The DARK SECRET of Merlin’s True Race and Origin! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai Explained)



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    The DARK SECRET of Merlin’s True Race and Origin! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
    In this video I will be looking at all of the hints and clues about one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the entire world of the Seven Deadly Sins… the true race and origin of Merlin, the most mysterious member of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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    1. AnimeUproar

      PRAISE THE SUN shirt: FEEL THE WRATH shirt:

      1. Cathal Hayden

        AnimeUproar . I could just be stupid I’ve probably no idea what I’m talking about but maybe she could be a humunculis which are usually able live without aging, very powerful, always in search of knowledge and something like a human?

      2. Gabriel Campos

        Maybe she’s a creature from purgatory that escaped through birth

      3. 7hart2

        Have you considered the Sidhe (Irish mythos) as a possible race? It answers towards the pixie style, albeit, with a darker flavour more reminiscent of german folklore.

      4. BigSando18

        Can you pronounce Merlin's real name or was it ever said by anyone?

      5. Fay Ines

        As the druids worship the goddess clans they probably help them during the holy war. Thus, if as per the theory, Merlin's clan worship the Demon clan it could also be said that they are helping the Demons considering the presence of Gowther in their capital... yet why are they not helping out? I mean the Demong King had to bribe her right? Considering that fact would now be questionnable if they really are devoted to the Demon clan...

    2. Jeremiah Gonzales

      What if she’s meleodus daughter with Elisabeth

    3. Tarique Tolbert

      She gotta be a wizard and a demon or something

    4. SavageGamer

      Merlins father is orochimaru 😂😂😂

    5. T.A.C Gamer

      What is her true name?

    6. Derpy Drey

      Merlin is a wizard not human not demon nothing else she is just a wizard

    7. darcraven01

      i predict that Merlin is a fusion of goddess, demon, human, fairy, and giant DNA enfused with magic by her "father". (maybe implanted into a woman's womb to be "born".. maybe grown in magical incubator, idk)... meaning shes "something like a human" as in having some human dna within her. yeah yeah, probably not given how wild an accusation that is.. but think of it, would that not be a great reason for the secrecy? not wanting them to know such a fusion was possible..? lol

    8. Nderim Peci

      The city of the great wizards didn't care at all about the holy war and they didn't really have an opinion about demon and gods. And besides that the leader of the druids and Merlin seem to have a friendship, but we know that the druids hate demons and so they would hate Merlin too. And beside all that are we just gonna ignore the fact that Merlin is so much stronger than a druid? It just seems a little weird that those which got their powers from the leader of the goddes clan are so much weaker than those which got them from the demon king.

    9. Yancel Toledo

      Shes from another planet

    10. Andrew Linklater

      isnt merlin just magics true form? im curious cause in Merlin the netflix tv show it explains that merlin is magic.

    11. Khaliq Bryson

      She’s a warlock extent race

    12. Ryland Nguyen

      I was reading a book and it said her dad is a demon

    13. housam aldossari

      In English Dub You can hear Merlin Reveals her real name and she says:"Oristio" in A Weird Voice! Let me know if its a good clue

    14. windeen

      Couldn't she be a dragon? Dragons are also connected to Arthurian legends. And I doubt that their language would be easy for humans to pronounce. Add into the idea that Dragons could be manipulated to be reptilian relatives of humans, then they would be: "like a human". Just a thought.

    15. the mysteries monkey man????

      I think as you said Merlin might of experimented the demon clan and worshiped them that mabey she put a curse on her self using demon magic when she was a little girl at that age so she made her self look older after to disguise who she really was. And also her village was the head of wizards withc she could also be Merlin the great wizard who served king aurther like she did in the seiris as a mage for 10 years

    16. A Ha

      sons and daughters of belial... are not outlaws in the classic sense... outlaws to the law of god... immoral pig and rat eaters and sacrificers of children... worshipers of the advesary. not outlaws of man's law they create and govern mans law.

