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    1. John Hoopes

      I love the C5 Z06! It was way ahead of anything made in the US back then, and it was affordable for the average blue color worker! Good job GM!

    2. Octane injected

      Actually the z06 in that body style will catch about 12k

    3. Justin Dulge

      I have a 2004 commemorative edition z06 with 780 rwhp that I am selling for 30k. 72k miles. Car was built 6k miles ago by a really good speed shop. Rear end, trans, clutch, coil overs, methanol injected and super charged. I swear on the Bible it has got to be one of the funnest cars to drive on the planet. It makes the new z06 seem so slow. Doug if you know anyone looking for a really nice one that was built well and not driven hard send me a comment.

    4. Jeff Tyler

      The fixed roof body style first came out in 1999. It was developed to be a lower priced Corvette to help sales, but sales were doing very well so in typical GM style they changed strategy and marketed it as a "performance" model since it was lighter weight but had the same engine as all other 1999 Corvettes. It took 2 model years for them to develop the LT6 and call it a "Z06". And yes, the guys who bought one in 2001 were seriously pissed when one year later GM upped the engine to 405hp as it killed the value of their cars AND they had to listen to everybody tell them, "You know, for this year these now make 405hp". Ouch. A total blast to drive on a road course or on the street. Drivetrain is bulletproof and cheap to have repaired. Great cars.

    5. Zello Davis

      Just standard 90s interior, not even unique to GM, but I had one of these and everything in the interior worked

      1. Zello Davis

        Also, you don’t buy this for the interior, the lack of refinement is spectacular in the driving experience that it provides, you hear and feel everything

    6. Sebastian Mundell


    7. Andy Taylor

      Had an 02 electron blue zo6 Cool car

    8. cnedwick

      Doug is the kind of guy who complains about the silverware quality at Denny's

    9. TheZ06Drifter

      C6 Z06 is the best and most special modern corvette , can I get a hell YEAHHH

    10. phoenix21studios

      Guys that drive Fords are always going so fast because they are in a hurry to get home and kiss their dads on the mouth.

    11. phoenix21studios

      Guys that drive Fords are always going so fast because they are in a hurry to get home and kiss their dads on the mouth.

    12. phoenix21studios

      Guys that drive Fords are always going so fast because they are in a hurry to get home and kiss their dads on the mouth.


      As soon as you said "now we move to the interior," I was screaming in my head NOOOOOOOO!!! lol The fitting of those interiors were horrible. Thanks for the video though.

    14. Inverted 311

      So you have an excuse to reach over with a nice piece before dinner.... AC...

    15. Inverted 311

      One of my favorite Vette interiors... lol

    16. Zach Kuby

      Lol why all this complaining about the passengers comforts? Lmfao. I've never bought a car thinking. My homies are gonna be so comfortable in here hahahaha

    17. Fernando Barajas

      The best part about this generation Corvette is that it has a real trunk and not a hatchback..

    18. Philip Rosenthale

      Doug’s the kind of guy to finger a Z06 Corvette

    19. Nitro Boy

      A nice interior would’ve cut into the profits

    20. Jimo

      GM blew it by not making the Z06 a fastback.

    21. RACER X

      dougs the type of guy to step out of the shower to take a piss

    22. Scott Curenton

      With all the fixins!!

    23. Jameel Ja

      The worse thing about the interior are the seats and the steering wheel.

      1. Jimo

        The steering wheel is a victim of its time, but it's still an improvement over the previous generation's "exploding steering pillow" with its giant rectangular "center brick"..... probably the least sporty wheel ever produced. Air bag steering wheels took many years to come around..... my 2007 Mazdaspeed has a great 3-spoke wheel..... you can't even tell there's an airbag in there.

    24. nick ishizaki

      Im stoked im driving one of these tomorrow

    25. eddie cruiser

      you dont need the ZO6 pkg, what are we, teenagers drag racing?

    26. Truth Betold65

      Absolutely beautiful..a piece of artwork.

    27. Grant Stilke

      Cupholder is poor but surprisingly useful. Have put tallboy Monster in there with no problem. It works much better than you would think.

    28. Aidan Barrett

      Man is the C5 an ugly ass car lol

    29. Anon Doe


    30. Obama Bin Laden

      This will be my best first car when I get one🙏🤞🏼

    31. Glenn Landry

      I'm not paying attention to the radio or the interior. Performance that's what I'm concerned with.

    32. Warren01s10

      I bought a 03 Z06 with 5K miles after watching this video.

