The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done in My Life



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    Today we meet an ant princess, i.e. a #QueenAnt alate. She is a member of our new colony of #WeaverAnts, emerged from her nest due to conditions within their climate controlled setup. This queen is special and eventually let's us know something important towards the end of this video. Come join us as we discover the amazing world of Asian weaver ants, in celebratation of #3MillionSubs. This is Part 2 of our Weaver Ant Trilogy! Enjoy!
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    1. Luke

      Is this the craziest thing you've ever done in your life?

    2. Luke

      How do you have Feral ants making it into other terrariums? You MUST have an ant infestation in your house.

    3. Franz Lawrenz Romano

      Can you make a war between emerald empire and the golden empire

    4. Is League Good?

      shes so ugly

    5. Becky Cole

      him: counting down to the craziest thing he's ever done ad: counting down to ad me : the why why why ad: 58 seconds me : we da skip button I can't find it :(

    6. Disco Dubber

      I wonder if he thought this was the craziest thing he’s ever done in his life...?

    7. PeachJuice27

      theres already "the golden EMPEROR" and now we need an EMERALD EMPEROR?

    8. Jah Music

      Keep on watching untill the '' Ant''

    9. Red deR

      Guys i think this was the craziest thing he has ever done in his life

    10. Matt Hanson

      What was it going to be?

    11. BlackPink Is The Revolution

      *I can't wait for the Weaver ants to move in! I'm gonna film the whole process!!* And also 5 mins later: Fvck the process. I am the process!! HAHAHA!

    12. pleff floof

      SHE HAS P A W S!

    13. Thrak The Carrier Of The Moonlight

      Dont do much crazy things huh?

    14. EveryGiraffe

      I like your channel and I thoroughly enjoy what you do but the way you talk like a clickbait article, and the last ~5 minutes where you say the craziest thing I have done in my life over and over again, was a huge letdown on an otherwise good video

    15. LANCE 1595

      I haven’t seen a weaver ant queen but it’s so common in the Philippines 😂 Edit I live in the Philippines also

    16. Moramay Fruto

      WE GET IT

    17. Justin Case

      How many times he said “this was the crazy stuff thing I’ve done in my life” I I V

    18. Smol bean Beany

      rip ant that was on the water tube while it was on and shaking (its near the plant area just look der) ;.; 1:22

    19. Jonathan Lee

      pharoah ants came into vortexia weaver ants:THIS IS SPARTA\VORTEXIA

    20. Felix Fathead

      I got an ad on this video for an ant exterminator :(

    21. Rennes Lee

      I love how excited and overly dramatic this channel is and I'm all for it hahaha

    22. Ron Pullie

      2020 anyone

    23. Kyryrat Sok

      OH WAIT I WILL CALL THE COLONY THE GREAT WEAVER Group oi what should I name the colony that name is not great lol

    24. Shroom Gaming

      He said "this is a craziest thing i have done in my life" not one time, not 2 times, but 5 times... seriously AC?

    25. B1 Battle Droid

      The ultimate trilogy Yes or Yes?

    26. Dark Knight

      9:24 They are summoning the god of ants

    27. Dark Knight

      2:24 she is saying hello to us


      Ac:in south east Asia Me:in singapore

    29. Enter Username

      Ur life must be so boring

    30. Green Man


    31. BloodRedKat

      These ants have literal gaster blasters. I love it 😄

    32. Eli Walker

      It looked like he was trying to feed himself to her

    33. TRILLY

      youtube broke i see antscanada comments on universal comedy i want to see what comment section this goes to

    34. maca the alpaca

      kind of cringy but interesting

    35. George Batstone

      Destroy the pharaoh ants

    36. Noah Hunt

      16:38 hey guys do you think this is the craziest thing he's ever done in his life

    37. Kjeld Quist

      Now how many times did he say it was the craziest thing he had ever done in his life?

    38. kaw-oat jiraporncharoen

      The ads is soooo annoying.

    39. Braiden F

      do yall think this is the craziest thing he might have done in his life at this point? XD

    40. stealthbear911 gaming

      Scooby doo fans know the dream weaver episode dream weaverrrr

    41. Jon Fadness

      I would have liked and subscribed if he didn't repeat the same thing over and over again. ThIs iS tHe CrAzIeSt ThInG I'vE eVeR DoNe In My LiFe.

    42. Kerri McIsaac

      I love how he says O.M.G

    43. LillyianPuppy

      Thinking of how many escaped ants there are in his house almost sent me into a full panic attack. Why am I watching this?!?!

      1. Vincent Gonzalez

        you know there are billions upon billions of ants outside your body?

    44. m e

      I really should go to bed why can't I stop watching this

    45. enderspeakable me

      they were in me see a weaver ant outside

    46. Deadly Odin-117

      How about the Soul Weavers cuz they weave their way into your soul.

    47. Ties Wellhüner

      AntsCanad- _South-Asia_

    48. The Mantis Gamer Gamer

      Please do pharoah ants vs weaver ants

    49. Foxy King

      My answer. Yes

    50. ogugua obidike


    51. Kent Justine Francia

      Who thinks he put the ferrow ants there for content

    52. Jerelle Beaver

      I wander if thats the craziest thing hes ever done.

    53. Usernames don't Really matter

      You could’ve done it Jurassic park style and get the fire ants in to attack the pharaoh ants

    54. Awai


    55. wolf clan

      The most leafy place

    56. Haida-Ali Houssein

      If I could I would grab an army of ants and DESTROY THOSE DANG PHARAOH ANTS

    57. Nerfcraft 01

      I like ant fights

    58. Devilflier

      *puts on protective gloves* THAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING IVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE!!

    59. random games and challenges

      In yo mamma

    60. JK LOL IDK 2nd

      AC: this the craziest thing i've ever done in my life Me: must be a pretty boring life Also me: never leaves house and just lays on a bed all day*


      I think plant

    62. TiffanyInAPot

      WHY DOES HE SAY “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” REPEADLY OHMYGOD

    63. Corgi Lover

      Imagine AntsCanada having a Netflix show! I would watch it all

    64. Oneosix Decena

      Its like the king of the hills but king of the jelly GO WEAVER ANTS

    65. ZiggyBoi331

      "lets mOVe OUt xd lol *rough voice* *cff cfff

    66. Marck aerol Basco

      Do you in the phillipines

    67. Hiep Nguyen

      That was probably the craziest thing hes ever done!

    68. Dreamer Rose

      An interesting detail I noticed: the Weaver Ant who warded off the Pharoh Ant scout was coating her jaws with formic acid before attacking.

    69. Guest Account

      OH M G

    70. Grovydh Grovydh

      This is how many times he said this is going to be the most crazy thing in my life 👇🏻