The Kidnapping of Patty Hearst (feat. Kristen Wiig) - Drunk History

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    Patty Hearst’s life changed forever when she was kidnapped and indoctrinated by the Symbionese Liberation Army.
    About Drunk History:
    Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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    1. Gadiel Philip

      A closet a size of a closet

    2. John Carter

      Lets not forget terry

    3. Noelle Love

      I'm not so sure Patty saw it the way this one does.

    4. Yusra Abdulkadir

      Wasn’t there are movie on this

    5. Scott Rambo

      Did u guys ever notice how Patty was holding that AK47?

    6. Ionakana Christopher

      "I'm so excited, I'm about to go on vacation"

    7. TheSeeker

      Shout to CC for getting Kristen Wiig & Elizabeth Olsen to do the sketches, but I want them to get drunk!!🥳😝😉 I want to see like Anne Hathaway & Brad Pitt recounting history wasted!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    8. plum 777

      Patty, Patty, Patty she sure remembered she was a Hearst when the jig was done

    9. Joe Zingher

      Actually, she was beaten and repeatedly raped.

    10. ユーネポ / Yuunepo

      wasnt she also sexually asaulted

    11. adar lowenheim

      No wonder Terry & Kristen are on here, Terry said he loves working with her

    12. Mr. Matt

      4:44 WTF TERRY! A hunting rifle and a womans hat, lol.

    13. tidalkingv

      so the whole time, she was just holding the magazine?

    14. Davi Morais

      Why do I fell I was her in my last life?

    15. DIN NER

      How she just sat there at the end lol!!

    16. jbmp1390

      Why did you have to ruin the potential of this episode by putting scumbag natasha legero in it? She doesn't even count as a comedian, and shes just a really awful person.

    17. Joanne Kelleher

      Terry looooovvvess the Afro.

    18. Goody

      6:20 the irony is lost on Natasha....

    19. Goody

      2:10 "machine gun"...this is why libtards can't make a convincing argument for gun control.

    20. Caleb McFarland

      Like a poorly done cult tactic.

    21. Mariel

      Is that Terry Crews! lololol best ever

    22. lwandile dube

      Is this why Felicity Hoffman pleaded guilty? She gonna go in and then get out of jail be the next Martha Stewart and Patty Hearst?

    23. Cak Redi

      *She was kidnapped by Symbiotes Liberation Army and came back as Venom.*

    24. Ron Happold

      Kristen def has some Slavic genes. That face is basically Ukrainian.

    25. Some Dude

      Bruh look how she's holding the gun

    26. Castle

      *Terry Crews always still the show*

    27. Bella Nesbeth

      Terry crews with a Afro is 😍

    28. t raven

      1:10 man all that for gas money smh

    29. ycAuntieLala

      Fantastic. Hilarious and generally informative. More please. Thank you. Loved seeing the crew, the drunk sleep pause, shoulder strap, the wtfs, the cast loved it!

    30. Rinkle

      That's not how you do a Jell-O shot!! you break the seal taking your tongue around the container and then you squeeze it into your mouth and in two gulps there you go

    31. Jaznellow

      Oh, just pay no attention to Terry Crews. Wtf drunk history... 😒

    32. Micheal Solo

      Soooooooooo...... she was kidnapped and brainwashed and probably raped........ but now she knows what it is to be ........... what?

    33. D L

      Lolololololol 3:10 my favorite!!!! Lolololol

    34. Rishi Sharma

      😂 I love Terry Crews

    35. UrbanDwelller

      Chris Hardwick is Patty Hearst's son-in-law?!!!! woah

    36. Gilmore Mccoy

      Not funny 👎! Nothing to laugh at, period 👎 shame on Drunk History 😈!

    37. Felicia Kelley

      Drunk History is never funny to me

    38. Sergio Games

      That is not alcohol effect that is mary jane effect.

    39. Marcelo Liberman De Loreto

      Terry Crews looks so funny. LOL

    40. Kenneth Krueger


    41. Kenneth Krueger


    42. Swole Rouge

      Am I the only one triggered by the bank robbery scene where she's hold the AK by the mag. I'm sure that's the point of it....but yeah, touche


      That was a great presentation.

