The Bizarre Modern Reality of The Simpsons

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    Here is a video where I argue passionately about Simpsons Memes. Enjoy.
    My previous video on The Simpsons:
    Lets Fight a Boss Podcast:
    Sound Cloud:
    Other Super Eyepatch Wolf stuff
    I've been told some of the editing is tough on people with Epilepsy, time stamps below:
    Possibly 8:07-8:17
    22:49- approx 22:55
    Maybe 28:03-28:24
    Bartkira The Animation:
    Electronic Simpsons Music - S3RL & Radio Gosha
    Weird Simpsons VHS:
    Simpsons Couch Gag (You’re Next):
    Note: Due to the character limit in CZ-news descriptions I couldnt include all the links like I originally intended, to see a FULL list of all videos featured, go here:
    Scenic Simpsons:
    Surreal Simpsons:
    Psychedelic Simpsons:
    Open Mouth Simpsons:
    Squinty Eyed Simpsons:
    Worst Simpsons Faces:
    Lynchian Simpsons:
    But Theres a Different Animator Every 13 seconds:
    [ʸᵀᴾᴹᵛ] Steamed Hams Inc.:
    Steamed Hams but Chalmers is Everywhere:
    Steamed Hams but it's Earthbound
    Steamed Hams but it's edited in the style of Nier Automata
    Steamed Hams but it's WWF No Mercy:

    Don’t talk about this in the video but this guy did a cool video essay just on steamed hams:

    Marge Simpsons Anime:
    Depressing Simpsons Comics:
    Ballad of Dark Homer (4 Pages as part of a large gallery)
    Simpsons Unreal Estate:
    Article About Simpsons Fan Zines (apologies, alot of the Zines dont have a direct web link):


    Lucien Hughes:
    210 LILAC SKY
    C R I S I S

    Fantastic write up by Dead Homer Society on Simpsons tapped out:
    Simpsons Tv Ratings (based on Nielsen ratings, the standard used by american Tv broadcasting ) :
    Forbes article on Simpsons Ratings:
    Most image of bootleg merchandise from:
    Review Scores for The Simpsons taken from review aggregates of Rotten Tomatos (Season by Season Audience Score, insufficient data for critic score) and IMDB, (Review aggregate of individual episode IMDB ratings)
    Source: Electronic Arts Q1 FY14 Financial Report:

    Song List:

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    1. Ralof Of Riverwood

      This is probably one of my most favorite Simpsons related videos on youtube

    2. shi shi

      i like how you didn't ignore how they even spread to the porn scene of the internet, but well anything popular enough will unavoidable end in there, a fate worse than death :3

    3. Jacob Myron

      8:36 "Super Nintendo Chalmers" nice!

    4. Marcelo Schmidt

      Cant wait for his hour long video on American Dad Speedruns!

    5. Gregory L. Greenwood II

      This way too much passion put into analyzing and criticizing the philosophy of a cartoon. This not THAT profound. Believe and obey YAHUAH the almighty god, and his son YAHUSHA the anointed(AKA Jesus), read, learn, do and teach the scriptures(AKA the bible). Peace to you.

    6. Ross TheNinja

      8:37 SuperNintendo Chalmers

    7. Ross TheNinja

      Just let it die!

    8. Zothaqqua

      You seem to be struggling for words, but maybe the word you want is just "art".

    9. TheDango

      Memetic instead of memification

    10. For Redwall

      5:46 HOLD UP, Where is this clip from?

    11. Rosemary Lovejoy

      I love The Simpsons (always have), but I started to love it a little less when the creators introduced smartphones in the show. Sounds silly, however, since then, 'their universe' is becoming too similar to our reality. It used to be great to watch because it was like a form of escapism. I remember being a kid and thinking, 'Wow, I wish I lived in Springfield... It's so cool and crazy and different...' But it doesn't seem as fantastical anymore. Plus, has anyone else taken notice how subtly depressive some episodes (especially the ending of episodes) are now? I think the show has lost its touch, and that's a shame because I don't want it to end, but I also don't want it to continue like how it's currently progressing... *(Rant finished. Ha.)*

    12. James Miller

      Stop! Stop! They're already dead

    13. Eric Caligiuri

      I was 13 when the simpsons premiered,even tho its barely a shadow of its former self I’m so grateful to get new content after all these years, what a gift

    14. Breakfast of Champions

      Simpsons is the 1980s🧐

    15. Rhabdo B

      You said “supernintendo Chalmers” . nerd.

    16. cian

      I completely understand the simpsons tapped out part, from someone on the outside that doesnt play the game, it looks extremely scummy and money hungry, and in a way it is, but the devs are completely fine with anyone hacking and cheating the premium currency, they've been allowing people to do it for years now and havent been banning them

    17. Josh K

      Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me ...... It'll happen to you!!

    18. Lawrence Lentini

      The Simpsons could go out with a heck of a bang by exploring these topics in their final season.

    19. Sithspit

      What's the track playing at 22:55?

    20. DarkShroom

      Matt Groening: so how many simpsons episodes do you want anyway, i mean how long will this go on for? fox: yes

    21. Ben Creeth

      So insightful and such a beautifully made video! Keep it up man

    22. Anthony Bain

      Would love for you to do a series analysing the different showrunner eras of the show

    23. Alex M

      Uggh, what's with all these overly melodramatic channels?

    24. Mr.Bierbaron

      Season 29 had positive reviews??? I .. I might try it out

    25. Kravvall

      "An analysis of the Simpsons in 2020" but it's steamed hams

    26. Giorgio caron

      The problem is that real fans wants this show to be ended, and then casual viewers actually enjoy it

    27. Milky Joe

      Dark Simpsons on CZ-news is worth a watch

    28. Crispin

      I just realized I went from Bart's age when the show began to Homer's age now..

