The David Beckham Statue Prank

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    As the Los Angeles Galaxy prepare to honor legend David Beckham with a statue outside the stadium, James Corden and the club assemble an intricate plan to prank David with, annoying fans, a half-hearted highlight reel and a statue that falls incredibly below the mark.
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    1. The Late Late Show with James Corden

      Who could ever forget Dave Beckham's incredible career with Man City. What a legend.

      1. Zil Co

        29,500 likes!! But 29,501 people will try to seriously correct this statement. 🤣😂🤣

      2. Mohamed Libaan

        First reply.... Yep I changed after all that time

      3. Adrian Lim

        Do you mean Liverpool?

      4. Zil Co

        Just Effin EPIC!!! 🤣😂🤣🤮

      5. R Hod

        a true story .before the world cup in the 1990's a reporter ask beckham what is the the plan. and he replied, well they are very refreshing, leave your mouth with a nice clean taste and makes you feel great, and the reporter said, no david i am asking you about tactics

    2. Dana Kurbanova


    3. Anup Shrestha

      still better than cr7 statue

    4. Efface


    5. Bender Bending Rodriguez

      What a cool guy

    6. SMK- VMJ

      Purchase your first pair of sandals for the summer @ Have a great day!!

    7. Айкумис Джапкараева


    8. GIL GIL

      He's very calm

    9. frdx

      the people in there with Beckham, composure lvl 1000+

    10. BaB3R Ali

      He is such a Gentleman! i was getting angry even i knew it's a prank.

    11. Icy Maine

      i love thisLOL

    12. Mateo Vergel


    13. Ninon Gthr

      I can’t stop laughing 😂😂

    14. VICKY

      8:41 oh my god.. Can't stop laughing ..."You've probably done me a favour there" 🤣🤣🤣

    15. Mohamed Shifaz

      He was so polite

    16. Luke Skywalker

      I wonder if they have the balls to pull this prank on Zlatan??

    17. Tahrema Hossain

      This made me laugh so fooking haaaaard 😂😂😂 poor David 😂😂

    18. Spanish Enigma

      Destroying did not really help the prank much at all. Should have saved it and sold it for charity.

    19. Todos Gaming

      Lol 😂😂😂

    20. Abel Idicula

      James Corden: LA Galaxies greatest ever player Zlatan and Gerrard: Am I a joke to you

    21. noorah nn

      This fake sculpture of David is better than Cristiano’s real sculpture...feel bad for him

    22. T X R

      ".. I mean.. look at my chin..." I cried laughing


      This is pure gold hahahaha

    24. Leonardo Pereira

      Poxa foi muito boa essa prank , pena que eu não entendi nada , não sei falar inglês . 😂😂😭

    25. Eddie Goteman

      David Beckham a real Champion and Gentleman.

    26. lartiev Qays

      If.. what's iffff the king Z Ibrahimovic got prank like this?...hahahaha...maybe most of the crew going back with black eyes..

    27. Umar Aqil

      The amount beeps when david (dave) realises its a prank is infinite

    28. Ricardo Crvl

      i wish my country has that kind and quality of shows .-.

    29. T H A N O S

      8:50 Love that guys laugh it so funny

    30. meme olicious

      I thought that was Adam levin

    31. AlifRafikKhan3

      David Beckham is so polite and humble

    32. Sofia Smitz


    33. Su Ka

      Is it just me or the sculptor actor looks like Andy samberg?😂😂

    34. tompparaideri

      The funniest thing is the statue actually looks exactly like him.

    35. Jet Pack

      i remember this guy playing gay brother of Dufit Thomas, and now look at him, lol

    36. Diego Grünhaus

      So cool, David has the English politeness that win wars

    37. Timur Myngbay

      The statue looks like Christian Bale 😅

    38. Trivis Tab

      he is the real British gentleman of

    39. MUSIC M

      That a red card 😂😂😂

    40. MUSIC M

      Bick is so funny

    41. mattloveOHIOST5

      looks like harry kane lmfaooooooooo

    42. jordan daley

      Ronaldo wouldn't react the same

    43. SQUIDBOY

      David is angry polite

    44. Aman Fernandes

      This is just pure evil haha

    45. joe godwin

      The band playimg at the end was The Fratellis if anyone didnt know

    46. ruatsanga white

      And we have Ronaldo's statue...which isn't a troll

    47. Passion 4ever

      He is awesome guy

    48. E. A.

      This was great 😂😂😂

    49. Beyhive Member

      When you can't play football anymore, go play for America rubbish team. Lol Galaxy my ads hole.

