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    Times change. Duty endures.
    As Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) faces a rapidly changing Britain, her family continues to struggle against the needs of the monarchy and the wants of their fracturing personal lives.
    Season Three of The Crown arrives November 17th.
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    The Crown Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix
    This drama follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.

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    1. Some One

      Just binge watched Season 3 😀 Have to wait an entire year for Season 4 😞

    2. Luis Eduardo

      What is the song's name?

    3. Micheli Alves Ormon Ribeiro

      3 temporada, nem se compara com as primeiras. Fiquei decepcionada com a péssima dublagem feita fora de tempo, e as vozes que estávamos tão acostumados desde as primeiras temporadas são outras e mal dubladas. Uma pena.

    4. Jane Fehr

      I‘m glad they finally did justice to Charles. Everyone keeps hating on him and Camila when he never wanted to marry Dianna. It was an arranged marriage out of duty, not love. Camila was always his true love, but the Queen/Royals forced him to marry Dianna. Not to mention he was controlled half of his life by his mother, only to never receive the crown and become King. I also feel bad for Dianna, yet she wasn’t the saint people paint her to be either as she too cheated on Charles.

    5. MB Gore

      AWFUL casting! Olivia Colman is a wonderful actress but her casting as the Queen is DREADFUL. I can’t get past her pug nose.

    6. Khairi Khaireyll

      i have to visit here again because I'm at episode 9 season 3...i don't want to end if not have to wait another year for season4,i don't have the patient to wait that longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    7. jesus vitales

      So they made a big mistake. In season 2 November 22 1963 JFK was killed an then 3 more years had gone by before the end of season 2 but in the opening seen of season 3 the 1st thing you see is the date 1964...? So not only did they go back in time but she aged almost 17 year's in under 9 months.. Plus Churchill died in January of 1965 so in just one episode we move almost 2 months 2 weeks 3 day's. An went back in time with 17 years of age change..

    8. Çikolatalı Kedi

      Where is the Lady Diana

    9. Shanto Lion

      I only liked Alice phillip's mother she was a wonderful amazing woman in real life. A saint god bless her soul. The rest are so annoying entitled free loaders🤕

    10. April Davis

      Season 3 is so underwhelming, I was hoping for a lot better.

      1. sk8terx82

        Aww back to dancing with the stars then eh, a lot of these folks can't appreciate art much less history, April wants a soap opera shock her not real life events

      2. Arne De Bruijn

        Well what where you hoping for? They can't just make up events just to please their viewers.

    11. paola popa

      Title of the song please?

    12. Kezia

      Being a Downton fan myself, it's funny how Gregson replaced Bertie 😂😂😂

    13. Keyser94

      I have to say this season is very disappointing, and this trailer is very deceiving, the prior seasons were more critical of the monarchy, this one was very weak, pathetic, mild, tame critic of the monarchy, Peter Morgan lost his balls.

      1. Arne De Bruijn

        @Keyser94 yes I do agree that the second season about Philip and all that was more critical, even though you had the Margaret affair of course.

      2. Keyser94

        @Arne De Bruijn Barely, Peter Morgan must be swimming in the money that the royals give Netflix so they be more "moderate" in their criticism. This trailer is very deceiving, this season of The Crown can be compared to the Joker movie, they want to promote the movie as revolutionary and against the establishment, but in the end, it very weak, Arthur never compromise to anything, and the class struggle is only window dressing, it says nothing.

      3. Arne De Bruijn

        @Keyser94 but they did, in fact, show that the people questioned why the Royal family has all those privileges and all that power. On a totally different note I found all those little references to the first two seasons really cheap.

      4. Arne De Bruijn

        @Keyser94 tbh they did portray Wilson as quite weak minded

      5. Keyser94

        @Arne De Bruijn More the Labour cabinet want the Queen out, the Prime Minister is represented as weak and pathetic, when the member of his cabinet have more balls than him, but seeing that Netflix is a corporation I not surprise that they made him like that.

    14. Ted Ozdowski

      Absolutely wonderful. Sidebar: Camilla WISHES she looked so good. She even looked like a hag when she was young. I am thoroughly enjoying this.