    29. Diego Cepeda

      Like the videos. No need to alter your voice to a dramatic tone to emphasize your point. Gets annoying.

    30. TupDigital

      Brought tears my eyes by the end of this one too. Cheers

    31. Rancid

      At 32 I find it creepy that I can tune in and watch the same family at the same age doing the same lame unfunny crap they did 20 years ago. It's just weird to me.

    32. Eddie C

      Did you say Super Nintendo Chalmers? 8:36 .

    33. kroven009

      I love the old's like a completely different show than the pc crap that they've made over the past decade, I would say till the early 2000s

    34. gcollins1992

      Simpsons' Instagram Simpstagram?

    35. Cobra Kai Never Dies

      This is the best CZ-news channel.

    36. CAL v1n

      I heard you say Super Nintendo Chalmers you cheeky bugger

    37. Nelson J Lucena

      Honestly, your Simpsons, Silent Hill 2, and How Media Scares Us videos are some of my favorite videos on CZ-news. You have a great gift for video and audio editing that keeps me engaged. Not to mention your passion for these topics really shows which gives your uploads a homey and nostalgic feel to them.

    38. Flux Casey

      I'm pretty sure this is a video all about the merits of fanfiction. Not that I'm complaining, mind. I agree with all of it. Especially the parts about recontextualising the work to say something entirely different.

    39. Alex Zapf

      Super Nintendo Chalmers? Lol

    40. Don Kyle Fernandez

      You had to watch Simpsons Awaba Bawami to get the clip for the video....

    41. Joe Honest

      You should listen to the creators of the Simpsons talk about marge and homer. Their characters, motivations and why they are who they are. The anime is the complete antithesis of what the creators have her being. Nothing wrong with a creative take, but it’s far off from who Marsh is.

    42. Thomas Dillon

      Even crazier how all of this comes from only 3-5 seasons of 30+ total seasons of the show, and none from the past 20 seasons

    43. Amber Kay Karrera

      This and one other video you did on the simpsons has made me a fan, seriously I hope you do realize the talent you have in this medium and are a gem of CZ-news. This kind of thought provoking analysis mixed with subtle humor is so refreshing from the normal content on this medium. I want to say thank you so much for this video in particular and just know I’m gonna be binge watching your videos tonight.

    44. e g

      haha super nintendo chalmers

    45. yupify


    46. Ephy Zehring

      isnt that game just literally the terrance and philip game from south park? :L so sad to see

    47. Ladhar Fitheach

      I'm 37, I grew up with this show from it's beginning. I've not seen any episodes past 2005 if not earlier. It steadily go worse.

    48. Quicktwosteps

      You talk slow and dramatic.

    49. Devon Ritchie

      My dad played tapped out and hasn't yet spent a dollar on the game and has the best Springfield in the game, even the professional made springfield sucks compared to my pops springfield and like i said he didn't pay a penny on the game

    50. Joris Weyen

      Maybe I missed it, but no mentions of 'Dark Simpsons'?

    51. Meta Self

      So they made Marge a lesbian... -_-

    52. areamusicale


    53. John Demler

      3:04 I thought I had accidentally slipped into a time warp as I was expecting a half hour video.

    54. StubenhockerElite

      Simpsonswave is post-irony. We finally made it!

    55. J

      marge reminds my mom so much it makes me want to cry

    56. RyRich

      8:36 SuperNintendo Chalmers LOL, love it

    57. TerribleSounds

      "Why is it still on" - Is this really such a big question? It's a multi-million dollar franchise, that's why. The merchandise they sell each year is profitable enough to keep this dead husk of a sitcom on the air. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

    58. Code: Marla

      Its weird; I say that I love the Simpsons, but there are now more episodes that Ive never seen that those that I have. There must be about 15 seasons that I havent watched.

    59. LlamaMusicChannel

      I haven't watched the Simpsons since they were announcing the 20th season. Just yesterday for the first time I saw a bit of a 30th season episode and my god have they changed. It was unbelievable just how different it was, subtle for someone that vaguely new about it, but for someone that grew up watching The Simpsons it was just too different for me to enjoy

    60. Old Account

      Stop... It's Disney. Not fox. You absolutely must call out the parent company first...

    61. Spielername

      I would "really" like to know what do you think about "malcolm in the middle"...?!?🤔 One of the best shows in my opinion.😏 Well... I think it had similar issues like "The Simpsons" in the latest seasons... By the way, "The Simpsons" will be one of the many Moneymakers for Disney. I can't imagine that Disney will bring the old greatness back that made this Show so Special... the next Simpsons Movie will be as worse as the last one. And this is just a shame...😥

    62. CallOfDrewthulhu

      The first time I saw "C R I S I S" I knew something important was going on, as I had not cried over a random piece of pop culture for ages. The Simpsons has served its purpose as a stand-in for the generic American family so well that now it can take the emotional place of any such family on some level.

    63. Shadow Of Light

      Oh god, I completely forgot about Tapped Out. I used to play it but I purged it from my mind.

    64. uziXwraith

      bart is a gay commie... rehashed bullshit.

    65. Midgeon Mac

      that marge shit was just laaaame dude you've had enough internet bro

    66. Dick Semens

      Thx for recommending the gorillaz steamed hams

    67. Mark Arandjus

      Ya got me! At that video ending fake-out I thought to myself 'huh, odd, feels like the video only just started' :D

    68. HulK TopF

      No one :"..." Eye patched wolf: "something interresting /special happens"

    69. Mugi V

      So you're Nier fan, huh? edit: I commented this before watching the whole video because, in the beginning, you put in some Nier bgm that I recignized. You mentioned Nier Automata later on though so kudos for that lol

    70. A Hey

      Rococo was my favorite meme. Stupid neoclassicism killed it tho :(