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    From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - Summer 2020.
    RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
    DIRECTOR: David Lowery
    CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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    1. Mm Mm

      Take someone else’s national legend and replace their people with all european actors and see how well that’s received

    2. Mm Mm

      Do you really not notice you’re slated for replacement? They’re even MAKING MOVIES literally erasing you from your own culture as europeans.

    3. Mm Mm

      Make a movie version of the bhagavad gita with Chris Pratt cast as Prince Arjuna. Hindu nationalists would burn down half the country. But they remake the central myth of England with someone named “DEV PATEL” and a lot of you will be lined up with tickets in hand.

    4. Mm Mm

      They’re even outsourcing European jobs as Arthurian knights to third worlders?

    5. Mm Mm

      Not content with taking away your countries they’re even replacing you in your own legends... and SELLING you tickets to your own humiliation. This is directly spitting in the faces of europeans. How much of this will you possibly stand?

    6. Mm Mm

      They’re replacing Arthurian knights with low cost tech support

    7. Mm Mm

      THAT GUY is supposed to be SIR GAWAIN from ARTHURIAN LEGEND? Sorry, but unlike britain’s recent rulers King Arthur actually defended the nations borders from foreign invaders

    8. Mm Mm

      Sir Gawain looks more suited to find a paper cup for Squishee’s at Quickie Mart than he does to find the holy grail.

    9. Mm Mm

      Guys, the great replacement of europeans is supposed to be a conspiracy theory... you’ve got to hide it a little better. Won’t someone think of the poor narrative?!?

    10. Mm Mm

      Now even the legendary knights in our Arthurian tales are being replaced by third worlders?

    11. Master movie Critic

      I won't ever watch another movie with that Patel guy. He's about as likable as running a marathon with a rock in my shoe. Why would they make a movie about medieval knight legend and then have an Arab looking dude play the lead role? Wack

    12. Wandrille LAMY

      Like Tolkien book ?


      Someone's on fire. Yep, it's an a24 movie alright.

    14. Carlos Rosan

      Thought it was emperor Cuzco in the thumbnail

    15. gallyun1

      Kinda reminds me of that Blasphemous video game.

    16. Kriss Kross

      The Green Knight title in red color font. Nice. :D

    17. agentcimorene

      Any idea what it will be rated? I just read The Sword and the Circle with my class and they hated it except for The Green Knight story. I don't want to hype an R rated movie to 11 year olds, though.

      1. La Avaler

        Doesn't look like a very child friendly movie, plus all movies distributed by A24 that I had a chance to watch last year (The Lighthouse, Uncut Gems and Midsommar) were quite heavy.

    18. Anthony Moreno

      No one: A24:🔥

    19. no thanks

      an indian in an arthurian legend?

      1. La Avaler

        @no thanks Are you implying that Dev Patel an actor of Indian descent is not appearing in this movie?

      2. no thanks

        @La Avaler No.

      3. La Avaler


    20. Kiefer I

      Closest thing to a Dark Souls movie we will get.

    21. Your Wife's Son

      Brown washing the Arthurian Legends now are we?

    22. LucidLegend84

      Please be good, I'm tired of shit films

      1. La Avaler

        There were plenty of great movies released last year, partially thanks to A24.

    23. Thomas kemp

      I didn't expect there to be an adaptation of theg green knight. I would have thought Something like the quest for the grail or even a show based on the classic Mythos or an authors interpretation of the legend e.g. Bernard Cornwell's Warlord trilogy. The trailer looks promising though, I'm only worried about how they will portray Gawain and the Green knights wife or even how he'll survive given what his story is and how he avoids death

    24. SlewedBoot25934

      0/10 no Red, Blue, Orange, Grey, or pink knights This shit don't even got any barbarians or thieves

    25. michael mcgrath-muñiz

      I'm afraid I"ve lost faith in ever seeing a good film version of Sir Gawain & the Green Knight, sorry.

    26. Basekitball

      A crown of fire.

    27. Diego Pamplona TEF

      The first 20 seconds was like a Kendrick Lamar music video.

    28. Cloakravyn

      Was that a White Walker? Is this a GoT spinoff??

    29. roger lucien

      GREAT REPLACEMENT : Arthur's knights are now indians.

    30. Sqwish96

      Dark Souls the movie anyone?

    31. Hope Roseberry

      A24 films are the best, i cant fucking wait

    32. Jake Mysterio

      1:01 and past, metal death art and dark souls combined with Wes Anderson's aesthetic= Probably the most original idea from Hollywood in a while

    33. ASackOfPotatoes

      2.8k people are fans of the Transformer movies

    34. lordtyranus08

      You know a movie is going to be good when you get goosebumps with the trailer. Love A24!

