The Last (and First) Folding Phone!

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    Second impressions of the last folding phone standing! BUT AT WHAT COST?
    weird flex but ok
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    1. Victoria Thomas

      Personally i think this phone is trash

    2. Viper TheLegend

      "it makes some noises when you touch it the wrong way" okay how did I get here?

    3. chickenmcnizznugget


    4. Bum wad

      Bruh you should just cut it in half and get to phones


      Imagine that you are watching a porn on that thing,and someone broke into your room 0_+

    6. Pedro Cavaco

      awful looking

    7. Owl&Fox Entertainment

      I like how the intro is ASMR

    8. BOTFrosty

      Good luck for the fuckers trying to make a protective screen for that

    9. Me Myself And I

      Phone: Leave the device unfolded, when you are charging the battery OR YOU WILL NOT USE THE DEVICE FOR A WHILE Me: Okay MUM

    10. Creatively Living

      markass brownie

    11. Sh4d0w

      First foldable phone : I am the greatest and only folding phone. iPhone 6/6+ : am I a joke to u ?

      1. Matei Panzariu

        *You dare challange me mortal?

    12. Elisabeth Case

      Nokia: Am I a joke too you?

    13. Kizzy K

      Just subscribed great video fella.

    14. Marcus Ayers


    15. User X-751

      What does “AND I OOP” mean? Pause at 1:33

      1. cwazy345

        Jasmine Masters

    16. Alookks

      title sure didn’t hold up

    17. Mike Y

      Did you just do a haiku

    18. Twospoopy4Yee

      But what about the razr?


      Bad folding phone; nice folding tablet??

    20. Ibrahim Kamara

      The shit...looks like some type of futuristic wallet instead of a phone lol

    21. The Whacc

      Something about this phone's UI in combination with the wallpaper reminds me of Ubuntu


      Who wons this mobile phone

    23. Yuanpu Liang

      Your personal information is already leaked by Google and Facebook

    24. armonia numerica

      This is the Pablo Escobar Fold 1...anyone have it already?

    25. suju sajeeth

      3:13: Now your phone looks like an accordian

    26. Madawi Alrajhi

      Did Marques really say and I oop

    27. Gamerguy666

      1:33 “and I oop” lol

    28. SOUL seller

      bruh...that gaint thing is only available in is the first to ship

      1. cwazy345

        Then how did he get one. Oh yeah, he had it shipped

    29. Joshy P

      This OS looks just like iOS

    30. David .Reyes

      can you please review the Escobar Fold 1, made by the bother of the Colombian drug Lord, Pablo Escobar

    31. Victor Manuel

      Thank you for the review!

    32. Crazycar16 Gaming

      1:33 VSCO MARQUES

    33. Prateek Panwar

      It's more like challenge to "Make a case for this phone"

    34. Tiny Mini junior

      Title: the first folding phones Flip phones: Oh that’s how you wanna play it huh

    35. Hruaia ralte

      The title is just Savage

    36. Final Fantasy

      This kind of floding smart phone is better than samsung folding phone.what is the brand of this phone?

    37. Marco Cueto Garcia

      Is the Pablo Escobar fold jajajajaaj

    38. Blazin Sweets

      Pablo Escobar's brother selling a branded phone that looks just like that specs don't look too bad either

    39. Hans Brel


    40. Mike Boltic

      Fold mobiles are the most stupidest thing i have ever seen. Its useless and expensive garbage.

      1. Mike Boltic

        @cwazy345 no. How would you survive today if everything was useless?

      2. cwazy345

        Isn't everything

    41. Harrison Yoo

      love the chinese innovations! We all know it's going to be Marques' new favorite!

    42. Giovanni Lopez

      Phone manufacturers would say "damn these millenial babies why do they whine so much"?

    43. Sppl S.

      1:32 typical jerry rig everything move....

    44. Chango Chilemba

      New world order piece of shit. *Mind fuck devices* all of it.

    45. Roy Rosales

      Nobody gonna tall abour the escobar fold 1?

    46. bre_luv 1990

      I so will have to see about getting one next year.

    47. Mukesh Mulani

      Paric in

    48. Kyle Myers

      Funniest video you've ever made. I'm dying

    49. Will Moto704

      I just read an article on Gizmodo and Pablo Escobar brother had made it called the Fold one .

    50. American Muscle

      Corporate Apple hmmm I think the iPhone 12 will have glass screens on both sides.

    51. R0cK GoD

      I wouldn't want the screen always exposed. I'm really not feeling these folding phones. It's best to just a few years.

    52. Jibran Mukhtar

      how are his palms so white?

    53. Shehzad Gamer1


    54. ƵiRro

      Shouldn't the title be "The First (and Last) Folding Phone!"?

    55. Laiptus O

      People: this is the first foldable phone Flip phone: am i a joke to you?

    56. velasco raphael

      When im folding the cell phone and the Crack sound makes me worry

    57. The Lemon Master

      The new 3ds is lookin nice

    58. kristalin c

      Someone predicted these for 2050.

    59. cat with banana

      Fortnite and mark ass brownle

    60. MythicalLife34 YT

      JerryRigEverything found a Korean version of the galaxy fold that released

    61. churro12

      This thing is nasty

    62. DEE-KAY

      My mans takes it out the box and nearly snaps it in half in less than 5 seconds

    63. Michael Gogov

      Jesus lo es you guys this pho es are rubbish

    64. Aidan Chiranjiv Singh

      Any fliphone: *Am I a joke to you?*

    65. Prakash Chaudhari

      Useless phone

    66. Click on my profile- THE SEX BOT

      “Jerry can make any phone foldable”

      1. Paradiso

        dudes so desperate they go to youtube for porn 😭😭😭😭

      2. Nether YT

        His name is zack, jerry is his grandpa

      3. Josh Kang

        @Gordon Langell see his channel

      4. Gordon Langell

        HOT SEXY PORN ADULT FILMS What In fuckle’s name is your name?

    67. nxce

      Moto brand: hold that thought.

    68. Heck Off


    69. threw a walrus at my grandma

      Motorola: Am I a joke to u?

    70. JennaFunnyPants !!!

      Why would I pay 10000000 dollars for ds 9000 the 2010s and up kids will understand