentator-not-really

        Why IS Matthew Broderick a problem? Is it about the car accident? I think it's about the car accident.

      2. Victor Blackwolf

        That live action remake was a great disappointment.

      3. Reaper 857

        Channel Awesome NC is right. Be prepared is actually the best song. I even went to johnathan young to see if he made a heavy metal remix and bless the heavens I was not disappointed

      4. Another Cart To Go

        Scar's real name is Taka, which I think means trash in Swahili

    2. Carter Kruse

      23:50 is so funny to me Edit: 26:15 me when people hakuna matata is their favorite song

    3. Alpha Humphrey

      I'm surprised The Lion King did not win Oscars for best Sound Editing. I also hoppe NC reviews The House of the Spirits 1993

    4. Sha Mi

      The Live Action Remake Can't Be As Amazing As The Original One... I Mean Jon Favreau Did Great Job On Creating Original Projects Like Iron Man And Mandalorian... But It's Up To Disney To Be More Creative Instead Of Making Remakes

    5. Ralph Hernandez

      I think the message was that you have to own up to your actions no matter what the consequences are

    6. Jordan Lawson

      Yes thank you. Be prepared is the best Disney villain song. The live action one kinda ruined it.

    7. Natalii T.

      "So Simba grows up into Matthew Broderick." *massive head bumps* Fucking killed me

    8. Matthew Hogberg

      7:12 kinda lowkey disappointed you didn’t use a Detroit Lions Meme lol

    9. Joe Stewart-Paul

      Do it or you're singing the morning report song 😂

    10. Mr. Handel-Bar

      Jim Cummings voice: Scar, Rasputin, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger.............the Greaser and Nerd from Garbage Pail Kids

    11. Harmon Slytherin

      16:50 It's worse than you think. Scar's real name is Taka, which literally means trash.

    12. mr kat


    13. Blake Odinsson

      Hey, hey, Christopher Robin is a great movie.

    14. Westube349

      0:53 I know the reason why *We've got to have money!*

    15. Dee Simonds

      Nice to see that NC still has a VHS copy of the Lion King.

    16. I Allman

      Actually scares real name is something like taka witch translated means dirt or trash.

    17. The Loud House Kid #1

      *w e h a v e y o u.*

    18. Zacheriah Pearce

      Lion king is completely improved in dialogue. Its a better movie.

    19. MR_Zoren

      i still not seen it

    20. Jonathan Bailey Art & Animation

      After I saw this film, I was scared to watch it again because it seemed too dark for me. I waited until I got a little older and then I started to like it more. The animation is great, the songs are great, and the voices are great. Hakuna Matata is a great cheering up song. Kids need to be entertained for a while. Nothing is annoying here or bland OR Overrated.

    21. OMG Thesechocodiles

      25:25 *SIMBA!* _What would your mother think?_ 😂😂😂😂😂😂 omfg lmao

    22. MrBG1138

      "He's such a bitch!"

    23. Tuffsmoygles

      I think the bart simpson "he's such a bitch!" clip sums up the Nostalgia Critic in a nutshell.

    24. Silver Tongue

      wait you mean i WASN'T imagining things when i thought Scars voice changed on that last part?!... i owe childhood me an apology

    25. Silver Tongue

      same be prepared is the best

    26. Leah Koskovich

      ed is best boi

    27. Junaki Begum

      The remake is trash compare to this

    28. Diane Graham

      I just can't wait to be king is best be prepared is third and in my opinion my lullaby is better

    29. super N 1996

      The lion king is overrated in my opinion and I hate can you feel the love tonight

    30. KingpinPasta


    31. Gwendolyn Bregenzer

      I’m not falling for that b******t

    32. sebastian banguis

      8:25-8:28-*THE. BEST. LINE. IN. THE. WHOLE. DANG. MOVIE.*

    33. Dominic Delliber

      Can we even call this dude the "Nostalgia Critic" at this point....?

    34. Dominic Delliber

      Can we even call this dude the "Nostalgia Critic" at this point....?

    35. Dominic Delliber

      Can we even call this dude the "Nostalgia Critic" at this point....?

    36. Wil Bourke

      Better than that bad Lion King “remake”!

    37. some guy named Seth

      My childhood also 20:15 suck it

    38. Korliyon

      18:22 "You're grounded." I laughed so hard XD

    39. Clyde Sweet

      Scar’s real name mention trash

    40. Walking Corpse

      Review Lion King 2!!!