    35. Hidden Hypocrisies

      Yeah because Mustafa Abdul Ibn Al Hijal Hala Ibrahim was a usual face in those days in Britain... FFS SMH

      1. La Avaler

        What days? It's fucking King Arthur and it takes place in no days because it's fictional. Also Dev Patel is of Indian descent.

    36. Kenneth Satria

      I wonder if the Green Knight started looking human when he issued the challange but then he regrows his head since then. That would be sick.

    37. AlieZ

      Is this somehow related to King Arthur legend because I see similarities

      1. La Avaler

        This movie is retelling one of Arthurian legends, yes.

    38. buddymax46


    39. John Exum

      Dude looks pretty swarthy to play Sir Gawain.

    40. Nick S

      Let's see. Arty farty filmmaking. Elements of horror. The villain wins at the end. Calling it.

    41. N S

      Snoop dog should have been casted as the green knight

    42. Swanand Sawant

      Groot's Father in the end was amazing!

    43. White Pride

      Brown washing history

    44. Billiam RicRobCol

      Why does that gigantic hand creep me out?

    45. Billiam RicRobCol


    46. Mikey T

      You know its a good movie when there's a custom A24 logo

    47. Nice guy Jimbo

      Looks pretty rad

    48. MikDan 88

      Is that... a howling fox?

    49. zuleika mari

      It appears that a lot of people don’t know the story of sir gawain and the green knight?

    50. Clive Lynch

      Can't wait to see how this turns out. This looks very interesting!

    51. P. Rabbit

      Please be good, please be good, please be good...!

    52. Sarah Vandermeer

      But why an Indian actor to play a British knight? Is this because of Price of Persia??? XD

      1. La Avaler

        Since when anyone is British in Arthurian legends?

    53. MrNumberFour

      always so hype to watch a24

    54. Alper Topuz

      Is it movie or tv series?

    55. Andre

      The sound at the beginning sounds similar to David Lynch Rabbits.

    56. Andrea Fagerheim

      I am only gonna watch it because of Dev Patel 😍😍

    57. mikefire98

      God this looks so good.

    58. Connor James

      The King and now this? God damn love this new artistic historical drama hype!

      1. La Avaler

        It's not historical drama.

    59. Jon Spell

      The rotating picture gave me a Midsommar flashback.

    60. Christian Moldes

      i've seen this trailer at least 3x a day since it's release. Can't wait.

    61. Quocviet Doan

      The original story is pretty wholesome overall, I wonder if this one is too.

    62. Grumpy Historian

      Just hoping that SOME people will actually read the original Medieval England version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and not base their knowledge of the story on this. Its like that hideous version of Beowulf with Gerard Butler's Glasgow accent. .....and please, Americans, spare yourself the embarrassment. Do NOT say that the ancient inhabitants of Sweden all sounded like modern Scots. You once tried to say that about King Arthur, when he most likely spoke Welsh..

    63. Heidi Zetzsche

      I have to be honest, I kind of came here expecting a real life adaptation of "The Emperor’s New Groove"! I can't be the only one who thinks he looks like Kuzco. :D

    64. The King In Yellow

      ....alright, i'll bite. This trailer was interesting.

    65. Dr. Frank

      Allowing a non-white actor to portray a legendary character from medieval literature who should be white? I am sure very soon we shall see Daniel Kaluuya portray William Shakespeare in some movie. British culture is doomed.

      1. Simon Thomas

        @Al Bundy for President If I'm not mistaken, Bollywood is rather diverse. It represents the thousands of ethnic groups of India somewhat well, as can be expected of a media industry in a developing, albeit liberal democratic, country. Asking them to represent Europeans/Africans when they barely exist in India would be rather ridiculous? Regardless, there are often non-stereotyped European actors in Indian films, like Kalki Koechlin. Dev Patel is British, and British Asians are British. British media has to represent them.

      2. Al Bundy for President

        Simon Thomas Why isn’t Bollywood diverse? This is disgraceful & more diversity nonsense for Kalergi!

      3. Simon Thomas

        what race was the Green Knight? Its never mentioned that he was anything, even human. Dumbass reactionary who has never read anything

    66. Pinionated Minion

      Oh man my favorite Arthurian tale told in my favorite style of film. I can't wait to buy this and force it upon my friends.

    67. Shan Ryder

      1:01 why did that fox howl like a wolf?

    68. Gabe K

      A24 opens the door to movies I don’t think would happen anywhere else. Never thought I’d get a dark retelling of the green knight.

    69. Utkarsh Gupta

      i thought it was the last air bender trailer when he lit up


      A24 is responsible for almost every well written, suspenseful, weird af movies made in recent years