The Bizarre Modern Reality of The Simpsons

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    Here is a video where I argue passionately about Simpsons Memes. Enjoy.
    My previous video on The Simpsons:
    Lets Fight a Boss Podcast:
    Sound Cloud:
    Other Super Eyepatch Wolf stuff
    I've been told some of the editing is tough on people with Epilepsy, time stamps below:
    Possibly 8:07-8:17
    22:49- approx 22:55
    Maybe 28:03-28:24
    Bartkira The Animation:
    Electronic Simpsons Music - S3RL & Radio Gosha
    Weird Simpsons VHS:
    Simpsons Couch Gag (You’re Next):
    Note: Due to the character limit in CZ-news descriptions I couldnt include all the links like I originally intended, to see a FULL list of all videos featured, go here:
    Scenic Simpsons:
    Surreal Simpsons:
    Psychedelic Simpsons:
    Open Mouth Simpsons:
    Squinty Eyed Simpsons:
    Worst Simpsons Faces:
    Lynchian Simpsons:
    But Theres a Different Animator Every 13 seconds:
    [ʸᵀᴾᴹᵛ] Steamed Hams Inc.:
    Steamed Hams but Chalmers is Everywhere:
    Steamed Hams but it's Earthbound
    Steamed Hams but it's edited in the style of Nier Automata
    Steamed Hams but it's WWF No Mercy:

    Don’t talk about this in the video but this guy did a cool video essay just on steamed hams:

    Marge Simpsons Anime:
    Depressing Simpsons Comics:
    Ballad of Dark Homer (4 Pages as part of a large gallery)
    Simpsons Unreal Estate:
    Article About Simpsons Fan Zines (apologies, alot of the Zines dont have a direct web link):


    Lucien Hughes:
    210 LILAC SKY
    C R I S I S

    Fantastic write up by Dead Homer Society on Simpsons tapped out:
    Simpsons Tv Ratings (based on Nielsen ratings, the standard used by american Tv broadcasting ) :
    Forbes article on Simpsons Ratings:
    Most image of bootleg merchandise from:
    Review Scores for The Simpsons taken from review aggregates of Rotten Tomatos (Season by Season Audience Score, insufficient data for critic score) and IMDB, (Review aggregate of individual episode IMDB ratings)
    Source: Electronic Arts Q1 FY14 Financial Report:

    Song List:

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    1. Daniel McGibbon

      There was nothing that could have been done to prevent the decline of the simpsons. The early episodes had something to say while the new episodes had to say something.

    2. MagcargoMan

      I've been meaning to watch The Fall of The Simpsons for some time, yet have kept putting it off for some reason, but when this video showed up in my recommended I decided to give it a watch... and wow, I was not expecting the direction it went in. Some of this stuff is truly beautiful. The scenic Simpsons stuff just makes you look at scenes from the show in a whole different way, and while I was aware of Simpsonswave, the fact that some of them tell a story is really just a whole nother level of creativity. And that Bartkira is truly something else. It truly is a surreal thing. Ironically, despite Modern Simpsons being a zombie of a show, Post-Modern Simpsons is something that truly has a life of it's own. A life after death.

    3. El Catrin C

      Dude, you made me cry in a video about the simpsons

    4. PaperxMario

      yo, good job on keeping the conversation about this show going

    5. Nicholas Prystie

      You have won my subscription, sir.

    6. IamSpacedad

      I made a mod of fallout 76's intro and menu screen movie when it launched using a Simpsonwave vid. Search youtube for 'fallout 76 thrillho edition.' (Sadly my meme-y tinkering couldn't save bethesda's trainwreck of a game.)

    7. GetPaidWithKyle

      I love your passion man..You have one more subscriber..I really enjoyed this.

    8. Carlo Nassar

      I'm hoping that the show ends soon and honestly, it should've ended way before the merger between Fox and Disney. Maybe Power Rangers and Super Sentai (or Henshin) should stop airing on TV but I'll let you guys decide on that.

    9. doug kavanagh

      but what about lowmer

    10. SuperLlama42


    11. Joey Turkey

      That game sounds awesome, I'll download it right away and watch season 30 in the background.

