The IMPOSSIBLE Fortnite PROP Dropper Challenge!



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    The IMPOSSIBLE Fortnite PROP Dropper Challenge! with TBNRfrags 👊
    ❤️ FRIENDS
    🡆 Keith -
    📍Check out the map/creator here!
    🡆 4143-8864-8745
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    1. TBNRFrags

      Subscribe or I'll drop all of your props

      1. eleven Jane hopper YT

        TBNRFrags you said the sh word

      2. Ian Nusbaum


      3. Victor Galvan

        I do

      4. Janice Lindbergh

        TBNRFrags whats the coud

      5. Tierre Fields

        TBNRFrags I’m a big big fan i watch your videos every day

    2. Nathans Gaming channel

      Iorjr Lovifjf Prefdjd Stonfufjr 👇🏽 like if u see what I said

    3. Nathans Gaming channel

      1:41 it sounds like Preston said the s word

    4. Brayden Gutierrez

      He lie,

    5. Faisal Qasrawi

      he cheated

    6. Vinm Vinm

      No nbb b

    7. Denise Cook

      Keith =true lil,whip Preston=true cactus

    8. Kennedi Polanco

      Keith cheated when you were gone to fill up your water bottle

    9. Anthony Michael

      Who is this by

    10. Jamie Sauter


    11. alexandr Quintanilla

      You are going to crush Kith i dont no how to spell his name

    12. Daphne

      He cheated on the desk dropper 😾

    13. ange gilroy

      Sunday 3rd November 9:56 2019 I’M GOING TO CHURCH IN OBOUT 10 MINS video time 3:31

    14. Hello Hello

      This is a propper dropper

    15. Eoghan McCrudden

      Race around the world you kith barny and Briana

    16. Axel Barcenas

      Who is the real ice cream skin Like =Preston Comment =Keith

    17. Winalyn Edwards

      I'm getting you're pizza fire merchant dice!

    18. SSG Rolfe

      Keith cheated

    19. Artemouse Taylor

      Preston your the real ice cream skin

    20. Aaliyah Kupinski

      Hi cheated

    21. Susan Herceg

      Keith cheated

    22. Brooklyn Keen

      Hi Preston make a video with ninja please

    23. Brooklyn Keen

      Funny vids

    24. Amber Winstead


    25. tejal Brahmbhatt

      You are my biggest first hero 🦸‍♂️

    26. Leah Larsen

      Can you made a video with Josh?❤️

    27. Pau Khual


    28. The Sword

      Why do you say to them to like if they see what. You see just to be famous tell them to comment instead don’t just bully people

    29. Adam Darwish


    30. Adam Darwish

      you did well in rb battles

    31. Ellarose Jensen

      ok Olaf

    32. Brad Parker

      Josh should make his own CZ-news account 😁

    33. Owen Jenkins


    34. Lyrah's World

      Its a way to cheat just don't be a prop and you'll be 👌

    35. jasmine thomas

      He cheated on the desk one by not transforming

    36. Demenyon Madison

      Keefe cheated on the desk dropper

    37. Ga Ll

      J He He He Gig Gm

    38. Royale Gaming

      You mean fortnight

    39. Kids


    40. Jaxyn Boomer

      How to make your own public dropper Channel called tbnr dropper

    41. sunnysai


    42. Lil HayHay

      Keith cheated

    43. Emiliy Keogh

      U will destroy evy 1 brotha

    44. Adrian Lee


    45. shan khan

      i think preston is real icecream skin cuz peston's itsagram ursername is realTBNRfrags

    46. nehemiah mativa

      I have your fire merch as my lock screen on my phone

    47. Luis M. Menchaca


    48. Galaxy Kidz

      I love when he screams you are a toy at keith. It makes me think of a gif where woody screams that at Buzz Lightyear.

    49. Greyson Ng


    50. Busisiwe Mabuza

      Kieth cheated the whole time

    51. J’hanee Farrar

      Keith jeeted when you where filling up your water and jange in the item

    52. the life of Mariah Prenatt


    53. Liam Perch

      Gift me something username Jahstar3rd

    54. Kelly Halcomb

      Kieth cheated every time

    55. Kk of life Adventure

      Sorry I cannot do TBRfrags

    56. Kk of life Adventure

      Sorry I cannot do TBRfrags

    57. Kk of life Adventure

      Sorry I cannot do TBRfrags

    58. Kk of life Adventure

      I can not play Fornite because of all of guns

    59. Christy Diaz

      So you are basically the hacker that took your skins and more cause you said that in the end of the video

    60. Van Lai

      Keith cheated on the desk one without tell you

    61. Julie Cross


    62. Naji Kraid

      I'M never going to use tbnrfrags

    63. bykerdellic

      he cheated kieath cheated

    64. bykerdellic

      your the best

    65. Legendx

      You will play on 0 ping forever like to activate 👇(I'm A small CZ-newsr trying to grow)

    66. knukles solo ending

      Key is cheating at every thing in this droper

    67. Σοφία Αρουτσίδου

      Keith is a cheater

    68. Isaac

      1:41 he said sh word lol

    69. Zinch Playz


    70. Gina Chow

      I have 2 of your fire merchandise and I love it a lot