    44. Rolling Ormond

      Since American students are pretty much illiterate about real history, doing drunk versions isn't that funny. Get some real education, morons.

    45. F L

      C'mon, Drunk History, don't get weak with these. This one was a bit weak. Derek, you didn't engage at all.

    46. pleasecometoourhouse

      Her lisp is so fucking cute💕💕

    47. rosemaryalderson Alderson

      Your story is more like Saturday nite live, she suffered unreal, from Stockholm syndrome, relating to your captures to saving your life, sort of like prisoner of war, kidnapping is no joking , maybe she suffered from generational curse from her grandfather, but that can be broken by the blood of Jesus, Just the same she was treated terrible, and she survived ,and lived to tell about it, Read the book, so your facts will be straight.

      1. Witch's Brew Sims

        this is why its called "drunk history". They're drunk...reciting what they remember of history. Not all of it is true or factual. That's what makes the show funny, especially the reenactments. But you assumed and jumped the gun and took everything u saw as fact, you didn't get that did you .

    48. rosemaryalderson Alderson

      Maybe you should read the book , Every secret thing, named from the scripture, God will judge every work wether it be good or evil with every secret thing, what you are saying , it is so wrong to what she endured.

    49. topherh33

      This describes all of the stupid spoiled SJWs in the USA right now

    50. Melissa H

      Is that Terry Crews? 🤣

    51. Clara Montgomery

      This is hilarious

    52. Mello

      😂😂😂 This is soo me when I’m drunk only I’m more giggly , then I get extra horny

    53. arpoehler

      I came here to say I have that exact chair that Natasha is sitting on.

    54. agapereign

      If she had been poor, she would have had to serve her sentence.

    55. maddy jean

      The way he throws the book: 1:08

    56. MaggieTM

      I love how I can recognize them from another period

    57. Renee Shapiro

      3:33 I'm a part of the people..people people 😂😂😂😂😂

    58. Sharon Hill-Walker

      I’m really liking these drunk histories!

    59. Jessica Moore

      The ending is hilarious 😂 the look and then the realization

    60. Michelle-Andrea Girouard

      There is so much more to this story that I wish was said. Everybody, Google it

    61. Candis Carnegie

      IDK about you, but I always need more Natasha Leggero in my life. She is freakin' HILARIOUS!!! Loved her show Another Period.

    62. Freddie Medrano

      Lmao! This might be my favorite video in existence

    63. Ethel Beavers

      1:00 😂😂😂😂

    64. My Prayer for Justice

      Terry Crews, I can't..I just can't..🤣🤣🤣🤣

    65. miss this

      Allegedly it was a set up and she went willingly. It became a "kidnapping" when her rich ass was about to go to jail. Her parents owned the narrative a.k.a. the newspaper.

    66. John Mays

      Veuve Cliquot straight from the bottle. Classy broad.

    67. Amina Holder

      So we just NOT gonna acknowledge Terry Crews in the title though? Funny as hell

    68. the Tan Van

      My mom still has an original wanted poster for patty hurst from the 70s, which she ripped off a light pole or some shit.....she thought she was pretty rad, I guess....

    69. sheltomlee

      If Terry Crews yelled at you for 57 days, you'd do whatever he said too.

    70. Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

      35 years for ONE bank robbery? And where no one was harmed? That's outrageous. I see our justice system was highly predatory even back then. I could see her getting one year, thats about it, along with some community service. Banks are insured for that. And especially in her case as brainwashing was at least 90% responsible. She didnt ASK for this group to come and kidnap her and shove her in a closet FFS. Im glad she got out after two years. Thats still too long. And the group (unless theres more I dont know) clearly had a positive agenda, they just used the wrong means to try to achieve it, but I imagine they felt they were up against entrenched racism and injustice on the part of the dominant power structure. Now if they were killing or shooting at anyone that would be different. But it doesn't appear they wanted violence or caused any, other than carrying the guns for effect and to make themselves look more intimidating.