The Giant Art That Keeps Planes Quiet

Tom Scott

Tom Scott

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    Next to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the Buitenschot Land Art Park, a giant set of ridges and furrows cut into the landscape. Yes, it's art: but it also stops some local residents from being exposed to jet noise.
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    1. Tom Scott

      I got really lucky with the weather and really unlucky with the direction the planes were going.

      1. ArthursHD

        Why not grow berries or something else low laying to further reduce the noise?

      2. Samuel Sleath

        It would be great if you could make a video about Reykjavik's geothermal heated pavements

      3. Ilhan Babacan

        You were over here for the couple of days it wasn't bloody raining

      4. David Dennis

        My hearing is reduced in my right ear by ~90dB at 200Hz. This makes perception of anything in 3D space almost impossible. The unexpected result is I can no longer isolate a conversation out of ambient noise. I’ve lost this ability to cancel out noise sources. It is most frustrating.

      5. Mad ManXBL

        Some say this is the highest point in the Netherlands

    2. MedicXDm

      Dude's.... Just plant some trees.

    3. forestsoceansmusic

      Netherlands is so advanced. I had the good fortune to visit there 3 times from 2011 to 2012, staying for 4 weeks each time.

    4. Bob Dylan

      I'm baffled

    5. xyz39808comments

      People suffering from Audio Processing Disorder: Am I a joke to you?

    6. Tim O'Brien

      In a thousand years, after the destruction and rebuilding of civilization, archaeologists will argue about the construction, and religious and ceremonial use, of these ridges and furrows.

    7. dandymcgee

      I live across the road from a extremely busy train station. I can relate. When the train goes by I have to pause whatever I'm watching because I literally can't hear or thinking about anything while that damn horn is blowing.

    8. NOMADdaf

      I see how it works, but I fail to see the art in it.

    9. Brandon N

      My brain does not filter out background noise so well and it sucks

    10. D0wnshift

      As a kid, we moved into a nice house under the approach lane of an airport. It was annoying for maybe a month, multiple airplanes an hour overhead. But after a while we never noticed it anymore.

    11. Chris G

      This video is now pure evil with 666k views 😇

    12. Al Guien

      I wanted to see a decibel meter!

    13. damienmarktaylor

      I walk my dog here twice a day, it actually serves as a dog park, great to see it included in your videos, its quite unique, i love the place.

    14. Random Citizen

      Yay! 2 million subs!!! Congrats, Tom, you're awesome!

    15. B4KU

      Damn, i live there and up to day i didn't know why the land shaped so weirdly. Thanks!

    16. ghostpeyton

      Tom can you recreate the 2 drums and a cymbal fall off of a cliff with all of your good quality

    17. bigmike1ak

      Wouldn’t it work better with some trees or bushes planted on the top of some of those rows?

    18. Elvis Bisanovic

      Congratulations on 2 Million subs, Tom!

    19. zJoriz

      Didn't know that either. You keep finding interesting stuff about my own country I never heard of. Bravo

    20. falconseye97

      God damn, I love these videos.

    21. Stephen Hugh Cook

      "You know what's great? Hearing. It's like all these waves enter your head an' you know what it is and where it came from. MENTAL!

    22. grimm auld

      Congrats for your very recent 2mil

    23. Joshua Sweetvale

      I used to live just a few miles from here. The sound of jets is home to me.

    24. Venus Kogane

      Yes yes... Science words...

    25. Clio Stronk

      I remember this! I grew up in that area, but we lived in a so-called green zone with far less noise (hardly any to be honest). The area in question, Vrijschot-Noord in the town Hoofddorp, is a very posh neighbourhood with some of the most expensive houses in the region. Which explains why it became a priority to fix it. Those people had money, power and patience (and were angry and sleep deprived). I am not so sure if they had searched this hard for a solution if it had been the worker bees of Schiphol who were jet-engined out of their beds instead of the higher management. Fun times

    26. Dr. Pancakes

      I read the title as "The giant art that keeps the planet quiet" and I was like wait so is this landscaping job really important

    27. Luke Hernandez

      Congrats on 2 mil!

    28. D4nny

      Rather than being the same wavelength, wouldn't they be an odd number of half wavelengths, or in other terms, (2n+1)/2 lambda? Because this way, destructive interference would occur. This is what I was taught anyway.

    29. Josh Denis

      I would love to see you have james may on for game garage. To the power of suggestion! Cheers.

