The Last of Us Part II - Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4



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    Watch the all-new trailer for the The Last of Us Part II, launching on PlayStation 4 on February, 21, 2020.
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    1. BlankFace John

      Endure and survive

    2. Road Maind

      Конченые лесбы

    3. MilccyWayGalaxySpaceCowBoi

      Am I the only one who thinks Ellie looks like Elijah Wood?

    4. Ismael Ortiz

      Those graphics tho

    5. edgy McDonald

      I love how the Last of Us was released near the PS4 launch. and now the Last of Us Part 2 is going to be released near the PS5 launch.

    6. eaglerabbit89

      Why do I have a feeling Joel is going to die :'(

    7. ArtWizardSam

      I swear if something happens to Joel....

    8. Jet_Tort

      Spoiler alert Ellie drowns

    9. Big ol' Al


    10. JDGaming

      1:21 Someone gets shot I hope it's not Joel

    11. Sodom 1611

      Ellie vs Lara Croft?

    12. just an ordinary dbd gamer

      Y my pp hard

    13. Waqas Amjad

      Ellie: I'm going to kill every last one of them Joel: Hold my beer

    14. rafael da silva

      this will be game of the year!

    15. phantoms1992

      *Odio la telenovelas con zombies al estilo the walking dead*

    16. LoonsMite 04

      Man joel looks cool even after he is old

    17. Starflight Dragon

      | how many times Ellie V groaned


      Joel is old and Ellie Is a Adult!!!JOEL IS BACK!!!

    19. Getowned _69

      I have a strong feeling that the games going to go like this. Someone that Joel and ellie loves gets killed so Ellie goes to kill their whole group or something like that Joel doesn’t go tho or so Ellie thinks that when you see the part in the trailer”you really think I’m going to let you do this by yourself” so they go kill the whole group they go back to living their normal life but the group they killed is bigger then they think and come back a kill Joel and raid the whole base and kill lost of the group then Ellie wants to kill them all like it the other trailer. Joel’s brother of course come and try’s to stop her from killing them all as the game goes on Joel the ghost of him talks to her. Joel tells her that Sarah is with him Ellie still goes and kills them all. There is a high chance I’m wrong but I feel like it’s going like that. Edit: why I think that Ellie and Joel go and kill this group in the beginning is because looks at Ellie’s fast when she sees Joel their is no cut,blood or anything on her face but she is seen the whole time killing people with cuts and blood

    20. Lari02

      I miss the little elli

    21. iahmed -ksa

      ديم بوووي

    22. Hardik Sachdeva

      Why this is age restriction....!???

    23. Prodigy

      Hope there’s free mode

    24. Cry9to

      Me boy Joel is Baaaaaaaaaaack

    25. Haque

      Spoiler alert Dina dies (as hinted in one of the trailers)

    26. Shane Ostrowski

      I mean i played part one but do joel sound like john marston from red dead or is that just me

    27. PUBG Lover

      I want to play pubg on ps3 pls

    28. Marble0729

      At least Joel is alive

    29. The Kiddo

      Naughty dog make the best story games

    30. Ian Moloney

      I really want to be able to play as Ellie and Joel

    31. Juno

      I cant wait to play this game

    32. Daan Wijkmans

      Can somebody explain me is this the game from ps plus or is this a different game?

    33. Bunny Girl


    34. Frank McCourt

      Keep finding something to fight for

    35. Nick's Tracks

      What if it’s coop? one is Joel and one is Ellie?

    36. Wan Mohd Kashfy

      ellie looks like ellen page.

    37. Darkbored XD

      2:30 Joel!

    38. Vincent Wolf


    39. Wissam Zahabi

      4 Months to go !!!! But who's counting...Karol Chlopek is !!!

    40. Gareth Bale

      Since Ellie is immune but carries the bacteria, will Dina get infected via french kisses if she has a sore in her mouth?

    41. Cibele Felix


    42. Coisa de Isaac

      Come back the last of us cool

    43. Coisa de Isaac


    44. mank

      I think Joel is going to end up just being a figment of Ellie's imagination in this game. Hope they didn't go down that route, but I have that feeling. Not too keen on playing Ellie either but I'm still getting this game regardless.

    45. theGamingJanina

      Just finished the original

    46. qt shea

      me: doesn’t have enough money to buy it: *sees joel* *clocks gun* right so the Store down the street it open 9am-10pm

    47. VerTeXh

      Naughty dog is the best company to produce games like last of us remastered and uncharted 1 2 3 4

    48. Lukas Boreisis

      Microsoft: Halo Infinite is going to be the best video game of 2020. *Joel appears* Microsoft: ight imma head out

      1. BIG BAD LUKE

        Microsoft already failed Xbox is done

    49. Peter B Parker

      I was 12 years old when TLOU released now I'll be 19 when TLOU 2 comes out i really wanted the sequel in my early teenage years but hey better late than never

    50. Mr.AwsomeGamer Jonah

      I’m hyped for this game

    51. kelvin urena

      The Last of Us Part II The carpet munchers revenge!!!

    52. Eax Hd

      I really want Uncharted 5 and The Last Of Us part : III on Playstation 5

      1. BIG BAD LUKE

        Don't we all

    53. channing bloom

      So I’m hindsight this game is either going to be perfect or one of the greatest games of all time.

    54. Aatif Nadkar

      the great entry of joel

    55. Gebakken Ezel

      Why does Ellie look like Tom Holland (especially at 1:47)


      Part 3 needa be a prequel as young Joel how he took care of tommy and met Tess


      Hopefully in part 3 it’s a prequel so we can play as younger Joel and see how he feels bout Sarah death and reacting to killing ppl to survive and keeping tommy save


      Joel better not be an NPC I at least needa play 10 missions as him😤 and they better not kill him

    59. MizupMisa

      "This path you walk... vengeance, you will find no peace. I know." - Kratos, 2018.

    60. Ashley

      Tommy looks like Billy rae cirus and Joel looks like gerald butler

    61. Gaming Cooter

      Ellie got a curse or smthin, everyone that falls in love with her dies

    62. SpaceMonkey033

      the only thing I regret about selling my old PS3 is that I would never get to replay The Last of Us again

    63. Cheese

      2:33 wait is that Arthur from rdr2

    64. kauany moraes

      super cool and very beautiful quality ;)

    65. Daniel  Ossa

      Daniel Ossa 1:25 They probably kill Joel in this scene but want us to think it’s ellie’s girlfriend (Or viceversa)

    66. Def-Supreme

      I rather play PAC-MAN..........

    67. Cole Blondeau

      2.21.20 that’s on my big bro’s birthday, can’t wait to see his face when I get him the collectors edition

    68. Zevxy

      Please just please let me have one LAST murderous rampage before joel dies,plz

    69. Army2014

      I wonder if the enemies are going to be able to see Joel.

    70. Keilie Lopez

      I feel like I’ve been waiting for part 2, foreverrrrrr... & we still have 4 months to go 😤😤😤