    12. Luis

      This video is art

    13. Alex Jessup

      "super Nintendo Chalmers" 🤣

    14. 『 B e n j i 』

      Its going to go on for long enough that they are gonna draw homer in a jojo pose

    15. Pigeo Nito

      This was the first video of yours I’ve seen, subscribed! That was beautiful and left me feeling all fuzzy.

    16. Jud-SP

      At the beginning, I was pretty sure you would talk about Simpson’s Wave, but as the video went on, I completely forgot about it, just for you to bring it back in the end.

    17. Garry

      This is best game I’ve played for 7 years and am level 102

    18. Sandypants

      i keep coming back to watch this even tho ive seen it like 5 times

    19. sayingthe thingstheywont

      16:01 Wait, is marge black or is that just artistic projection?

    20. arash kahedi

      You talk so slowwww mannn sometimes it sounds like im waiting ages for the next sentence to begin

    21. Robbie

      This is awesome good job

    22. Euan Griffiths

      You lost me at Vaporwave Simpsons

    23. Daniel F

      You talk so slow i genuinely thought your fake ending at minute 3 was the finish

    24. Mango Green Tea

      This is the videos I get recommended right before bed so now I have to stay up and watch the whole thing

    25. John Rogers

      The reason why you hate the game is because EA made it.

    26. c_casa

      Don’t forget Dankmus. Top drawer remixes of Simpsons clips

    27. Adam Kimball

      @3:17 Talk about capitalism Talk about capitalism Talk about capitalism

    28. jussafineface 幸せな日々

      man the first 3 minutes of this video really just show how surface level some analysis videos can be compared to the rest of this video

    29. Inversion

    30. Lady of Dawn

      As soon as I heard the OG NieR music over the tapped out footage, I was like "if he talks about that fucking steamed hams NieR video"

    31. Hello hi

      I thought that with all the propaganda about Season 30, maybe it would be slightly better than the 10 last ones, which were just awful. But no. It is certainly the worst season so far. The jokes are so bad and forced it is simply embarrassing to watch it. Though it is kinda interesting to watch these new episodes only to see how BAD they are. You get amazed with how terrible the humor is and wonder how anyone even thought it was funny

    32. Your Mate

      wasnt expecting to see NJPW in this video, but i'll gladly accept

    33. OJSeve

      The basic reading error that begins this whole video, and pretty much invalidates it all, is the assertion that the animated comedy TV show currently on Fox about a yellow family living in an American small town is not The Simpsons. It Is. People just can't admit they don't like The Simpsons anymore, and have disliked it for much longer than they've liked it. If the show you've analyzed is not The Simpsons, what the hell is the video about then? What weight does it hold as critical theory?

    34. Nicola Cascone

      One day I waited for 30 minutes nothing. Better those 30 minutes of life than watching this.

    35. Tyson Boucher

      This video addresses so much. The one thing it doesn't address, however, is that the writers are in fact just Simpsons fans too, anymore. Luckier Simpsons fans, granted, who get way more resources to bring their ideas to life, but as it continues, I think it'll get harder and harder to draw a line between what fans can do and the official writers can't.

    36. shifty

      Ive been watching some of the new one im gonna still watch them my hole life its the only show iv kept since im like six but it does not give that feeling its just kinda boring (kinda wanna see the dead bart episode even do we got how everyone is gonna die still wanna watch the otiginal concept)

    37. Luke Dolan

      I think this explains what makes me so uncomfortable when it comes to Simpsons Wave. Means I still have a lot to realize about my life and the existentialism of death.

    38. That Animu, Mango and Vidja Game Nerd

      Pucci needs to reset the universe to where The Simpsons ends after season 12

    39. Deadlockoriginalfilms2.0

      The somebody that i used to know vid uses clips from the later half of the series

    40. Harry Baulskaky

      Kinda sick and twisted to say that Marge is depressed and alone from having a loving husband and a family. That's anti western anti human modern feminist propaganda... You've inverted what it means to be a women and how women find happiness. Trying to convince women to not get married not have kids.... pushing depopulation and depression upon gullible women. The women who swallow this narrative have careers, grow old and ugly and then in their 40s wonder why they are old ugly alone with no husband no kids and 12 cats while everyone they know is happily married continuing the specias. So fuck you whoever made this video you're a sick piece of garbage for pushing this twisted propaganda narrative. I hope you get hit by a bus.