    17. H.L

      He has barely any theory. Dont watch. Waste of time. His theory is that the writers will explain. Not kidding.

    18. Delete Existence

      Myrddin Wyllt Wizard by day, Vampire by night

    19. Pewdswillwin Hej monika

      I think that merlin is just a human but qhen she said “something like that” i think that she meant that in a different way,say that your a test subject getting radiation or other drugs that make you mutate/evolve your still technically human but a more messed up version just like merlin is with her knowledge fron the demon clan etc, but its still a more shady prediction due to her name being unpronounceable by humans

    20. Keith hernandez

      Oh i know.....her race is a wizard😂

    21. SnowAngel96

      Yeaaaah! ‘Cause in S2 Ep.23, she says her name, but she tells everyone, ‘Oh, I apologize, humans can’t pronounce my name” or something like that. Since Merlin can pronounce her name, that means she isn’t a human! :D


      *Your a wizard Merlin*

    23. dudeguy wubwubwub

      Dope vid but my question is hasn't Merlin said she wanted to use the white demon blood under the castle for more experiments in season 1 of the anime? When she's 3000 years old and based off your vid wouldn't she eventually come across a white demon before then? Furthermore if the theory of her wizard city leaning toward worship the demons why would she be contacted my the goddess race at all?

    24. A N T H O N Y

      I think merlins a witch

    25. Randall Hicks

      So I get it. Hmm she's probably a wizard it was probably a long time ago where these people made their own race but they're actually humans but they just have cool magical abilities more complex than a former human such like that. So it would be like a wizard or mage in a lot something like The Druids


      She’s maybe the spawn of a demon and angel

    27. Scythe

      Maybe Merlin is a vampire?

    28. Emil

      So i know how Esconor says that hes the pinnacle of all races? Yeah umm tell that to Merlin

    29. cracked face

      damn that perfect six pack at 11:29

    30. Teo Skok

      My theory: she was born by the mother of Chaos, that is why the demon lord and the head goddess had no idea. The mother of chaos has unknown power + merlin has a scarlet boar on her neck

    31. Jay Jay

      How did Merlin go into a kid in the manga

    32. Matthew Elliman

      What if merlin is the daughter of the supreme deity and the demon king but because she was part goddess or that she was weak she was baneshed from the demon realm and sent to earth where she was adopted by a human farther and the original gother went to see her as she is the daughter of demon king to see how strong she is training her in the process and then the demon king realising that she had since she had a unique magic power (infinity) asked her to come back to the demon realm.

    33. Jane Gel

      Sense she transformed to such an older form then maybe her true form got stuck in that age unless she's in it. So basically she doesn't age her true form unless she is in her true form. That's my theory. Since her name is in a different language then that means she is a separate race or an ancient.

    34. nexxy nene

      i think the leader of the goddess race and the demon king had a child and thought they disposed of her but she was found by the wizards. she grew up amongst the wizards and after her extraordinary powers started manifesting, that's when the demon king ad the goddess tried to take her back but they couldn't mention that they were the parents to anyone since there was enmity between the two races and that would cause a lot of confusion

    35. #ItzPikachu223

      I have a question. If Meliodas is a demon then can he steal and eat souls like the other ones?

    36. Gael Time

      You're completely ignoring something Merlin said, she said that she used a spell to stop her own time, so she probably used that spell when she was a kid so that's likely why her true form is a kid

    37. Nezam Asarie

      She is human

    38. Bellthebeast7235

      My thought would be that she was an experiment to combine all of the known magical races into one body giving that person access to all power (infinite power). So she would technically be born human but the experiments would have changed her into someone that exists outside of all of the known races in the story.