    41. Suki_Su Storyteller

      "And the sun! They need to see the SUN!" Absolutely true and SOOOOO hilarious if you think about how dumb some of the tweets people post are. Ex. "I hope my first daughter is a girl."

    42. Cat_Master_47 Mr._J

      I saw the "live action" lion king and when mufasa is a ded a little gril to the right of us sayd is it over

    43. Andres Navarro

      Marry poppins returns is not a remake critic is a sequel to marry poppins dummy

    44. Dylan Boggs

      9:55 why did he root him salf 😂


      In the reboot i like that scar tries to get Simba's mom to marry him

    46. the hunterator

      I hate it when I accidentally buy a Doug

    47. Eonik

      8:50 That seems kinda racist but sure okay

    48. Unoriginal 156

      Doug Bob Iger: “None of you like them more than the original” Yeah but I still like them...

    49. YankeesFan0620

      17:18 (you can cross F***** off this list) Sorry for the spoilers...

    50. Anthony Gretton

      He’s got a point. Maybe it would have been better if the other lions run into protect him before scar tells him, and they say something about how he’s made mistakes but he deserves a chance for redemption. Then the two get isolated somehow, and that’s when scar tells him.

    51. Matthew Rosenkoetter

      And be prepared was put into FREAKING DIALOUGE thus ruining the whole dang song.. and the wildebeests and mufasas death scenes were both completely destroyed

    52. Miki 2002


    53. AwdryFan1997

      O V E R R A T E D

    54. Jayshiver

      Video: half-*ssedly Captions: hat masterpiece

    55. Jinhunter Slay

      I think the reason for those weird "mother" lines is because Simba's mom originally had a more prominent role and Scar wants to make her his queen, but then it got changed to him wanting to marry Nala (it's in the original lyrics of "Be Prepared" if I remember correctly), but then they decided to cut down all that subplot. I think it's mentioned more in the Broadway version or the 2019 version, though?

    56. Catrina Andrade

      Epic baby shower😂

    57. Lucifer yang III

      You know by the movies own Moral of "no matter what you did, you have to take responsibility for it", Timon and Pumba are like the secondary antagonist in the movie. Sure they want to hurt Simba or do anything bad, but what is their whole Mantra? Hakuna matata, it means no worry's, as in no Responsibilities. If Simba never met them, he might have come back way sooner and learn to take responsibility

    58. This guy love's Clannad68

      When Mufasa died in the 1994 version I cry. It's sad and gets me everytime. Buy in the 2019 version I don't cry. ☹

    59. Lucas Hammar

      12:56 Doug, military marching doesn't automatically directs to Nazism. If you payed more attention you would know this was more likley to symbolise communism, seeing how this film was made a few years after the cold war's end, and the fact that Scar wants the hyenas to live as equals to the lions. Just look at the moon at 13:10 and 19:11, what do you think it's supposed to look similar to?

    60. J-Tech

      Ok.. Doug makes his sponsor ads worth watching.. who agrees?

    61. Benjamin LeBaron

      Can you do Trapped in Paradise?

    62. Alpin Art

      "Everything the light touches is our kingdom" "What about that shadowy place" "What did I just say, kid. The shadowy place isn't ours, so leave it alone." I won't deny it's few flaws, but I think they just make it better :) i also didn't fully mind the live action remake. I had some problems, they ruined the scenes they were a part of. but other than that it was alright

    63. polly santos

      I like be prepared for video I want it a lot and maybe a little too much for 8 year old

    64. Lapidot 2003


    65. Conor Sartre

      Black pigeon speaks snd sargon defiantly think hyenas are Nazis.

    66. Conor Sartre

      Its like Regan idea of capitalism. Yes simba we are billionaires but you see we buy expensive cars and poor people have to make the cars. If not for us they might band together and realize they dont need us or the government.

    67. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

      20:14 Even though I'm not a fan of Doug's work, I couldn't agree more.

    68. Hush-Time Midnight

      Did you know scars name is actually Taka (meaning trash) and scar is just his nickname because he got his scar when he was just a cub from being jealous of mufasa?

    69. Fallon McCall

      channel awsome, do the lion king 2: simba's pride!

    70. TreeckoJedi9

      Only Pumbaa’s friends can call him a pig