The Chevy Corvette C5 Z06 Is an Insane Sports Car Bargain

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

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    The C5 Chevy Corvette Z06 is the ultimate performance car bargain. Today I'm reviewing a C5 Z06 to show you why its such a great deal -- and why the 2002 Corvette Z06 is worth a serious look. I'm also driving the Z06 to review its driving experience.
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    1. Daniel T

      When you are stepping on it, cornering, braking, etc., very few people are looking at the interior.

    2. jimmy bluejeans

      All you have done is put this car down. Why don't you shut your mouth cause you obviously don't know what you're talking about. In other words, you are an idiot.

    3. Groovy Baby

      You ever ripped someone’s pristine owners manual

    4. Groovy Baby

      You know what’s crazy about these shitty basic 90’s interiors? For some reason it gives the cars more character sometimes. Simpler times.

    5. Nuttymeemps

      I had a 2004 c5 Z06. Sold it last year for a 2016 c7 z06 and OMG my c7 z06 is sick; it’s a riot!. But Doug is absolutely right, the c5 z06 is the best performance bargain today,. It’s raw, a total drivers’ car. Super reliable. Super fun! I enjoyed my c5 z06 for 5 years. No issues. Did all my on maintenance. Parts are cheap. It’s easy to work on. And the c5 z06 is still faster than 95% of all cars on the road today. The only negative is that the interior is cheap. It looks outdated. But you aren’t really buying it for the interior, are you? It’s a great car. Great video! Thanks Doug!

    6. Fyn

      I will buy me a corvette c5 Cabrio or normal?? I need help Hilfe gerne auf deutsch

    7. Cloutlxrd Gaming

      Next year it better be 15

    8. Jakesfolly Productions

      I think what's most important about this model year Corvette that set a precedent for all future Corvettes is that it will do 183 miles per hour right out of the box. Furthermore the aerodynamics just really revamped the whole car. I had a C5 convertible and I once got it to 154 and while it was loud, it didn't seem to affect the aerodynamics of the car. It flattened out it hugged the road and I felt safe because the steering got stiffer and the suspension got stiffer. This was a race car right out of the factory and I got mine for only $14,000 off eBay with only 60000 miles from Florida. Even the stock non ZO6 is super fast, 0 to 60 is about 4.4 seconds and it has the most amazing exhaust note: a low Rumble that sounds rather tame an idle and at low speeds and RPMs, but give it the throttle and it will open up loud. It was my first Corvette and it was actually my first two seater sports car and all of the options and real time monitoring was to me engineering genius. the engineers did not design the interior but the seats were super comfortable. at this point I will move up to a C6 because of the interior but there's no need to go C7 or C8 unless you plan to put it on the track or get a whole lot of speeding tickets. also interesting is the gas mileage. after a whole summer of riding with the top down my average was 27 miles per gallon which is better than my sedan with a V6. It does ride rough but you can feel the active Aero control in real time and the best way to drive it is competitive mode all the time.

    9. Dre Ray

      54k, 405bhp, 180mph top speed, 4.0s 0-60mph, As fast as a 911 Turbo and 360 Challenge Stradale around track, All this back in 2003, That was an insane bargain, Although Corvettes are of any generation

    10. MrBoost96

      Fuck the ugly interiors that car has a bose sound system

    11. vteckid82

      Didn't the Nissan 240SX have the HUD way back in the early 90s?

    12. HereFishyFishy

      Anyone else see the rear window leak at 20:29?

    13. Matt Walker

      Doug uses his high beams to blind people while driving

    14. Christopher Hale

      Doug...the kind of guy who measured the ( panel gaps ) between his inner leg and crotch....

    15. Mr. Right Now

      I wouldnt pay a penny more than 15k for these pieces of shit

    16. ugly ass

      I drove a 2000 corvette convertible 2 days ago and i didnt mind the interior at all, all i cared about was the performance. And in reality i prefer the look of it because of the simplicity

    17. Darren McDonald

      Imma go out on a limb and say that’s not a cup holder. Its probably a place for your keys/change etc

    18. Kuhaku

      Driving a corvette in this era is just taking your masculinity one kilometer at a time. Mostly when you see women yelling " IIIAAAH A CORVETTE " says no men.