    15. Dwight Ceesyu

      Pam Ferris should have been casted as QUEEN MOTHER. Period.

    16. Javier Pacheco

      someone who knows the song that goes to the bottom of the trailer let me know please

    17. J. P.

      What a great show and season.... and she's still kicking.... can't wait to see her and Margaret Thatcher....

    18. gyogyo49

      I dont like the way they portray prince charles as this thoughtful, sensitive, vulnerable man. He was a cocky arrogant wanker and was shagging around. ..and camilla was not pretty, even back then.

    19. Javier Pacheco

      Quiero esa canción del fondo del trailer ... me salen otras pero no como esa que está en el trailer 😭💔 alguien que me pueda ayudar por favor alguien que hable el español 😃

    20. Abigail

      I was excited to start watching season 3, However; I was very turned off during the first scene with Prince Philip and queen Elizabeth. I suddenly got this bad feeling like the cast choice was so wrong. I wanted the same chemistry that I felt with season 1 and 2 character casts. They should've kept the original cast in my opinion. The studio has just lost one of their biggest fans.

    21. Dwight Ceesyu

      Why was Prince Charles treated so badly since he started school as a young boy? Sent off to Scotland when he was a young boy and than shopped off to Wales, followed by an orchestrated position in the Carribean with the Navy? Why is he always treated like crap and yet still comes off as a kind, big-hearted man? I have SO much respect for him and THANK YOU NETFLIX for shedding a light on the Prince of Wales ill treatment by his own family.

    22. william hornedo

      Dissapointed of new actress queen

    23. ЛентяйЁпта

      Funny that the trailer mostly is made from the last episode

    24. Lava Kafle

      As Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) faces a rapidly changing Britain, her family continues to struggle against the needs of the monarchy and the wants of their fracturing personal lives.

    25. marta stewart

      This series got even better in season 3.

    26. Claudia Pagliara

      I miss Claire Foy and Matt Smith. Olivia and Tobias are doing a good job... I find Claire and Matt perfect. About Charles: he’s amazing...

    27. Sergio Hernandez Castillo

      This new season did not disappoint in any possible way.

      1. Shanto Lion

        I beg to differ

    28. sanjana nomula

      Wow ,no comments about prince andrew's interview.

    29. Salty Sag

      Watched the entire season in one day.

    30. Charlotte TTE

      I don't like the new protagonist changes !!!

    31. Chantal Noisin

      Season 3 is excellent! I absolutely loved it!

    32. Sophia Alexandra

      I binged it and I must say this is the only show I know that has continuously gotten better culminating in this fantastic third season.

    33. Lala

      SPOILERS: Tywin Lannister is in it. And he's playing as Tywin Lannister.

    34. Mighty Mouse

      Liked the old actors a lot better.

    35. tiffany kailis

      i have netflix- and it has not appeared as yet to watch- is there a time delay because i am in australia

    36. Automatic Sweetheart

      SPOILER ALERT: In the closing scenes of Episode 2, Season 3, can anyone understand the logic of the young Margaret with very green eyes and the older Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) with very dark brown eyes? The scene flashed between close-ups of the young Margaret's face and the older Margaret's face and it was fairly startling that they eye color so dramatically changed between the two. It seems that would be an easy fix...simply have the younger actress wear dark contact lenses. I wonder if the two eye colors was a deliberate choice or was simply overlooked?

    37. Lupita Riaño

      alguien me podría decir el nombre de la canción?

    38. Bev Cummins

      I hear the same voice but she looks the same . Olivia Coleman and Helen Bonham Carter are pride and joy to the nth degree Margaretology is laugh out loud funny . Reminds you of Pride and Joy. She would never let her shine any length of time ... ... Olding is shocking . How can a man be a spy in Buckingham Palace and never go to jail !!!! I must be very naive . This series is magnificent .

    39. NaNa Efya Bonsu

      Why did they change the characters😩

      1. Shanto Lion

        Because the queen is now palyed form age 40-60's

    40. Patricia Thomas

      At least prince Philip went to aberavon to show his support .