    39. Ringoffire Creations

      Theory: Merlin us demon, half goddess but was born in secret and was adopted (unless there is proof that she was "born" in Bellialuin where she says where she was born idk)

    40. Jemel Cielo

      Maybe she is connected to the old man who fights meliodas in the festival in season 1

    41. Turner B

      Merlin could be a hybrid. In Arthurian legends, old mage Merlin was half incubus so she could be a hybrid too

    42. DeathDontWait4NoOne

      I spent awhile searching up possible cryptids and i've decided merlin is a Nephilim or Genie, the first being more likely, a mixed race blended between the goddess/demon an all the multiple races of Britannia, a race that knows all

    43. Offer Your Soul To Me Dark One

      Merlin is a SCIENTOLOGIST

    44. Monspiet DefaultPower

      I think too that the wizards cooperated with the demons because especially that chandler uses the same spells as Merlin (exterminate Ray and absolute cancel)

    45. ryan vill

      What if merlin was a genie

      1. Boluwatife Awofiranye

        It would be cool if she was a genie

    46. David Feliciano

      i think she's a monster, the mother of chaos kinda stuff

    47. Funny penny

      Ok so I agree but what my own theory is that she is a vampire and that’s because maybe when the demon king have the order to kill all vampires to zeldres he wanted to kill Merlin In particular and also this would explain her saying something like that

    48. Tori J

      I think that the wizards are just there own race

    49. physicals

      This video confused me more than help me... he said druids are a type of human. But i learned the druids are actually godesses from the holy war. Also merlins father was from her hometown, and was one of the most powerful wizards of all time.

    50. Thomas storm

      What if merlin having the ability infinity cast a spell which made it impossible for humans to pronounced so if she is on the run then no one can find her or what if she found out this spell from the demons or goddess but I guessing demons because the 10 commandments were shocked when she revealed her name which could have been because she stole knowledge from both the demons and goddess clan

    51. William Fowles

      I’d imagine the wizard race was built on demon worship which is what changed them to what they were, maybe even making them great enemies with the druids but as time passed they eventually stopped worshipping them because they were tired of the war which is why they remained neutral then when Merlin was born with infinity the Demon king saw her as a chance to get them back on his side to the point that he put aside his hatred of the goddess clan to offer Merlin her gift. Having them back on his side would grant him magic users that wouldn’t be hurt by the Purge ability and a fighting force against the druids who were killing his demons

    52. mhm izme

      7:58 made this video worth clicking. Video: "Based on the information we got on the movie-" Me: HOLY SHIT THERE'S A MOVIE OMG 💨💨💨⚡️ *disappears*

    53. Felipe Gaytan

      0:48 The Seven Deadly Sins game

    54. Jacob Dawson

      I say the Wizards were like grey force user's, they didn't care for good or bad just themselves

    55. E T K

      i have a thought that meliodas knows her name since humans cant pronounce itl, meliodas isn't a human he is a demon and as we can see in the clip demons can pronounce it

    56. Jimmy

      shes a yordle

    57. Kankan 10

      It would be fun if her name was emyrs

    58. Kankan 10

      Her name is emyrs

    59. Kankan 10

      Maybe Merlin is a spell from a druid strong as hell because no one knows her real name

    60. Elan Martinez

      But it is possible for her to be a giant and she knows how to make pills to turn giants small.

    61. OOooOOoHHhh YEEeeAaAH YeeEaaaAHh

      My theory. Ithink shes a vampire 1.Shes kind of human arent vampires kind of like humans.

    62. OOooOOoHHhh YEEeeAaAH YeeEaaaAHh

      Probably a vampire

    63. Project Anything


    64. mikewekesa

      you repeat yourself a lot haha don't think I didn't notice

    65. InfroStorm XIII

      I thought Merlin was a she-devil

    66. Jayshade X

      Sooo..m you wanna know *Merlin's Race* she's a fairy, no a demon, no a pixie, no a goddess, no a mage, no a criminal, no a wizard, oh I know she's a thot!

    67. Jayshade X

      BTW Both Merlin and Deriari are hot.