    19. Seeking Truth

      I love it. I want one but I want a C6 Z06 more.

    20. Ducky datduckbro

      10:15 wait at second LT RT and a d pad doug thats not a car its a xbox controller

    21. Dimitrios F

      Heads up display was actually first used by GM in the 1980's with the Cadillac.

    22. Dimitrios F

      You can pass for a young Jay Leno.

    23. gillan64

      Nissan 240SX had "heads up" display in the late eighties as come other cars, I would guess.

    24. Bronzesnake

      Tell the truth Doug, you're Jay Leno's love child aren't you!?? ") Jack - Canada Manly ~'()'~

    25. Paul Miles

      I own a 2003 Z06 Corvette, it's great. I drive mine daily and it has plenty of bang for the buck. Thanks for the video.

    26. Daryl Brookins


    27. SuperSaiyan3985

      This car has the most pathetic factory cup holder I’ve ever seen.

    28. darkmatter.99

      For me cool factor is 12

    29. blindwatchman0722

      I’m not paying 20k for a Corvette from 2002 😂 I’d pay like 2k at most

      1. blindwatchman0722

        @acer4139 If I had money, I'd be driving in a modified F1 car lol

      2. acer4139

        @blindwatchman0722 True. And I'm a bit of a Honda fanboy myself. But they wouldn't be the most comfortable and practical daily drivers. I have a Civic Si, which is basically a big compromise of daily practicality with a little bit of fun. But if I had the money and space to go for a dedicated fun car, I'd want to go for a much higher envelope of performance personally, such as the C5 Z06 haha

      3. blindwatchman0722

        acer4139 woahhh not true tons of junky manual Honda’s out there 😂

      4. acer4139

        @blindwatchman0722 I'm really not sure if there are any decent fun cars that could go for under 2K haha. But you seem to be smart with your money.

      5. blindwatchman0722

        acer4139 I’d only consider buying that if it’s less than 2k 😂

    30. Michael Lopour

      "Hey Doug, you busy this weekend? I was thinking about shooting some fish in a barrel. Wanna join me?" Doug: "No thanks, I'm dunking on owners manual legalese! Booked solid!"

    31. John Solo

      Well sure, but not ANYMORE you idiot. Now that you TOLD EVERYONE.

    32. Im Just Driving

      This is SOOOO good! my entire youtube channel is about POV drives with my C5 Z06 and trust me when I say they are incredible!

    33. Aaron Blakely

      My 91 Buick Regal has a cup holder that small built into the glovebox lid lmao

    34. Daddy Doge

      Doug the kind of guy who cant to math

    35. perplexed 666

      Rather build a GT40 Mk I replica and modernize it.

    36. Armando Epifani

      I’m a corvette guy but god the c5 is a hideous car

    37. Davi Go

      Your scoring system is very practical and believable. It always gives me a solid sense of the quality of the car.

    38. Niles Guy

      Now you know why GM went bankrupt. For decades GM ignored quality control and it shows in every car they made especially the corvette. That’s why I abandoned it for Asian cars like Lexus because of reliability and quality. Today I still don’t trust GM. I hope all the engineers of the 90s and 2000s are gone what am embarrassment

    39. alexander richardson

      These comments, lmaooo i cant

    40. Simon Coles

      That interior is utterly atrocious but one doesn't buy a Corvette for its interior. That said my guess is they left the gaps between interior trim pieces so large because they assumed everyone would have theirs re-trimmed. It'd actually be pretty easy to cover it all in alcantara....

