The Cast Remembers | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)



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    The cast looks back on filming the eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

    Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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    1. bhaskar rohit

      Daeneyrs never said a f word But emilia did

    2. Portogas d Hassan

      They had the best cast the best editers and they ruined it fuck you D&D

    3. laxman gyawali

      We are a lucky generation.We wouldn't get to watch actors like Peter and Emilia by chance if it weren't for GOT.

    4. Anggi Sean

      I love thiss .. cant move on from game of throne its was amzing best series i'v seen ... i wish for next season i dont wanna see daenerys died 😭

    5. Readsalot 06

      Omg I love Emila in this video

    6. prafful bharti

      Next season is coming

    7. Mike W

      I never watched this show while it was on. I have just been walked out of a company I've been with for twenty eight years due to down sizing so I just watched all eight seasons in a week and a half since I now have the time. Now I feel disappointed that it's over. A fantastic show!!!

    8. Darkened Sun

      I hate goodbyes.

    9. Alexandra Emerick

      The end of the final episode still has me shook.😟

    10. Shehryar K7

      Hold the door

    11. Miscellaneous Mind

      I finally get to watch these videos because i understand now lol. Btw i did not know Peter Dinklage wasn't British. His actual accent sounds fake haha.

    12. Heru- deshet

      Who knew Daenerys is actually an airhead in real life!

    13. leon K2711

      this video is great . se8 is shit

    14. король ночи

      Север помнит

    15. museti 1234

      I finally bought the whole series. It took me 3 weeks and many sleepless night to watch it. What and amazing fucking incredible fantastic show. WOW WOW WOW

      1. tempodude

        @mc v piratebay

      2. museti 1234

        @mc v Amazon

      3. mc v

        Where to buy it?

    16. stypayhorlikson 3000

      2:44 Same actually crying!

    17. Andrew B.

      Holy cow I have never seen such a dramatic difference between the thumbs up verses down

    18. Zlawliet

      They all deserved better.

    19. edward ed

      Last word of isac, BUT IT MUST AND IT WILL BE GOOD, NOW I KNOW WHY, bran is my faviourite character btw since season 1

    20. Tereza Frdlíková

      Jon Snow: knows nothing Emilia Clarke: has no idea

    21. abhijeet raj

      Robb's unborn baby's death was most shocking scene...

    22. Est. 1986

      Brienne of fucking Tarth

    23. Terrorist Cats

      DvD suck

    24. the_gaming_pizza

      I like how they are talking like dumb and Dumber made up the good seasons

    25. Fahd Ch

      Fuck you i didn't now it

    26. waqar khan

      I hope they make a cameo role in the G.O.T Spin-off

    27. kamlesh kumar

      And we enjoyed it absolutely

    28. Shard master

      Didn’t know there was spoilers

    29. Mohamed Al-sultan

      Watching actors with their costumes holding their smart phones makes me giggle 😂

    30. JamieLan2011

      The cast also remembers..... when they were shafted by the script and a mediocre ending.

    31. Mukkj BISHT

      Lannisters always pay their debts

    32. thundertower

      can you fucking imagine tywin's actor Charles dance and the dude who portrayed stannis walking into the set and I dont know if they have a friendly relationship with the cast or not, I hope so, but getting into character which they convincingly can do really well that you really believe they are that character and *CUT. They're probably rushing out of the set to go somewhere they need to be and not caring at all about the show, even hating it. Amazing

    33. Simon Motsar

      Fuck Bran the 3 eyed boring dumb ass with nothing interesting to say, he's fucking face in season 7-8 , i would picture it on my toilet (right were i shit).

    34. Cinar schimtz

      This Moment when you see These scenes from season 1 After you watched the last Episode

    35. Rubén Christian

      Still can't moving on

    36. Vin Vin

      its all nice and sweet at 1st,but dark propaganda is wayyy too much...Sad that cult is saturating all that is Good!!! All in Hollywood better stand up and say no to those dark scripts you play, rather than embracing that you don't understand or your Souls will pay the ultimate price!!!!I have no respect for any of those so called Idols who are deceiving millions into the darkness...All the change is happening into the eyes of the actors and they are never the same as they say it themself!!!

      1. tempodude


    37. Kinos141

      Game of Thrones is the best show for all 7 seasons.

    38. Musta Krackish

      they should be hanging their heads in shame

    39. Coolboy 99

      The Cast Remembers (But Doesnt Really Want To Remember)

    40. LaMusicade4

      The Red Wedding messed with my head as well

    41. Lucy M

      LMAOOO so I don't have to walk around with half a beard

    42. bw 1506

      People will remember how shit the ending was

    43. Finlay A

      Even Cersei seems nice

    44. CayzFN

      Sir Davos ❤️

    45. aaron blake

      5:30 "My buddy" ya boi gettin friendzoned even outta the show. Rip

    46. Billy Goat Brady

      Death to Sansa fucking stark

    47. 4everHalo

      Emilia is so much different holy shit

    48. 4everHalo

      The fight between the hound and “Breann of fucking tarth” that was a good one.

    49. zwaff

      I'm so fricking sad that is over 😞

    50. Mustafa Khan

      1:47 my heart hahaha

    51. ROBZTA M


    52. rocky sharma

      i wonder how the scene of LENA( cersee )the part where she nude walking on the street after she confess ,perform? ..that scene so perfect and brillant acting skill of LENA HEADEY and ofcourse u need courage to do that.🙏🙏🙏

      1. Frida Bergholtz

        She had a body double for the full figure shots.

    53. Jackson Worthman

      2:40 hearing that Rory cried at the red Wedding is actually scary, he's a tough guy that makes it all the scarier.

    54. Marvel DC

      Don’t care what anyone says. I enjoyed S8

    55. Arya

      I will you Miss you Arya 😭😭

    56. Hannah Maxwell

      Every time I hear peter Dinklage speak I just hear the author in Elf. I just giggle

    57. Jigen I͓̽V͓̽

      4:08 every time the Hound cursed I fucking died😂 *GeT tHe FuCk OuT!* *fUcK oFf!* *fUcK yOu!* *FuCk JoFfReY!* *fUcK tHe QuEeN!* *FuCk kInGsLaNdInG!*

    58. ChelseaFC !!!

      Ser Davos!

    59. Mr Libido

      lol the hound is not different from his real persona

    60. Kayleigh Huwe

      Woooow so much Spoilers 😭😭😭

    61. Monster Hunter166

      Wish they had an episode for Theons actor

    62. Sol the Fiery

      Ian and jorah are the same person

    63. Sol the Fiery

      Red wedding was the biggest twist

    64. Marklourene TV

      hey. this is awesome video to teach you how to cook tinolang adobo from philippines happy watching and have fun

    65. Thomas Dezalak

      Once you notice Emilia Clarke’s eyebrow movements you can’t go back

    66. ToXiCcLoNe 999استنساخ

      Wheres ramsay, jofrey,walderfrey, robb and others

      1. Sam Pendergast

        They’re dead!

    67. تهاني جواد

      Where’s Richard Madden and them mother ??!

    68. Spyros Giantsoulis

      What if Khal Drogo wouldn't have died early ??🤔🤔🤔

    69. Sumedh Anna

      the fight between the hound and brienne of fuckin tarth

    70. Amar Amr

      Just look at 5:30