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    An impressionable traveler experiences a world of luxuries when he’s upgraded to economy plus.

    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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    1. Jude Darragh

      2:50 how is the lightning appearing if the windows are closed

    2. criticalmass500

      Slap ass Rafi

    3. criticalmass500

      How did he escape the hotel where he has lived for the last 100 years

    4. QUAG

      I wish I have thus dude positivity.

    5. S M

      I like anyone whose standard response is, “Why, did I do something wrong?”

    6. Adrian Williams

      This man's cup is definitely over half full

    7. brett7071

      I was really hoping he was gonna argue that he wanted his original seat 😂

    8. Tony Flies

      "Ahhhhh, dog-eared for my convenience". (Sky Shop Magazine) :D

    9. J Rizzo

      I do not understand the ending...

    10. Cam Good

      WHAT'S ALL THIS CUNTING AROUND???!?!?!?!?!?-?ฯ

    11. livelaugh thrive

      Can somebody explain the ending. Was he dreaming? Was it real? Was that his feeling personified of feeling guilty??? So many question and no answers.

    12. 무무Nettylove

      His positive attitude is something we all need to learn to have lol

    13. The_Real_Big_Boss

      Please make more of this guy

    14. Mr. Masakado

      You'd be surprised how many youtube videos have a #continentalbreakfast

    15. a

      NOBODY gon talk about how the lightning was hitting INSIDE the plane while ALL the blinds were shut?(supposedly)

    16. F3L!X

      1:11 what if joker (2019) would be black.

    17. PrincePalm

      Probably making fun of a video game the forest

    18. Long Tee

      How rich people see themselves

    19. Krishna SS

      Don't mind if I do...🤣🤣🤣😭 F**king dam funny...🤣🤣🤣😭

    20. James Palmer

      Nightmare at 30,000 feet at the end.

    21. Zhoedreamzdesignz

      Omg I laughed so hard when he cried and fell asleep. Lmao!!!!@

    22. AnadaBajan Yout

      Continental guy goes to Comic Con... he would be so at home

      1. 808 Warble

        Make him dressed as lando calrissian, with continental guys voice, struck gold

    23. Christopher Har V

      D O N ' T M I N D I F I D O . . .

    24. MrJamhamm

      Was that a Twilight Zone refference. This has Jordon written all over it.

      1. Conor Olive

        Yeah, there's also a Citizen Kane reference

    25. Gol D lion

      This guy know how to appreciate.

    26. Shadow Spector

      He's out of continent now.

    27. Ernesto L

      I was upgraded to economy plus due to a mistake by the airline and I silently felt like this.

    28. Marco Tierro

      "Of course he knows the captain... He IS the captain!" hahaha

    29. Tro Doose


    30. Lord & Savior, Cheesus Crust

      Jesus christ. Quality acting right there.

    31. zillailluhr

      How’d he get out of the hotel ? Lol

    32. anmol

      He's having an extreme orgasm without stimulation

    33. jays0909

      They are hit or miss . This is a miss.

    34. SyriusStar Multimedia

      I sat in economy plus for 10 hours after 4 decades of economy. I am now a king of my own country.

    35. Driftwaifu27

      Car alarm going off, 1:15

    36. Athena GM

      The wig coming off from the side had me rolling and IDK why🤷🏻‍♀️!? 😩😂

    37. Matt Greer Music

      Honestly life would be delightful if you were that thankful and impressed by everything.

    38. Dude Chillz


    39. Ahmed Aqraa

      Wonderland is Nice

    40. sxion8

      I finally get the rosebud reference

    41. Mark Carson

      Me when all those pills kick in when I got paranoid before going through security lol

    42. AndAndMeme 2

      1800s movies be like

    43. Julian Xie

      Bring back the old name of Continental Airlines! Hey...who remembers Continental Airlines...

    44. Kat Howard


    45. Mike2014

      This ingenious and artistically mastered episode likely went over most people's head. It was one of the funniest. Absolutely awesome! - if you get this episode, could you explain it to me,

    46. J

      I really hope they do more with the Continental Breakfast Guy. CBG!!!!! For the discerning viewer. lol.

    47. Justin Obiol

      Make a horror movie about this guy please

    48. TheGamingGeek

      Re upload

    49. Good Ol Yuro

      *we’re not in Kansas anymore...Tuhtoe*

    50. Bob Kastner


    51. John Shadoe

      I would watch a trilogy of this character.

    52. Elevated Motions

      Wait til he gets the complimentary pillow and blanket

    53. Coldness X

      these titles are a joke

    54. Adi Dharma Kusuma

      Anyone knows the song starting at 1:41?

    55. Mark Smith

      His moustache looks like a third eyebrow.

    56. John hans Gavanzo

      "i thought i had an upgrade" what did he mean by that? sorry and thanks

    57. NastyKhan

      3:02 How about HOLY FUCK!

    58. Happy Hands

      I like this mans positive attitude

    59. Philippe Perkins

      No Lie, I laughed so hard about the smooth captain line and when he started laughing I was like, damn it, Hook, Line and sinker. I love them...

    60. Hans

      If only we all had this luck, 2:15 nevermind

    61. Purcey Pearson

      Lmaooooo hahahaha I love them ❤

    62. Fluoride Jones

      The people that gave this video a "thumbs down" votes are coach-ridin' motherfuckers.

    63. Alexander Rosario

      2:24 thats what she said

    64. blue sky

      All i saw was that ugly hairstyle. 😲

    65. Dilly McPickles

      3:03 "There's someone on the wing...Some THING!"

    66. Crimson

      Ability to enjoy your life is best luxury you can have.

    67. GamingO_GGuyverx

      I love how they got the twisted plot in the end from the twilight zone from 50s

    68. Heartseeker

      What is one of the creatures from “I am Legend” doing on the wing of the plane? Where’s Will Smith when you need him.

      1. 808 Warble

        Sadly he'd shoot the window and let em in while others fly out

    69. Tony Graham

      Dude next to him must be like “omg not again on another flight!”

    70. Aaron Dinga

      I fucking love that he's wearing a timex G shock watch, that's perfect.