The DARK SECRET of Merlin’s True Race and Origin! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai Explained)



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    The DARK SECRET of Merlin’s True Race and Origin! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
    In this video I will be looking at all of the hints and clues about one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the entire world of the Seven Deadly Sins… the true race and origin of Merlin, the most mysterious member of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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    1. AnimeUproar

      PRAISE THE SUN shirt: FEEL THE WRATH shirt:

      1. JEREMIAH Gruss

        AnimeUproar Marilyn said she was a true devil so could she be the demon kings wife

      2. Cathal Hayden

        AnimeUproar . I could just be stupid I’ve probably no idea what I’m talking about but maybe she could be a humunculis which are usually able live without aging, very powerful, always in search of knowledge and something like a human?

      3. Gabriel Campos

        Maybe she’s a creature from purgatory that escaped through birth

      4. 7hart2

        Have you considered the Sidhe (Irish mythos) as a possible race? It answers towards the pixie style, albeit, with a darker flavour more reminiscent of german folklore.

      5. BigSando18

        Can you pronounce Merlin's real name or was it ever said by anyone?

    2. moss513787

      Merlin is a watcher! Look up who the Watchers were and then you'll understand!

    3. dont worry its fine

      I have a mini quote for the last Theory. When her Mentee(forgot her name) Cursed her or something, she said “You’re a demon” to which Merlin replies “You found out now?”

    4. Bot Kong

      Is it just me or did everyone else get a merlinjobs ad???

    5. P A S T E L S K I E S

      I think Merlin is a witch because in Prisoners in the Sky, at the beginning you can see she is riding a broom with Escanor

    6. chasmriscraig

      “Like a human but not human” x1000 thanks... super helpful

    7. bcfb21

      In arthurian legend Merlin was half human half incubus. I could see that happening.

    8. midnightheart 14

      She looks like that because she stopped her time which means she doesn't age but the she took the form of a thirty year old woman to hide her true form for whatever reason

    9. kaushik gosar

      She might be a dwarf / pixie / witch or a comination of em all

    10. blank blank

      Actually original gowther was human not a demon but was brought into the commandments due to his power, similar to drole and Gloxinia.

    11. Min Yoongi My Oppa

      I think she’s actually simpilar than the story makes her out to be. I think shes just one of those, “once in a 100 years” type characters. (meaning shes incredibly rare) and shes just an immortal wizard. which of the reference to be “something like that” after addressing Ban (since he became immortal) Or maybe she herself doesnt know so uses these clues to cover up

    12. TheDefBoi 718

      My theory is Merlin became surrounded by a substance and became devoured by it,like an elemental

    13. Jus call me vell

      Spoiler alert she's more of a Nephilim angel demon mystery solved read the Manga

    14. NC

      Merlin is Satans daughter, they say it in anime??

    15. Remi Garza

      I think you were right about the wizards worship the demon race and gain forbidden knowledge. Because as you say she learn new things from the demon, and I came to a conclusion that she is also connected with melo because if she was with one of the 10 commandments that's means melo has to be there also and later on her and melo was together and made him to switch sides and betray his own race and also started the great war. I would say she is almost the same age as melo and she is very close to melo because she supports and helps him in many ways.

    16. Peteyabit

      why is merlin a woman anyways? to much of a sausage fest?

    17. Duijuan Thompkins

      I thought bond was apart of the vampire clan. Swore he said he was that's why he didn't age

    18. Alexander Welborn

      You sure Merlin’s dad didn’t just name her some weird wizard mumbo jumbo

    19. leahpar evoli

      i still think shes half demon and half angel, maybe given to the wizards for protection and had their memorys changed.

    20. Daniel Boothe

      Merlin' "father" wasn't actually her father...the only thing that we do know is that we know nothing.

    21. E play_859

      What I want to know is after they destroyed her city they just left her alone but put a curse on Elizabeth an maliodas

    22. chuckles9702

      Why can't a "wizard" be a different race?

    23. MICK O'RAWE

      She's a witch it's not hard

    24. Diki Sonam

      OMG I GOT IT *merlin is a wizard*

    25. R.O.T.C SEEM

      If she was the child of the demon King and supreme deity then it would make no sense that neither the supreme deity and Demon King had control of her

    26. Mikael Gonzales

      I know the real name of Merlin.... Sorry. I'm having hard time to translate it in human language. 😛

    27. Godly_Deshawn

      everyone merlin is a mage

    28. Gwendolyn

      What if she is a secret furry

    29. Saul Santos

      What if shes a vampire?

