The Last (and First) Folding Phone!

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    Second impressions of the last folding phone standing! BUT AT WHAT COST?
    weird flex but ok
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    1. Ariel Glaze

      No.. just no.

    2. Calvin M.

      Galaxy fold is literally on different higher level.

    3. Photo Art

      This guy is hack for Samsung and apple (I only buy apple by the way). But still cut the propaganda bullshit apart from apple to a certain extent all these phones are stealing your information but this moron wants to act like all Chinese companies are dodgy (they probably are) but no one I mean no one is worse then google at this but hey this American youtuber is a sellout.

    4. Nafis Mia

      this is not the first one unbox therapy has the first one you are full black man

    5. Pranav Ganesan

      We can all agree that the iPhone 6/6+ was the first foldable phone

    6. ZEN 2019


    7. ZEN 2019


    8. troy san


    9. Mega

      In my opinion, I personally think the folding out phone is better because you can potentially put a two piece screen protector on it and it may reduce the cost because the manufacturer don’t have to add a third screen on the outside like Samsung.

    10. Scott Mannear

      Watching on ZTE Axon M foldable that has been selling since October 2017. Kyocera actually came out with the first foldable phone. But they both have two screens with a hinge, not a folding screen. LG also offers a second screen model.

    11. Aman Ullah

      How many price

    12. Damodar Sardar


    13. Karthig1987

      That hinge looks like the bendy buses in my country which used to run back in the day.

    14. Boeing 787 Dreamliner

      The phone is 🤮🤮🤮 This video is 👍👍👍

    15. Yusuf T-Deen

      "Being first doesn't really matter if it sucks" That applies to girlfriends too ;)

    16. Liam Ferguson

      I don’t think that the folding phone is the way to advance phone technology bc what’s really the point of a folding phone

    17. aesthetically anna

      How do u get a case for that thing

    18. Safa Safa

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    19. ravindra jangid

      I don't like it

    20. dracwula

      if in the old days, foldable phones break quite often if you are a owner, you know. so now you have a flexible screen, foldable design hinges, i doubt there are any improvements being made to mate with these flex screens. besides, kinda silly look if u look at the fold, its like a tacco shell without the stuffing.

    21. Speedbird

      I watch your videos just because of how crispy the quality is

    22. Renee Tong

      pretty cool, looks futuristic, I would buy it for fun but deffo not using it as my main

    23. Aldis Priede

      This phone is rubbish.

    24. shmuckypumpy

      I would accidentally snap it by folding the phone the other way...

    25. Aslan Raimkulov

      Another Chinese trash, was sent to bin before even purchasing.

    26. Aditya Kadam

      Thumbs up just for the meme "wierd flex,but OK.."

    27. unicorn dog girl

      That phone is sooo ugly

    28. MrAtaguas

      Just wait a couple weeks I am about to release my own folding phone ... its actually 2 iphone X taped along the edge using very high quality electrical tape ... costs a bit more than 2 iphone Xes ... Any takers?

    29. ZinXt Cloudyy

      Basically a flip phone on steroids

    30. jzi4

      I'm good with one screen. This just looks gimmicky as hell. Even in a perfected version the only thing they'd succeed in is creating a huge failure point in your $1000 device, and what SANE person wants a damn crease in their display? A small crack in the corner of a display would be enough to warrant a screen change for me. And while I'm on this subject, how could a case even be made for this thing without looking like a mid evil torture device?

    31. Poor Username

      I can see somebody who just had the Samsung Fold, Folding this the wrong way and breaking it.

    32. Itachi Uchiha

      A normal phones: 50% chance of breaking Samsung galaxy fold: 100% chance of breaking


      Please don’t let this be the future of smartphone

    34. Pepper :

      i like this one better than the galaxy

    35. - Tamia

      A phone for kids

    36. Visionary

      It was literally a weird flex

    37. mike morabito

      Who in their right mind would buy this crap!!

    38. LOVE TV

      Ek number chutya h

    39. Turoc kelerin

      The new phone are getting trashier, 2012-2015 was the golden time for phones

      1. Sergio Gomez

        Why dont u get one from that time since their better🤣goof.

    40. Myk McGrane

      Hard gimmick. Hard pass.

    41. Galaxy

      Can we eat it ?

    42. syed Zain Ul Hassan

      Lack of headphone Jack because of space issue.😀😀😀😂🤣

      1. Chris Stroh

        Nah Bluetooth issue with noise from outside microwave, phones or scanners are gone. Phone jack thing of the past. Question remains what will be the final form factor for Bluetooth headset?

    43. Vitor Almenara

      Because it folds out it seem reaaally finicky with the touchscreen always on.

    44. alex luke

      So which phone is that? No description? Tnx

    45. /Nick The Stick\

      And I oop

    46. Lucky Albanoti

      Half drunk trying to impress everybody. You fold it up, you hear a crack. Ouch! Opposite way...

    47. I-Deni-I

      Why would anybody even want to make such a phone and why would people want it??? This is horrible.

    48. Music Memories

      No one reads the instruction- it's clearly say Do not unfold making pressure on the center of the screen....

    49. Rose Gold

      I guess there’s no putting a bling phone case on this mf right here 😭😫

    50. Shanthi Vardhan SVR

      Marques Brownlee is in the list of 24 Top Business Influencers and Thought Leaders... Great Brother... Love you From India... ❤️❤️❤️

    51. Connor Reynolds

      The form factor on this thing is all Wong.

    52. MrMikehole

      Seinfeld reference?? Subscribed 😎

    53. yooser naime

      A phone with a bellows. Dumb.

    54. SoloRain

      How would cases look for this phone?

    55. Kevin Wilson

      I feel like if I used this phone just for a month I'd be relieved to go back to my traditional flagship.

    56. Saif Iqbal

      Wow 2 weeks and no upload

    57. Zaina Shaikh

      Giveaway plz

    58. KING ICE

      This phone is no Buy the phone with been better you fold the phone in to protect the screen that Corporation come up with the stupidest ideas? The main focus is protecting the phone keep up hard-working young man

    59. Tsitsi Audrey Dowera

      I dont like the it

    60. Ayah

      There is a Huawei mate x

    61. As024er G


    62. The Cube inc.

      Royal flexpye: im the first folding device Nintendo 3ds: am I a joke to you?

      1. Skyro 05

        GameBoy Advance SP : *"are you sure about that?"*

    63. salim ladjouzi

      dont like the phone ites too easy to break

    64. Rabia Haroon

      I’m from 2050 there will be people looking back at the iPhone x like it’s a small Nokia 😆😂

    65. Beyond The Cages

      Amazing phone and video

    66. isay2k

      Who's here after "Sneaker Shopping"?!

      1. lhm gaming

        People are so similar

    67. Yash Prajapati

      Bro. Please give it to me. Its amazing..

      1. Entertain & Information TV

        Yash Prajapati 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙢𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙗𝙚 𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙖𝙣 🤣

    68. Shubham Supekar

      2.27 😂😍😍

    69. myoriginalname

      I hate that cracking noise it makes when folded out it freaks me out.

    70. leo mendoza

      This is gonna be like the ds where companies are gonna try to utilize the the gimmick for a year or 2 and then say fuck it just make whatever