    30. Miquel

      1:10 ehm i dont get that with wavelenghts? few centimeters that is frequency of few GHz and 10 or 20meters ?? Thats 28MHz or 14MHz . wavelenghts of audio are much longer than this ( few kilometers actually )

    31. Dog Residue

      i have auditory processing disorder, that filtering job is very, VERY hard for my brain to do. it amazes me that other people can pull it off so effortlessly

    32. Dutch viewer NL

      Please go to the Marker Wadden

    33. Hankorama

      Is this like crop circles, except 'way different?

    34. ACE Place

      :22 LOOK OUT FOR THE TRENCH..... oh

    35. Floris

      The Dutch again? 😁

    36. diddy_dante

      I live in Amsterdam and I immediately recognized the landscape but I surprisingly never saw this place

    37. Should_A_ Sed_Dis

      I thought you where going to walk right into the water at :24 hahhaa too bad. It would of been very Monty python-esque

    38. Pieter Visser

      Planting trees on those ridges would improve the dampening further.

    39. TheKingOfArkel

      1:35 kanker polderbaan

    40. Sten Dijk


    41. Johnny


    42. John Thallas

      Hey why don't they use that type of technology to slow down or stop tornadoes

    43. JbsPekka

      Would 20 million trees fit there?

      1. Hunting and cooking channel

        OMG! Is it possible to plant 20m Trees...

    44. OWNAGE 956

      Your content is great! Keep it up!

    45. d u c k

      You went to my homeland? why didnt i hear about this sooner.

    46. NorthernDruid

      One analogy for how incredible the range of hearing is compared to vision I heard from a friend of mine, is that we only see light in one octave.

    47. ledgeri

      Just an idea: If it is shown, or/and allowed, a google maps link would not hurt in this series..

    48. BuildingCenter

      This is one of the most surprising and interesting episodes, AND it's blissfully brief. This is a banger. Edit for UK readers: This is not a sausage.

    49. Kavukamari

      ive learned i can even do it at 2x speed or more in some cases

    50. pacator17

      I live in the Netherlands (the north, so not near Amsterdam or Schiphol). I didn't now this, so thanks for teaching me :)

    51. dieselwelds

      Why couldn't you whisper this video so I could filter your voice better?

    52. Justice Warrior

      So much work when the runway is so far away!! People there are just bitching about a little bit of noise!

    53. Dani

      You need to join Team Trees!🎄🌲🎋🌴🌳🎄

    54. Roger Onslow

      Damping not dampening!

    55. Kalicharan H C K

      Please make a fundraising video on planting 20M trees.

    56. Dallas Herrmann

      Can confirm the brain will filter out the sound of a freight train passing every 20 minutes. Live near a busy rail line.

    57. GTRGTX999

      They look just like sound diffraction or diffusion panels used in studios. That’s where the inspiration came from probably.

    58. Deleted

      No patreon?

    59. Pure Competizione

      I think there’s something similar around Auckland airport actually

    60. TheMoneypresident

      Plant bushes there. Bet it gets better.

    61. Bicentennial Nagger

      I lived on Air Force bases in Europe until I was a teenager. When we moved back to the States, I couldn't sleep well (or even get comfortable) for quite some time because there were *no sonic booms* which were *frequent at most AFBs in Europe,* especially at night. Weird, hunh?

    62. Fedsted

      ‘Acoustic grass’

    63. Wolfs Rain

      Why didn't we do that when George Washington took over the airports in 1776? I'm really not sorry about this either ROFLOL!

    64. LukeBH13

      You should do a video on Alsace Lorraine, it is a city on the border of France and Germany that during wars it was in Germany and in the next battle there, it would be in France

      1. DeusVult

        LukeBH13 Alsace-Lorraine isn’t a city.

    65. BananaTrolzz

      Dude i live right next to that, it's in Hoofddorp. Really unlucky i didn't meet you as i come there quite often.

    66. Jake The Pug

      please make a video about the plant 20 million trees project

    67. reuben stander

      They should also put trees and shrubs

    68. Raphael Vasconcellos

      Art is amazing, you "modern art is trash" guys need to realize that

      1. Raphael Vasconcellos

        @Jack Evans modern art ended in the 60's. Know if you are talking about CONTEMPORARY art, it have nothing to do with the art market. There's simply too many artist that doesn't even come close to Sotheby's

      2. Jack Evans

        If I ever see any modern art being sold at clearly not part of tax evasion prices I'll let you know.

    69. Ynze van der Brug

      Are you going to join the teamtrees initiative?

    70. Steam Boar

      i dreamed being in this place with my grandpa and my brother looking at two ww1 flying on top of us and then crashed after that a helicopter comes and of course crashed too.