    33. Nico Jones

      C5 Z06 corvette was a no Brainer. Happy new year Doug.

    34. frank stark

      Doug is the type of guy who would review a Ducati motorcycle on its storage capacity.

    35. Ma Ss

      The c pillar an rear window was always oddly designed

    36. John Holtz

      I wish chevy would fix all the Corvette harmonic balancers. That part 100% junk. Great car though. I’m converted ford guy but vette is too bad ass.

    37. Mike

      Now if you shop craigslist for any C5 Corvette from a base model to a Z06, everyone is in excellent condition and all are collectables, making them incredibly over priced.

    38. matt angelo

      HUD's were in pontiacs since the early 90's my 97 ssei boniville had them and my uncles 91 had them alone with an insane amount of steering wheel controls

    39. UnorthodoxMasterOfGames

      But what quirkiness is hiding on page 8-13 of the C5 Z06's Owner's Manual????

    40. Kris

      One of my favorite model corvettes

    41. Pablo Arteaga

      If anyone is interested I have a 2003 50th anniversary C5 Z06 with 54k miles that I wanna sell . $18000

    42. vendediesel

      Why does the passenger need the same access to the car as the driver?? That's the point! How many of us throw their wallet, house keys and extra cash in the console?

    43. Berris Fueller

      The regular c5 is a bargain too. They’re getting cheap!

    44. Yo Ron

      I have had my 04 Z06 for 15 years now and have put a lot of money into the motor. it only has 30,000 miles and it is a bad motherfucker. I am very fond of it because it's not civilized or luxurious like the newer ones.

    45. 3v4761

      56 or 57???

    46. Alexander Smith

      I’ve been looking at these, Doug is absolutely right, that interior for that price? Biggest reason (other than money) why I haven’t decided to say screw it

      1. Pablo Arteaga

        I have one for sale

    47. andrew c

      20 minutes droning on about the interior, 5 minutes about how it drives. They are great cars no doubt, but gotta think a base C6 m6 is a better move for the same money. That's why I bought one... lol 👍

    48. Matt H

      One of my top 10 is an ‘02 Electron Blue ZO6.

    49. vendediesel

      One of my favorite videos of yours. Couldn't have put it better myself. With all the crazy new edges on Corvettes now it looks like a classic, kinda of how the C4's were when they were new, looks like a toy.

    50. jo151

      I’d rather have a newer c6 with more horsepower, better looks and nicer interior for the same money

    51. Jim Puehl

      Lame, was hard to watch the entire thing and no one cares about the meaningless "Doug score".

    52. studio7

      The interior looks cool..its a 1990's car..remember.

    53. studio7

      Looks performance engine theres no car to touch it..wow!!! This ain't no crappy overpriced lambo ferrari porsche or McLaren..its an old C5 Corvette..still gorgeous today.

      1. cat

        Please don't compare lamborghinis ferraris and McLaren to a 20 year old chevy

    54. scott lee

      The ugly stepchild

    55. 01ZO6TT

      I actually like the C5 Z06. I thought it was a little underpowered though. Lol

    56. Javi Merlin

      😆Jake Angeles

    57. Gavin Frampton

      no its not.... it's a fucking piece of shit

    58. TheHelado36

      Are Corvette interiors still made out of brittle plastic ?

    59. harrison rausch

      The 1999 Pontiac Bonneville had the heads up display

    60. Toys4Life C5

      3:21 I happen to like the interior (minus the seats). It is not a typical 90's interior. What other 90's car does it look like inside??

    61. theoriginalshew

      I just watched his Thunderbird video and I'm guessing that silver is the worst color car you can have since the plastic bumpers never match the body color. And why the fuck does he always bitch about the plastic interiors of American cars and acts surprised about them?

    62. Street Hawk

      You remind me of a young Jay leno. Your videos are great btw .

    63. Taunuslunatic

      Pop up headlights disappeared because they're no longer allowed.

    64. Captain H

      "This feels like a fast car".....Really?? Were you expecting it to be slow?

    65. BeryJensen

      who cares about the factory radio,im suprised is still there

    66. jonboy79

      Definitely built for drug dealers.

    67. Daniel St Clair

      Lol wrong. Gen 1 ctsv. Same car, 4 doors, literally half the price.

    68. di vk

      Rather have an ls3 c6 for the same price

      1. John Holtz

        LS2 c6

    69. PeterAckarey

      10:24 -- Definitely don't want to be poking holes in rubbers.

    70. The666opal111

      Doug is the type of a guy that 56 reads as 57.