The Cranberries - Zombie 1999 Live Video



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    The Cranberries - Zombie (Album No Need to Argue 1994)
    "Beneath the Skin" Live concert at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy 1999 Paris, France
    Dolores O'Riordan - Vocals, Guitar
    Noel Hogan - Guitar
    Mike Hogan - Bass Guitar
    Fergal Lawler - Drums

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    1. Свят SPRF

      Лучшие уходят первыми.. Октябрь 2019

    2. Gesha Giperboreyskiy


    3. Barry Urry

      Here’s one that needs some auto tuning. They could use some music theory classes!

    4. Rm A.R.M.Y

      No phones .. Wow this is amazing 👏🏻💜💜💜💜💜

    5. Vladimir S

      З19з19зцзцзцззз 7766енрррррджллоророоорооожжрнррррггннджзззщзшнггжзх0гррхщщщшшзщзщдт масссспэщээз9жэждээждзхз

    6. bassguitarlover 93

      wow she looks REALLY hot here 😍

    7. Angel Rabaca

      Autotune left the group🔪 haahaah October 14,2019

    8. Jøran

      Seems like 10k people out there hate music

    9. иван

      кренберис норм ------автор канала пидор"!!!

    10. Tokilz Rubin

      No one can replace our dolores i t was good growing up listening to her song until today october 2019..🥰

    11. Magdi Ali


    12. Junior Miranda

      Isso e música de verdade. Não e essas porcarias do Brasil.

    13. Joseph Duncan

      She was specially beautiful here

    14. Mexmex1975

      Young people/liberals must learn to STAY AWAY FROM OUR MUSIC!!!! Go look for biyonce elsewhere, these are not the tunes you're looking for...

    15. Zivojin Lazic

      Neprocenjivo deco,nazalost mnogo su vas unazadili

    16. Карпов Славик

      очень круто. но голос и тело отдельно живут.

    17. Daniel smith gymkhana

      I like the way she introduces it by shouting zombie like she knew that 1 word would cause a riot!!

    18. Alexandr Kovin

      У меня ослы в ауле так же кричат, как она после припева.

    19. psixakias

      Do u all remember the day this song went on air for the 1st time??? Why the fuck all people who made a difference in a good way die so soon when at the same time others live on continuing to mess up the whole world

    20. DANGER BOY

      Песня моей учебы после 11 класса.

    21. almir miranda

      Dolores Cantou muito e encantou milhares de pessoas pelo mundo..........

    22. Tharlye Velame

      13 de Outubro 2019...Brasil brasileiro.. descanse em paz..

    23. koenigsegg agera RS

      2019 October, 13 Dolores lives forever

    24. Caffe latte Effect

      No.1 zombie

    25. Mahhamat Cimat

      l love you

    26. Amirul 9307


    27. Dae-In Shin

      Rest In Peace...

    28. Tamarys  Manzano

      Lo máximo octubre 2019..♥️♥️

      1. Jairo Gonzalez


    29. Андрей Киселев

      рано ты ушла. покойся с миром. Долорес RIP.13.10.2019

    30. Happy Yu

      Thailand 13/10/2019

    31. Jacquelinea Araya

      Lo mejor

    32. Greg Barnes

      Still toasting beers to Dolores, just love her

    33. André Henrique

      Brasil aqui

    34. Dioni Almeida

      Muito top é de mais essa música......

    35. Bucket Head

      She must be alive forever

    36. Bob Will


    37. Maressa Vieira

      The best song! Rip Dolores

    38. Юр4ик Громов

      Октябрь 12 2019 песня на все времена!

      1. Mike Fox

        Да, дружище. Именно так. Одна из лучших.

    39. R2RO VIDS

      rip dolorian

    40. Дмитрий Круценко

      Мурашки по коже .

    41. kama sutra

      Dolores wherever your are thanks for your kind music and pleasure over the years you given us.Thank you XxX

    42. fabiano messa

      Melhor do mundo.Dolores😍

    43. SuziOnTour

      I would spend 20 years of my lifetime to see this show live..

    44. Вадим Дроздов

    45. Javier Aguirre

      Pretty Irish mama , 🌹😘

    46. Ivoney Cardoso

      Top de +

    47. Alex Campos

      I love the smile on the drummer face at 1:22 whenever the crowed sings back to them. He gots that damn we really made it smile

    48. I reign Supreme

      At minute 5:00 she tosses her guitar pick to the crowd.... Blessed be whoever grabbed it

      1. Ethan Ryan

        Never be found again, it jumped into another dimension ;_; Just like Everytime I lost it

    49. Boris Barischka

      the only one i can say. "press F for respect" F

    50. Endang Firmansyah

      Blag bleg

    51. Thiago Martin Silva

      Fique com Deus Dolores!! Você é eterna!!☀️🙏🙏♥️

    52. Михаил Киселёв

      October 2019. We listening, we member!!!!!!! Dolores, you a greats!!!!! You live in our hearts!!!!!!

    53. andy bosik

      I am sad that this greatly talented lady died because of drugs. Why did she do it? Drugs and Alcohol cover the pain. The pain of loneliness, the pain of so many things. We live in a fallen world. We all know-it. She needed JESUS. We All need JESUS. YOU need JESUS. You can go your own way to HELL with no hope. Or You can have HOPE in JESUS. Whatever money and possessions you acquire won’t help you on you day of death... Choose this day whom you will serve. Your time is up. Your time is NOW!

    54. Dan Wildet

      Not a single person giving their all

    55. Jiuliano Abreu

      Arrepia até a alma!

    56. Анна Шпилева

      Когда было время голосов без обработки.. ДО слез ❤️

    57. Анна Шпилева


    58. Anatoliy Vechkutkin

      we u remember

    59. Anatoliy Vechkutkin

      so beatyfull was

    60. Alexander Lizenberger

      Она была моя ровестница, то чего она достигла мне и во сне не могло присниться, Долорес всегда была за жизнь, почему то в жизни наоборот, но эта эпическая песня не умрет

    61. Алексей ВОРОКОСОВ

      какая энергия СУПЕР

    62. Ilya Hohlov

      Эту песню впервые услышал в компьютерном клубе NetTown, в 2002-2003 году, тогда такие клубы были очень популярны. Покупали абонементы на ночь и всю ночь играли в cs 1.6 слушали музыку и смотрели фильмы.

    63. Marius Savu

      Michael michael.....prince..... KEITH FLINT .......DOLORES O 'RIORDAN.....

    64. y franco


    65. Игорь Королёв

      И я - zombie

    66. Thatslife

      One world One word, peace!!!

    67. Ігорь Малютін

      ДОЛОРЕС !!!♥♥♥

    68. mericet39

      "We wrote this song 6 years ago hoping for peace in Northern Ireland, and things are looking better than ever!" - now, they write is 26 years ago, and thanks to those bloody idiots who voted for Brexit, violence will once again return to Norther Ireland. Sad times.

    69. rose anne Romalliv

      missing you Dolores.