    41. Tennis Highlights

      Oh my God!! I can't. When the soundtrack from this trailer will be released?

    42. Inés SA

      Just finished this season after 10 straight hours of binging! Just me? Okay...

      1. ruby Light

        Oh wasn’t it great) Never liked Charles, but he’s portrayed so sympathetic and likeable, you just can’t resist! Especially the Wales episode. I think his storyline is the most interesting in this season.

    43. Patricia Thomas

      Omg I'm watching the crown this evening & to think what happened in the south wales school when all them Welsh children girls killed cause off a goal land slide & the queen couldn't be bloody bothered to go there to show support all them teachers, little children in there classroom well bloody shame u your royals bloody queen off the uk I won't be sitting on my ass watching tv when she dies I'll be out bloody shopping yeppy 👍

    44. Ghaffar_KH

      I've just finished the 3rd episode of this season. My god this show just keeps getting better and better, episode 3 might very well be the most emotional episode in the whole series.

    45. Rod P

      Watching it right now. Episode 2...Helena Bonham Carter is HILARIOUS!

    46. Ken M

      Noooo! What did you guys do to Claire Foy!!! Noooo! 😪

    47. Srinivasa Mahalakshmi Pandillapalli

      whoever sung this version of 'times are changin' deserves an award, they brought meaning to this trailer. it'd be amazing to get a full song.

    48. Wayne Uk

      Honestly, the royal family are the best thing in the world 💙🇬🇧

      1. Shanto Lion


      2. Keyser94

        No if you have no family, because they would legally own your land and not even bother to find a relative of yours, but it seems that they cant have more money in taxes for the lowly peasants.

    49. sk8terx82

      First episode doesn't miss a beat, marvelously done.

    50. Ekaterini

      So excited this came out -- have been waiting!

    51. nait51

      I watched the first 3 episodes and although acting was top notch I found them all gloomy and depressing, so I am on a break and will certainly watch the season gradually with no binging.

      1. sk8terx82

        nait51 I've only watched the first esp. I want to draw out the experience since we waited so long..

      2. nait51

        @sk8terx82 the episode on Aberfan broke my heart.

      3. sk8terx82

        nait51 those we're the times in which we lived.. Sorta of like right now

    52. Alína Makara

      Noo why they change acteress😭

    53. theLou

      Are they going to show all of the devil worshipping?

      1. theLou

        @Shanto Lion and the genocide of millions of people through out the world

      2. Shanto Lion

        Thay forgot to show all the inbreeding fix hunting pedo action satain worshipping that goes on with this ungodly family

    54. james mcbride

      Her reign falling apart lol i thought to brexit and break up of union on cards lol.

    55. Samyak Jain


      1. Shanto Lion

        Times thay are a changing by BOB DYLAN

    56. Charles Daniel Bulan

      "Did you just look at me, did you? look at me, look at me! how dare-- oops wrong movie

    57. Norah Fittleworth

      'Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command' I got chills from that line

    58. M J

      Still looking for that damn song.

    59. C Raman

      If Brexit blows up then Her Majesty's reign will truly be marked by how the country fell apart...God forbid

    60. Darius Deasia Cooks

      Season 3 airs in about 4 hours on Netflix!! Excited!! 👑👑

    61. APG19912009


    62. Mohammed Tauheed Ur Rahman

      Watching the trailer, and "The Time They Are A Changin" in the background... Am I the only one who got chills? :O :O

      1. Shanto Lion

        Yes you are

    63. Janet Njau

      “Frustrations and resentments can build up from life as a supporting actor.” ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    64. Kobby Talks

      They’ve changed the actress of the Queen. Kobby Talks Podcast wonders why

    65. Anna Lazuli


    66. Marina Cleaning

      Her eyes magically changed from blue to brown

    67. Khairi Khaireyll

      urghhhhh its already SUNDAY here in Malaysia!I want it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    68. Nikolas Sakkas

      Everyone: Why are you so obsessed on watching this? Me: It's not a choice, it is a duty

      1. Samyak Jain


      2. Me We

        I love you

    69. larry beachum

      1 more day!!!

    70. Basadict

      I like this version of The Times are changin’