The IMPOSSIBLE Fortnite PROP Dropper Challenge!



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    The IMPOSSIBLE Fortnite PROP Dropper Challenge! with TBNRfrags 👊
    ❤️ FRIENDS
    🡆 Keith -
    📍Check out the map/creator here!
    🡆 4143-8864-8745
    🔥 "FIRE" Merchandise logo clothing line!
    Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound
    Click here for a free trial! 🡆

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    1. TBNRFrags

      Subscribe or I'll drop all of your props

      1. Roberta Faye

        I watch your video,s every day

      2. Pablo Gonzalez

        @Flowing Rainbow E hut t

      3. SaintedTiger677 begay

        If you do Preston I’m going to tell Bri lol love your vids

      4. Julie Cross

        I did

      5. Alexander Yaboi

        No your trash at fortnite

    2. Royaleplay z

      You mean fortnight

    3. Kids


    4. Jaxyn Boomer

      How to make your own public dropper Channel called tbnr dropper

    5. sunnysai


    6. HayHay Playz

      Keith cheated

    7. Emiliy Keogh

      U will destroy evy 1 brotha

    8. Adrian Lee


    9. shan khan

      i think preston is real icecream skin cuz peston's itsagram ursername is realTBNRfrags

    10. nehemiah mativa

      I have your fire merch as my lock screen on my phone

    11. Luis M. Menchaca


    12. Candy Kids

      I love when he screams you are a toy at keith. It makes me think of a gif where woody screams that at Buzz Lightyear.

    13. Oliver Willis

      Keith cheated he was a person then the desk

    14. Greyson Ng


    15. Busisiwe Mabuza

      Kieth cheated the whole time

    16. J’hanee Farrar

      Keith jeeted when you where filling up your water and jange in the item

    17. the life of Mariah Prenatt


    18. Liam Perch

      Gift me something username Jahstar3rd

    19. Kelly Halcomb

      Kieth cheated every time

    20. Kk of life Adventure

      Sorry I cannot do TBRfrags

    21. Kk of life Adventure

      Sorry I cannot do TBRfrags

    22. Kk of life Adventure

      Sorry I cannot do TBRfrags

    23. Kk of life Adventure

      I can not play Fornite because of all of guns

    24. Christy Diaz

      So you are basically the hacker that took your skins and more cause you said that in the end of the video

    25. Van Lai

      Keith cheated on the desk one without tell you

    26. Julie Cross


    27. Naji Kraid

      I'M never going to use tbnrfrags

    28. bykerdellic

      he cheated kieath cheated

    29. bykerdellic

      your the best

    30. Legendx

      You will play on 0 ping forever like to activate 👇(I'm A small CZ-newsr trying to grow)

    31. Andrea Faulques

      Key is cheating at every thing in this droper

    32. Σοφία Αρουτσίδου

      Keith is a cheater

    33. ice_ice_sturgeyy

      1:41 he said sh word lol

    34. Dark Lazer


    35. Gina Chow

      I have 2 of your fire merchandise and I love it a lot

    36. Gina Chow

      I always use tbnrfrags in the Fortnite item shop

    37. Gina Chow

      I hope you can come to singapore!!!

    38. duhitzwaylon

      Congrats on 5 mill!!!!

    39. Nicole Moody

      I am your biggst fan

    40. Nicole Moody

      I am your biggest fan

    41. Sarah Lopez

      Love TBNRFrags😎😎😎💸💸💰💰💵💵💴💶💶💵💎💎

    42. DanDan 5636

      If you right click when using a prop it will turn you back to normal instead of respawning

    43. JASLYN Ruiz

      Congrats ,5 million

    44. The Man with many fricking name

      U stole jelly thumbnail and just in a toilet

    45. The gamer pro V

      For the desk one he cheated Preston Bahri you cheat

    46. Duli Gonzalez

      No from

    47. Cobra Playz

      1 like=1 successful Preston

    48. Diego Barroso

      Bahri hacked you

    49. linkzuu

      Only People Who loves TBNRFrags Can like this ❤️ 👇 I am cracked 💪🤷‍♂️

    50. Angela Maciolek

      i'm your biggest fan

    51. Julie Cross

      I used TBNRfaggs

    52. Julie Cross


    53. Sr. Marques 64


    54. Emma Brian

      Bahri hacked u on this day. He found ur secret server. Proof is in the rocks on the edge of island @tbnrfrags!!

    55. Elijah Ramirez

      Smash that like

    56. Zack Schmitt


    57. Lori Smith

      I can't

    58. GamingWithJC

      the best

    59. Nikki and Kendall show ruix

      Keith:I can't do it Preston:cheat

    60. Nicholas Ferreira

      Thank you Void_Eon friend me you know what my name is

    61. romey209er

      Big fan thx

    62. DaZebra101

      Keith didn’t do even one ligit

    63. Zay'Von Dixon

      To Preston(tbnr) Preston when I started watching you I didn't get to see how much love and laughter and joy you gave to me and now since you hit 5mil thx to you I would be watching Naruto Shippuden or dragon Ball super but because of the Joy you give to me you are a great friend. from Zay'Von Dixon if you agree click this👍 if you don't click this 👎

    64. Alex the noob

      keth is a bot

    65. Amber Venable

      Hey preston i got ur hoodie and a back pack

    66. Tvy8 Basketball

      Like how many times Preston said this is minecraft

    67. chris nicholas

      I did it before you

    68. Tonttuli 69

      You try the level 100 times and when you land it you tell ur friend you are such a bot xD

    69. Alexis DeGregorio

      6:22 kenny ARE U CHALLENGING ME??????

    70. Ryan Harris

      14:32 through 14:37 captions are sooo funny 😆