    30. Andrew Venn

      She's an elf

    31. Kathleen Gustafson

      She could be the daughter of the mother of chaos

    32. Sergio Alrellano

      Ik this is an old video but hear me out so she tells the commandments that she is the daughter of beliualin and they get scared but why that’s just the name of the city the capital of the wizards

    33. Shiro Kuruse

      1:32 When Escanor tryna get that pussy, but she's on her period

    34. p1234567 890

      merlin is a wizard

    35. MiasmicXanax 808

      You talked about so much stuff in this but did you mention how escanor called merlin something else? Like from his child hood past, the woman that kept him safe and set him free.

    36. Jay Smosh

      Could merlin be the same type as kings sister

    37. PickleTime GO!!

      MERLIN ISA MAGE!!!!!

    38. Conrad

      She's from the beast clan. She's actually a cat. So she's a werecat. :).

    39. Karisa P

      merlin is a wizard...

    40. David Windham

      What if shes a homunculus it would explain the infinite power and not being able to die and being like a human but not a human

    41. john aldrin quiazon

      so merlin is a lolicon? ahahaha

    42. Justin Gridley

      Merlin a half breed I think

    43. Esdras Tautu

      The Demon King and Supreme Deity obviously had a messy divorce

    44. PopeKurt

      it makes sense that if there is a group of humans that worshipped the goddess clan, there would be one that worshipped the demons, and that they would be considered outcasts for such a practice.

    45. Jeremy Salis

      Also great video my man mind actually blown

    46. Jeremy Salis

      Im just hyped that there is so much manga which means so much anime!

    47. Ramzi Hanna

      She's an angel

    48. Andrew Le

      Merlin is a wizard dumb bum

    49. ReGast JWZ

      Maybee she is a wizard

    50. Kai Fox

      Maybe the movie was to be an adventure the Sins went on and maybe will visit again in the series?🤔 Sort of like a spin off or background adventure 😗

    51. mrscorpion lion

      Merlin could be a hybrid. In Arthurian legends, old mage Merlin was half incubus so she could be a hybrid too . the hybrid is called a CAMPION. in arthurian legends they also describe that most of merlins power comes from being a CAMPION. and it would also make sense since he mentioned in the video that its been said that merlins mother was a demon. A CAMPION can only be a CAMPION if the mother is a demon.

    52. John DayoT

      Merlin is a Martian...

    53. jose calderon

      Maybe she is an elf

    54. Inquisitor Kitt

      Merlin is a loli

    55. Jay Ruiz

      Okay if she’s so smart I don’t understand how she let Galand get the slip on her?

      1. Jay Ruiz

        The Viewer I don’t buy it

      2. The Viewer

        She's been alive for thousands of years, she probably just forgot.

    56. ronnie Williamson

      Could she be a vampire , because zeldris destroyed a city 3 thousand years ago that was the home of vampires?

    57. DERPZ

      I think Merlin’s race has not been revealed In anything even the manga, but these flutes can lead us to a very convincing theories

    58. Max Millennium

      I Thought Merlin was a spirx

    59. SmoothFN


    60. Eddie Takiyama

      Just Let Meliodas Listen So That We Will Understand it now :D

    61. Yeet

      Comment who is your favorite character

      1. Itzame

        Ban. Easily

    62. Jkingsme

      Why is Merlin so protective with aurthor? Maybe author and Merlin are like the last 2 people in their clan.

    63. SWEETMOBYD og

    64. Dyre Wolf

      She is from the goddess race

    65. Philøphøbia

      iVE read the books sO I alReaDy kNoW bUt I eNjOy wAtcHiNg tHinGs abOuT mY FavoRiTe sHoW-

    66. Juan Carlos Tica

      She’s an Alien 👽

    67. Retsi Carlos

      Maybe Merlin is a Meta-Human 😂😂😂😂😂

    68. Jonathan Arokapiti

      I think she's a dude with hairy balls 😂😂😂😂😂

    69. Marj Garcia

      Have you heard that in september theres a new season

      1. Black People

        Marj Garcia what happened to ep 25

    70. Jess Hills

      I think she a human but a sage of time. If you think of it.