    68. Trenton Hines

      Are you telling me that Merlins father might be a pig fucker because thats just ridiculous 😂😂

    69. Datport datcport

      Can merlin kill the demon king?

    70. TRaGiC BOT

      14:52 sorry merlin but dianne is a giant not u

    71. MAKEOUT HILL666

      Ight so after looking in the comment section for bout 30 mins ive choosin the thoery that merlins a homocules a artificially made human either being perfect or imperfect depending on the skill of the alchemists make it this also supports her being the daughter of beli whatever its called being them being a town of all wizard and shit they made her being there were so many great wizard in the town they maybe made her in being their was so many it made the chance of her being a all perfect being higher and homocules have short life spans with could be why she used infinity to stop her aging and the reason the demon king and Supreme deity didnt take away the blessing and shit they gave her is cause they feared if they did so she would join the others side out of rage anyways thats all i have so correct me on anything if you'd like to

    72. Savory Bridge

      No doubt merlin isn’t naked

    73. Matheiu Gemini

      plot twist: she's African American.

    74. Jagyr YT

      What if Merlin is the lone survivor of another ancient clan that was covered up and what if belioluin is like their supreme deity or demon king

    75. Amelia Prince

      I’m kinda waiting for Diane transformation

    76. Future Gotenks

      Keep liatening to that part of the episode

    77. Future Gotenks

      Merlins name is el diablo

    78. DEJAVU

      if she's immune to curses, then why did she turned to stone because of lying to one of the ten commandments??

    79. Mc Demox

      I thinks she is simply a druid.

    80. Ahmed Elkurdy


    81. hollowxdify

      you repeat yourself wayyyyy too often

    82. bubbly peach cat

      This is my theory of Merlin is half demon and half human(hybrid basically)

    83. Green.At.The.Disco Howard

      She's a cookie 😂

    84. Himiko

      She's a demigod or an opposite of druids

    85. Johan Hong

      Why didnt the demon clan just tell the demon gownther to erase her memory

    86. Cameron Wilson

      I've been binging all of your SDS videos these past few days! I'm subscribed and can't wait for your future content.


      When merlin told the ten commandments her real name they got very scared because thousands of years ago the demon king created a powerful witch she was so powerful that she could have access to any spell and her name is Merlin but her real name isnt merlin and she left the demon clan because she was lost in the war when she was like 100 yrs old so there you go and btw when she uses absolute cancel it can cancel anything

      1. NubFix

        What a stupid story did u read the manga

    88. Agustin Barboza

      I love the seven deadly sins

    89. Jake Rivera

      I thought she was a demon

    90. Joel Cobo

      i have n doubts merlin is meliodass sister

    91. rajan karki

      I think I agree with you because the wizards of the of Billy want to what extent so soon so maybe they did the demon forgot to enter an end to end a god is this for God and a human so so so so sweet to protect her self she wouldn’t tell us things where she come from speakers because her because the demon king and a supreme do yo

    92. Christian Pederson

      I’m guessing she’s a Druid. Simply because she brought Melinda’s Darkness to the Druid holy land to hide it. Therefore, she had some connection and some authority there

    93. Christian Pederson

      You forgot to mention that Elizabeth is a Goddess.

    94. christina castillo

      the dother of belion??????????????

    95. christina castillo

      merlin is from the unknown clan???????????

    96. christina castillo

      😠 this is escanor 👖

    97. irrelavent gamer

      I was thinking eldric but mayve not

    98. Gordon DeSouza

      Also, remember when Vivian called Merlin a "devil" in season 1 -- I don't remember the exact chapter in the manga or the exact episode in the show -- and Merlin replied with something similar to "You're just realising?"? Could this be an example of the foreshadowing of Merlin's true race?

    99. Gordon DeSouza

      Zaratross and Mael also look similar. AmErIcA eXpLaIn!

    100. streetkid Streetkid

      She is a wizard