The Cast Remembers | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)



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    The cast looks back on filming the eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

    Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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    1. muscle_max gym shark

      I realy love Arya Stark she so amazing

    2. tom ahniki

      1:47 What the freak!

    3. Lokillo Xx

      HODOR :(

    4. Emilly

      Iain saying "action" in his daughter's voice was fabulous 😂😂😂

    5. We Own The Night

      So much talent, so much emotion. But they put all those people to shame with the Rotten final season.

      1. chobs babatio

        great acting shitty writing

    6. Panthera

      8:15 "I was like Bambi on the ice." Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, 2019

    7. Panthera

      I love how genuine they are in this; in every season 8 related interview they look so forced to say something positive, as they try to be professional about all that mess and don't badmouth the people who are responsible for it.

    8. HIGH5

      I never liked a imp like tyrion.....

    9. kabina gc

      I’ve watched this 1000 times

    10. Jebus

      very wholesome but how did cerci's actor have nothing to say about the walk of shame in kings landing lol

    11. Nina Ss

      I wonder how Emilia controlled her eyebrows the whole seasons.

    12. J- LEETHAL

      It's kind of funny hearing Peter dinklage say that he had a great friendship with The man he hated and killed in the show lol

    13. J- LEETHAL

      Gregory Klegain(however its spelled) went out like a true Gangsta!! He shot the fair one with his big brother who is also an indestructible zombie monster and killed him

    14. Noel Lockyer

      With half a fucking beard 😂👌🏽

    15. andria Biebs

      Such an amazing cast ❤️

    16. Cody Cruz

      I like kit

    17. patriotpizzaman

      The Hound @ 2:24 !

    18. Cute Gudetama

      The end of GoT, Joe Jonas will be sad

    19. Jatin Soni

      You know nothing Jon snow 🙏😉😉

    20. Kyle Mouttet

      0:34 wow, you don't say? I never would've guessed!

    21. Xeno

      4:10 had me fucking dying idk why 😂

    22. Gavin Lee

      A story by an American acted by Europeans lol.......was good

    23. SAS

      Sander Clegane and Tyrion are the two best characters for me, and definitely have the best lines.

    24. Killswitch ali

      HHHHHHH when you realize there aint no fucking wall 5:57

    25. Killswitch ali

      some of these actors voices in real life are terrible , this show how much work the directors did to change that. I mean Jorah ffs , and Rory sounds and acts really bad ass in the movie

    26. official ravi singh

      I pray they make season 9 please do it I am waiting eagerly

    27. official ravi singh

      This show won my heart I have never seen anything like this

    28. TheSilencexDead ~ Media Designer ~

      They could've make it till season 10. But the regisseurs wanted to make star wars... Well I know what I'm definitely not going to watch...

    29. GituRaaz Y.

      In the end it doesn't even matter

    30. BornUnknown

      I’m going to miss the show and these characters. Amazing show.

    31. Pilot_Frank

      If you have looked through all 8 seasons 2-3 times, the people are so familiar to you and you see them sitting here in the round, it is like seeing your own family. Thanks

    32. Zero Entertainment

      Great video and actors. I really love this show, all seasions. The staff had such a good time and accumulated wonderful memories. I have to admit I am a little envious of that hapiness. Warning: do not read from now onward, because this post will get psychological, and I don't intend to apologize if you write 'wtf I just read' answer, so I am warning you first. So, stop reading this. Like, just now. Leave. Go do something fun. It is not a self pity, I just need to write it somewhere, because when I try to tell people irl, they don't understand. You don't have to understand it either. I can't help, but to compare my life to others, and that comparing is even easier with social networks. People there are happier (at least from my perspective), do meaningful things, have works, and a respectable ones at that. They are more alive than me. I swear, most of the time I feel like a walking zombie or a robot, no emotions whatsoever. When I try to tell people about my problems, they just say things like I should put myself together and go and do something productive. That doesn't help. I feel like I am a bad and iredeemable person, that didn't accomplished anything worthy in life and the future looks bleak. There, I wrote something I am not allowed to talk about irl, because such thoughts upset people. Thank you CZ-news, for allowing me to do this. And big thanks to you GoT staff. Your creations help me to cope with my problems.

