The Kidnapping of Patty Hearst (feat. Kristen Wiig) - Drunk History

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    Patty Hearst’s life changed forever when she was kidnapped and indoctrinated by the Symbionese Liberation Army.
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    Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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    1. miguel gonzalez

      She's trash as fuck and her story

    2. Swissffun Nani

      Proof that Americans are definitely LESS than Europeans ... Jello shots and stirring with your fucking finger!!! What feral cows!!!

    3. Charlotte Grant


    4. James Soe

      Kristen! Yay!

    5. Jaden & Beans

      Hehe ThAt'S tHe GuY fRoM tHe NeWsIeS

    6. Viserion Targaryen

      Legend says that so far Leggero is the drunkest hostnof Drunk History.

    7. Jim Halpert

      Now I'm really curious about the Patty Hearst story.

    8. Christina Acosta

      I need to be doing this for a living lol!!

    9. John Doe

      "It was like, he was like, she was like, we were like, they were like"...stop saying LIKE....this chick (and most millennials) can't speak English. Like, for sure!

    10. Teardrop Perkinz

      Damn bitch, lose the vocal fry, you sound like a frog

    11. sharkbait 2408

      4:22 best song que ever

    12. Steve's Place

      Sadly, in our little society, there is way too much truth in this story.

    13. James Wiggins

      Kristen Wigg is sexy

    14. Apryl Solomon

      That is DEFINITELY *terry crews*

    15. Ella

      Why isn't Terry Crews in the title?! (I'm offended)

    16. DeathnoteBB

      Bless this channel for putting up these youtube videos. So many shows only show small clips or previews, we get the whole stories, even if the episode is in pieces, each historical retelling is intact.

    17. Simi Colaco

      I see Terry.

    18. alice coppers

      This is a crock of shit Patty Hearst joined the weatherman and the family was so humiliated by it they called it a kidnapping she was there demanding millions for poor people that were starving and homeless. I was about 16 when this happened and remember it very well because I lived nearby in Cambria

    19. ms slsm

      This dumb narrator doesn't know what she's taking about!! Shallow and just plain ignorant. Get the facts straight , stupid, before making videos !!!!!!

    20. Gigante

      Too much vocal fry for me, sorry.. I'm out.

    21. Paul Rapalo

      Fucking terry 😂

    22. IThinkWithMy Dick

      What was the Symbionese Liberation Army fighting against & fighting for? If you don't answer this question, then you can write bullshit such as "she was indoctrinated by the SLA". The SLA were undoubtedly justified in everything they did.

    23. Giovanni Vargas

      1:05 Fricken Terry Crews XDXDXDXD

    24. Kellie Brown

      Her dog looks like a house elf disguised as a lap dog! ❤️😍🐶

    25. Michael Johnson

      I want to party with THESE people. ALL of 'em.

      1. The Trend

        I just want to be on of those people that wears a coat inside to drink.😂🤣

    26. Daniel Thompson

      She said "so, 57 days later..." so nonchalantly.

    27. Shelby Brown

      I think this is the worst one ive seen so far lol not bad but not great

    28. The bi Guy

      57 days in a closet I’m still in it 😂🏳️‍🌈

    29. Where In The World Is Agent Orange's Tax Returns

      2:29 The way Terry Crews was trying to count $300 million with his fingers......😆

    30. Eatyomuffin

      wish Natasha was my cougar lover

    31. tunzlunz

      Is it me or did this story not make sense? 😂😂. Like she was definitely drunk.

    32. Sophia Johnston

      Hearst Castle (The place Patty was held captive the first time according to my mom) is just down the road from where I live

    33. tfterini Wjedj.

      Ok but like, while she was still in complete captivity she was also beaten and raped almost everyday...

    34. doggiesarus

      Rich, attractive, and dumb as a rock. (Pretty common for rich people).

    35. Small Turtle

      Was that Terry Crews I saw?? 👀

    36. alipe

      TERRY CREWS!!!!!!!