    41. matteo

      Super Eyepatch Wolf: start to thanks his patreons the video: 26 minutes left me: hol up

    42. Felix

      The balence of relatability and ironic meme-ability of a giant and increasingly cynical media franchise has made emotionally expressive art accessible to groups who would otherwise not engage with more established (ie. Modern) highly conceptual art forms. That's pretty neat.

    43. According To Honda


    44. SkweeZee


    45. Roman

      Loved this, and your Junji Ito video.

    46. Jack Horowitz

      I gotta say as someone from Albany NY, the segment with steamed hams has ALWAYS been a local meme.

    47. krissle 999

      Just wondering if anyone has watched don hertzfelts opening for the simpsons its probably the closest the actual show will get to doing something like this

    48. Анатолий Шпалин

      Steamed Hams but it's an example in an video essay on how Simpsons formed entire subgenres of art on the internet

    49. grant croell

      can you do a video of avatar the last airbender?

    50. Angry Fat Boi

      This Video should be nominated for an Oscar, Emmy or something.

    51. james dawson

      Was that title a m*****f*****g jojo reference!

    52. Bree

      I think you just watched way too many steamed hams edits so your brain latched on to the only change it could find and praised it because it saved you from such an obvious loop of hell. Im glad you made it out alive.

    53. Sebas Peimbert

      How come the animation looks worse than it did in 1990 it feels lifeless kinda like shitty flash animation

    54. SabreLeonheart

      I thought we were having *steamed hams?* Nooooooo..... I said *meme'd hams!!* That's what I call hamburgers. It's an internet region dialect!!

    55. Robert Miles

      "Bart gets woke" That was actually fucking sad and painful. It's really fucking awful that this show is even on the air anymore :(

    56. annie is my name

      as someone with the bartkira tumblr page casually open in the next chrome tab [recently saw akira n started hyper-fixating on it too..ha!], multiple other simpsons-related tabs open, a hundred or so strange simpson screencaps saved and rotated as screensavers, and draws sad bart simpson when there's nothing better to do.....this video touched me in a oddly specific, personal way.

    57. annie is my name

      thank you for recognizing the Marge Simpson Anime!! found it on tumblr many moons ago and it left such an impact on me. the simpsons recontextualized as a feminist, pro-wlw, anti-child-abuse narrative wasn't only cathartic, it was like, a DUH moment where the inherent queerness of the simpsons' family members became apparent to me. the artist soolagna-meow deserves so much more recognition. to all other devoted simpsons fans out there: please keep the beautifully illustrated queer content coming!

    58. Troy Tullis

      The Simpsons are forever.

    59. The Analytical Menace

      People still watch this?!

    60. Jacob Jobs

      I have played this game and went suprisingly far until I got tired of waiting for something to actually occur.

    61. João Jacinto

      Season 27 episode 18 *They are self aware that their show has died before their eyes*

    62. Pol Mak

      Wow this is a surprisingly amazing video!

    63. aprendizmetalero666

      But what about H O M E R O C H I N O and H O M E R O D U R A ???

    64. Ball of grime

      Being a homemaker is one of the best thing a women can become. Otherwise, no matter how successful they become it doesn't matter when they have to return to a dark empty home where no one cares about them. Also, marge is an unpleasant bitch.

    65. Harry Balzak

      Steamed Hams but I put it through google translate 10 times

    66. Lego9663 Studios

      I’m depressed again. Great

    67. michael bohannon

      That'll do pig. That'll do.

    68. AllRightsRejected

      I spat my water out at Super Nintendo Chalmers

    69. Paul Turner

      Listening to your videos is like ripping off extra sticky band aids. Every "S" sound is incredibly harsh on the ears.