    33. Elon Musk

      Wait, King Jorah is the King of Friendzone in real life too?

    34. ĪnVīKTøR

      Jorahs accent is totally different inthe show

    35. maaz

      Whait i did not watch it what i am doing here 🙄😑

    36. just another marvel fan

      I know nothing. I just know that I'm missing this show.

    37. RetroKnight


    38. Bicho Piruleta

      im so impressed that the hound used " asshole"

    39. Benjamin Howe

      Forget disappointing your audience, imagine disappointing your 'family' of actors with terrible, rushed, last-minute writing, because you're too lazy/incompetent to actually make it something special. How many of these actors spirits were crushed after season 8, I wonder.

    40. Abdul K

      Daario Naharis is my favourite character.

    41. tofiq mirza

      M huge fan of got 😍

    42. John Snow

      Podían haber traducido el maldito video...🤙😎🤯

    43. Miecal Carrick

      Writers of season 8 what u did to us would never be pardoned. Rot in hell mfs.

    44. Dinar Galimov

      How am I supposed to live without it anymore????????


      The devil is the perfect actor. .... that's right ACTOR

    46. Matthew’s movie reviews

      I’m 13 and I’m in love with this show

    47. Jay Braff

    48. oke

      bran 1:47 - 2:16

    49. Pinnell Records

      I am so sad that GOT is over now.😭

    50. Uzy

      I want another game of thrones in my life, I started watching Vikings to see if it would feel the same but it doesn’t come close

      1. Uzy

        Ugogıf Ckkfkf completely agree, I’m on season 4 of Vikings but it’s really good so far

      2. Ugogıf Ckkfkf

        Uzy Vikings is a great show but no shows that I’ve watched so far could replace GOT. Shame to see how they ended it off so stupidly.

    51. Rishabh Jain

      Most shocking scene for me was oberyn martell death......😫😫😫😫😫😰😰😰😰😰😰

    52. Jiwon

      Hodor is my favorite character and his story of holding the door for bran makes me cry everytime 😭

    53. Zeynep Turunç

      İdk why but i cant stop watching this

    54. Rehan F Mohammed2288

      I thought Theon would be here 😢

      1. Kay O

        I loved Theon. He totally deserves an Emmy.

    55. Neha Shah

      when emilia says “my buddy! heh heh!” i had 2 laff so hard

    56. Alexander Chatzopoulos

      I had no idea these were first jobs for a lot of these actors. Incredible

    57. Bennywise The Clown

      I swear season 8 was all about Deanerys and her damn dragons.

    58. Samuel Duarte

      "He's my buddy!" Even in real life, Jorah STILL gets friendzoned :(

      1. John T


    59. Samuel Duarte

      Seeing the Hound with no burn scars and seeing Cersei smile with her teeth is honesty unsettling XD

    60. ashhax14

      yeah and season 8 ruined it all

    61. don wright

      Let’s do a season nine!

    62. Kwenele Mazibuko

      Ser Jorah loves Khaleesi in real life as well? *Rolling my eyes*

    63. Kwenele Mazibuko

      funny to see that Tyrion Lannister really is like that in real life

    64. oaphle

      "but it must and it will be good" lol little did he know... although the battle of winterfell was the best

    65. ddowns24

      I was such a GOT dork. My life in 2017-18 revolved around GOT CZ-news videos, waiting, and trying to predict various storylines for the upcoming final season. Virtually none of those storylines were even addressed. Now, in August of 2019, it's like GOT never even happened. Or, at least, I've completely forgotten what it was I liked about the show, because of the ridiculously bad content that D&D put out season 8. So bad that I'll never go back and re-watch any of it, ever.

    66. Jenna

      You know 7:23 Jon Snow

    67. Shimali Edirisinghe

      I love how Jon is at the corner in the thumbnail brooding over them.

    68. REZA7XZ

      Whenever see Mccun I always hear him in my head saying F*** off

    69. Vin

      ‘This show will be discovered by generations to come’ Yeah as the show with the most dissappointing ending xd

    70. tricks & treets

      My experience was same on the red wedding