    37. Neeraj Bangera

      This has to be the lamest one. And you had Kristen Wiig!!!!! What a waste.

    38. MiskyMighty

      she says her profession is urban guerrilla she is the epitome of dumb privileged white girl

    39. HaveyyBabeyy

      Who TF eats a jello shot like that?

    40. Jeffrey Phillip

      She's got a little bit of a lisp

    41. Jasmine Palacios

      0:40 lmao the biggest mistake I still make in a house with dogs

    42. ronda allen

      that is not even close to what Stockholm Syndrome is. Patti was tortured every day in that closet. she wasn't brainwashed, she survived.

    43. tdbjf

      Words are made up!

    44. Ahmed

      That trigger discipline was atrocious

    45. Úrsula Ferreira

      "she was really.... Attractive" gay silence

    46. irreplaceable02

      that one dude looks like bill hader at times and they always get me like ‘is it him’ then i realize it’s that dude again and i’m disappointed. anyway it’s fine dude a lot of people disappoint me bc they’re not bill hader, it’s not your fault. ps. i’m also slightly tipsy in case you can’t tell from basically everything about this comment, peace

    47. B0NG R3V1LLA#16

      The she hold the machine gun tho

    48. Edward Gurley

      Next time on ‘LSD Economics’ we explore the era of Trump.

    49. DoctorX17

      I love the drunk intermissions

    50. Turban Sessions

      Non-negotiable facts: this is the best drunk history episode ever.

    51. Casie Calhoun

      When she said "can you imagine" and caught her strap slip...that was so endearing

    52. E Android

      Omg a narrator with that much vocal fry is a bad idea haha

    53. Mystmaxkinn

      "Time flies when you're a piece of shit." - Natasha Laggero

    54. Peter Collin

      Plot twist - Natasha was kidnapped and forced to make this episode.

    55. Lydia Johnson

      kinda weird that patty hearst always reminds me of newsies

    56. Ghillermo Skree

      4:38 I love how she hold the gun by the magazine like it's the trigger

    57. DonkeyDelux

      Holding the ak by the mag..... bruh

    58. Chase Roush

      Terry Crews FTW!

    59. Martin .Castaneda

      22 months for a bank robbery? Fuck Patti Hearst

    60. oliver browne

      The way she holds that fucking gun

    61. ko ko

      Is that....terry crews with an afro?

    62. Isabella Deane

      Damn, this looks like Jenny from the L word. It's not, I googled. But DAMN.

    63. Rick Robin Cagnaan

      And this became the basis for the John Waters film "Cecil B. Demented", where Patty Hearst was in her cameo role and Melanie Griffith portrayed a fictional Patty Hearst expy.

    64. Theresa Hemminger

      They skipped the part about being repeatedly raped during the time she was in the closet....not of importance during the trial either....

    65. Abdul Ahmad

      Lmaooo @ terry robbing a bank with a sniper rifle

    66. A.wal1991

      something they kept out that is pretty important to understand stockholm syndrome. Whilst in that closet, so was raped repeatedly. Image being in a dark hole in the wall for 2 months, the only things your world consists of is darkness, your captors and the news your parents are not paying (this is what she was told). It was during this time that she started a sexual relationship with one of her captors, who later claimed it was consensual. Small point tho: she was still not allowed to leave the closet. So putting this down as her getting free and saying "oooh you are all so beautifull" is a bit degrading to her. Not making a stab at Drunk history, History if often violent and nasty. Without downplaying things a bit this show would simply not be funny. Just putting this up here to defend a girl who got kidnapped, violated and ultimately brainwashed herself in order to simply no longer be hurt.

    67. Paula Smith

      Is that Bill Heder at 6:09?

    68. LetMeSeeThis99

      This has to be the worst reader in the series. A wasted used of wiig

    69. Eric Stodolnik

      How has Derek never done a Jell-O shot!?!?!? Lol!

    70. John Leahy

      She's so sexy especially drunk