    41. Gaurav S Rao

      You know what you can get for 25000$? A 2016 mustang gt

    42. Carlos Ramirez

      Who cares about the interior lol it’s not a Mercedes or a cadillac just remove the stock head unit, replace with a android one or etc and you’re good, and the steering wheel ofc because those two are really the only ugly parts of the interior but yet again it’s a early 2000’s car, I mean the 04 cobra didn’t have a good interior either yet people don’t ever mention that

    43. The Kombinator

      11:20 - My friend's Pre-OBDII Grand Prix GTP had HUD. IIRC he had a 4 door 1992 before that which he also added the HUD from an STE model.

    44. Sting 79

      C8 video should be out by now, but he's a Ford fanboy so no surprise he's avoiding it.

    45. Rabih Saad

      The best sports car for the money in 2019 and onwards period...No wonder everyone now is looking for one..And its so stylish and beautiful in the mids of today's look a like sports and super cars...Plastic and gaps between the panels?? (All Chevrolet or GM vehicles got that during those days) really it doesnt bother me.The interior looks nice enough and the Gage cluster (dash) is soooo Beautiful..

    46. Chris Anderson

      Mine favorite corvette C5 is just great

    47. Durandal475

      OhNoes, a separate Airbag cover! Yeah, it's better that you have to replace the ENTIRE dashboard if you have a shunt / non-"totalled" crash with airbags deploying... Instead just a cover. Too many things on cars nowadays sacrifice function for form. And serve manufacturers perfectly by causing "one million dollars!" service bills.

    48. Sillyhatday

      You dont look at the interior when you driving its knackers off :)

      1. Sillyhatday

        Ok he literally said that at the end lol


      Doug is the American Jeremy Clarkson that we needed but never asked for.

    50. Gerardo Rivera

      after he made this video, the price went up triple for this car 😂

    51. Obsidian blade 66

      This car is like that girl that looks hot but has a bad personality

    52. 8track Abraham

      Not really the Pontiac Grand Prix has heads up display

      1. Jory Adamson

        My 1999 Grand Prix GTP had one

    53. drazman9

      Tbh the middle console around my shifter lighting up orange in my BMW E46 is pretty much a highlight on long road trips, since it gives a soothing light and also illuminates the shifting area! Wonder how people feel about "mood lighting" in new cars after a 3-400 mile drive, when the whole interior is glowing?? LOL Btw, I'd still get an M5 E39 - in good condition, those are just the best for comfort and fast driving! The sound of that V8 though... LOL

    54. Risk400

      To be accurate HUD displays had been around for almost a decade before this car came out. Pontiac used HUD in cars back in 1992, the '92 Bonneville SSEi had it as an option for instance.

    55. ECLECTIC 361

      2020 C8 DOUG You have yet to go see it Where are u on this one bud

    56. Jaco Hollebrandse

      What I noticed (and find funny): if you switch the display to KM/H you can only go upto 200. I'm quite sure the car is capable of breaking that limit.

    57. Metaroose

      Doug the type of guy to get an oil change in an electric car

    58. Dewy Wannamaker

      "GO READ MY COLUMN!" Don't yell at me, man.

    59. Jim E

      cheap plastic? define expensive plastic plz

    60. Mr. TAMW

      do a chrysler ME-412

    61. Deron Carle

      Sexiest shape ever

    62. Adam Pavese

      3:24 HUH I WONDER WHY

    63. MrCorvusC

      It's just a big piece of cheapest plastic imaginable on top of a good engine. Fun car? No doubt. Bargain? Hardly.

    64. pao_ jim13

      Do a mk5 supra

    65. Alex de Toledo

      23:56 : Doug Score is 57 not 56 ...

    66. Abhishek Narang

      23:55 57 out of 100 lol

    67. Azureey Kola

      Speed . . I am speed.

    68. felix crab

      The yellow gt car with the massive wing is the first race car i ever heard. It shook the ground going past at silverstone

    69. BSfunk44

      Doug didn't mention that this car also has a thinner windshield over the standard c5 vette to save weight and the floor is balsa wood sandwiched by carbon fiber.

    70. Daut Elshani

      Wait a second. Has no one noticed “GAGES” is actually misspelled on the button?

      1. balzonurchin

        It's a less common spelling, but not misspelled. Like color and colour, and neighbor and neighbour.