    50. SPK

      Damn, he has some GOOD attitude there. I bet a lot of people would totally lose it.

    51. Marcos

      Is such a cool guy!!!

    52. prashanna bhatta

      Love from Nepal legend🇳🇵🇳🇵💕

    53. Aditya Mantri

      EVeryone's like oh wow what a nice and classy guy. To be honest I think he's neither of those. Someone spent so long making a sculpture of you and ur just gonna criticize it and not think for a second to thank the sculptor. What a spoiled brat David Beckham is. AT LEAST UR GETTING A SCULPTURE OF YOU. BE HAPPY FOR A SECOND

    54. Tibor Kovacs

      Everything you need to know about him is right here.

    55. Nuno Janeiro

      Plot Twist: The real statue was even worst, haha

    56. Eric MAYBERRY Akers

      The prank statue looks like Trace Atkins

    57. Bang Alexx


    58. D Jay

      david is so respectful omg god bless him

    59. Luis Romero

      You guys should of misspelled his name 😭

    60. Truvapeobzor Bytrumechmodder

      Здесь написано что то очень умное.

    61. mxciii 23.36

      He so polite :(

    62. Leonie

      The statue reminds me of Thanos.

      1. Not important

        Yeees the chin

    63. Nicolas Santana

      Looks more like Josh Brolin or Thanos With hair

    64. David Naqshandi

      Funniest prank

    65. DeLaMan

      anyone who would A) want a statue and then B) not be happy with its likeness has serious ego problems

    66. Perdana Perdana

      Best n funny prank i've ever seen... Good job james

    67. johnson11b

      “Look at my chin” 😂

    68. pereiramariana35

      was this inspired by critiano ronaldo's statue lol

    69. Свят SPRF

      What name is Becks shoes???

    70. Noah Fick


    71. BERETTA TV


    72. Stephen Beaudion

      The whole sculptor bit would fit perfectly in a Guy Ritchie movie.

    73. Alvin Mah

      That’s david slenderman

    74. Pablo Aguilar

      He kept his cool 100%


      This had me cracking up!

    76. Lucruss Sensai


    77. Osman Javed

      boring because this was done by Ashton Kutcherlong time ago these kind of jokes and he can do better then you

    78. MaGic Moment


    79. mr boogie


    80. Fire Dolphin

      He was so polite even though he was so angry, I couldn't help but laugh

    81. Farris Kinata

      that statue looked a lot like harry kane to be honest

    82. Mix Films

      I rarely watch prank stuff more into politics. But this was a golden globe absolutely brilliant. The head should be used as a prize for best comment or even bid. Brilliant. A good laugh .

    83. Pedro Pavon

      is that Adam Levine

    84. dy 94


    85. Zil Co

      Truly EPIC!!

    86. Exxx

      Damn, I finally watched it after it’s been in my recommendations for like 2 months...

    87. Michelle Abreu

      Omg the guy in the white shirt in middle at 1:44 plays lucifer in " chilling adventures of sabrina " in netflix. Watch it its so good 😭im so shook hes in hereeeee

      1. David Haigh

        Good spot!

    88. K R

      Beckham was in on it. He can hardly keep a straight face even from the beginning.

    89. Floyd Zepp

      04:01 🤣🤣🤣

    90. Crystal


    91. Angelo Sarrocchi

      q son maloooos

    92. Richvy Rich

      Awesome prank.. i love it..

    93. Sblinger

      Funny shit

    94. Golic

      Scripted and fake

    95. Rattenhoofd

      "Dave it is, thank you so much. Dave Beckham everybody!"

    96. itsray yy


    97. Caoimhín Mac Cana

      Has Beckham had a hair transplant? I've never seen such a good hairline on a middle aged man

    98. mr What it iss

      At least this is prank while cr7 statue still in Portugal

    99. Adel

      smooth prank

    100. Ean Albe

      The statue looks more like Harry Kane. Lol